Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breaking Him In

Just had a maintenance visit from the BLB (bossy little bottom.)  Of course, it was me scratching his itch.  But today I determined --as the top-- I was getting "on top" as far as directing the action.

When he arrived he was of the impression I had limited time and was in a hurry.  I wasn't, but I realized that provided an advantage in terms of directing the action (like viya con dios when I decided I was through.)

He is as cute as a bug's ear:  5' 7" and all of 120 lb.  On top of that, he keeps toned at the gym, so has nice tight buns and defined pecs adorned my nice dark --and very sensitive-- nipples.  As we made out I was again confronted by second hand garlic (he brushes and is consistently squeakly clean, but must ingest considerable garlic.  So do I, but I don't believe I taste of it.)  Yet he is a good kisser and I can get past the garlic (it would be better, however, if he'd just finished a meal of it, instead of sweating it.)

As we got naked he told me to eat his ass; I immediately thought "oh no, this isn't going to be a bossy bottom session."  His ass was doggie style in the air, so on a minor note I directed him to lie flat if he wanted it eaten. And, so the session began.

He was anxious to get fucked, very anxious to get fucked.  He crouched down to suck my dick and pronounced "this is MY cock!"   Oh my.  But that was soon followed by the usual litany:  "am I your boy?  Do you want your boy's ass?  How much do you want your boy's ass?"

After him getting my cock really wet I made him mount me.  It was incredible feeling him hold still with his anus pressed against my cock head; then feeling the anus gradually relax and open inviting my cock to penetrate.  I could almost hear a pop when it went in/I sure as hell could feel it.  And then, I slowly and pleasurably eased up into him; feeling his guts gradually stretching to accept me.  He wanted to get on his back but I said "no, stay this way; I want it this way for awhile."  And, he snapped to "whatever you want Daddy!"  Now I have only cum a few times with a guy straddling me, and although it felt great, this was about making a point.  It was nice with him gradually sliding up and down  me and he was suddenly greedy with lust and kept bending over to kiss me.  It was very nice.  I grasped his thighs and thrust up; I knew I had to be well beyond the curve and can't imagine how he must have felt.  This is a little guy and I was definitely balls deep.

He asked me if I could cum that way and I said no, so we got him on his back.  He was gasping in incredible pleasure and kept pulling me down to make out.  Typically with him it takes a bit to get to where he can take my entire cock:  today we were there quickly and then he was begging me to let him have it hard.  I started pulling back and giving him long, full dick thrusts:  his eyes were bugging, and I had his full attention:  I could see a mixture of agony/ecstasy across his face.

Now, at the risk of too much information, after the marathon fucking I gave the Salvadoran a couple of weeks ago (followed by a fuck tutorial I conducted with the all too tight Kiwi--mentioned in some entries) combined with the dryness of winter, my cock had become chaffed, and the skin under the head dried out.  It actually peeled and required some neosporin (I knew it was time to take a break, though I did need to rub one out daily to keep from going insane.)  So while my cock has healed, it's still a tad dry under the head.  Therefore, while I hadn't fucked anyone in two weeks, the connection wasn't coming on/in other words, I wasn't feeling like I was going to cum.

The boy was urging me to make his ass mine (i.e. to cum in him) but I could tell it wasn't going to happen then.

However, I was simply enjoying the fuck.  He was tight; his ass soft and warm.  I was enjoying feeling engulfed by his guts and had him on his back, grasped his foot and was sucking his toes as I plowed him.  I thought: why the rush?  Today when he tried to stroke his cock while I was fucking him (which is annoying as well as distracting) I grasped the offending hand and held it firm against the mattress.  Dad was in control/I'd decide when he came.

Lately when fucking some guys (clearly not the Salvadoran) they are in such a hurry to get bred.  I get it when they are getting sore and have reached the "I can't take it any more point"  (the Kiwi was there quickly, but wanted to feel my load inside him.  I will write that up another time.)  Anyway, as the top I thought, I am calling the shots here kid, and I wasn't in a rush.

At a point I pulled out and said I'd like to take a break.  He doesn't want to lie on his stomach to get fucked --my preferred position to plow a guy (and sure to summon my load) and prefers his back.  When we went back to it I had him on his back, but he was totally comfortable with my entire cock up in him and with deep thrusts, so I gradually worked him on to his side.  Now the irony here is that with his thigh pulled up to his chest and me thrusting in with him on his side, he was clearly getting it far deeper than he would on his stomach.  And he was loving it.  We were making out and he was panting and gasping and groaning and just plain wild with pleasure enjoying it.  I am pretty sure this was the longest we'd fucked; I know it was the deepest and hardest I'd given it to him.  And then it all came together in my mind and the load started to rise. And, he has learned to stop badgering me while I am fucking him.  He allowed me to savor the load spurting into him, and took the time to enjoy it.  He only begged me not to pull out and to continue fucking him.

I gradually eased him from his side to just on his back, and without exiting.  He started to vigorously stroke and then "splat" it hit the pillow.  Hysterical.  This boy shoots an enormous load.

Well after he cums you can hear the switch go off.   It's up off the bed, wiping himself with a towel, and into the shower.  All good, however; I was done and wanted to move on.

Now I can focus for the rest of the day.  Hopefully next time he'll remember that I call the shots.


  1. Nice! I like those skinny little ones too, but it's far to seldom I get them. Thanks for letting me cum vicariously!

    1. Awww Jackie, I just finished reading the story and your for letting me cum vicariously!:::::I wished this was from you to me, as I was kneeling infront of you, while wiping my lips and face off. I'm freg'n hard Alls good here. Later. JR

  2. Yeah, I don't think I've ever cum on my back with someone riding me, but it does seem to open them up for some serious deep thrusts later...

    1. I hear ya Burce, but I've been on my back and have had them cum all over my chest and mouth.....but hey I'm UP for the try! yo know anyone who wants to 'Thrust' in, and vollunteer ? lol Take care buddy. JR