Friday, March 29, 2013

Stealthing the Giant

Okay, that is an admittedly provocative title for an entry.  And, it's probably inaccurate.  Stealthing, as I understand it, involves intent.  I thought I had an invitation to cum in the guy...but the gory details will follow...

So, last weekend, following my hook up with the once long lost bear, just after he was safely out the door I went to my open laptop, where I was logged into various sites and I had a message from a guy staying at a nearby swank hotel (to which I could walk if I wanted to/granted, about 2 miles and crossing a freeway.)  He was direct and to the point:  he wanted to get fucked.  Now some details:  6' 4", slim, and dirty blonde, mid-30s.  Okay, even though I'd just shot a load my cock tends to be greedy and, as we know, a hard dick has no conscience.  And, I had never been naked before with anyone that tall.

He indicated that he needed to go to Walgreens to get supplies to clean out and that he's buzz me back when he returned.  Well I went about mundane straightening up at home expecting flake potential but then, sure enough, he buzzed me back and said he'd be ready and gave me the room number.

I headed over with alacrity, but it is one of those tedious hotels with valet parking only.  I wasn't into coming downstairs and hour later and getting the once over by the valet ("must have been a nooner") so I looked for street parking/a tad tedious in that area.  But, soon I was soon in the elevator headed to his room.

He is very tall, but was quick to get to business and bending over to kiss I soon lost sense of his height.  I was focused on his amazingly muscled calves (this guy must live on the stair master and treadmill) and he was in gym shorts and a grey athletic shirt, an outfit that pushes my buttons. However, he had an incredibly "Nancy" voice, which was a seemingly interesting contradiction emanating from this macho looking giant.

Soon my shorts were down and he was on his knees nursing on my cock/he was slurping and grunting with satisfaction.  I pulled him up and slipped his down.  He has a nice meaty one:  not as long as mine, but thicker and one of those cocks you simply enjoy holding in your hand -- nice helf (sp) and spongy and warm.  I enjoyed sucking him as well and despite it's girth got it down my throat.   But he wanted to get to the main course -- and got no argument from me.

He asked what position and I said I wanted him on his stomach because I wanted to eat his ass, which was nice.  Once I got him naked I found that besides the broad shoulders and amazing calves he actually has a flabby tummy (interesting/not unattractive/clearly selective exercise.)  He loved getting his ass eaten, of course, and pulled his cheeks apart and pushed back as hard as he could on my tongue.  I got him slick with spit and teased his hole and despite the condoms and lube on the night stand he was pushing back and soon opened up to me and I found my cock sliding into him and his steady thrust backward pulling me into him, without the slightest hesitation/in fact nothing but ongoing affirmative sighing,and breathing coming out of him, and murmurs of how great it felt.  I commenced fucking him and was thoroughly enjoying it.

His ass felt great and my mind let me know my cock could deliver it's second load in 70 minutes at any time, no problem.  So I was holding back but enjoying it/my cock was throbbing with pleasure and my balls were in sync with it.  He was anxious to switch positions so he could stroke off while I fucked him, but I asked if we could stay with him on his stomach for a bit as it felt great.  I started to slow my thrusts and he asked why, to which I responded "because I am holding back and don't want to cum" and he said "why are you holding back?"  Well, I took that as a green light and started to grind into him and to let it spew.  Again he asked to change positions and I said "well, after I cum, okay?" to which he responded "well not in me!"  Define mixed signals and at that point I was pulsing and at least three spurts had shot into him. 

Well by then what was done was done.  I didn't want to freak him out though, so I immediately pulled out and made a point of gasping and heavy breathing as if I was only then just cumming.  And, cum was still shooting out (fortunately I'd already shot another load earlier or he might have immediately felt it inside him.)  Divulging that he had most of load in him wouldn't have changed a thing other than to serve as a buzz kill and to make him worry.

 I was on my knees straddling him and he rolled over onto his back.  He said "now that it's out you can put it back in me."  ?!  I am confounded by guys who don't want you to cum in them, but immediately after you do want your hard bare cock back inside them so that they can stroke off.  I mean, there is still cum in the shaft at that point guys!   Usually there is still cum in it until it gets soft and I take a leak afterwards!  Oh well, whatever.  His asking for that substantially reduced any angst I had felt about cumming in him. 

With my cock back in him (which felt nice...) he had his long legs in the air and vigorously stroked himself and  soon shot a nice load across his stomach.  He sighed, smiled, and quickly said in a chipper voice "want to shower?"  Okay, clearly no afterglow with this guy.  How do you spell trick?

I took him up on the offer (so dogs and cats wouldn't end up following me) and was soon after walking through the lobby noting it was about 45 minutes after I'd arrived.  Talk about task oriented.  He was visiting from Phoenix and this was clearly a maintainence call but, to paraphrase Bob Seeger,  he used me and I used him and we both got what wanted.