Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sticky Rice

My Filipino boy contacted me Saturday just as I was heading out the door for another assignation.  Frankly, I'd much rather have spent extended quality time in bed with him but he has room mates and our relationship has always been one of whether they are away and he can host or whether I can host (more the former than the latter.)  It's weird:  this is a guy in his 30s and he rents from a gay couple but can't host.  I suspect it is a matter of not wanting them to be aware of his n/s sexual life than their putting the kabbosh on him having company but you never know.  (Years ago I used to hook up with a guy who rented from a Lesbian couple and he seemed to regularly bottom for the 7th Fleet, but the lay out of his room, adjacent to the front door and a bathroom might have facilitated that as it was less intrusive.  Also he had much more of an "I don't give a shit" attitude.  It worked for me; I never saw them and we had extended passionate sex and I could thoroughly clean up afterwards, assuring that dogs and cats didn't follow me home.)

Well, as I indicated in the preceding blog, after fucking the guy I was with earlier that morning, and his revving me up to straddle me so that he could rub one out, I was cranked to drop a second load.  So I got home and my Filipino friend wanted to blow me.  He had messed up his leg and said he couldn't get fucked; while I don't like to travel just to get blown (among other things, I like interactive sex rather than to passively get served) I was horny and hadn't connected with him in a long time and he was offering to host.  So, I jumped in the car and headed over.

His roomies (read:  owners of the house in which he rents a room) weren't due home for hours.  So I dutifully followed to his room, we embraced, and both began to strip.  I think we both, subconsciously, knew this wasn't going to be just a blow job.

We both embraced and made out.  I fulfill a daddy thing for him, but he doesn't usually get into that role play until I am fucking him (thank God.)  Up until then it's just two guys enjoying mansex, which is where it lives for me.  It was good to be back with him.  He's a nice looking guy, and when he strips he reveals nice cut pecs, a tapered waist, and a fine bubble butt.  His skin is light tan, and he's smooth except for some major scars from surgery (I have refrained from asking/I suspect his appendix, but I wonder whether the surgery was outside the US or when he was much younger as US medicine doesn't leave a guy that scarred, typically.  My Indian fb in the Northwest also has significant surgical scars and they are surely from surgery back home in India.  Probably neither of these guys is in a hurry to sunbathe next to the pool as a result; not that they are disturbing, but that they invite inquiries from socially clueless assholes.  But, I digress.)

As we made out I licked down to his cock:  it's small, but perfectly shaped.  It is easy to throat; actually too easy, which makes it disappointing.  The reward comes from listening to him sigh in incredible pleasure when I work it.  As I sucked it I worked one of his highly sensitive nipples, and spit on my thumb and massaged his hole with it.  He was in hog heaven.

He chowed down on my cock, but I noticed the Gun Oil on his night table;  I curled up with him and maneuvered him on his side, being sensitive of his injured leg, and placed my engorged cock between his thighs with my cockhead resting on his hole, while I worked his nipples and sucked the back his neck.  There was no resistance; quite the opposite.  We both knew where this was going.  He started to whimper in need and I knew better than to ask permission.  I grabbed the Gun Oil, lubed my cock, his hole, and his cock, and pressed against him. He responded by thrusting back against my cock.  Not acknowledging we were going to fuck he pressed back seeking to let me in/I pushed forward with a hunger to get in; I heard him hiss with satisfaction as I broke through.

This isn't how we typically fuck.  He likes to be on his back, with his legs in the air, for me to press my cock against his hole and to wait until it dialates and lets me push in.  Then he wants me to stay still and his cock literally pulls me into him.

Well, it clearly wasn't going to happen that way.  He couldn't lift both legs in the air, much less wrap them around me.  He was in apparent discomfort on his side.  I couldn't get deep enough inside him to satisfy me (frankly I was surprised that we'd gotten that far, as his tolerance for discomfort is low.)  However, he was anxious to be fucked by me, it had been a long time since we fucked last, and he was determined to make it work.  We both knew this without any conversation.

It wasn't entirely what either of us wanted.  I couldn't eat his ass as he hadn't prepped; he couldn't suck me after I pushed in for the same reason.  It was spontaneous and we both knew it.  But he wanted to be fucked and he wanted my load as well, so he gritted his teeth and thrust down and I had about 5 inches of my cock in him and I started to fuck.

Sideways fucking (both guys on their sides) is great for porn, and is okay as part of the soup to nuts (pardon the pun) m2m sexual experience.  But, it usually doesn't give me the friction I need to spew my load.  But we were both into it; neither one of us gave a damn that it was dirty sex (as he hadn't flushed out) and we both were determined.  I was astonished that it was giving me the right vibe as I'd shot only 2 hours before.  The switch flipped and I was feeling it and he was grunting with pleasure.

And then, we heard the door open and close.

I had no idea what to expect, but felt like a teenager again waiting to be busted by the parents.  He looked at me and hissed to keep fucking him.  My thought was "what the fuck?" (ahem) might as well drop a load.

He pushed down/more of my cock was engulfed by his juicy tight ass; it felt good; it felt good to be with a guy I find hot and who I wanted to breed . He growled:  "Am I your boy?"  "Prove it!"  "Make me your boy!!!"  "I want your seed, daddy!"  And then, I gave it to him. 

As I shot he asked if I came and then demanded that I keep fucking him.  The angle of our bodies was terrible, but I did so, almost slipping out several times, but he started to furiously stroke and soon a ribbon of white cum was streaming across his tan stomach and chest.

There was no time for afterglow.  We needed to figure out an exit plan for me.  I eased out, avoiding his ivory bedspread, and luckily found a hand towel next to the bed.  There was some debris, but it wasn't major, and I wasn't confronted by a stench, so it was alright.

Like mice, we both got dressed (fortunately he had a movie playing that provided white noise) and he on his bum leg scoped out the house and then silently led me downstairs (and, in touch with my Asian side, I kept my sandals off, making me more cat like as I walked.)   The house mates were other wise disposed and he pretended to get his mail and I scooted out.

It was a pure maintenance visit; not at all nourishing, and my noodle clearly was sticky and needed a good rinsing as I drove home.  But, I made him my boy once again, which was what he needed, and I wanted..

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Last week I posted a CL ad on a lark and had a number of bites.  Some seemed feasible, but there was also the standard myriad of people who failed to respond with pics, as I'd asked; or who advised me that they couldn't host, after I'd indicated that I couldn't; or who wanted me to drive an hour to hook up.  You'd have to think like such guys to actually understand their behavior, so it's important to feel thankful rather than irritated and attempting to figure them out.  However, it's a time suck, but then you invite it when you post an ad.

One response came from a toney town close by, and the respondent got to the point.   When I read the out of region area code I suspected I knew who it might be, but the town in question wasn't where I remembered (a deliberate plausible diversion on his part.)  When I called to get the address it was a deja vu moment ; albeit, a good (well "goodish") moment.  I liked that it was 15 minutes away; I liked that it was a good neighborhood; I liked that I know the guy likes to get bred but is clean; I liked knowing what to expect.

We'd last connected two years ago, several times, when he was housesitting at this same address.  Afterwards he'd called me several times at inconvenient times (like when I was at work in the middle of a meeting) and seemed bruised when I couldn't take the call, assuming I wasn't interested.  Other times when he called I was out of town on business, or in a restaurant with friends (it's called texting guys/it is less intrusive.)  Anyway, we lost contact.

When I called he only vaguely remembered me (I wasn't bruised) but felt secure inviting me over.  When I arrived I saw that he'd shaved at least 10 years from the age he indicated in his response (come on:  5 is expected; 10 makes you worry about what else he's lying about.)  A fittish, 60+ guy with a shaved head and a stylish chick teaser (for an otherwise decidedly unstylish guy.)  He looks like a vet and this was confirmed by some VA paperwork on the floor; he's some how in technology sales, divorced with grown kids and has a current middle aged woman friend.

He wasn't into kissing, which about kills half of it for me (okay, you are going to suck my dick and let me bareback fuck you and shoot my load into your hole, but kissing is too intimate?)  I think in this case that kissing might be actually be admitting wholeheartedly enjoying gay sex.  Not kissing, I inferred, might leave him the illusion of being a  guy who just happens to like sucking cock and getting fucked but is still "straight."  Whatever...

Among  his quirks (and, yes, we all have them) he saves his crotch (which I hate/it looked absurd, like the cock and balls of a 13 year old attached to an older man.)  His cock never got fully hard (a function of age and a hernia operation that I learned about today.)  It's probably nice on the occasions it get fully hard, but then it was like sucking linguine al dente. At the same time he likes (practically demands) that you work both of his nipples throughout.  The foreplay definitely wasn't doing it for me.  So I rolled him onto his stomach and started to eat his ass.

Kudos to him that as a "straight" guy he flushes his ass out properly (usually "straight" guys don't know how to do it properly and withdrawing you end up with skid marks/a definite buzz kill.)  I was getting off on how he was responding to getting rimmed, but was getting irritated that he wanted steady nipple tweaking throughout, which kind of made me feel like a mechanic.  When we got business he reached for some Vaseline (yikes!)  Fortunately I had proper lube in my cargo shorts.  I gradually eased in and he was enjoying it but it was one of those fucks where the bottom is constantly clamping his cheeks together and thrusting back instead of letting the top do the fucking.  Fortunately I hadn't cum, the switch quickly flipped, I dumped my load and gracefully got up, sponged off, and got out.

Today I went through a string of fuck buddies (one clearly not in the mood after suggesting this morning and then getting pissed off when I called him on it; another who didn't text back/another story; the Arab has company; another had roomies home.)  I wanted to get off and thought, give the house sitter another try (okay, I was looking for a clean warm hole; I admit it!  Mea culpa!)  So I texted him and got an immediate call back and had to remind him who I was (not Alzheimer's/he didn't recognize the number) and he was hot to trot.  So 30 minutes later I was there.

It was more relaxed this time.  He embraced me and began to kiss my neck and to suck on it.  He laid back on the bed and clearly wanted to be sucked and was quite responsive, but the noodle was pretty limp despite my working his balls, stroking his taint, and pressing my thumb against his hole while working the uber sensitive nipple.  In other words, I pulled all the tricks out of the bag.  From the responses you'd think he was steel hard, dripping and ready to paint the ceiling.  At a certain point we got into a 69, which isn't my fav but I wanted to see if we could improve the experience and was determined to be patient.

Well I thought, it's time to take care of me.  I rolled him on his stomach and gave him a killer rim job.  He was now putty in my hands and I grabbed the lube I brought, slicked us both up and g r a d u a l l y eased into him.  He exhaled with gusto and then curled his head back and pressed his lips against mine and pushed his tongue to my mouth and then accepted mine in his.  Progress!

He let me fuck him today, and it was nice.  He refrained from the manic clenching of his ass and allowed me to find his prostate and then work it with my cockhead while he thrashed and moaned underneath me.  So he let the top be the top and both of us were happy.  I decided not to prolong it and let it go when I felt my load rising; I found it interesting that he immediately knew (probably my cock got harder and my thrusts changed as I came yesterday so it wasn't like he was getting a 1/4 cup or anything.) Then he bent his head back and kissed me again (!)  He wanted me to stay in him and I remained penetrating him supported by my arms and hands and as my cock began to gradually grow slack I pulled him onto his side to spoon.

At a certain point he tried to remount me, but I was then soft.  He then astonished me by curling around and starting to suck my cock (so I knew he had to be clean and clearly knew what he was doing.)  Still I didn't get hard; it was much better than last week, but the scene wasn't entirely pushing my buttons.  He was mellow, got on his side and engaged me in small talk.

I was really ready to don my shorts and tee shirt and get out, but I thought I at least owed him the civility of conversation.  It was pretty boring, but he's a nice guy and was clearly working at it.  While we discussed mutual travel I noticed out of my peripheral vision that he was stroking himself (but still soft.)  He gradually started to stroke my thigh.  Then after a good interval he curled around and started to suck me and I willed myself to get hard (actually with little effort.)  He then got on his knees and straddled me, asked me to work his nips and started to vigorously stroke his essentially soft cock.  I looked up at him and noted that he was in very good shape; defined pecs, broad shoulders, muscular neck, narrowish waist.  Twenty years ago he surely turned heads.  His eyes are brilliant blue and it was a pleasure watching him writhe in pleasure massaging his guts with my cock.  It was working for me and I was imagining the possibility of giving him a second load, and then I saw his eyes roll back and watched as a large load oozed out of his not hard dick (I have seen this before and it always astonishes me as I need to be steel hard to cum.)  After his spasming he lifted himself up and dismounted (clearly not a lot of practice as he didn't ease off and I could tell he regretted it that he'd not eased off me gradually; I practically heard a pop sound when it came out and he grimaced.) 

Next thing I noticed he was grabbing a pair of boxers and heading to the bathroom to get me a wash cloth; hysterical.  A guy isn't in a hurry until he shoots his load, then it's "I've got stuff to do."

Well, I was aokay with that.  I could have gone for a second course (and later did elsewhere) but it's no fun unless the bottom is the instigator.  Anyway, I was glad I went back as it proved my memory wasn't flawed.  And, better yet, he's housesitting for another month and it is very conveniently on my commute.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Well, I had today off and I was anxious to get off but wasn't free till late morning.  I'd had tentative plans with a tall young bear/budding fb who I will post about at length in a future entry.  As luck would have it, however, he was called into work.  So I tapped a few other fuck buddies and was pleased when one I hook up with every couple of months wrote back.

The challenge was that I couldn't get there till 11:30 and he needed to make a doctor's appointment at 1:00.  But he wrote back he really wanted to suck my "big dick." Worrying that perhaps he was seeing this as a quick blow and go opportunity I wrote back that I hadn't cum yet and wanted to fuck him and got an "absolutely" response.  I was definitely "down" for it.

I got there on time and we managed to get straight to it with either of us acting rushed.  He's a tall, muscular bear:  big bellied, older and past his prime but not gone to seed yet (pardon the pun.)  We stripped, started to make out and grope each other simultaneously.  He has a big, thick, uncut cock: while not as long as mine his is easily 6 1/2 inches thick and has a huge foreskin.  It is great to press my index finger in past the skin and to massage his nice big head while he begins to ooze precum.  It's great to suck as well and because the skin is so long you need to retract it to get his bare cock head in your mouth.

He quickly coaxed me on to the bed as he has hungry to suck me and grunting with satisfaction noting "I love your big dick" / "great cock" each time he came up for air.  I massaged his huge balls and the outside of his hole while he sucked me.  But soon I wanted him on his knees so that I could eat his ass while he sucked me.  And once that started he began to forget sucking my cock and to groan while I stuck my tongue in his ass and licked his taint.

Last month I took a mental health day and hosted him.  When he arrived he had just gotten out of the shower and his hole tasted almost floral; today at his place it was as it has been all the other times I have eaten him:  very clean, but also with a great man musk that's so good you'd want some in a bottle to shake on food.  I was loving my beard and mustache getting saturated with it (and I am currently enjoying that aroma as I scratch my beard.)

Without saying it we both were conscious of time and he got on his knees, I grabbed the lube and moistened us both with it and eased into him.  What's great about this guy is there is no "okay stop!"  "wait a minute and let me get used to it!"  "slow! stop! okay just a little bit at a time!"  I felt the head pop in; he sighed with satisfaction and while I remained still he pushed back in one thrust until I was deep inside him.   In other words, we got right to business.  From then on it was long strokes with affirmative grunts and comments "amazing"  "it feels so so good deep inside me"  "that's it; right there; deeper!" As I thrust forward he pushed back and he met each grind of my cock with ongoing affirmation.  It was a great fuck.  He then started to moan that he wished he didn't have a doctor's appointment.

His guts were clamped around me and nicely massaging my cock; I didn't want it to end, but knew he would need to get going shortly and I definitely wanted to be sure to cum so I just let it go.   Throughout the fucking his leg kept flinging back, which I love.  It's great when you are deep inside the guy and his leg swings back so that he can press his foot against your ass.   The orgasm was great: it was sustained spasming and it was evident that he could feel me spurting and was enjoying it.  I laid on top of him and slowed my thrusting and I gradually grew softer and felt it pop out.  He kept thanking me, which makes me feel a little awkward as we were fucking each other and he couldn't have enjoyed it more than I did.  Still it does the heart good when the bottom is gushing thanks for the fine fucking you just gave his ass.

When sucking his cock before fucking him I was thinking how much I wanted him to cum in my mouth; I kept thinking I wanted to eat his load all the time I was fucking him.  But, as usual, once I got my nut taking his cum suddenly wasn't attractive to me (he's a guy who can get fucked after cumming, so I should probably reverse it some time to take it when it still seems attractive to me.)  I did encourage him to cum and lightly fingered his balls and sucked his nipple while he vigorously worked his cock; it was amazing how fast he came and it was a substantial load.

Well he wanted to lie back and savor the afterglow but I was conscious of his timetable and soon was sliding my shorts and sandals on and heading to the door.  Without any inhibition he walked me to the door, bare assed naked (I was looking out the window at his neighbors) gave me a peck and wished me well.

I was there 40 minutes!  Damn!  It was task oriented but great.  But like Chinese food, I was hungry for more an hour later.  Unfortunately he's expecting his partner home and they are having company for the weekend.  Hopefully we'll reconnect an upcoming day off and I'll swallow his  juice first.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Deja Vu/Never Say Never

I was reminded of Yogi Bera's comment "deja vu all over again" yesterday.  So I had the morning free/had a lot of stuff to do in the afternoon, and I woke up early, my horns were on, and I wanted to fuck.

The Arab and I keep missing each other/he usually has 400,000 things to do Saturday morning and then around noon will write and say "are you free at 2:47?"  Much as I'd like to be at that point I am usually in the middle of something (and have spewed my load somewhere else, or rubbed two out by that point."  So, that preface was to note I started by texting the Arab but knew the chances were those of a snowball in hell that he'd actually say he was free (later, as usual, he wrote and was astonished when I wasn't free mid-afternoon.  But, I digress...)

So I was logged on to the usual sites and this cub with "breed" in his profile name came on to me.  Something seemed vaguely familiar, though the town in which he listed that he lived didn't square with the one that was coming to mind.    A black guy was coming to mind and this guy claimed to be Puerto Rican and black (which sounded pretty hot/I love Puerto Ricans.) We played message ping pong and after we established status he wanted to clarify that he is allergic to latex (mentally, perhaps...)  I responded that I was of the impression he wanted to be fucked bare and for me to shoot my load deep in him on the basis of his moniker/he seemed surprised that I wasn't negotiating.  My sense is that guys don't usually joke about that.  Normally that type of directness is a yellow light for me, but it seemed as if it was a straight on conversation to that point (pardon the mixed metaphor.)  Then when I asked for his address it was actually a blue collar (hardscrabble) town to the north east, which never gives me a great vibe and where I have ventured three times before and had weird experiences.  My cock was doing the thinking at this point and I decided to roll with it. 

As I drove north it was all very familiar/too familiar.  When I pulled up to the house I was thinking to just turn around and head home/this was the site of one of my "Frightening Friday" experiences last year.  But my cock was thinking and I thought I could exit if I wasn't feeling it.  (Digression:  once years ago I went to a guy's condo to fuck him/it was an enormous condo in a behemoth condo complex where everything was identical and it was hard to find.  He had a roommate who lived elsewhere in the enormous place.  Months later I was approached by a guy on line and his address was the same condo complex.  After parking and walking in I got the feeling I was in a place I'd been before.  However this time I parked in the front, not the back, entered through the front door, not the back door, and was in a different part of the condo, but I quickly realized I was hooking up with the roommate. Amazing coincidence.  No, we never did a threeway/as it ended up they didn't get along and the first one was out of town when I came to play with the second.)

Well as I entered the house there was a rolly polly black guy just out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him:  deja vu.  Last time we fucked in this horrible tiny room piled with random clothes and dreck on a rump sprung mattress.  I was ready to leave but he led me into a large bedroom with a queen sized bed and firm looking mattress.  However, the messy chest of drawers had about a thousand bottles of woman's perfume on it.  I asked if he was married and he said we were going to use his cousin's room.  Something seemed fishy, pardon the expression (ahem.)

Little lies bug me/ they suggest more serious lies to worry about.  The room had similar squalor, though not as acute as the rest of the house (dusty, stuff heaped everywhere.)  It wasn't very different than the rest of the house and I was wondering whether he now has a female partner (some of the sad slippers in the bedroom looked like they were his.) Also, there is absolutely nothing that suggests Puerto Rican culture in the place, but amidst the dreck there were a serious number of African American images (art, posters, etc.)  Again I am quick to note inconsistencies in story and this wasn't all adding up.  Later I mentioned he'd have a lot of laundry to do (if I was a housemate I'd think it weird if the other person washed my sheet and made my bed.)  He responded he'd just do the top sheet and I was thinking how pissed I'd be if I was sharing a house to find the house mate was using my bed to fuck in/again, this wasn't adding up.

Besides being fat (solid, but big tits, big belly with serious handles, big ass) this guy must not do anything at home.  Yet, I was thinking with my dick and he was personally clean, and is actually a cuteish guy. We kissed and the guy is an amazing kisser.  So I went with the flow.

Now for all of you out there with a Mandingo fantasy I need to burst your bubble:  not all black guys have huge cocks; in fact the cocks of some aren't big period.  This guy's tops at 6" when fully hard.  He was soft when we started but he began to chow down on my cock, which brought him to full mast (it's a nice cock, but he didn't get fully hard when I sucked him, but was engorged while I stroked it as we made out after I'd fucked him.)  He does give an amazing blow job and was able to throat my cock repeatedly which impressed us both.

He was insistent on silicone lube (I'd said I had some when he wrote he needed to run out for some, but he did anyway.  It was nicer I have to admit, but I didn't understand the issue, but then I don't bottom.)  However, first I ate his ass a bit, but he wasn't turning me on over all and I just wanted to fuck and that's what he wanted.

Well being a bigger guy it was actually hard to find the right angle to get my cock into him but once we did it felt great.  He wasn't vocal or loud, but I was enjoying the affirmative grunts that confirmed that I was hitting the right spots, that jabbing here with the head of my cock, or pulling back or speeding up was turning his crank.  He did murmur how deep/deep inside him I was, particularly when I made him lie on his side and pull his thigh to his chest as I thrust into him.  There were full length mirror doors along the closet wall which were distracting and as I watched us fuck I was reminded of a "making bacon" poster I'd seen years ago (there was also a mirror embedded in the head board...)  We kept at it a long time but eventually I blew into him and while I didn't announce it he started to broadly smile and thrust back against me.

I eased out and he was down on my cock immediately to suck it dry.   It's the pig in me that makes me absolutely love to have a guy suck my cock after I pull out of his ass (later when I started to fuck him again we took a couple of breaks and he dove down onto my rod when I pulled out to suck me.)  I  stayed hard and was soon back inside him and we continued to fuck for a long time.  He wanted a second load in him, but it takes me awhile to coax another out.  We were both surprised that I wore him out before I came (and, dammit, I was damned close to giving it up inside him again.)  He was really sorry to have to stop but he was getting seriously sore so I reluctantly withdrew; we tried my reentering and mellowly fucking but by then it was too much for him.

However, he was back on my cock in a second and savoring the taste of the load I'd deposited earlier and had been massaging into his guts.  We made out and I started to stroke while he massaged my balls and the second load spurted a nice line of cum up my stomach and chest that he eagerly lapped up and then sucked my cock into his mouth (our last encounter when I stroked off he scooped up my load and shoved into his ass with his fingers.)

We talked for a bit afterwards/ while squirrelly he sounds fairly grounded.  However, there is a weirdness there that I thought disconcerting.  When I got home I got a message from him/we'd last connected via Craig's List and not kept in contact; now we know each other on one of the sites.  While I doubt I will go back I now know to never say never.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Riding Me Like A Pony

I made an encore appearance in Orange County again this week (albeit, a cameo/it was just overnight.)  And, I met with my hot young Latino friend (okay, he's not that young --the dude is 28.  However, his Daddy fixation makes it seem like he's a boy.)

This time I think he actually did eat before we connected, though he was ravenous when he left (better than smoking...)  But, the time was relaxed other than his concern about getting home to get a decent night's sleep as he needed to get up early for work (but, that worked for both of us.)

Again he wanted me to leave the door to the room open, which meant covering the lock with the "do not disturb" tag/this is borderline stupid (read dangerous) I figured I'd be okay.  He also wanted the lights off (okay, another fantasy of his emerging) so I put on the bathroom light, turned off the room lights and figured we'd navigate in the ambient light coming in the room from the lights outside.

He came in and I embraced him and we started to make out and he was soon naked. As we were making out he hopped up and positioned my cockhead against his hole again and was cooing with hunger and pleasure.  Then he chowed down on my cock and then I started to give him serious head and played with his balls (he has low hangers, one hanging lower than the other, and it is a kick to play with them) and I was enjoying his turtleneck.   But it was evident from the start that he wanted to get right to the main course, so I didn't get to eat his ass, which later proved serendipitous for me (God looks out for small children and fools.)

I found him moving to straddle me and he started to slide down on me --dry!  However, it slid right in and felt good, making me wonder whether he'd lubed himself up before coming over.  I normally am not enamored of being ridden but it felt good and I was getting off and watching (and feeling) him pleasure himself with my dick.  He was using my cock to fuck himself and really getting into it.  It felt silky and my cock was smoothly sliding in and out of him and I was enjoying pelvis thrusts upwards that made him grunt and whimper with pleasure/I was as deep as I could get and him being a short guy it meant I was way up inside him.  We began with him facing me, but he wanted to ride me with his back facing me (which I normally don't like) but I was going with the flow.  It was hot to listen to his grunts, and whimpers, and coos, and my cock certainly was enjoying it even it wasn't optimal.  However, as he dismounted he said "wait, I think there is some water" and when he sniffed his hand he freaked and said we both needed to clean off.  It was the backwash from his cleaning out earlier that was loosened when I pushed further into him.

Well suddenly we were in 100 watt bathroom lighting/fortunately it wasn't horrible but my pubes in particular we saturated in light brown water (yuck.)  So I shampooed them, washed my cock and waited for him to shower up (I expected the sheets to look like a battlefield, but they were unscathed, thank God since we'd been fucking in the middle of the bed.  Later it would be his cum that would mark them.)

We both rebounded and he was soon sliding down my rod and riding me like a pogo stick (this time with the help of lube.)  I was glad he was facing away as he's constantly sniffing poppers, which I don't want to inhale (the recipe for a major headache.)  He was getting totally opened up and after he'd gotten the itch scratched to his satisfaction he wanted to know what Daddy wanted.

Normally I am not into doggy style fucking but since he was facing that way I pushed him onto his knees and reentered him/it felt good and it was working for us both.  I was stroking his cock as I pounded him and then he started to beg for my load "give me your babies" (yeah, pretty weird, but it gets him off.)  I was sucking the back of his neck and slapping of our flesh was audible.  It felt great as my load surged out of me and he could feel it throbbing for quite some time after I started to cum.

We both got on our sides and spooned and he burrowed his head into my chest and with my arms cradling him he fell asleep and took a serious nap.  It felt good and it was sweet to hold him and listen to his breathing, and realize this guy is so comfortable with me that he totally lets go.  After awhile his breathing made me realize he's awakened and I lightly started to play with his cock and balls (I love pushing my fingers under his foreskin.) 

Soon he was on his back with his legs in the air and I was seriously pistoning and out of him and he was crying out "using your cum as lube/fucking your cum deep up inside me!" It felt good and I knew if we kept at it for a long time that he'd get a second load.  But as I thrust really deeply into him his eyes widened and he said "you're cumming again!"  Well, I figured that was what he wanted to believe so I played along/alas, in actuality I wasn't.  He then grasped his cock and pounded his meat hard and was soon spewing all over the sheets.

After he came I could sense the switch flipping in his mind:  tomorrow was work, needed to get home, etc.  He was up and pulling on his clothes.  It wasn't abrupt but the occasion was over/time to move on.  Fair enough.

I haven't got any more upcoming trips to the OC on the horizon, but will be in LA late next month.  He drove to meet me in Pasadena in the fall; maybe I'll be able to lure him up again the next trip.  It certainly is great sex with him.