Sunday, June 3, 2012


It had been almost two months since I last saw him.  This is the man with whom I'd want to settle down if I was single.  When I first met him he was in circulation, but he got snapped up.  Fortunately for me, they have a progressive relationship.  And, his meeting his partner resulted in him moving to California; I'd first met him during a business trip to St. Louis.

We met throught a4a:  my first night of a five day trip.  We did the message ping pong thing and I invited him over.  When he walked in the room I was incredibly psyched and thinking it might be too good asked "is this going to work for you?"  Apparently I was his daddy bear wet dream as we just jumped on each other and started making out.  I knew this was going to be intense because he was sweating and had strong man musk, which if the right chemistry keeps me raging hard.  It went from there to hours of sucking, rimming and bare fucking.  I asked him to sleep over and we spent the next four nights fucking and he drove me to the airport Sunday morning.  While we stayed in contact I imagined it was one of those great singular experiences you have to savor as isolated.  And then, he moved to Sonoma County.  While not next door it's closer than St. Louis and we've hooked up three times since.  The first time he drove down here and left with three loads in his ass (which I later learned his partner felched out.) 

At the end of this week I was up in Napa for business and extended my trip to see him.  While they have a progressive relationship sleepovers are taboo.  However, I got to spend alot of quality time with him.

When he arrived at my hotel I assumed we were heading out to dinner.  But we started to make out and I got rock hard:  this guy has huge tongue that I love buried in my mouth.  As we sucked face he groped my cock and I fingered the crack of his ass.  He bent over the bed and pulled his cargo shorts down and lined my cock head up with his ass.  I pushed in and while the warm soft grip was awesome, I had to eat his ass first.  I pulled out and got on my knees to rim him.  Mancub has incredible personal hygiene (meticulously groomed finger and toe nails, devoted to using a pumice stone on his get the picture.)  He shaves around his hole till it's smooth (like his balls) and cleans out so that he's immaculate.  His rose bud is truly pink and inviting.  I tongue fucked him as long as he'd let me, but he wanted my cock in him, he wanted it deep and he wanted to be bred.  My cub had a powerful itch. 

I don't cum quickly (well I don't allow myself to usually...)  While we didn't exchange words I knew he needed my load and my cock wasn't willing to give it up quickly.  It wasn't my usual marathon fuck (knowing we had hours to go) but it took 20 minutes for me to give it up.  Normally I am not verbal, but this was total sensory stimulation for both of us:  I found myself grunting and groaning with pleasure and instead of my characteristic silent focus on shooting, I found myself fully savoring it with grunts of pleasure.  Mancub used his ass muscles to squeeze my cock hard and to milk out every possible drop.  Then he clenched down to keep it deep in him.  I think he succeeded because he goes commando and I didn't note any wet spots on this shorts when we headed to dinner.

It's the duality of our personalities when we are together is interesting.  When we aren't fucking we simply enjoy each other's company, discussing politics, movies, music, books, food, and laughing at ironic things.  He's sweet, smart, interesting, and just nice.  However, we both completely change into pretty primal beings when we are naked.  He gets off on my fetish with his armpits and now wants to make out with me when my beard and stache are full of his scent:  he knows I will spew my load if my face is buried in his armpit pit, so he rolls on his side and lifts his arm back when we both want me to cum, and I alternate between making out with him and sucking his pit.  We both shocked ourselves when I wanted him to cum in my mouth and then we insisted on sharing it and both swallowing.  Neither of us had snowballed before, but it's now part of our routine.   I find myself eating his ass after I fuck him to keep him moist for encores, but we've also gotten to the stage where we don't use lube but only spit.  It feels great, but my cock was sore Saturday morning:  I can only imagine how his ass felt (well, arguing allergies he decided to fuck when we got together for breakfast on Saturday morning after our Friday night encore.  I suspect his hole was in recovery mode.)

I don't know how long this will last; I really enjoy him, the sex is unmatched, and I let myself totally go when I am with him:  I have no inhibitions and feel as if I have escaped the life I know for a few hours.  Perhaps it's a good thing that he isn't closer or this might get out of hand.  I certainly can't imagine getting too much of him.