Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boy Butt

I was recently on a trip to So Cal, so while there I put out that I was  "ready for now" on a4a.  It was just an overnight program; I'd been checking out profiles while still in the Oakland airport and imagined it could be one of those dry nights, which are always frustrating when you are staying at a hotel and can host and seemingly have access to an endless supply of fresh towels and the neighbors don't know you have company.

Shortly after checking in a young guy checked me out on line and sent me a few compliments.  I don't usually consider younger guys and this guy was 27.  He contacted me on his mobile; by the time I got into responding he claimed he'd driven home and was not sure he wanted to go out again.  The messages started like ping pong; next he needed to take a shower, yadda yadda yadda.  I'd had enough bullshit and sent him my cell number and wrote if you are for real either call or text me, and then I went to catch a bite to eat, but left the site open.  I was out for an hour and came back and found a message from him.  My interest was cool; I was getting messages from other guys on Silverdaddies as well as a4a.  However, this kid did rouse my attention by saying he loved to feel a daddy shooting a load into his ass.   I again wrote, if you are serious, come over and told him my hotel (but didn't give him a room number.)  He wrote he still needed to take a shower.  By this time it was 8:30 and I'd checked in three hours earlier.  I wrote back, "hope you have had fun tonight:  good luck".  A guy in his 40s, from whom I got a very good vibe, had approached me on SD and wanted to hook up.  I gave that guy my room number and arranged for him to come over.  I then noticed a message from the boy on a4a but ignored it.

The 40 something guy texted me when he was 10 minutes away.  About 5 minutes later my phone rang, but it was a different area code.  I answered it and it was the boy saying he was driving down.  I told him I was meeting a friend for a drink and needed to see whether I could cancel.  I was immensely relieved I hadn't shared my room number! (God looks after fools and small children...)  I collected my thoughts and called the kid back and said "where are you?"  He indicated that he was outside the hotel and I said "I couldn't cancel; my pal is en route."  The boy was disappointed, but probably realized he should have confirmed first.

When the guy from SD arrived he was cute and hot.  Divorced, hunky, relatively new to mansex.  Had a great natural man-musk (but made the mistake of antiperspirant: damn!)  We made out (not a great kisser) and his cock remained semi-hard despite my oral skills.  I thought this might be a bust, and told him to roll over and started to eat his ass which made him turn into an animal:  grunting and pushing back.  He really was into ass play; after I had him good and wet I teased his hole with my cock:  he just shoved back and then I found myself deep inside him.  He was loving it.

He was into dirty talk and wanted to know if I wanted to cum in "his pussy" and to make him wet.  While I really did want to he was play acting and definitely didn't want me to cum while fucking.  We moved around alot and he loved straddling me and fucking himself with my cock.  It was good but I wanted to cum.  He wasn't much of a cuddler, and wasn't into stroking off. It was nearly 10:30 and he was fading; meantime a message came in on my cell, which I figured was a vendor.  He washed up, dressed and took off.  I then looked at my phone and saw it was the boy who indicated he was still in the area.  I called and the kid said "you're kidding me!  I am back home now."   While I felt badly I said, well I am game if you are/he responded that he probably should come back because he was horny and needed it.  He did text me a snarky message and I figured he'd never show.  I washed the other guy's musk out of my beard and got into bed (where the other guy's musk lingered and keep me aroused.)  I turned out the light figuring the kid was angry and wanted to blow me off.  I then heard a loud knock on the door.  There was the boy:  5' 7", cute, toned, and pouting.  He pushed past me and walked in, shrugging his shoulders.  I walked over, put my arms around him and pulled him to me and started to kiss him.  He melted. 

He was next peeling off his clothes and grasping my cock.  I pushed him back onto the bed and we made out and I explored him with my tongue:  he was panting "oh daddy, oh daddy!"  I sucked his cock (hard, long, and low hanging balls; an incredible contrast with the other guy.) Click on the image to close

The boy is Latino, a cute bubble ass, and smooth except for a sprinkling of coarse hair on his thighs.  I wanted to eat him up and tried.user Pic 1

 I had my tongue deep inside him and he wanted my cock badly.  I eased it into him and we both groaned while I slowly slid up into him.  Now this is a short guy and I was DEEP in him; he was loving it.  I soon found myself on my back with him riding my cock, squeeling with pleasure:  it was clearly well beyond his inner spincter.  He was really verbal when the head of my cock pushed his prostate and I kept it there.  This was incredible sex.  I moved him around to fuck him on his back, his side, and his stomach again.  Finally I decided I needed to cum and figured I would try for a second load later.  I decided to focus on getting off and the boy knew I was close, he encourage me to make his pussy mine and now, after hours of fucking, I knew it would be a serious load.   He could feel me spurting into him, and while it sounds exaggerated it had to be over six serious spurts and we could both feel my cock throbbing afterwards:  while I was cumming the boy pushed back and clamped down.  He was sighing "it is so wet daddy!"  I normally don't role play but this was hot and the kid really wanted me to be his daddy, so I went along.  I was able to get past the awkwardness:  if it would keep this hot guy naked with my dick up his ass I was all for it.

I softened and slowly slid out and we made out.  We were pretty passionate as we cuddled and I soon got hard again and we both wanted my cock back in him. He was wet with my cum and it felt nice and silky as my cock slid back and forth in it, while he cried "push your load deep inside me daddy!" I got my rhythm and after a while I felt my second load building:  the kid was astonished when he felt me cum again and, while my second load is typically insignificant, this one was above average.  He fingered his hole and kept talking about how wet it was.

At that point I rolled over and it was past 1; I needed to be up at 6 but really wanted the kid to spend the night.  But, I thought with my brain instead of my cock.  He showered up and regretfully left.  We made out at the door.  The next morning I found a valentine from him on the a4a site; later I got a text.

It was amazing; I guess it might be a good thing he's in So Cal, otherwise it would have the potential for getting out of hand.  We both, however, are looking forward to my next trip.