Sunday, September 23, 2012

Worth staying up for

I was out of town the other day and hosting a function that ended at 9:30.  I was far enough from home to stay over, but had a panoply of meetings the next day, so needed to be up early and was plotting how to avoid rush hour.  However, being an insatiable hound dog, and staying in a nice hotel, I had to check out who was available on a4a.

Actually I got quite a few hits:  don't these guys need to get to work in the morning?  Ah, thinking with their dicks, as was I.  This one fellow was particularly persistent; he really wanted to get fucked, and while I was discouraging about the time, and that I couldn't play till midnight, he assured me he was cleaned out and could be there in 30 minutes.  Also, he looked hot.  So, I gave him my room number.

You always imagine that some idiot is going to assure you he's coming, and then not show, but you'll be up for hours waiting for that possible faint knock on the door and not want hotel security to create a scene.  It's part of my trepidation when agreeing to such late night connections.  However, within 30 minutes I there was a barely audible knock on the door.  When I opened it there was a cute, broad shouldered, slim, mid-40's Latino guy:  stereotypic short trimmed mustache and a "chick" teaser. (Actually much slimmer than his picture.) I ushered him in with pleasure.  He had great poise as after a brief kiss  he put down his phone, keys, and wallet and casually peeled off his clothes.   I liked everything, and the icing on the cake was his long, thick, dark cock and dense pubes:   just what I like.

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There was some prerequisite email about condoms (should I bring some) and I had them laid out with the lube.  He was emphatic about wanting to play safe; I fully respected that.  Once he stripped though we started to make out and were both seriously into sucking face.   His nips were sensitive and we transitioned between him throating my cock and my savoring that nice slab of his.  It was nice and spongy but once I started working it I found it harder to get all the way down my throat.  He was giving off a nice manscent under an (unfortunate) layer of deodorant.  Clearly he was squeaky clean. 

I pulled off his cock and went down to his ass and really worked it with my tongue; I gave it quality attention and pulled his cheeks apart and had my tongue entirely up in him.   He had a nice musky (clean) aroma and was letting out continual little whimpers of pleasure throughout.  I rolled onto my back and pulled him on top of me.  He rubbed his asshole around my cock and I found it easing in; I just played possum and didn't push, didn't ask, didn't encourage, just let him enjoy it.  After easing about three inches into him for a good 10 minutes he then said "we need to use a condom".  I said fine, but let's do more pre-condom stuff first.  So I went back to eating his ass, and sucking his cock, and while he was lying on his back I rubbed my cock up and down his crack; as it rubbed his hole he kept pushing back; again I was not pushing in; I let him take full responsibility.  He again said, we need to use a condom; I said fine and handed him one as I lubed his ass, then his and my cocks.   As he rolled onto his back he tore open the condom, stared at it, and then put it on the night stand.  I asked him if he wanted me to tease him some more and he snidely said, "is that what you call it?"  He put his legs in the air and I gradually pushed my bare cock into him and we went at it. 

As we moved around I realized that he wanted to cum but was also anxious to get me off.  I asked where,and he said "not in me"/no surprise there.  But he worked his own cock hard as he lay on his back while I pushed in and out of him and then spurted out a load.  I eased out and figured it was over, but he really wanted to see me get off.   He stroked me hard, but I needed to stroke it while he made out with me and pressed his warm bod against mine.  I figured the crest for cumming had passed,but then I spurted out a long stream from my navel to my nipps; he said "let me squeeze it to see another spurt" and was disappointed not to have more come out.  It was, nonetheless, impressive.

We enjoyed some brief pillow talk, but it was -- in fact -- now midnight.  I needed to be up at 6 and he did as well.  I will be back in his town in a couple of weeks and we are considering a rematch.  However, I have to say, much as I dragged the next day, it was worth it.