Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boy Butt Loves His Daddy

Okay, I am coming to terms with what I just wrote for the title.  I normally don't role play, and the actual thought of incest makes me weak.  However, Boy Butt (from June) and I reconnected last night, and I got into the role play --at least to keep him cranked, even if my heart wasn't into the fantasy --because I am really into him.

We have been in contact since we originally connected during a business trip I had to Orange County back in June.   Since then he's regularly contacted me on a4a and asked when I was returning to So Cal.  Well, I knew I'd have business in LA but didn't want to suggest he drive all the way up.  I didn't need to ask; he made it clear that he'd make the trip if I was that close.

He's been pretty anxious, and I was due to arrive last night.  Not sure of my flight reservation I updated him on two nights ago and indicated that last night's flight would arrive on Tuesday at 6:30; I simply specified I was getting in at 6:30 (having written the night before I was arriving Tuesday.)  He jumped into the car and drove an hour north, and then sent me a series of frantic messages on a4a, texts, and phone calls.  I wasn't in a position to take the calls and was horrified when I logged on to a4a to realize he'd driven up here.  We'd had a fuck up when we were originally supposed to connect, and I was sure that this experience would snuff the relationship; it didn't.  He was pissed/frustrated with himself, but did drive up last night and we arrived simultaneously at the hotel; I needed to have him hang in his car while I checked in.

He arrived in my room, and has this cool dude/macho veneer.  He was in shorts, sandals, and a tee shirt.  However, once the door closed he wanted to kiss and groaned when we began and thrust his crotch against mine:  I instantly got hard, making him steadily groan.  I was still in a jacket and tie, which he started to yank at to get off.  I was grasping his firm bubble butt and worked my hands into his shorts and worked my finger down the crack.  We were both on fire and I was worried because we both wanted to get to fucking but I wanted it to last.  I needn't have worried.

He is disarmingly short when standing; about 5' 6"; he doesn't suggest his height at all when he's in bed.  Again, I was astonished by his cock:  it's not as long as mine, but it's as thick and relative to his height it's huge.  It's one of those cocks you enjoy holding:  large, spongy, good heft.  It's a pleasure playing with his low hanging balls/one hanging lower than the other.   Once we were naked I was runing my hands up and down his back and massaging his shoulders.  While his chest is narrow a and smooth, he has wiry hair on his muscular thighs and calves and balls, and dense thick hair in pits and pubes that I enjoy exploring.  We both were anxious to get into bed and were soon rolling around on it.

Well, repeat sessions typically pale in comparison with the first time.  But, this was intense.  It's incredible being with some one as responsive; you know when you are hitting the good spots for him, but just touching him gets him moaning.  His volume was serious, but I decided the hell with it:  it was 8 p.m., we were in a hotel, and we weren't rocking the bed or pounding on the walls.

It took alot of restraint for me to not just push into him:  he positioned himself so that my cock head was resting against his hole and he made it clear he was anxious to have me push in; actually I did a little and it was hard to pull back and keep him from being disappointed.  But I'd decided this was going to be an evening and I really wanted to enjoy it.  I flipped him onto his back and gave his ass quality attention with my tongue till he was soaking.  Still I didn't want to go in; I rolled him over and gave him a serious blowjob.  He kept pulling me up to kiss and worked his way down to suck me.  This guy is good:  he had no trouble throating me; soon my pubes were soaked and his spit was running down my balls.  I kept putting the breaks on; rolling him over, rimming him some more, rolling him back, eating his cock, with making out in between.  We both in a frenzy state.  Finally I got him on his hands and knees with him sucking me while I tongue fucked him.  He was soon straddling me and sliding down on my cock.  He decided he wanted to keep it to spit, which feels great but also allows alot more skin to skin friction.  However, he insisted I must be producing alot of precum.  He remained totally clean the entire time we fucked and wasn't bleeding, so it was either spit or precum.

He has seriously amazing control of his guts: he really squeezed and milked my cock the entire time we fucked. It felt amazing, but since we last connected in June, and we won't see each other again till I am back in January, I held off cumming.  He started to say "I love you Dad"; "am I your favorite?'  "I want Daddy's seed".  He periodically moaned this when not telling me my cock was the perfect size and how much he loves it.  I loosened up and called him my boy and said that daddy loves his boy.  He responded that daddy needed to make his boy's ass his again.

Overall he's a small guy:  his waist can't be more than 28", if that, and based on his height I knew my cock was seriously deep inside him.   He kept bending down to kiss me and I laid back and let him fuck himself with my cock for a long time.  But I wanted him on his stomach so I could control the action.  We tried every position, but I found he liked it best when I kept to shorter jabs, pulling out till just three inches was inside him, massaging his prostate with the head of my cock.  He didn't get too loose, and it continued to feel great.  While it might sound like bullshit, we kept at it for nearly two hours before I allowed myself to cum.  He asked if we could get him on his back, but I wanted to strive to give him two loads and know that the likelihood of a second load requires my waiting to get him on his back for there to be enough friction.  When I did cum the first time his eyes widened as he could feel it:  he could feel my cock spasm and throb and it continued for awhile and he insisted it was giving him alot of cum.  While I wanted to believe this, I doubted until later when there was ample evidence.  He said "you made my ass yours daddy!"

We rolled onto our sides and with my cock still in him he furiously stroked and clamped down hard on me as he came. It was sweet and we spooned and decompressed.  I checked out the clock and it was closing on 10 p.m.  This time we learned a little bit more about each other:  he's got considerable education, and is really sweet and gives up the macho/cool shit when he gets to know you (well, I guess you kind of get to know a guy in a certain way alot when you have your cock up his ass.)

For another half hour we enjoyed some pillow talk, but he periodically stroked my body and I his, and we started to kiss and I instantly got hard.  I started to eat his ass, which was clean and despite cumming in him didn't smell or taste like cum (note:  I was deep in him.)  We were soon rolling around, and I had him on his stomach and we rotated between sucking, and fucking, and making out.  However, we got to the point that he was on his back. 

Bottoms usually respond amazingly when you have them on their backs; he was no exception.  His eyes widened and we locked eyes and worked together.  I started to smell cum, and he remarked about it as well.  Drilling him on his back got the cum moving and with each backstroke I was pulling it with me.  It smelled great and it really turned us both on.  Still I questioned a second load cumming but then we started to make out and I could feel it rising.  He was blown away when he felt it spurt into him.  I pulled back a little to let him stroke his own cock, but it took him some time to get his nut. 

At that point it was well past 11:30 and he had an hour drive home.  He pulled himself together and dressed and we kept hugging and kissing; it was hard to let go, we both wanted it to last longer.

Today my cock is a bit tender, but each throb feels great.  On Saturday I got an incredible piece of ass, but it was mechanical.  With my boy here, there is passion as well as intense sex, and certainty we are going to connect whenever possible.  Damn!  Here I am now wishing the months away till I return.