Saturday, September 28, 2013

Role Playing

I had a cameo appearance in So Cal earlier this week and was able to hook up with "the Boy".  Actually, he prefers to be addressed as "son", as he calls me "dad".  Previous readers will remember it took me a while to surmount some nausea over this.  However, it's his fantasy and I have learned to work with it.  This visit I got to understand it a bit better.

As in the past, we wanted to find the door unlocked and the room darkened.  I heard him quietly sneak in and looked up to see him stripping; he grinned when our eyes met and he jumped into bed with his shorts on (only for me to promptly rip them off and fling them across the room.)

He was hungry to make out and I enjoyed having my hands explore his smooth body.  Except for his pits and bush he's hairless until you get to his thighs, which are dusted with thick course hair.  It's a pleasant ying and yang for the fingertips.  I was soon fondling his low hanging balls and had my index finger under his foreskin/it was nice to listen to him sigh and feel him thrash as I pleasured him and I was soon sucking his not yet hard cock-- as much attention I devoted to it he still didn't get fully engorged.  He was waiting for me to work his g spot, so I flipped him over and started to tongue his ass.

I love eating his ass, nearly as much as I enjoy fucking it.  It's taut and only slightly curved, almost flat.  It's easy to get my tongue deep in him, and I enjoy listening to him gasp and push back as I push my tongue back and forth.  While we've been together many times, this time I noted a disconnect from his voice when asking me if he was making daddy happy, and when he'd change position or jump up to get poppers (his normal voice.)  It was the first time that I noted two personnas simultaneously.  By then his cock was rock hard.

That night he was in a power bottom mood and mounted me and was riding back and forth on my cock, but worked with me to leave enough room for me to thrust up as he slid down; not my favorite position, but it was nice.  He was clearly enjoying it and we kept at it for quite awhile, and then he lifted off and remounted me facing away (ass to my face.)  It was a new grip on my cock and it felt sweet as he repeatedly lifted up and then slid back down to impale himself.

Eventually, however, I wanted to do the fucking and got him on his knees.  For some reason this night he had acute gut control and was clamping down and squeezing my cock as I thrust in and pulled back.  It was pretty amazing.  If we'd had started that way I would have shot quickly, but the straddling action, while nice, wasn't massaging my head and kind of put my cock and balls into a neutral:  a nice warm, soft, wet sensation, but it wasn't quite the friction that commands my balls to surrender their load.   But it was all feeling good, and I knew if he didn't nag me it would come on and he'd get a major load as I hadn't shot in a couple of days.

He was on his knees (again not my favorite position; when I want to deliver the pay load I need to have the guy pinned to the mattress and be thrusting in) but I felt it coming on; he was murmuring about how it has always been his fantasy for daddy to fuck him, and how some day he'd like to have  another man and me take turns with him to see who would cum first.  That threw off my concentration totally (actually because the possibility sounds somewhat hot.)   Then suddenly he made some reference to "when I roll play I'm thinking..." and I realized the complex duality that was going on in his head when we play.  For some reason it made it less weird for me.

Well he was soon begging for my load, but by that point my balls were singing and willing to cooperate; I didn't then cum on demand but after some sustained thrusting I felt my balls let go and could tell it was pretty substantial as the spasms lasted quite a long time and he was murmuring about how warm and wet he felt.  While I knew he'd want to go for seconds, I realized this was it as I had just returned from the East Coast and was feeling the hour.  He must have sensed it because he pressed his back to me and inserted my cock back in his ass as he vigorously stroked off; apparently be shot a huge load because he was frantic about wiping it up so I wouldn't have a wet spot to sleep in (actually it would have been way okay in a kinky way...)

Then he curled up with me and like a puppy put his head on my chest and we caught up.  He started to talk about work and to get conceptual and it was comfortable and nice and sweet; us both post orgasm, damp with cum, cuddled together and making regular conversation.  We both wanted an encore, yet recognized I was spent and he had a long drive home, so we recognized we'd enjoyed a intense prolonged fuck and that one orgasm each was banquet enough."