Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hollow Promises in the Heat of Passion

Yesterday I got a message from one of the guys who responded to my CL ad on Monday asking whether I was available.  I'd just come back from another assignation and wasn't looking (well, wasn't inspired --then-- for a second partner in one day.)  I was intrigued, though, because while I liked the guy's stats (and that he is in the same town) I concluded he was a flake because he wouldn't forward a pic and otherwise his communication was squirrelly. 

This morning as I drank my coffee I was on the prowl yet again, and decided to respond to his message from yesterday.  I put another ad on CL and in the responses I received (not the rash of Monday; hump day must be slower for horn dogs, but a respectible number nonetheless and no lunes flagging) I got a response from the guy nearby.  (It amazes me when you state you can't host how many guys respond:  "let's get together, but I can't host" or ask "can you host?" Or, they live 22 miles away:  come on guys, this is the Bay Area; 22 miles of driving equals misery.  And, I know BART is a quick shot:  a quick HOUR each way.  Of course, those are always the buff, muscled eye candy whose responses make your dick drip.  But life is full of missed opportunities, and e-mail ping/pong.)

Well the local guy indicated he was sending me a pic, but from his yahoo account.  I thought "flake alert".  I waited and didn't see it and responded I hadn't; I also questioned whether he was a flake because he asked me to describe how I'd fuck him.  I wasn't in the mood for cyber.  However, he had sent the pic/it preceded his message from his gmail account (talk about complicated) saying it was en route.   Apparently he must use the gmail account for hook ups and the yahoo account for regular business (I found that the yahoo account was his actual name.  Go figure.  Well I did get the pic a second time and he looked fine: in fact the arms looked pretty athletic.  So, the glacier seemed to move.  The next thing I knew was that he forwarded me his actual address.

He lives in a "wow" neighborhood.  Walking up his driveway I noticed a "my daughter is an honor student" at some local middle school decal on his SUV.  When he greated me at the door I noticed alot of laundry piled on the couch and family pics scattered about (the inside, while okay, needs lots of work and isn't as yuppie perfect as the rest of the neighborhood.)  I said "oh, I just did the math and now know why you were gun-shy about connecting at first."  He looked puzzled, and I responded "you're married, right?" Nope, he's divorced.  As he led me into the bedroom I gathered that the ex got all the nice furniture, but everything was fine enough.

Now this is an extremely nice looking guy: balding and #1 cut now, but must have originally been sandy blonde.  In his early 40's and when he kicked off the shorts he had an amazing ass, with a fine coating of ginger hair, well defined pecs/just enough hair on his pecs and stomach, and nice arms and hands:  shit, nice EVERYTHING.  He looked to me like a former college soccer player who has stayed in steady contact with the gym.  A nice, modest sized, uncut cock that most guys would be quite proud of.   He'd advised me he needed a directive top, so I pulled him to  me and stuck my tongue in his mouth.  This man needed some mansex; he was an awesome kisser.  I stood and sucked his tongue and then explored his mouth with mine, while grasping his dick and tickling his balls. 

My friend really got into sucking my cock, commenting on how big it is ("much bigger than it appeared in your pic") and did a great job sucking it.  I was loving it.  He had followed my instruction not to use deodorant, but was freshly showered and no manmusk arose the whole time we were at it, but he had dense long hair in his pits. He loved making out some more and got into my nuzzling his neck with my beard.  This boy needed some lovin' for sure.  I pushed him onto his back and licked down to his cock and gave him some serious head and lapped at his balls,  But, it seemed to make more sense to roll him on to his stomach to eat his ass.

Well being rimmed had him very verbal, but sotto vocce.  After I'd been at it a good while he begged me to put the head in; I started to tease him with the head and to rub it up and down his crack and to tease his rosebud, but he said several times "please give me a little, please put the head in".  I had noticed condoms and lube on the night table and assumed they were the ground rules but I pushed the head in a bit (he was very wet) and he pushed back until I popped past his spincter.  He was groaning how great it felt but begged me to go really slowly as he'd never had one my size before.  I was patient (hell it felt GREAT:  a super tight hole attached to a passionate stud) and he sighed with pleasure as I very very slowly pushed more in.  He asked me to stay still and then wanted to fuck himself with my cock.  It worked for me and he was loving my head working his prostate.  He was sighing and saying "you'll need to keep teaching me how to take it", "you'll need to make this your hole."  Frankly, I was blown away that we were barebacking and that this guy was such a cock slut (but, you'd never assume I was the horn dog I am if you knew me in any other context.)  Finally, he asked me to ease out as he was getting sore (again, I was amazed he didn't at least want lube, but I guess after I ate his ass he was ready for anything.)  Alas, I could tell we needed to clean up when I pulled out (he got bonus points for not freaking:  I assumed we'd be done.)  He got up and said "let's shower".  When I asked if he was done he responded "I don't think so." 

I got in the shower and he followed me in; I quickly figured out why as he stepped in front of me, let me wash his ass, and pushed his ass back against my cock and begged me to put it back in him.  We fucked for awhile in the shower; he washed my dick and then bent down to suck it in the streaming water.  (It's been years since I showered with another guy and fucking in the stall was a first for me.)  We got out and toweled off, and went back to the bed.  While I laid back he stood and sucked me, he was determined to see me cum.  Then he got on the bed, straddled me and slid down on it and stroked his cock, while fucking himself with my cock again muttering "give it to me; give it to me."  The guy actually wanted me to breed him I think.  Finally it was too much for him and he pulled off, wiped me off and started sucking again. He said he wanted me to shoot on him, so I pushed him back and made out with him while we both stroked.  I shot a nice load (thick though; I must be dehydrated); it was like white toothpaste on his thigh.  I pushed him back to get him off and was pleased he was into it, but I worried because he was soft:  he rose to the occasion.  Also, sucking and stroking him he got close quickly.  He moaned and said he was going to cum; I kept at it and he kept announcing it was coming; I realized he was giving me a chance to pull off.  I figured though, the guy has younger kids, and he just let me bareback him, he must be okay.  He shot in my mouth (pretty bland and not a big load.)  I thought to reassure him by jumping up to spit it out but thought that was ridiculous and just swallowed.

We got up and started to dress; he talked about going to the gym to work off some stress (I thought, isn't that what we just did?)  So, the jock came out; he was pleasant but I could see that the switch had been clicked.  He shot his load and his mood completely changed.  Fair enough.  I tried to make quick small talk and he was pleasant but I could see it was time to get out of his hair.  I don't imagine he really will want me to keep training his hole how to take me:  that was "pillow talk."  I also think he was a bit weirded out by my swallowing (come on man, you just let me fuck your very tight ass with my bare cock and just spit!) 

As is my habit, I sent an email back thanking him and indicating if he ever wanted an encore to let me know.  He actually responded wanting to know if I enjoyed it and telling me how much he wanted to take me to my balls. Also he asked if I had a male or female partner, so he's clearly processing what we did, and whether it's safe to try again.  Regardless whether it happens again, I was thrilled at the shot to eat and fuck that fine fine ass of his.  Daaammmmnn!

13 July/Addendum:  I got a message from this guy asking me back this week to see how much deeper I can get and inviting me to be a regular FB.  Yessss!!!!

18 July Addendum:  I got a message proposing that we get together yesterday, with the question "have you been with other men since we were together?"  Yesterday morning I got a message that he'd forgotten that the housekeeper was coming that day.  Interestingly, we played a week before.  Guess the housekeeper doesn't come on a regular weekday...Lame excuses are so tiring.  Just say you've changed your mind dude.  Clearly we will not become fuck buddies.

23 July Addendum:  I got another message saying he was sorry last week didn't work out but still wanted to get together.  This is almost entertaining.

Cuddle Bear

Yesterday I was pleased to wake up to a message from someone who promises to become a regular fb:  I guess if you connect three times that you are on the way to being fuck buddies, particularly if you can sustain it.  Anyway, he was taking the day off and knowing I was off he invited me over.  Yesterday was promising to be brutally hot, so it was good to have sex early in the day (I like to get sweaty, but if I get overheated I lose my hard.)

This is a really nice guy:  definitely a bear, but one who wears his weight well.  He's a man who has made his living with his hands, and he has broad shoulders, thick hard hands, and sweet flat ass.  He also has a big, thick, uncut cock, which is very tasty once he starts to drip precum, which I manage to stimulate shortly after we strip.

Yesterday I walked in and we went to the bedroom and he had all his clothes off in about 30 seconds:  there was no small talk, at least then.  I took maybe 60 seconds to shed mine and we were soon embracing, grasping each others' cocks and making out.  Lickedly split (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun) we were on the bed and he was giving me an incredible blow job.  His cock is great and I enjoy sucking it, but it is hard to throat and I find it more work than he finds sucking mine.   However, I really enjoy eating his ass, and while we got into a 69  session with me munching it while he was sucking me.  But I realized he'd enjoy it more flat on his stomach so I made him lie down so I could seriously tonguefuck him.   His voice was low and groaning with intense pleasure.  Soon I slid into him and sucked the back of his neck and licked inside his ears while fucking him.  He has great control of his guts and was pushing back and milking my cock.  It was great and knowing he could take it again, I got into it and allow my load to spurt when I first felt it rising, though we'd been at it easily 20 minutes.  Another great thing about this guy is that he is a bottom who can get fucked again after cumming.  He straddled my cock, which hadn't gone soft, and started to seriously work his cock while riding up and down my dick.  I was fascinated as his eyes literally rolled back as he was getting his nut:  I am a quiet type when I shoot but this guy let's go with gusto.  He dismounted and got a towel as his cum was dripping down my sides onto the bed.  He and his partner have a don't ask/don't tell relationship, so we didn't want to have him spending the remainder of the day doing laundry.

He was soon on his side and got very chatty.  I find him endearing, but his voice is a deep, low growl when he's getting fucked, but suddenly gets higher, fast pitched and very chatty during the afterglow.  It's like a switch has been flipped from macho to Nancy (sorry, that sounds perjorative, but the communication style goes from one extreme to another.)  It is fun lying back with him:  he talks about loads of things that have nothing to do with sex and it's extremely comfortable and relaxing.  Each time, however, while chatting one or both of us resuming stroking the other's thigh, grasping his dick, and then we are making out and grinding against each other.  Yesterday he was soon sucking my cock with vigor again:  I laid back and simply enjoyed it, but was soon on top of him pushing back into him.  It was nice to feel my cock sliding back and forth in my earlier load and while I normally worry whether I can summon a second load that quickly with this guy it comes with no effort at all.  Again, his eyes were rolling back in his head, his moans were low, deep, and insistent.   We rolled onto our sides spooning, with my still  hard cock in him. And again, after I came, his voice got higher and he resumed being chatty.  Very interesting.

I probably could have given him a third load, but I really didn't want to turn it into an entire day.  So, reluctantly I got up and showered and wished him well till next time.  He's sweet as well as intense sex.  Woof!