Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bear Strokes

Well, the hot guy with whom I had the marathon session on New Year's Eve day was available yesterday morning again.  I was psyched that he was interested again so soon; I didn't want to push the envelope but inquired whether he would be available Saturday and he enthusiastically responded yes.  We arranged to meet mid-morning.

He was clothed when I arrived and looked chunky and hunky in a flannel shirt sort of way.  We made out for a long time and groped each other as soon as he closed his front door.  Since we'd gotten the preliminaries and awkwardness out of the way earlier in the week it was pretty relaxed as we went into the bedroom and got naked.

This time he was less chatty (which was a relief) though he is a vocal fuck.  At times it was distracting and broke my concentration when I was trying to summon that second load.  But, it was also affirming, which is hot.  You like the sense of achievement, of satisfaction, of power conveyed when the bottom is calling out how good your cock is making him feel/when you hit those right places (read:  around his prostate) and that your strokes are pushing his buttons.  However, this guy likes to feel it balls deep and to get long strokes, not just to get his prostate poked.

He is a fleshy guy, but in a hot way.  His body is one that's fun to stroke, and lick, and massage while you are eating his ass, and with your arms around him, fucking him deep inside -- I like to cup his hairy pecs as I suck on his neck and shoulder blades while thrusting into him.

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Yesterday, we took alot of time making out, yet I was damned anxious to get inside him (and he was hungry for it.)  It was tempting just to roll him over and to push in, but I wanted to savor the experience.   This guy is simply too hot a fb and I want to sustain this by making sure each time is a great fuck.  Not to mention I really enjoy sucking his cock and listening to him groan in pleasure while getting rimmed.  As we stripped I was pulling off my socks and simply dropped to my knees and got into sucking his cock/it's not a typical position/I prefer oral lying down, but it was really satisfying.  I was getting into sucking on his big spongy head and working his piss slit with the tip of my tongue.  He pulled me up and dropped to his knees so he could get into the action.  Finally I needed to pull him up and to push him onto the bed.

Again, after rimming him for a long time I gradually eased in with no lube, only spit.  He was enjoying it, but I pulled out several times and sloppily ate him some more and spit on his hole before pushing in again.  We were both liking the friction, but after awhile I just wanted a tiny amount of Gun Oil to make it glide.  This time as  I fucked him he was allowing me to control the action and there was less of me laying still with him  thrusting his ass against me.  I was giving him short jabs and long full strokes from outside his hole until I was balls deep and giving it to him hard.  Since we both were committed to my giving him a couple of loads, I just let the first one go after about 10 minutes of fucking him, actually immediately after he said "I really want to feel that load inside me!"  (the power of suggestion...)

As I eased out he began stroking himself hard while we made out and I stroked his balls (I love the fact that his balls are very hairy/I prefer that a guy not shave.)  He let me know it was coming, but while I really wanted him to shoot in my mouth earlier in the week (without success) today I wasn't feeling it.  I sensed he hoped I'd take it in my mouth or lick it up, but I just wasn't into that this time.  He mentioned he'd made a mess, but I gradually just massaged it into his chest and stomach and made it clear I had no issue with it (frankly I love it) but  just wasn't in a lapping it up/snowballing mood (it was too close to my having just cum is what I guess...) I sucked his cock later, which let him know it wasn't an issue with his cum.

My cock stayed rock hard/I was really pleased that  his was also.  He wanted me to immediately fuck him again, but I knew I needed a break if I was going to be able to get the needed sensation in my cock to summon another load.  So we made out,and played with each others' balls, stroked each other's cocks:  I had to take his hand and put it on the head several times.  He loves holding my cock, but I need to have the head worked if I am going to shoot again.  It got me hot when he sucked my cock/I just love it when the guy will suck the cock that was just in his ass, and after you've come. 

We got back to fucking and it was fine, but the load wasn't rising.  There were several times where I could feel the pieces come together, but he'd move and switch position, or be too vocal, or the fucking heating system would come on (another house where the heating vent blows on you!  Totally blows my concentration!!!)  He was loving it all though, but I needed to take a break twice and the second time he indicated he was getting a headache from the head rushes he was getting from being fucked (also he hadn't eaten breakfast or had any coffee...)  We both thought we were done and then he grasped me and said "just a little more inside me before you go."  Well this time I slipped into him and I could tell it was going to happen/the strokes were making my cock sing and I took myself to a place in my mind where I wanted to mark his ass, wanted to make it mine-- and then it spurted into him.  He growled back with satisfaction/it was sweet.

His headache was growing and I eased out and was massaging his temple for him, but it was time to wrap it up (inappropriate pun there...)  I rinsed off so that the dogs and cats wouldn't follow me.   He resumes Saturday bike treks next week, so I don't know when we'll connect again, though I hope to sustain the momentum.  It's too comfortable and hot with him/ I don't want him finding someone else to scratch his itch.