Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Bare RN

Last night I got in late from being out to dinner with friends and had a message from a former hook up on MH.  I was cool about the overture:  last year I was here on business and invited this guy over; he's an RN and in his late 20s.  A bit nelly:  nice bear cub body (thick, dense and l o n g pit hair) and a nice dense covering of hair across his torso, but a high pitched voice and a tad queeny.   Apparently has been athletic as he has broad developed shoulders, and while bearish it's solid.  A disappointingly small cock (short/narrow:  about 5").  None of those are necessarily disqualifications --either separately or in combination.  However, he was a bit of an asshole the last time we connected.

He came over, we got to making out, and some oral, and he prematurely spewed a huge load all over himself and was mortified.  I was cool with it, but the typical bottom thing went into play:  once the bottom cums the game is over (it is rare that a bottom can keep getting fucked after he cums, and when you find one throw a net over his head, as he's a definite keeper.)  He was in a hurry to dress and bolt, but left indicating he wanted to come back over during the remainder of my stay -- and then he ignored my messages on MH, which fried me as if anything I should have been put out.

Well, I have noticed during the last couple of trips here he's checked out my profile. I imagined he was one of those who forgets hook ups, even where he's been an asshole.  He's sent me a couple of "hi" messages in recent trips to which I have responded monosyllabically.

So yesterday, he was more persistent. I got several messages from him sharing how horny he was, how nice my cock looks, etc.  I wrote back and reminded him we'd connected before and noted I thought he'd forgotten.  He responded that he remembered me as a really nice guy (nice that I didn't say fuck off would be more like it.)  However, he mentioned he really needed a good fucking.  Last night I was thinking with my dick at that point:  it was late though, and I needed to get a good night's sleep.  He asked if I had condoms and lube, which made me think of two nights ago and I didn't want a condom encore.  But then in a subsequent message he indicated we could enjoy my rubbing my bare cock against his asshole.  Well, I was doing the math and figured this guy wanted it natural; it was worth the effort.  He wanted to jump in the car then, but I asked if he was cleaned out  and I responded that it would require 30 minutes for him to get clean (I didn't want a repeat of the brown experience earlier this week.)  This guy said he could be clean in 10; I told him I'd prefer that he took his time as I like to be clean and to rim the guy.  Anyway,  he douched twice and was en route. 

It was late and I decided to nap, but 20 minutes later I was awakened by a knock on the door.  He was soon naked (sandals and traveling commando).  I'd forgotten (or never experienced) him as a passionate kisser and he kept stroking his cock, making me swat his hand away to warn him "don't cum".  He assured me he wouldn't.

I gave him a serious rimming (he was squeaky clean) and I positioned my head against his hole and started to press against it and to pull back, slightly slipping in; when I was about two inches in I knew he wanted it all that way; he whispered "use some lube".  I did and it was soon way up in him.

We fucked a long time; I wish I could say it was great:  it wasn't, but it was okay.  He thrashed and just when I got a good rhythm going he'd move to the right or left or try to move onto his stomach.  We established that I was neg and recently tested, but after agreeing not to cum in him, he kept asking me if I was neg (tedious/buzz kill).   He was also really loud, and it was after midnight and I didn't want to have hotel security call (at a certain point being loud is a form of theater in my opinion.  Grunting, sighing, moaning are all understandable, but the decible level can be controlled.)  He really wanted me to cum, but in his mouth.  Why do guys think other guys can cum on demand?  Anyway, it required alot of stroking and making out (which he did well) and finally I shot; he was on my cock sucking it and I had to push him off (guess what! another guy's cock gets sensitive after orgasm!)  A plus was that he bent to kiss me after taking my load, and some of it glistened on his cheek.

I got him to start stroking, and he did spew quite the volume of spooge, requiring serious mop up (I had cum, which killed my incentive to take it in my mouth, besides the fact that he really wasn't floating my boat.)  After shooting he asked if he could doze for 10 minutes, but after he initially fell asleep I woke him; I was damned and determined that this wasn't going to be an overnight.  He had murmurred several times while I was fucking him that he's like to come back again before I leave; hmmm.  I'd say that his failure to lower his voice, when standing in hallway outside my room at 12:45 kind of sealed it (like did it occur to him that people might be asleep in the adjacent rooms?  How do you say clueless?)  It was kind of him to come over, and I am flattered by his trust, but I think once (well, I guess this would qualify as one and a half times...sorta) was enough.