Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Hump and Dump Maintenance Visit

The soccer dude (aka Flake) wrote me again on Friday.  He indicated he wants to get together again, that Friday afternoons and Sunday afternoons work for him, and wanted to know after I got deeper and deeper into his ass whether I'd cum in his mouth.

A.  Friday afternoons work for me; I was free this Friday afternoon and for well into the evening
A.  Sundays after 1 pm are optimal
A.  I looked forward to passing his second spincter next time

He responded that that Friday afternoon was out "that he needed to lick his girl's pussy that night" and how about Sunday.  I responded Sunday would work. 

--no response Friday
--no response yesterday (Saturday)
--I tapped him another email and asked him to let me know one way or the other
--no response after that yesterday; no response today.

This guy is a piece of work.  However, I never really expected it to happen.  I imagine him furiously stroking his average to below average sized cock when seeing responses from me in his inbox.  However, I am intrigued and am not ready to say fuck off...just yet.

Well, I was horny:  it had been about ten days since I'd gotten some ass.  The Arab is hosting some family from the Middle East but really really wants to get laid.  He has set up a tentative date with me for tomorrow when he'll be temporarily free of his company.  He was hoping to have me come down and fuck him right now, but the sand is about out of my hour glass; no time to get there and back.

A very very very persistent Latino contacted me on a4a and begged me to respond.  I did last week, this morning he sent the message "please cum in my ass".  Well, that piqued my interest.

We connected three times two plus years ago.  The first time he complained that I take too long to cum, and that he isn't interested in the foreplay. Also, while we fucked bare I couldn't cum in him; he wouldn't suck my dick after we'd fucked, and he wouldn't let me take his load in my mouth.  Second time I had some performance issues (probably because of his deconstructing my performance and my desire for some foreplay to get me hard) but I got there, though neither of us was satisfied.  Time three I had a flat tire and he wrote after  I left "and I cleaned out for nothing."  Well fuck you I thought.  But for the last 24 plus months he has pleaded for me to come back.

Well I dragged it out:  I mentioned that I might take too long for his taste:  he was okay with that.  I mentioned he didn't like kissing:  well that was back on the menu.   In fact, he wanted to know if I'd cum in his mouth!

I could see nothing was happening elsewhere:  the usual lunes and flakes on Craigs List; people from an hour away "wanted to ride my pole"  on a4a (one "local" dude dragged it out, couldn't host, and wanted to play in my car.  No thanks idiot/if arrested I don't want it to be for lewd behavior in public.

So, I decided to give my Latino friend another shot:  I figured if he said anything obnoxious I would just walk out.  He lives in the upscale part of the downscale blue collar suburb to the north.  His house is actually quite lovely/he is a bit fussy, but better than dirty.  I arrived and indicated I was on a tight schedule.  He was cool with it.

Now, other than a really homely face, this guy pushes my buttons.  Very hairy; a nice uncut cock with a very long foreskin, and an ass that is nice and musky after being carefully scrubbed in the shower.  He was true to his word and good with kissing, and I forgot how sensitive his nipples were.  I loved chowing down on his cock and ass; it was rich, musky, earthy.   I would have loved for him to have cum in my mouth but knew he'd never be able to get fucked after cumming.Click on the image to close

He was really anxious to have me fuck him:  after eating his ass he was panting and begging me to rub his hole with my cock head: he was soon pushing back against it and then crying out as it entered him, begging me to be easy and to use lube (dude you pushed your ass on to it!)  Well I decided this was definitely a hump and dump so I got with the program:  I lubed my cock, slowly pushed in and started thrusting.

There was alot of "do you like it?"  "easy, please, not so fast" "it's so hard"  "I am getting sore".  I thought, fuck it, just blow your load and get out.  I didn't cum fast enough for him, but did cum in record time for me.  Afterwards he asked me to suck one nipple and to pinch another while he stroked off:  soon his hairy stomach was matted with a nice load. 

I dispensed with the niceities:  I asked him if I could shower (yes, and he insisted on showering with me, though I just wanted to clean up.)  Soon I was slipping my shorts on, pulled on my tee shirt and was walking down the stairs.  I got into my car and realized it was 30 minutes, max.

My balls were tingling; my cock felt nicely massaged, but it was alien to me to be in such a rush and to focus on just getting off.  However, I got over it.  Actually I ended up with ample time to engage in a number of errands and to come home and to get some shit done!  After having had an assignation!  Damn!  Being a self centered asshole isn't all bad!  Still, I like my sex to be more than just  like two dogs quickly humping, dropping loads and running off.

I returned home and had a series of valentines from the Latino, telling me how great it was, how good he felt, asking if there was any chance I could return tonight (no) and hoping I'd return soon.