Monday, May 28, 2012

Hirsute and hot

Wow, finally getting around to posting.  We'll see how well I can master this:  I am suspecting that it isn't rocket science.

I've wanked to so many blogs here I feel like I should start off with something graphic.  Two weeks ago I finally reconnected with a fine single gay guy in Danville.  Last summer we connected after considerable email ping pong.  He was incredibly gun shy; apparently he'd been stalked after a previous hook up. After determining that as a married guy I was pretty safe he gave me his phone number and address.

Nice house:  tres yuppie.  It looked brand new but is about six years old; everything in it new and expensive.  He took me into the bedroom and was obsessed with my not touching the walls after I'd gotten lube on my fingers.  We stripped and got at it and after making out, mutual sucking and my rimming his hole, I had him panting as I rubbed my cock against his hole.  He really wanted me to just push in, but insisted on a condom, remarking "if we do this again I think I'll want it bare."  So, I was psyched after a number of emails and messages on manhunt he finally indicated he wanted an encore, but wanted it to be brief as he was incredibly busy.  I don't like fast food sex but figured I'd maximize the time.

As we went into his guest room I teased him that I wouldn't touch the walls; he blushed forgetting that he'd warned me not to last time.  I forgot when he stripped out incredibly hairy he is:  seriously, like Magilla Gorilla --but you'd never know it when he's dressed.  I mean l o n g body hair and his back is TOTALLY covered.  Actually it is pretty hot.

I rimmed him like forever and he was reduced to jelly:  he'd just come out of the shower, so not a drop of sweat and no musk (can't have everything I guess.)  His pucker was fun to lick and tongue fuck.  After eating his ass and sucking his dick I did need to get him to reciprocate so got into a sixty nine with him sucking me while I went back to his ass.

I then got him to lie on his back and rubbed my cock back and forth down his crack and teased his hole.  I was determined to be patient and not to freak him out; I needed him relaxed.   I alternated between teasing his hole and then getting down to eat it.  Finally he was consistently pushing back and I felt it gradually enter:  SWEET!  Again, I was very mellow and took it slow but he was pushing back until it was totally in him.  He was sighing and loving it; I was slowly easing back  and forth and then got him on his side.  He was liking it but wanted to be on his back.  Lying back with his legs in the air I entered him and he then said "you're definitely neg, right?"  Duh.  Yes I am, but quite the time to ask.  He then asked if I liked to cum inside the guy:  I didn't want to spook him, so replied "if the guy wants it in him".  He pulled me down and we were making out while I was thrusting in and out and he said I want you to cum in me.  He started to vigorously stroke his cock which almost broke my concentration, but we managed to make out with him stroking and me fucking and he shot gobs of cum across his furry stomach and chest:  it was quite the contrast.  Fortunately my bod responded (knowing that a bottom rarely wants you to keep fucking after he cums) and I spewed my load in him almost at the same time.  We both loved it.

I pullled out gradually, but while gracious he definitely wanted to get back to his tasks now that I'd scratched that itch.  It was intense/quality time.   He's out of the country for the next three weeks but I am hoping to get back in him some time in the next two months.  I'd be psyched if he became a regular fuck buddy.