Monday, August 5, 2013

Screeching in the Next Room

This past weekend I was traveling and had a long ass drive from one city to another.  Fortunately, my destination was a lovely art deco boutique hotel with 9000 count cotton sheets, spa like toiletries, and a truly superb restaurant.  My previous appointments had sucked me dry (in the pejorative sense) and combined with the drive I was dog tired when I arrived.  I had a drink in the bar, two glasses of wine with an excellent meal, and was out cold by 8:30.

Now I'd had various leads on the Iphone and internet apps and was definitely interested in utilizing the room to its fullest capacity.  But I threw in the towel after dinner and zonked out (truth be told, I'd played both late afternoon and late evening the day I wasn't too melancholy figuring I'd gotten my fill the day before.)

I curled into a fetal position and savored the down pillows and indulgent linens and was out.  My body was loving the rest and it was sweet.

Perhaps around midnight or a tad earlier I was awakened by people entering the neighboring room.  I wasn't fully awakened but was aware of noise.  After a while I heard what I thought was a baby crying and thought "swell".  If I'd been fully awake I'd have really been puzzled as this is a pretty hip, chic place and not where you'd bring an infant; I can't imagine the hotel carries optional cribs.  It's a place where you occasionally see beautiful, conspicuously successful young couples having wedding receptions (one trip I was fried when I couldn't go to the restaurant because it was closed for a wedding and I had to eat in the bar as I'd flown in and lacked wheels...but I digress.)

Well I managed to ignore the "baby" and drifted off again into a deep sleep.  Then at 2:30 I was awakened by crying again and it was pretty loud but staccato shreeks.  Okay, I was pretty sure this wasn't a baby, it sounded like a woman's voice and I did the math and figured it out.  My suspicions were confirmed when I heard a baritone response; apparently the dude was then delivering his load into her.  However, drama queen that she was I was treated to ongoing loud moaning in what was apparently the afterglow.  I was totally awake at this point.

I've had vocal sex but not at plaster cracking volume.  This is a hotel with thick plaster walls and to hear voices that clear means the person is being super loud, and I quickly concluded with intention.  She wanted the neighboring rooms to hear that they were fucking with gusto and how her stud was pushing all her buttons.  Glad they were enjoying themselves, but they also were getting off on being audible (?) exhibitionists.  At first I thought it was funny, but then it kept up (round three) and I couldn't sleep.

Well rather than just dwelling on being grumpy I decided to log on.  First I thought I'd find a nice fuck flick and rub one out, but I logged into a couple of hook up sites and this hot looking guy started to chat me up.  Nice defined bod:  broad shoulders, tapered waist, cut pecs, nice fur accenting it, and just a tad soft in the belly.  Add a full beard:  yum.  One pic had him in a harness which isn't my speed and was the only discordant note as I am risk adverse. 

He wanted to get fucked and professed to be near by and cleaned out.  The conversation started to progress.  My only reluctance is that it is a hotel with a key operated elevator, meaning I'd have to get dressed, go downstairs and greet him next to the front desk (where the elevator doors open.)  At 3 a.m./like us both screaming out:  we just connected on line, he's a trick and we're going up to fuck.

Well, overcoming my prudishness, I decided fuck it (pardon the pun) after dragging things out a bit.  He said he would be right back on but needed to take a leak.  And then, while his profile remained open, he vanished.  I was pissed as he'd come on pretty strong and was allegedly close by. He'd admitted, however, that he'd come back from the bars after being out with friends.

About 40 minutes passed and I wrote him "hope you found what you were looking for" and was really to log off.  Then I heard a ping and he wrote back with abject apologies; he'd nodded off on the couch and if I was still interested would be there in 20.  At that point it was 4 a.m. (the love birds had taken a hiatus from their mating.)  But true to his word he appeared in less than 20.  When I alighted in the lobby he was standing next to the doors; God was smiling on us; the front desk staff had flaked and was in the back room.  Sweet.

He is seriously good looking and I thought that I was lucky it was late and he'd returned home with an itch he needed to have scratched by a big cock.  We got to my room and he started to silently and awkwardly strip, but then he wrapped his arms around me and started to make out.  I could taste the stale beer but it wasn't bad and he was hot.  He dropped to his knees and started to give my cock devoted attention, but made it clear he was there to get fucked.  So after sucking him a bit I pushed him face down on the bed and ate his ass.  After a short time he said that he needed to get fucked and I teased his hole with my head and he pushed back and pulled me in and then growled "I want your seed, I want you to shoot your load into me and to breed me."

Now he has a nice hot hole (temperature wise) and a fine hairy body, and had some nice manscent going.  I decided to not try to prolong it, despite how sweet it was (and it did feel really nice pushing my cock in and pulling back and feeling him grip me and sigh and grunt in pleasure) and I decided to let it go when I felt my load starting to rise.  It was a nice orgasm; the spurts were long and satisfying and he new I was cumming when he felt me stiffen further and my cock starting to throb.  He was pushing back and grunting "give me that load".  After a while I eased out, he rolled onto his side to lick my cock off, and then was up gathering his clothes.  Fair enough, it was then closing on 5:00 a.m.  As he left he encouraged me to look him up when I was in town next.  I surely will.  A task oriented occasion:  task accomplished/move on.

I rinsed and jumped back in bed, pleased to have cum, pleased not to have been leered at by the front desk staff, and pleased that we didn't disturb the neighboring rooms considering how late it all was.  He wrote back when I woke up and wanted to know if we could go for an encore, but I had to work and had an afternoon flight.  I was kicking myself as I would have gladly slept with this guy and we could have fucked when we woke up.

A few hours later I was packing, suited up and headed downstairs with the Sunday paper to enjoy an excellent breakfast.  It was all very civilized. I returned to my room to brush my teeth and grab my suit case and then I heard a familiar sound "uh, uh, uh, UH!  Uh, Uh, UHHHH". Enough was enough, someone had to do something.  I slammed my hand against the wall and yelled "you're being fucking tacky, you WANT to be heard!"  I am all for people enjoying sex (I certainly do) but I don't think you should make others unwilling participants.  The frenzied wailing immediately ceased.  I felt a tiny bit like a shit, but then as I was opening the door I heard something else:  there was a knock on their door and they were freaked out/it was housekeeping wanting to clean their room (it was 11 a.m.)  Righteous coitus interruptus!