Saturday, December 7, 2013

Black Nail Polish

Well, I had to go into the office today to catch up, but having gotten up early and slowly acclimating to the day I logged on to the usual sites and a message blinked from a handsome young African American.  Well, I thought he was African American, but he's bi-racial (though I am not good at this fraction thing, but then I tend to see people as people.)  Anyway, he had a cavity he needed filled and was looking for a "dentist" (yeah, I have just the tool:  har, har, har, har!)

As it ended up he was staying at a hotel walking distance from my house (well, a healthy walk of 20 minutes.)  I chose to drive when he invited me over.  He's been here on work assignment for months (and I am just connecting with him?!)  I'd been noting he'd been checking me out for the past week or so.

Within less than an hour, after showering and dressing for the day I was tapping on his room door.  Amazingly close and convenient.  He opened the door and there was a guy far handsomer than his pics:  I'd describe him as cute as a bug's ear.  Full trimmed beard, beautiful eyes, great smile, close cut hair (a fade) and very stylish for a man in jockey briefs, a tee shirt and mini socks (whatever they call them.)  He is very gracious and immediately asked if he could offer me anything:  water?  I declined and smiled as he invited me to get comfortable.

I took it slow, which was an intuitive strategy.  I removed my shoes and jacket and we started to make out.  He's a passionate (and damned good) kisser and I knew to savor that before trying to get to second base.  He clearly got lost in the kissing, but I massaged his clothed ass, and he my crotch.  I got up and shed most of my clothing and he intuited to lose his; except the tiny socks.  I bent down and said "may I?" and pulled them off, and then found beautifully pedicured feet with flawless black nail polish.  I remarked "cute" and he smiled.

This guy is fine:  firm everywhere; nice muscular thighs, broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and a nice meaty but not long cock (about 6" but very handsome, and it was fully engorged.)  Interesting, his hair was characteristically African American:  tight, coarse, and curled on his thighs and framing his crotch, but the hair under his arms was long, soft, and characteristically European.  He got the best of all the genes.

While we continued to make out he wanted at my cock and proceeded to worship it with his mouth.  He laid down on top of me and positioned my cock under his balls and started to whinney; he got it so that my cock head was brushing his hole, and I knew what this meant.  His profile had read the usual "safe sex only" and I'd asked him if he had the needed supplies and he said yes, but it was clear early on no glove was going to be involved.

I rolled him on to his back and started to suck his cock (he was vocal as I throated it) but I knew he wanted attention paid to his ass, not his cock, and as I licked under his hairy balls he got increasingly vocal. I teased his hole with my tongue, but wanted to reduce him to jelly, so I rolled him over and pulled his cheeks apart and gave him a proper rim job.

Well, as good a rim job as I could with a guy thrashing and humping the bed and moving back and forth in ecstasy,  His ass is taut and I needed to pull his cheeks apart, but got him good and wet.  And then I rolled him to lying on his back and pressed his hole with my thumb while sucking his cock.  He thrashed back and forth and while his legs were spread wide apart I laid on top of him and we made out.  He thrust back with my cock under his balls, gasping each time my cockhead brushed his hole.  I realized it was time to fuck.

I flipped him back onto his stomach, ate his ass some more, lined up and pressed my cock against his hole.  He pushed back and gasped as I penetrated him:  he was incredibly tight and pretty dry.  There was no conversation: I was in him; I was bare, and he wanted it badly.  I let him grow used to it, very gradually jabbing and pressed forward.  He was quietly acting out; flexing his legs and flailing,  and I kept gradually pressing up into him, but he was really dry.  No lube was nearby and I didn't want to break the spell asking for it.  So, I gradually eased out of him, crouched down and ate his ass some more and spit an ample pool of spit onto his hole, which I quickly pressed into him as I remounted.  Soon I was nearly all the way in, and then I pushed him onto his side and thrust up till he had it all.

It was amazing:  I was ready to cum immediately, but he was loving it and I held off. I pulled back and gently thrusted and got into a fucking rhythm.   He definitely whinneyed throughout; there had been no conversation since I arrived, and then I barely heard him moaning "it feels so good!  it feels soooo good!"

I kept fucking him and kept wanting to cum, but I didn't want to ask and to have him warn "not in me".  As I kept fucking him I thought "he's not asking, which means just do it" and his guts started to relax and the fucking got looser, and he wasn't gripping my cock as much.  It was great, but I was cursing myself for not shooting when it was optimal.  But he was loving getting fucked and wanted all I was giving him. I was at a good steady rhythm, and then said as he affirmatively moaned:  "do you want it?" and he said "yes".  So I let go and, knowing I was cumming, he thrust back to feel me pulse and to get it deep in him.  After I came he kept pushing back against me; it was clear he was getting off on having been bred.  I wrapped my arms around him and gently pulled him on to his side, while I was still deep in him.  I touched his cock and balls, and as I stroked his balls he started to vigorously beat his meat.  He gasped and I knew he was shooting a substantial load and soaking the sheets.

After cumming he murmured, let me get a towel, but I pulled him to me and said "just relax man and enjoy the after glow."  He did and I enjoyed his lovely back; this is a truly lovely manimal.

But, eventually, he got up and grabbed a warm wash cloth, and handed it to me.  It's interesting how different a guy looks after you have just fucked him.  He was cute, and engaging, but we were now withdrawn into ourselves after having been in the same place working together.  But he's delightful:  bright eyed, upbeat, cute.  I dressed and made small talk, and pecked him on the mouth and, grinning, he led me to the door.

Probably a one time thing, but a lovely guy and a lovely time.