Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing the Instrument

This morning I connected with the long lost bear I reconnected with recently and as we had sex it occurred to me that it was like playing an instrument.

He's incredibly passionate and as we got naked, the sex was spontaneous and natural.  Frankly this is a guy I could just make out with for hours.  But, as we were making out it got frenzied; the kissing was cranking us up and as I was lying on top of him with my stiff cock pressed under his balls I was thrusting seeking to connect my cock's head with his hole and he thrust up and wrapped his legs around me hungry to get it.

The kissing progressed to lots of oral:  from the start I was squeezing, pinching and lightly chewing on his nipples, which made him crazy and inspired me further.  When we were making out the usual eyes are bigger than my plate thoughts occurred (sure, I could keep up for at least two hours/this was probably going to be two loads/that I'd rim him again after cumming/that I'd swallow his load after shooting the second into him.)  These thoughts were sustaining me as I licked down to his cock and gave him an incredible (he said modestly) blow job.   Hs cock is thin enough that I had no trouble throating it.  While in the various profiles he claims to be 8", he's not as long as I am so throating him was pretty easy for me (I think I am 7.5" but bottoms have insisted it's longer/whatever, it does the trick...pardon the pun.)   I was definitely working his flute (to sustain the instrument analogy) and eliciting the desired responses from him --grunts and moans of pleasure/thrashing--that urged me on as I worked the piss slit with the tip of my tongue and sloppily sucked the head while simultaneously working below it with one hand while lightly stroking his taint and balls with the fingers of the other hand.  I guess that could have been akin to playing the piano/I was definitely playing him.

I licked south to his hole and then flipped him over and devoted alot of attention to tonguing his anus.  Of course this had him going and, bringing to mind another instrument, he was as tight as a drum.  I kept at it a l o n g time and thought I had him totally relaxed.  However, penetrating him and then then holding still and waiting for him to adjust and then working three inches in, and again holding still for him to adjust, and then pulling back just a bit and working him gradually with the three inches I then, at that point, was feeling my cock was the bow and was the violin.  It was at that moment, as I was trying to get him relaxed and to accept my cock so that we could get into a rhythm that I thought to myself "this is like playing an instrument."  (Full disclosure, the only musical instrument I have ever played was the violin.)

Like last time he really had trouble taking me:  he wanted it and was good with using spit, but at a certain point we both decided lube was in order.  When I used it I slid right into him (I was out of Wet and he brought that nasty Astroglide) but as I slid into him and started to fuck him I was noting his eyes squeezed shut in apparent discomfort.  So I held still and eventually eased out.  He indicated that it was burning and he thought it was the lube as it didn't feel like that before (of course, he'd only had ~ 3" in him.)  I was mellow and after he finished spasming, gently rolled him over onto his stomach.

I think he was nervous I was going to try to just push back inside him. But I pulled his cheeks apart and started to delicately rim him some more and I could hear him exhale with mixed relief, surprise, and pleasure.  I kept it up for a long time until I knew he was relaxed, and then lined my cock up against his hole again and eased in:  stopping at one inch/moving forward and stopping at three inches/then pushing forward till he had about six inches.  His breathing conveyed he was then okay and ready and--perhaps--enjoying it.  But at that point I was enjoying it and I wanted to get off.  It was feeling just right and I realized if I wanted to I could cum right away.  I was starting to get into a nice rhythm and wanted to savor the fuck but then discerned he was ready to seize up again and beg me to pull out.  So I concentrated on enjoying the thrusting and to let it go.

Again I eased out and I don't know if he knew whether I'd shot my load.  I think his ass was still spasming a bit and I gave him a moment to just lie there and to relax, leisurely sucking on one of his nipples and gently squeezing the others.  However,  his cock had never gotten soft and in fact had a nice big pearl of precum dripping out of its slit.   So I eased down and sucked him into my mouth.  I wanted him to feel good and decided I was going to get him off with my mouth.  So I focused on hand and mouth action, sucking and stroking him and massaging his balls.  Eventually I was able to work the magic and his legs stiffened, his body writhed, and he thrashed.  Then his head slammed against the pillow and I finally felt him pulse into my mouth (thank God/my jaw was getting sore.)  It was a huge load and while I'd imagined wanting it when we started, for some reason I didn't want to swallow then.   When I'd been rimming him he said he wanted to make out after I finished/he wasn't encouraging me to make out with him after he came in my mouth, so it didn't inspire me to swallow and, instead, I grabbed a hand towel and spit into it. (Weird how moods swing.)

Afterwards he was clearly experiencing some cardiovascular rushes.  He kept saying "sorry" and I was encouraging him to lie back and enjoy the afterglow.  It's natural to feel like that as a good orgasm can be an out of body experience.  I was glad to have gotten him there as he clearly hadn't enjoyed the fucking.  His squeezebox clearly needs more regular maintenance.  Hopefully he'll hire me as his tuner.