Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Low Hangers

After a long time planning to connect this weekend during my sojourn in Orange County, my Latino boy suddenly became incommunicative.  This was weird as he'd driven an hour north to connect with me the week before.  It was strange:  I texted him and also had messaged him on a4a and got no responses; after I'd decided to write him off I suddenly started to get some sporatic messages.  My bs and flake sensors were on high alert.  I didn't know what was going on in his head, but after having booked an additional night at a hotel and delaying my flight home I was pretty fried.

As our planned date approached I was advised he'd gotten sick (one of the three great lies...) I asked whether that meant he wouldn't recover before weekend's end and was given minimal information, but exchanging messages the night before I flew down he indicated that he should be okay when I visited.  However, I arrived on Friday for my meeting, and had no communication.  When I checked in to my hotel I texted him, but didn't hear back.  I decided that was bullshit and logged on to MH and a4a.  I soon had a number of bites from hungry Orange County bottoms.

This one guy claimed to be 41 but had great stats and was a bottom with a tasty looking cock shot and other yummy pics.  He hit me up on IM and was pretty damned persistent.  I figured it was better to go with the bird in hand and invited him over and gave him my room number.  Of course, right after that my boy decided to text back "he was home and watching tv."  Uh, huh.  Well tough shit I thought.  I responded:  "will you be up for playing tomorrow?" and got an affirmative.

So the MH bottom arrived.  The vibe was a bit odd; he is probably 51, not 41, but sinewy and attractivish.  I had trouble understanding him and thought he was an immigrant, but he was just mumbling and I had to ask him "what?!" several times, which was tedious.  He was clearly pretty nervous and socially awkward (he stuck his hand out to shake mine when he arrived/I almost advised him this wasn't a job interview, that instead I expected to fuck his ass...)

He wasn't nervous about sucking my cock though; he was grunting in serious appreciation about how this was just what he needed.  He was giving me excellent head (not a great kisser, more pecking than anything else.)  His enjoying my cock with gusto, as well as his clear talent for fellatio, was making my cock and brain sing, but I wanted his ass.  He'd listed that he was muscular on his profile and he is: taut all over, flat stomach, and very smooth except dense pubes, dense pits, and very hairy low hanging balls.

I got into sucking his cock, which he mildly got into but this guy is a confirmed bottom.   He has amazing low hanging balls that are a real joy to hold and suck, and two amazingly perfect egg shaped sacks/his balls are his best feature. What made him go nuts, however, was when I started to eat his ass.  He got very loud and vocal (but monosyllabic, just appreciative and encouraging grunts) and it was a real pleasure to eat his tiny, very hard firm ass.  I began to tease it with my cock head and he was loving it.  But as I put pressure on his rosebud he immediately asked for a condom.

At the outset I thought this would be a condom hook up and had them on the nightstand.  But we'd just gotten started and I knew I wasn't going to get off in a condom.  So I wanted to prolong the foreplay.  I pulled back and started to eat his ass more, which made him nuts, then teased his ass.  His groaning and moaning affirmed he was loving it and he was clearly in ecstacy when I pushed my cockhead against his hole.  I went back and forth with him asking for the condom, me eating his ass and rubbing his anus with my cock head and his asking for a condom.  I finally thought enough and pushed in a bit.  He was squirming with great pleasure but then said, let's use some massage oil.

Now my thought was that everyone knows oil will ruin a condom.  So I thought he was looking for some alibi for an eventually raw cock in his hole.  I went with it for awhile and slid my cock up and down his asscheeks, teased his hole, partially entered --inserting about 4 inches, yadda yadda yadda.  He then insisted on a condom and I put one on, carefully lubing him, my shaft, and the inside and outside of the condom.

Well the minute I started to push in he was squirming away/the condom was clearly making it uncomfortable for him.  But we played his way.  I got up in him but not all the way and as I pushed in he squirmed up the head till his head was firmly against the wall; it was clear his bod wasn't enjoying the friction of the wrinkled latex.  I tried to get him back in the middle of the bed, but again he retreated to the end of the bed with his head against the wall.  Then he insisted on my standing and attempting to fuck him, but was scooting up on the bed to get away from my cock.  I told him the position wasn't working and I was getting soft.

I pulled off the condom and laid back on the bed and said "let's just stroke for awhile".  We did, but very soon after I'd gotten hard again he was straddling me, lining my bare cock against his hole and impaled himself on it and slid it up deep inside him.  He gave a cursory inquiry "you're clean, right?" and getting an affirmative assured me he was as well, with the the caution "just don't cum in me."  He then began to vigorously fuck himself with my raw cock.

It was okay.  Eventually I got him on his stomach and then knees and we fucked doggie, but he kept retreating.  At that point I wanted it over and him gone.  I was glad to have gotten in him bare,which felt 9 zillion percent better (that is redundant:  it felt period) but all the moving around wasn't working for me.

I found myself on my back again and he was riding my shaft like a pogo stick and vigorously stroking his cock and I soon felt his spooge spurting all over my chest.  That was somewhat pleasant.  To his credit he was then anxious to get me off.   However, I don't respond well to it being yanked, and the switch doesn't go off unless I don't feel rushed and there is some passion at play.   I was laboring under his feeling the need to see me cum and I finally just said "it's okay; I don't need to get off guy."

He was up and dressing shortly "needed to pic his sister up at the airport" (now that's a new one) and gave me a chaste peck was out the door.  Whew!  What vindicated the whole thing was getting  him him bare/if it had been an entirely wrapped event I would have been pissed.  However, when he was leaving he emphasized that I should let him know when I was back in town (right.)

Of course,  I needed to be up at 6 a.m. and then every bottom in Orange County wanted to come over to get fucked.  Life is full of missed opportunities.

Postscript:  I logged into MH the next night and he was messaging me how great the night before was and asking if he could come back over.  But, by that time I was pretty certain my boy was coming over and there was no chance that wouldn't be great.  So I put him on the back burner and said maybe I'd be free later.  He was game for midnight, but my boy left at 1 a.m.  But a description of that encounter will constitute the next entry to this chronicle.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gingerbear Man

Okay, I have another hour before I need to check out of my hotel, and this guy's musk is still hanging in the air and saturating my beard and stache.  I have to record this.  In fact, my cock is still throbbing, though I came about 20 minutes ago.

On a business trip in So Cal and last night met up with my sweet Latino boy.  (That will be a subsequent entry.)  He didn't show up until about 10:30  and I'd been up since before 6 a.m. so I came once (so did he) but it was getting really late (12:45) and my exhaustion and some issues from my being really deep (read:  his debris) made us give up on my giving him a second load last night.  Since I have a late afternoon flight he indicated he'd try to come over this morning, but he's also under the weather and I realized that was an empty, if well intentioned, promise.

This morning I woke up and thought, what the hell, I'd see who was biting.  My visits to Orange County have indicated that there are lots of hot bottoms with twitching holes wanting to be spread.   It was 8 a.m. and you get a different, but less flakey crowd.  Usually the 30+ guys (my preference) who are task oriented/less email ping pong.  Well a4a didn't disappoint.  As soon as I opened it I saw what I find a gorgeous guy.  (right now it is driving me crazy as hot guys are messaging me and I don't have the time...)

Okay, a couple of things:  I love cubs, I love hairy guys, I love beards, and I absolutely go nuts over armpits.  So, this guy with ginger hair is displaying pics showing a fat shaft rising from ginger pubes, his densely haired, damp, armpit, and a hot ass.
Click on the image to close

Strawberry blond;  bearded, mid 30's, and very good looking.  Damn.  It was simultaneous that I sent him a message stating "woof" and he had just transmitted a message saying he was looking for "a hung hot daddy to fuck him good."

I noticed he didn't click "safe sex only" but did check "negative".  He then asked a series of questions that gave me a reassuring vibe (last night I had some young Arab guy, a stone's throw away, begging me to do whatever I wanted to him as long as it didn't involve piss, shit, vomit, or fisting; answer:  no.)  So, I got the impression this guy was solid, but it was going to be bare.  I was right.

He lives 30 minutes away and needed to clean out and shower.  That gave me enough time for breakfast and a shower.  However, as I was putting on some clothes there was a firm knock on the door/20 minutes early.  This guy had an itch he wanted scratched.

When he walked in he embraced me and we began to make out (so that question was answered to my satisfaction.)  And, he smelled like fresh man musk:  no cologne or deodorant/hot!  But what also made me almost laugh was that he'd just smoked some weed in the car which I could taste on his breath, though he didn't act at all stoned.

It was hard to pull off the making out; this guy is good. Nice thick tongue, not shy about probing my mouth with it, wanting it sucked, sucking mine.  God it was good.  It took real effort to move on from there.  He was rubbing my jock in my jeans and I was working my finger down his crack/he was going commando and I got plenty of affirmative grunts.  Then we started to shed our clothes.

I was really surprised to find that this guy has a seriously big cock: alot fatter than mine, about the same length/a tapered head.  It was great to suck and I was thinking that he must ordinarily be a top.  It's a great fucking dick.  He was loving the head and I was giving it all I was worth.  It looked nice in his cock pics, but clearly he wasn't at full mast when they were taken.
Click on the image to close

 I came up to make out with him and he was soon on his knees slobbering on mine and throating it.  We stood up and he grabbed my cock and put it under his balls and on his taint and was shoving back on me to have the head tease his hole:  we were into some passionate making out at that point.

Finally we got on the bed/I worked his cock but was anxious to get up to his pits.  Some guys are weirded out when you want to suck their pits, but this pal got it as I pulled up from his cock and started to suck his nipple as a means of leading to his pits.  He groaned appreciatively and was anxious to have me press my tongue into his mouth afterwards/he was enjoying the manscent from his cock and balls and pits in my beard and stache.  At that point he told me he wanted me to cum in his mouth after I'd fucked him (he was firm about not wanting to get bred.) 

I rolled him over and gave him a serious rim job and started to tease his hole and he pushed back so I entered a bit/he was hot and anxious for it, but I pulled back, and rolled him over again and sucked his balls, licked his taint and worked that fine cock again.  

He soon straddled me and slid down on my cock. It was hot; he has a great ass, and he was seriously into it.  For the next 20 minutes we rolled  around and did some serious fucking.  I had him on his stomach, side, doggy, and on his back; at first we just used spit but when he was on his back he was getting a little sore so we moved to lube.  As I smoothed some on his ass I lubed my cock and then his and it was great to see him coo with pleasure.  This guy is seriously macho and to have this hot stud passionate and aching to get fucked some more was a rush.  Throughout the fuck he was exclaiming what a hot daddy I was and how he loved that big daddy cock deep inside him, how he loved being fucked by a hot daddy.  It was pretty amazing to have my arms wrapped around this serious hunk, with an amazing hard tight ass, and a pretty damned big cock and have him moaning how incredible I was.  Shortly into the fuck he was asking when I'd be back visiting again.

  Finally though he was anxious for my load in his mouth.  I stroked for a while, but my head really got into giving it up when I got him to suck my cock while I ate his ass (I love to eat ass, but it also flips my switch when the bottom sucks my cock after I've been fucking him.)  when I let him know it was cumming he seriously sucked it hard, but surprisingly thengot up and spit my load into the toilet.  But he ran back and then straddled me and slid my cock up his ass to start stroking off (I was thinking to myself "dude, cum is still going to leak out of my cock for awhile..." but if it gives him a sense of well being to feel that makes him safer, great for both of us.)  He was soon shooting his load and offering it to me, but it was near impossible to get any with my cock still up his ass.  Most of it spurted on my chest, but he pulled off and I got a little in my mouth:  he really has a nice taste.  To assuage his concerns I spit what I took into a handtowel. 

We laid back and chatted; he's really pretty cool. I got to study the hair on his chest,which is hot but not ridiculous.  He's got a fine coating of ginger fur all over.  I realized we weren't going for round two (he wanted two when he arrived, but before you cum you always feel like you want to keep at it forever.)  Assuming the when I'd be back question was pillow talk I was surprised when, post orgasm and post pig talk he was asking when I'd be back again.  He was serious about wanting to hook up the next time I am in town.  No arguments here. 

I asked him if he wanted to rinse off and he gave me a hard, knowing look and said "no way man" and smiled.  I responded, "we think the same way" and he noted "I knew this was going to be great when you said no cologne or deodorant."  He was clean, for sure (no skid marks, no mess) but smelled like a man naturally smells and he smells good.

Next thing he had his clothes and glasses on and was a different man; I then learned he's a professional/I'd thought he was a carpenter, because his pics (including his face, which I won't post) showed him in carharts and  a tool belt.  Not a Village People pose, he was photographed working on his cabin.

Anyway, this guy is a serious stud muffin.  I am still buzzed that I was deep inside him just over an hour ago and his scent is in my beard. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Bear was Hungry for Honey

Well, if not cheesy, that is an admittedly saccarine title for this post.  However, it is a pretty accurate description of a hot time with the bear I have been hooking up with lately.  He's been cycling on Saturdays, so unavailable recently, but we both were free on the MLK Monday and he was more than willing to host.  Again he greeted me at the door and we passionately kissed, but he was wired for sound; a teeshirt and going commando under his sweats, which I discovered as my finger slid down into his crack; he cooed with the foreshadowing of what was coming. He'd been up much of the night with a dry cough (of which he'd forewarned me) but didn't call it off because he was anxious for me to breed him. He lead me into the bedroom and I pulled down his sweats and dropped to my knees and seriously sucked his cock/he pulled me up for a hiatus and returned the favor.  Finally I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, thrusting my rigid cock under his balls and my tongue into his mouth.
He is really fleshy, but is also an athletic guy, which is hot in a bearish way.  Great pecs and nipples, but his nips aren't wired to his cock (damn the luck, because they are just the kind you want to suck.)  Anyway, it was an encore of the previous two passionate fucks, but this time pushing into him I'd rimmed him so much that we didn't need any lube.  And, after a nice long time fucking he was clearly in my head and  murmurred "you know you want to..." which made my load spontaneously start spurting into him.  It was fine, and he thrust back and squeezed as hard as he could.

We cuddled and were soon back at it again/he'd started out wearing a cock ring and I gave him serious oral before and afterwards, but at a certain point he took off the ring and said "this probably won't happen."  Unfortunately it didn't; but he was up late the night before and I think that had more to do with him not being able to cum than anything else --I sure gave it the college try (I should have taken it in my mouth last time...damn the luck!)  However, he wasn't looking to get off/he was looking for as many loads as I'd give him.

For the next hour+ we kept at it, with a couple of breaks/each time it was coming on he's want to shift position (grrr.). I should have used some lube the first time as he actually was getting sore (heretofore he's made it seem like we could keep fucking all afternoon) but after I applied some he was eager to keep going and I felt it coming on again.  Again, he intuited it was coming and told me he wanted more of my seed in his ass just before I thrust deeper and held still while my cock throbbed. He loved it.

We spooned and bullshitted and I pondered whether we should try for three, but I had stuff to do.  Unlike the first time this was good solid sex, but not spectacular sex/hopefully my enthusiasm isn't burning off.  Probably little risk of that as our orbits aren't due to intersect again any time soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breeding My Boy

Tuesday I flew to LA for a meeting that required me to stay overnight.  While my boy lives further south, like the last trip, he was willing to make the drive an hour north.  I ended my meeting and it was a half hour before he was due to arrive, which allowed me to get comfortable and to refreshen up. 

Where I was staying required me to go outside to let him in; the temperature had dropped in So Cal and all the natives were decked out like Eskimos.  I found him in the parking lot in a hoodie and shivering and was amazed at how young he looked (the guy is 29.)  As we got into my room the hood came off and we started to make out; I no longer felt like a cradle robber/ he has the face of a young man.

As he peeled off his clothes I was again struck by how boyish he looks:  tiny chest, tiny nipples, but firm muscular thigh and calves.  I got naked and embraced him again with my hard cock poking underneath his balls and grazing his ass.  He immediately started to coo with little anxious, enthusiastic whimpers.  He wanted me in him; he wanted to get fucked, and he wanted to get fucked right away.

I knew that I  was going to give him two loads, but I wasn't in a hurry to do so, but I also knew he wanted me in him.  We got on the bed and the one thing that seemed to appease him was making out.  He's very passionate and loves his daddy and kept murmurring to that effect alternating with ongoing whimpers of pleasure and need.  While the daddy/son bit doesn't really do a thing for me (actually I have to transcend it in my head) I roll with it because this guy is so hot and sweet.  And, it is an amazing ego rush that this guy seems to think I am the sexiest guy going, but I am not under any illusions.  I think it's called having a big dick and knowing how to deploy it to reduce a guy to a quivering mass of plasma undulating in pleasure.  That's the challenge; that's the fun; cumming is just the icing on the cake.

It was a typical scene and I spent alot of time eating his ass; while I sucked him he didn't get hard:  this made me recognize he really needed to get fucked and wouldn't get hard until I was in him.  So I renewed eating his ass, but it was clear he wasn't really going to get into it until I pushed in.

His ass is amazing:  a small, tight, taut, bubble butt:  a thumbnail of it would be the textbook illustration of the perfect ass.  Again, lying on his stomach he looks about 12 years younger than he is; this guy has the body of a boy (though nice course hair on his thighs and pubes, and dense, but short hair in his pits.)  I got his ass really wet with spit and rubbed my cock head around his hole and he took the first chance to thrust backwards and pull me into him. 
Click on the image to close

It felt great; it was one of those situations when we started to fuck that  I knew I could cum right away but my cock felt so good that I didn't want to take a break until I'd fucked him for awhile, and I knew if I blew my load I'd need a hiatus.  While I can stay hard, the sensation doesn't remain in my cock head unless I take a break.  I knew I'd want to keep at it. 

We were doing fine with spit at first, but when he suggested some lube I eased out and just started to eat his ass some more; he got it and kept spitting in his hand and applying it to his ass as I reentered.  While my favorite position is with the guy on his stomach and side, he really wanted to be on his back so he could look in my eyes and we could make out.  We both got totally lost in the experience and my mind wasn't wandering at all:  I was totally present and fucking him was all I was thinking about.  It was great but I knew he wanted the load and I also knew I'd want to spoon with him for awhile to work up another.  So, I let it go:  though I don't emote (not a yeller or screamer here, and not inclined toward dramatics/I focus my energy on my cock and balls) he knew it was cumming just as I knew it was coming and his eyes widened;  he could feel me grow harder; he could tell from the change in thrusts, and he felt the load pulsing into him.  With real excitement he noted:  you're still cumming!  I can feel it throbbing!  (so could I, and it was nice.)

He then murmurred "you made me yours Dad!  I want to have your baby." (okay, that made me mentally throw up in my mouth a bit, but I rolled with it.  This is his role play fantasy and he's a nice guy and great sex, so I didn't say anything.)  We did spoon and cuddle and make out and stroke each other.  He kept remarking:  I smell your sperm/it's leaking out of me,and would reach back and place his finger against his hole and then suck the cum off his finger.

I pushed into him again so he could stroke off/ he remarked "using your cum as lube; it feels soooo good!" and  vigorously beat his cock and shot a load across his stomach and chest.  I bent down and licked it up and kissed him/he sheepishly smiled and said "I don't like my own" and looked astonished as I spit it into my hand, rubbed it on his hole and then fucked it into him.  I remarked "you'll get three loads tonight" and while surprised he really got into it.

As we continued to fuck he started to whisper "I want another load!  I want you to breed me again with your sperm!"  Normally that would jam my head by adding pressure, but he wasn't insistent, it was more of a need-- gentle encouragement and my brain went with it.  He literally seemed to coax the load out and again he knew it as it was spurting noting with pleasure "it's really wet."

We snuggled and caught up a bit, and I half way thought he'd spend the night (fortunately he didn't as I had to get up at 5:30 for an 8:30 flight.)  He rinsed off and dressed, but we both are looking forward to next weekend when I'll be in in his neck of the woods two nights and he will stay over.  It staggers the imagination.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bear Strokes

Well, the hot guy with whom I had the marathon session on New Year's Eve day was available yesterday morning again.  I was psyched that he was interested again so soon; I didn't want to push the envelope but inquired whether he would be available Saturday and he enthusiastically responded yes.  We arranged to meet mid-morning.

He was clothed when I arrived and looked chunky and hunky in a flannel shirt sort of way.  We made out for a long time and groped each other as soon as he closed his front door.  Since we'd gotten the preliminaries and awkwardness out of the way earlier in the week it was pretty relaxed as we went into the bedroom and got naked.

This time he was less chatty (which was a relief) though he is a vocal fuck.  At times it was distracting and broke my concentration when I was trying to summon that second load.  But, it was also affirming, which is hot.  You like the sense of achievement, of satisfaction, of power conveyed when the bottom is calling out how good your cock is making him feel/when you hit those right places (read:  around his prostate) and that your strokes are pushing his buttons.  However, this guy likes to feel it balls deep and to get long strokes, not just to get his prostate poked.

He is a fleshy guy, but in a hot way.  His body is one that's fun to stroke, and lick, and massage while you are eating his ass, and with your arms around him, fucking him deep inside -- I like to cup his hairy pecs as I suck on his neck and shoulder blades while thrusting into him.

Click on the image to close

Yesterday, we took alot of time making out, yet I was damned anxious to get inside him (and he was hungry for it.)  It was tempting just to roll him over and to push in, but I wanted to savor the experience.   This guy is simply too hot a fb and I want to sustain this by making sure each time is a great fuck.  Not to mention I really enjoy sucking his cock and listening to him groan in pleasure while getting rimmed.  As we stripped I was pulling off my socks and simply dropped to my knees and got into sucking his cock/it's not a typical position/I prefer oral lying down, but it was really satisfying.  I was getting into sucking on his big spongy head and working his piss slit with the tip of my tongue.  He pulled me up and dropped to his knees so he could get into the action.  Finally I needed to pull him up and to push him onto the bed.

Again, after rimming him for a long time I gradually eased in with no lube, only spit.  He was enjoying it, but I pulled out several times and sloppily ate him some more and spit on his hole before pushing in again.  We were both liking the friction, but after awhile I just wanted a tiny amount of Gun Oil to make it glide.  This time as  I fucked him he was allowing me to control the action and there was less of me laying still with him  thrusting his ass against me.  I was giving him short jabs and long full strokes from outside his hole until I was balls deep and giving it to him hard.  Since we both were committed to my giving him a couple of loads, I just let the first one go after about 10 minutes of fucking him, actually immediately after he said "I really want to feel that load inside me!"  (the power of suggestion...)

As I eased out he began stroking himself hard while we made out and I stroked his balls (I love the fact that his balls are very hairy/I prefer that a guy not shave.)  He let me know it was coming, but while I really wanted him to shoot in my mouth earlier in the week (without success) today I wasn't feeling it.  I sensed he hoped I'd take it in my mouth or lick it up, but I just wasn't into that this time.  He mentioned he'd made a mess, but I gradually just massaged it into his chest and stomach and made it clear I had no issue with it (frankly I love it) but  just wasn't in a lapping it up/snowballing mood (it was too close to my having just cum is what I guess...) I sucked his cock later, which let him know it wasn't an issue with his cum.

My cock stayed rock hard/I was really pleased that  his was also.  He wanted me to immediately fuck him again, but I knew I needed a break if I was going to be able to get the needed sensation in my cock to summon another load.  So we made out,and played with each others' balls, stroked each other's cocks:  I had to take his hand and put it on the head several times.  He loves holding my cock, but I need to have the head worked if I am going to shoot again.  It got me hot when he sucked my cock/I just love it when the guy will suck the cock that was just in his ass, and after you've come. 

We got back to fucking and it was fine, but the load wasn't rising.  There were several times where I could feel the pieces come together, but he'd move and switch position, or be too vocal, or the fucking heating system would come on (another house where the heating vent blows on you!  Totally blows my concentration!!!)  He was loving it all though, but I needed to take a break twice and the second time he indicated he was getting a headache from the head rushes he was getting from being fucked (also he hadn't eaten breakfast or had any coffee...)  We both thought we were done and then he grasped me and said "just a little more inside me before you go."  Well this time I slipped into him and I could tell it was going to happen/the strokes were making my cock sing and I took myself to a place in my mind where I wanted to mark his ass, wanted to make it mine-- and then it spurted into him.  He growled back with satisfaction/it was sweet.

His headache was growing and I eased out and was massaging his temple for him, but it was time to wrap it up (inappropriate pun there...)  I rinsed off so that the dogs and cats wouldn't follow me.   He resumes Saturday bike treks next week, so I don't know when we'll connect again, though I hope to sustain the momentum.  It's too comfortable and hot with him/ I don't want him finding someone else to scratch his itch.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Three's a Charm

I was recently approached on BBRT by a local guy.  It was out of the blue, and there are very few local guys on there, and those that are seem like guys I wouldn't connect with anyway.  But, for some reason I got a really good vibe from this guy.  Then when on a4a I recognized the same pics and realized we'd been checking each other out for awhile.

His a4a profile described him as mostly a top, which is the reason I didn't approach him.  But when he wrote me on BBRT he indicated that he wanted to bottom and to get bred.  I later asked him how he chose to trust to approach me and he said it was his gut instinct (yeah, another regrettable pun there.)  While alot of it didn't seem plausible (hadn't bottomed in six years, wanted me to break him in) the bs detector wasn't flashing because other thinks did seem right:  specific neg test date and his profiles were consistent and accurate (well, he shaved 2 years off his age on one, but that is quite forgiveable, though he seemed older than either of them when we met.)  It didn't seem like he was trying to hide anything (well, he had his pics locked, but unlocked them for me when I sent mine.) He also asked me alot of questions and demonstrated some caution, which I found reassuring.

When we decided to connect we both wanted to right away, but we both had out of town company and neither of us could host.  His company left yesterday morning and I was hot to get there early.  He lives in a town to the north, easy drive on back roads (though thinking with my cock each traffic light was maddening.)  When he opened the door he was and wasn't what I expected.  He'd sent a pic of a jock like guy in a baseball cap and football jersey.  This guy was clearly a gay guy in touch with his feminine side.  The two aren't mutually exclusive (I learned he is an athlete), but it did throw me off a second.  Tall, fleshy, cute, and very chatty; all good things.  I was mentally prepared for a dude, however, like the Italian stallion last week.  Actually it made me much more comfortable.

This guy is a passionate kisser (the paisan didn't kiss at all.) We stood in the living room and kissed and groped and he quickly led me into the bedroom.  As we stripped I saw he was pretty juicy/a  fleshy guy, but one who wears it well.  Nice medium fur, and assured me he'd followed my instructions to refrain from cologne or deodorant (though we kept at it for a long time, this guy does not produce noticeable man musk.)  He had a leather jockstrap on (with a zipper) which he said he fantasized about wearing while getting fucked.  Fortunately he took it off (he said he wanted to put it on later, but it was completely forgotten) as well as a cock ring (I like flesh to flesh, not alot of crap in the way.)

I had time, and he wasn't in a rush, so we spent alot of time making out, stroking, and feeling each other up.  It was nice and mellow though he's vocal/loud, though it didn't distract me.  For awhile I wanted the running commentary to stop, but as I think about it I suspect that was initial nervousness.  As I dressed at the end he remarked "wow, I am just processing this" (meaning his choosing to bottom and to get bred.)  He liked me burrowing my face into his pits, and his having 3" of height on me it was nice to have him craddle my face in his pit while I was fucking him.

Well, soon I needed to go south.  At first I was surprised that his cock didn't seem that big, but it eventually rose to the occasion and got big, thoughClick on the image to close I have some length on him there.  Apparently I was doing a good job from the stream of moans and groans and his remarking "you really know what you are doing!"  He took direction well, and I soon had him on his stomach.

He loved getting his ass eaten, and told me he couldn't remember when it had happened last, and couldn't remember enjoying it more.  I went at it a long time and then started to tease him with my cock head.  He pushed back and it gradually went in; he was cooing, but said we'd need some lube and got out some Gun Oil.  However, I got back to rimming him some more and teasing him and as it went in he kept pushing back and said he wanted it all.  Soon I was balls deep and he was grinding against me in pleasure saying "God it feels so good, and without lube!"  We got to fucking and eventually I pulled out to put a small amount on my cock;  he really didn't want it, but I knew it would make for smoother plowing.

This defined a good fuck; we went at it a long time, and varied between him on his stomach and his side, but we were both really passionate and made out throughout it.  I was licking his back and sucking on the back of his neck and poking my tongue into his ears and he was incredibly responsive.  I decided I was going to cum at least once and did; no worries there.  I didn't feel rushed and he wasn't begging me to give it to him.  But when I came he knew it and thrust back and was feeling pretty triumphant/he'd passed some boundary in his head.  We rolled onto our sides with me still in him and spooned as I grasped his cock and stroked him.  I was soon on my knees sucking hiim but wouldn't let him cum because he wanted it again and I knew I could cum again/I was certain if he shot the game would be over.

We were both incredibly comfortable, into each other, and totally let go. We were making out and he sucked my cock (it really fires me up when a guy sucks me after I fuck him) and he was psyched when I resumed rimming him/he definitely smelled yeasty from my cum.  Soon I was in him again.

He told me how good I was, but I laughed and said he was doing the fucking; much of the time I was still and he was pushing back and grinding and squeezing me to fuck himself with my cock.  He laughed and said "how was I fooling myself that I am a top?" and "I can't believe I waited six years for this..."  It was hot, and it was passionate and we were both into some serious fucking.  He could sense it when I came again/again there was this sense of triumph he had getting me off again and being seeded.

Well I tried to get him off, but his moment had passed.  I'd been there two hours at that point and was thinking I should get rolling, but I was determined to get him to cum.  However, we were soon making out and he said he didn't care about cumming but that he'd like me back in him.  We started fucking again and we both worked up an incredible sweat; his back was soaked and it was running into his crack and it was an audible fuck:  you could hear the moisture as I thrust in and out and of our bodies moving together.  And damn, if I didn't shoot a third load; it was awesome.

Okay, we tried again to get him off, but it wasn't to be. He was cool with that.  Yet, at that point we both would have gladly spent the day in bed and continued, but I didn't want to push my luck and needed to get home.  As we both dressed I was amazed and relieved:  looking at him, my cock, and the bed we didn't get messy and he didn't get raw (I was conscious to take it easy...)

It's always great when you get home and find a message; you then don't assume it was just in your head that it was a great time and you allow yourself to think it will actually happen again.  Well there was one in my email and then we went back and forth in a4a planning for an encore.  Damn it was hot!