Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breeding the Alpha Dog

Saturday night was so fine that I wasn't in a rush to write this.  And, it was hard to imagine that it followed such an incredible afternoon with my fb from India.  We'll see if I get through this chronicle installation in one sitting.  I want to assure that I do it justice.

So, the drop dead gorgeous jock, muscular hunk who I fucked in the fall, my regular fb when I lived in the region, was psyched that I was returning to town and we committed to reconnecting last Saturday night during my overnight in town.  I anticipated possible flake potential as he is married.  However, he was pretty anxious to reconnect and even considered skipping work to assure more quality time with me.

I'd been with my Indian pal earlier (preceding entry) so it was good that I had time to recharge my batteries.  So, I had a leisurely dinner with a pal and then retired to my room.  The stud works in hotel catering, so he gets off late.  He indicated 10:30, but I realized that was optimistic.  So, I texted him and then took a nap. As it was, he showed an hour later, which was serendipity as the 40 winks had me ready and raring.

There was a light but determined knock at the door and I sprung up to let him in; he was full of the energy of finding a parking spot, walking to the hotel, navigating the lobby, and finding my room.   I could see him suddenly escape his detachment:  he looked at me, embraced me and started to passionately kiss.  It was fine.

Then we broke apart.  He was smelling like stale food, which was nasty; he had on the same outfit as when we last connected, which must be his wash and wear wardrobe for entering the kitchen before changing.  Anyway, he announced he needed to shower (good) and headed to the bathroom to strip.  However, once naked he bolted out of the bathroom, pulled my robe open, and started to hungrily suck my cock.  Then he looked up, satisfied but not sated, and headed back to the shower to clean up. 

The door was ajar and I could see him in the mirror; this guy has 1% body fat; you could bounce a quarter off him.  Besides his cut pecs, his small bubble ass is dwarfed by huge muscular thighs.  And, his thick cock was now engorged with anticipation.  He's about an inch shorter but an inch thicker than me.

After he rinsed the grease off he bounded back into the room and passionately embraced me.  We just stood there sucking face as he started to grope me and to work my hard cock.  I dropped to my knees and started to suck him.  While he's not as long as me the fucking thing is thick and I was borderline gagging taking him to my throat.  Normally he's not too demonstrative when I give him head, but he was loving it.

But I wanted to get horizontal and pushed him onto the bed.  It still marvels me that this gorgeous muscular stud gets passive for me.  He has that macho shaved head, serious tattoos on his defined arms, and a gorgeous full beard.  That night, however, I was focused on his intense, sky blue eyes.  He was starting into mine with intent and not blinking.  I had his total attention and he was 100% into me. 

I pushed him onto his stomach and feasted on his ass.  He was clean but he had nice man musk going there. It nourished and sustained me; my beard and stache became saturated with his odor;  I could have easily kept at it for longer than the 15 minutes I gave it.  But it was late, we were both horny and we both wanted my cock deep in his ass.  I licked up and down his crack after I'd finished rimming him, spit into my hand to wet my cock, and started to tease and attempt to push into him.

He was tight/very very tight.  We kept trying and then I grabbed the lube and lubed his ass and my cock:  he was still tight.  It took careful lining up of my cock and his hole and patient but persistent pushing from me and yielding from him before it popped in to penetrate him.  I realized I needed to take it slow and, relieved I was in, he murmurred he hadn't been fucked since I last fucked him in October.

I started to move about 4 inches in and out of him, but he relaxed, yielded, and wanted it all and wanted it deep.  It felt great.  We got into a groove and as he begged for me to deep dick him I got him on his side and directed him to pull his thigh up.  Then we enjoyed maximum penetration.  I pulled his arm up and ate his pit and he started to moan with great pleasure; I worked from his nipples to his pit and started to reduce him to jelly.

He was starting intensely in my eyes.  As I plunged into him and pulled back we both passionately kissed; when we weren't kissing he pulled his head back to maintain uninterrupted eye contact with me.  He growled "you didn't cum last time.  I want you to cum this time.  Don't not cum."  I was pistoning in and out of him, but knew he was reluctant to let me cum in him since he's married/it's a barrier we'd never crossed.  I was sighing and enjoying his ass, but holding back in my mind; he didn't give me a green light to breed him.  But he kept starting at me and repeated, enunciating more slowly and firmly  when I said he was getting me close, "don't not cum".  I asked, "do you want me to pull out?"  He repeated "DON'T NOT CUM."  He was staring at me with passion and intent; I stared back and we both knew what he meant: my load started to spew into him.  He didn't stop looking in my eyes.  My eyes let him know he was getting my load shot from my bare cock into his bare ass and his eyes let me know he knew and invited it.  I'd crossed the line he wanted me to cross.  His look of determination and, satisfaction, confirmed it was a line he'd always wanted me to cross.

I rarely emote but this felt good psychologically as well as physically. I sighed and gasped with the pain pleasure of a great orgasm.  He felt every throb of my pulsing cock and when it was done he smiled and quietly noted "it feels alot warmer down there."  We resumed kissing.  It was sweet as well as intense.

He rolled onto his back; unfortunately I popped out and the effects of  how deep I'd been were noticeable.  I cautioned him to lift his ass and wait and I washed off and wiped him/I then encouraged him to take a quick rinse.  Fortunately the bed wasn't ruined.

The moment seemed to have passed; he returned to bed and got me hardish, but not steel hard again.  But hard enough for him to straddle me, to push it in and to impale himself, and for him to gyrate on it as he stroked off.  He had an amazing orgasm; it kept spurting onto my stomach and thigh and I felt the warm wetness dripping off my side.  Eventually he went to grab a towel and to wipe the himself and he bed; later I still noted a signficant puddle of his gelatinous dna on the mattress.  He shared he'd refrained from cumming the moment I advised him I'd be in town seven days before.  It was impressive.

He laid back, embraced me and lightly stroked me with his fingers as we caught up and bullshitted.  I still find it hard to find that this fine stud finds me his wet dream.  Eventually I encouraged him to robe up and head out. He's married, it was late, I needed to sleep and I didn[t want him to get in trouble.  But I could easily spend a weekend in bed with this stud.  After he left it all seemed like a fine dream, a wet dream.  But, it was real.