Saturday, August 4, 2012


This afternoon was one of the waning "early release" Fridays from work, where we get let out an entire hour earlier than normal (whoopie!)  I normally leave 1-2 hours later than the "official" end of work (and normally arrive 30 to 60 minutes before work "starts", so to get home before 6 or 6:30 is rare.  So, I logged into CL mid afternoon to see where there were any possibilities before I headed home.

Usually I find that with CL that if I place an ad the likelihood of successfully connecting with another guy is about 9000% greater than if I respond to an ad.  But then," even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn".  And, I didn't have the time or inclination to place an ad, to sit in my office for an hour and a half, and to play the required email ping-pong involved if I were to place an ad.  So, I looked within the local vicinity (of course, the most appetizing possibilites were in Oakland, or Berkeley, or some of those distant hell hole communities to the Northeast in San Pablo Bay or in San Jose...sigh.)

I noted one ad; it was in my town and the guy wanted to play in his office at 5 (meaning I'd have to stay in mine for another 40 minutes awaiting.)  54, 6' 3", 160, 8" cock.  This sounded familiar and I had an inkling I knew who it was -- someone I'd fucked in this office before.  So I responded to his ad and to a couple more.  One was a younger guy, beautiful bubble butt, who wanted to get fucked and was close by.  Another, which I can't currently remember, who didn't respond.  Bubble butt did twice, but in the end couldn't host because his roommate was home (put that you can't host in your ad dude!) 

The tall, thin, older dude responded immediately and remembered my pic and reminded me who he was.  However, the minute I saw the email address I knew.  I decided to go with the bird in hand, opting for adequate; the situation would be less than optimal and almost not satisfactory.  But I'd get off.

This is an interesting guy:  whippet thin, and a long, fat cock:  at least 8" and extremely impressive.  He likes it sucked, but his goal is to get fucked and bred.  That and his being so thin make me wonder if he's being up front about his status, but this time I learned more than assuaged my concerns a bit

He has some leadership role in some union, and he's anxious to have his blue collar co-workers well out of the pic before I arrive, having been to his office two other times (one other time I waited out in the car, feeling particularly conspicuous as well as sleazy, texting until they left, so I got to see the menagerie with which he works:  they concerned that I have little in common with this dude other than wanting to fuck him.)  He's out, so it's not that he doesn't want them to know he's gay (apparently once bi as he has pictures of his grown kids in his office) but doesn't want them to know he's having sex in the office (good sense) but today I learned he's also paranoid about his partner learning he's getting some on the side.

The past two times we fucked on the floor of his microscopic office; so small, in fact, that we had to move his office chair into the hallway.  A grim, ugly, grimmy building, with outdoor indoor carpeting; he found some 2 x 3" area rug for us to fuck on, but the underlying carpet was rough on the knees and made for an uncomfortable experience, besides our feet, hands, and arms hitting the industrial metal desk and his lanky frame practically putting his head against one fall and feet against the others.  The setting just makes you want to complete the job quickly and makes you feel like a real slut.

This time he ushered me into a "bigger office" shared by two of his co-workers.  Some aromatic wrappings from an occupant's lunch were in the trash (fortunately it smelled good) and he'd thrown a throw rug on the floor as well as a couple of stained pillows from some sorry couch in a waiting area.

He stripped immediately:  he's nice on the eyes:  flat all over, big nipples, nice goatee, tiny flat ass, and seems like he's going to fall over from the weight and length of his huge dick, despite his height. However, he's got about 10 hoop earnings in each ear, which do gross me out (why do people fuck up their appearance like that?  This is an otherwise really good looking guy.  It's a self defacement.) 

 He started to give me amazing head (I really wanted to suck his cock) but his goal was to get fucked and to feel a load inside his ass.  He went to get lube, but first I wanted to rim him a bit. and to taste his cock. While he enjoyed it, the room wasn't conducive to those logistics (he's asked me to his house before, but during the day when his partner is at work and when I can't get out.  I am a horn dog, but I do put my job first...)  A little tongue action and I murmurred, "we really need to do this at your house"; he concurred.

So he grabbed the lube and slicked up my cock and himself; he was on his knees and pushed back and quickly impailed himself:  he has this feline sort of purr and was fully into my bare cock working his hole.  I mentioned how tight he was and he indicated "I don't do this often". It felt great but as I thrust in and out I also got a fecal whiff; I knew not to pull out under any circumstances or I'd be done without cumming.

While I was enjoying his warm hole I wanted to shift position so that I could enjoy maximum friction; this is one tall boy so it took some correography without pulling out; he offered to lie flat, which I prefer and I stayed him.  He liked it as I pressed my chest and stomach to his back and wrapped my arms around him; purring he twisted his head seeking to kiss.  It occurred to me this was clearly a  maintainence fuck and I should just enjoy this primal experience for what it was and let go of my load:  I felt my cock start to spew it's load and he again purred with tremendous satisfaction:  he wanted to be stretched, he wanted a big cock head massaging his prostate, and he wanted to feel a warm wet load inside his ass.

As I eased out (his ass was really tight and was gripping my cock like a glove:  it was lovely and I didn't want to leave him/if we'd had time and been in a bed I could have kept going and surely have given him another load) I fortunately found some paper towels on the desk.  He was certain he was clean, but I'd been past his second spincter and while the shaft wasn't gross there was "debris" on the head of my cock.  Not bad, I wrapped the towels around it, wiped the bit off and darted to the office bathroom to more thoroughly wash it off.

This experience was less than 20 minutes; I laughed and said "you'll be home on time and he'll never know the difference" as the last time we'd connected there his coworkers didn't get out till about 5:30 and he was anxious as we were just wrapping up our fuck around 6 p.m. and he was being messaged by his partner questioning his whereabouts.

He shared that he and his partner rarely have sex any more and that, as far has he knew, his partner hadn't cum in months.   Then he mentioned that his partner had had prostate cancer and that while he's survived it affected his libido and he didn't know whether he retained much ability.  It was clearly a source of sadness and disappointment for him.  It all clicked:  this guy has a normal to heightened sexual drive and needs to get his itch scratched outside his home because his partner isn't able to do it any more.  Still risky, and still sleazy, and he still probably takes possibly random loads, but it did make him more sympathetic and assuaged my concerns a tad. 

Nonetheless, I did feel reckless and sleazy as I walked out.  I'd been there less than a half hour (typically I want at least 2 hours for a satisfying fuck session).  This had been just about sticking my cock in an ass and shooting my load:  it felt good, it did the trick, but like fast food it wasn't entirely appetizing or fulfilling.  Oh well:  clearly adequate, not optimal.  Just some days you need to accept that all you can get is a quickie and to savor the moment.


  1. Funny, I have exactly the same experience with Craigslist. I haven't responded to an ad there in years, I don't think. Much happier to make the cocksuckers and bottoms come to me, and I get to sit on my throne and choose and choose and choose. It's good to be a top!

  2. Hey Cool-T. I wanna be one of those cocksuckers thats cums to you. I saw the photo on your site, and what you were griping and instantly got a major hardon. Man I would SO go down on that buldge. Can't wait to see what else your site has on it. Just thought I'd let you know & say Hi. Take care. JR