Monday, July 2, 2018


Yes, it's been eons since I've chronicled my adventures.  No, I didn't join a monastery.  Life is busy and I have to be inspired by something noteworthy to write.  Hence, I am back today.

It's been severely hot, and that doesn't particularly inspire me to go out on the man hunt.  While I have been on the sites "window shopping" nothing was necessarily motivating me lately to overcome my inertia and go out.  But, it cooled down considerably today and my libido went up.  Also, during week days guys are more task oriented and there is less tiring message "ping pong" on the sites (like "Hi", followed by "How are you doing?"  "Hot enough for you?"  I've got to admit after a couple of these I respond:  "what's on your mind?"  The dance of seven veils type of messaging works my last nerve.)

Anyway, today I saw a quick connect ad and the thumbnail of the guy was very cute; then I read the screen name and was reminded of a guy on a few other sites with whom I've exchanged messages over the last 7 or so months.  Super good looking, super horny, and if he was to be believed super piggy.  But, people often are looking for shock impact in their profiles. 

I responded to his quick connect ad and got a cryptic response; then doing some math I wrote him on another site and got an immediate response (helps that one's responses there aren't limited by paying for membership.)  Usually unable to host today he was, and he had a definite itch he wanted scratched.  After a couple of messages I was imagining that it might have flake potential and then the next thing I knew was that I had his address and apartment number:  he wanted to be bred and told me the door would be unlocked and he'd be waiting naked with his ass in the air.

This guy lives amazingly close to me so I was there pronto and walking in he was just what I imagined.  Nice body, short cut, receding ginger hair, and nicely shaped ass bared to the door.  I walked in and quietly dropped my gear and stripped.  I saw the lube on the nearby table and could see that he expected a quick hump and dump.  But I had other ideas.  I knelt in front of his ass and then seriously started to eat it.  He started seriously moaning; not in some obnoxious fake porn flick fashion, but genuine purring satisfaction.  His hole was nice and clean and already lubed (coconut flavored, in fact) but I wanted none of that and worked to eat and tongue fuck him and then started to lick his taint.  I could tell this wasn't what he was expecting and he gave into the pleasure.

Soon I was licking his balls and massaging the head of his cock which started to leak precum.  I pulled his cock up and found while small, it has a nice meaty foreskin and pleasant width.  I went back to eating his hole and then started to slide my cock up and down the crack of his ass and to massage his hole with my cock head and gently press but not entirely penetrate, pulling back to eat his ass some more.  And, then, I pressed in with my cock half out started to gradually fuck him, pulling out again to eat his ass, and then reentering and slowly pressing forward until I was balls deep.  He was responding and clearly loving it, and I started to give him a serious fuck; it was clear we weren't going to need lube.  I was massaging his nipples and licking the inside of his ear and he turned his head back to kiss, and we repeatedly kissed as I alternated between long and short strokes inside his ass.

We were in his spare room (okay, clearly he has a partner/which he makes clear in his ads and wasn't going to play in the bed that they sleep in --integrity points--) and we were on a small leatherette love seat.  Now I hate fucking on the floor, but I hate fucking crouched with one foot on the floor more, so then I expressed the first words of the moment by saying "can we move to the floor?"  He responded "whatever you want". I eased out and we moved to the floor and then he went down my my cock for a long time; he was clearly enjoying that his wasn't just a hump and dump.  And I went at his cock which is sweet/his balls are compact and nicely sized.  We fucked for a long time with him on his back which allowed us to make out and then I got him on his side for deeper penetration which allowed us to keep kissing.  I'd been close several times but he started to fuck me back with his ass as I was thrusting into him and as we exchanged spit he could feel I was getting close and was stoked as I came into him.   

I assumed it would be a get up and get awkwardly dressed after cumming session, but he wanted to tenderly make out for a protracted time, which was lovely.  Without exchanging words I gently pressed him down and proceeded to give him a serious blow job, playing with his ass and taking a fingertip of my cum and pressing it into his mouth.  His cock grew seriously hard --about five inches, but a nice girth and then the orgasm slowly started to come on him and I kept at it as he seriously spurted into my mouth.  I knew to stop, rest, and then lightly trace my fingertips on his balls.    While not large it looks great between his legs soft as well as hard, and he has a genuinely impressive foreskin that accents it well.

Again I thought it would be over, but he wanted to leisurely make out.  It was great and this is one seriously handsome guy with a beautiful trimmed beard, blazing blue eyes, and amazing eye lashes.

At the outset he'd wanted me to pee in his mouth when I was done, but the guy kept me seriously aroused so that I was at best half hard when I dressed to leave.  He'd gotten a call and indicated it was work, but perhaps he had round two lined up.  Whatever, it was a great time.  It was definitely worth the deferred gratification.

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  1. good story, sounds like you both had fun. write again when you can.