Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stay Inside Me

Traveling again and back in my old stomping grounds I looked up my Indian friend.  As luck would have it I was able to reach him today shortly after I got settled in my hotel.  It's a Sunday, so we both had some flexibility in our schedules.

He arrived early and was his usual not especially communicative initial self --ran to the bathroom, came out, and started to peel off some clothes in an awkward fashion.  However, he pulled me to him and we started to kiss and grabbed my cock:  I was instantly hard and felt his straining against his shorts.  As we made out I worked my hand inside the back of his shorts and worked my finger down his crack.  He soon pulled them off and then dashed across the room and pulled the covers back and dove into bed, pulling the sheets and blankets over him.  I knew what he wanted to do.

I seem to be having a string of short guys, which is just fine as far as I'm concerned (frankly I like them best for a multitude of reasons/provided they enjoy my cock tickling their tonsils as I push deep inside their asses.)  This fellow is 5' 7"; probably has a 26" waist.  Nice broad shoulders/tapered waist, and large mahogany nipples.  His ass is about as cute as they come; two melons halves that are deep carmel; he's varying shades of carmel:  some deeper/some lighter, all over, with a signficant, uncut, black cock.

Well I knew what he wanted because this guy is a cuddler and he is also passionate in a low key/slow to start way.  Once he gets going, however, he can't get close enough to me. 

It was clear tonight he wanted to be held --held for a long time.  And that meant wrapping my arms around him and spooning stomach to his back, with my cock wedged between his thighs.  I knew to take it slow:  we had plenty of time and I caught  his vibe.  He wanted it mellow.  I gave him all the time he needed and sucked on the back of his neck, rubbed my beard on his face and under his chin, and sucked on his back.  After about 20 minutes he popped up, pulled the sheets back, and started to suck my cock.  I pushed him on his stomach and ate his ass for awhile, then pushed him over to suck his cock.  He'd been oozing copious amounts of precum and the bottom sheet was damp underneath him (no exaggeration) and I worked my finger under his hood as we made out and desperately wanted to lick it from the tap.  However, I was cool, not wanting to break the spell;  I knew I needed to take it s l o w.  We cuddled for awhile longer, but he rolled on his stomach and said he wanted me deep inside him.

I decided I wanted to just use spit, and rimming him had gotten him really wet.  I spit in my hand and applied more spit, and then gradually eased in.  He was super tight, and it took a while, but he yielded and I got all the way in.  He was loving it but there was alot of friction and I knew I could blow any minute.  He pushed back and as I pulled slightly backwards he said "stay inside me".  I didn't initially follow him, and he kept repeating it as I would start to fuck, then I found as I pulled back he vigorously shoved back against my cock.  I got the message and buried myself deep in him, wrapped my arms around him, positioned so our feet were touching, and licked his ears and the back of his neck. This went on for a long time; I'd rub his chest and work his nipples and he'd sigh and say "I love having you deep in me...stay inside me.  I'd like to keep you inside me all night." 

Being patient paid off:  he soon was encouraging me to fuck him and he loosened up and it felt moist enough.  I can fuck for a long time, and once the initial couple of minutes sensation that I could spurt any second, the moment passes and then it takes forever for me to cum.  This was such a night, and it was great but I sawed in and out of him for a long long time.  Finally I felt it cum and he shoved back as hard as he could and clamped down on me and squeezed my cock with all his power.  It felt great and I think he did get a decent load.   Again, he said "stay inside me" and I laid with him and sucked his neck and grew more flaccid, but never quite left his ass.    Eventually I got him on his side and playing with his cock and moving about I did pop out.  He wanted it back in and pressing against his back as we made out I grew hard again.

He asked me if I had lube, and we started again.  He told me he wanted me to cum in him again, but it was a classic case of eyes bigger than his ass.  I got inside him and started a rhythm, but he realized he was sore:   I pulled out, and three additional times he tried to take it (the boy wanted that load) but when he kept asking me "are you close?" I eased out saying "I won't cum fast and you'll just get sore".

I encouraged him to stroke off and it was quite the wet scene, though he said he'd cum this morning (full disclosure:   I'd rubbed one out at 7 a.m. also.)

He's classic:  once he cums and decompresses for a few minutes, he wants to get rolling.  The  passion is forgotten and the pragmatic kicks in/it's like a light switch.  However, the whole time we were fucking he kept telling me how he wished I lived here, how he wishes he could see me more, how he wishes I was his (aw shucks.)  But, on a more immediate note he asked "are you here till Friday?" and was thrilled when I said that was actually staying a bit longer.  It will happen again this week, of that I am certain.