Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Horny Arab

There is a local bear from Lebanon.  Over 6', broad shouldered, hairy chested.  Is doing very very well and lives alone.  He has flirted with me on line for over a year; about 3 months ago when I had a free early Saturday morning he was anxious to get fucked (he apparently parties and was up much of the night.)  While he posted "anything goes" on a4a he also posted he was negative.  So, I took a risk and went to his place.

A very passionate bear; not very talkative, but purred when I stripped and we made out and he grasped my cock; he loved the size and got to sucking.  The whole time he was soft (so, probably was partying earlier) but loved getting his cock sucked, his nipples worked, and his ass eaten.  Clean as a whistle (mirroring his immaculate house).  Moaned in pleasure and anxious for me to ease inside of him, but didn't want me to use lube as he didn't like the taste and wanted me to pull out and to suck me periodically. In the background was a huge flat screen tv playing TIM's Breeding Season/great stroke flick, but distracting.  Finally I went for the gold and keep trusting inside him with him on his belly, but honored his wish that I pull out and shot across his back (normally my cum tends to dribble more than shoot, so I was clearly aroused/the edging between fucking him, switching off, and getting sucked did the trick.)  Since then, however, he's never been available when I am free (Sundays he goes to church and then has friends over for brunch...)

Lately he's been more persistent in wanting to hook up; two weeks ago we had planned to connect.  When I was finally free to leave I got a message from him that he was hooked up with a Latino, and wanted me to come over.  I was very reluctant:  I knew nothing about the Latino (no pic, no profile) and declined.  But, I had blue balls and decided that since the guy still claims to be neg and is insistent that I pull out that he must have vetted the guy.  I called him and said I was interested and he indicated the door would be unlocked.

I walked into his bedroom after arriving and he was being sucked by the Latino who is a slim, toned, with a gorgeous cafe au lait complexion and tight curly hair (but, unfortunately a totally shaved crotch and ass.)  He looked Puerto Rican or Dominican, not the Mexican I'd been expecting.  His ass was in the air as he sucked the Arab and I stripped, walked over to the now grinning Arab and started to eat the Latino's ass:  he turned around startled but rebounded and resumed sucking the Arab.

It was fun, yet awkward at the same time. The Latino was a pretty, short, young guy.  Getting all three of us on the bed was difficult without abandoning spontaneity.  I pushed into the Latino a couple of times after he and the Arab sucked me, but he pulled off; later as the Arab orchestrated his straddling me and working my cock into him I asked it if was too big; he replied yes, but that he normally didn't bottom (I think if we'd been alone he would have taken it all in...) 

We got hot and sweaty and the Arab, dripping, decided to shower to cool off.  The Latino pup and I made out and got into mutual sucking:  while I got him hard several times, it was clear he was into sucking.  The Arab came out of the shower and then got into a sling (a new addition since my last visit.)  The Latino at my urging started to fuck him and then I took turns with him, but standing up is not how I like to fuck.  The Arab asked me if I wanted to go back to the bed and we did.  He laid on his belly and I pushed into him and alterated between sucking the Latino, making out with him, and eating his ass.  While making out with him I pulled out and shot on the Arab's back; but rested, made out with the Latino some more and when eating his ass got hard again.  My beard was saturated with the Latino's musk, which was like ambrosia.  I pushed into the Arab again and focusing the scene I felt another orgasm come on; pulling out I came on the Arab's back again.  By that time the time was running out of my hour glass.  While I would have loved to have kept their musk in my stache and beard, I figured I'd better shower or be followed by dogs and cats home.  As I dried off they were back at it (when not zoning out watching a lousy Czech bb flick.)

The next day I was free and messaged the Arab, but he messaged me that he was fucked out from the day before.  However, two days later he was begging for an encore.  Our stars haven't aligned since, but I am hoping that our orbits intersect soon; he said he wants a one on one this time.  I think he figured out that the boy toy really turned me on :-)