Monday, July 2, 2012

the Scent of a Man

While traveling I woke up the other morning hard as a rock and logged on to a4a.  I found a message from a guy who'd been persistent the night before; I responded that I was sorry to have missed him  and then heard a message come in; it was him responding.  He wanted to talk on the phone, but it was 6:45 a.m. and I declined responding I was just waking up.  He asked if I was horny and I responded yes but had a noon meeting.  He wrote he was free right then and ready to hook up.  I tried to call him, but the call failed to connect.  So I responded to clean out and come to my room.  I learned he was then on the bus heading into town, so he'd need to shower again when he got there.  About 20 minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

He walked in and seemed really tentative and said "let's see if there is chemistry".  I thought, swell, we have to play the courtship game/will I be able to get rid of him quickly?  However, he immediately started to strip off his clothes.  Responding to my surprise he said "well we have to get naked, right?"  Well I was down. Tall, a nice dusting of chest hair, broad shouldered, tapered waist, flat ass, a full, thick head of hair (though later I didn't enjoy the five o'clock shadow on my cock or alls...) We embraced and exchanged a tentative kiss.  Next thing I knew he was sucking my cock and I led him to the bed.  He asked me if I had lube and condoms (I did.) With him face down I started to eat his ass:  he immediately went crazy and got very verbal, demanding that I get my tongue all the way up his ass, and forcing his ass against my face and was groaning about how great it felt.  After I'd eaten his ass for awhile he wanted to make out and got increasingly better at it.  He pushed me back and sucked my cock and wanted me to eat his ass more.  After getting him really wet I laid on his back and teased his crack and ass with my cock.   He loved it but really got cranked as I teased his hole with the head of my cock.  I pushed against it and partially pentrated him and he regretfully pushed me off:  I was fine with that.  However, he pushed me on my back and started sucking me again.  I persuaded him to straddle me and to tease himself with my cock; he eased down but stopped before I fully penetrated him. 

We went back and forth with him sucking me and me rimming him  Occasionally I sucked him (a nice, long, uncut cock; unfortunately all he wanted was to be fully throated; he was thrashing around too much for me to give him a good, sustained blow job for any length of time.) I got him on his back and teased his hole with my cock head, and simultaneously started to suck his toes,which made him moan "I love that!" My cock entered him, but I didn't try to push too far in.  He mildly insisted "we need to use lube and condoms." Since he'd indicated he needed to shower more I wanted to wait before we went there as I figured the show would soon be over after we got there as if he was dirty I'd be done (however, by that point there had been no smell or mess.)  He went back down on me and said "I love the smell" and I thought, I have a live one here.  I pushed him back and started to eat his pits, which he loved.  He has defined biceps and long, silky hair in his pits; unfortunately he'd used deodorant.  He asked me if I could taste my dick when eating his ass (I couldn't but of course said I could to keep him rolling.)  He loved the smell of my balls (I hadn't yet showered).  We gotten to the point that we were totally going primal and were passionately making out and going back and forth dick2ass. He wanted me to suit up and get the lube. By that point I'd had half my cock in him several times and he'd repeated sucked my cock and we rolled around making out passionately, and he asked me to eat his ass some more.  After getting it really wet I teased him some more, had my arms wrapped around him,  and had my cock all the way inside him and was sucking his neck and ears.  He was putty in my hands and we got into some serious fucking.  Every time I pulled out I was totally clean and he was anxious to suck my cock some more after it had been in him/he'd gone from not wanting it in him bare to saying how great his ass smelled on my cock. I asked him if he was okay and if he was enjoying it; he said yes, but said you'll need a condom before we fuck (we'd been fucking for easily ten minutes; all I could figure was that he eitherwanted me to try to pass his second spincter or be certain it was wrapped so I could shoot in him).  I was then at a point where I was really enjoying it/he was groaning in pleasure telling me how much he loved my cock, and I could feel my load rising. I warned him, I need to pull out before I cum and pulled back and shot on his back.  He totally freaked (I hadn't cum in him) and felt the load on his back and jumped up and rain to shower.  So it goes...

When he got out of the shower I again assured him I hadn't cum in him; he whined "I didn't even cum!"   "I said, well you jumped up and left, but we can fix that."  He came back to the bed wanted to cum on my face and stroked off and shot a massive load that soaked into my beard and stache (I figured he'd really get paranoid if I ate any; I was trying to mellow the guy out.)  We'd been at it for over two hours, and I needed to clean up and pack.  Fortunately after cumming he started to dress and get ready to leave (lesson:  tops, never let the bottom cum till YOU are done,)  He started getting philosophical,  I definitely was ready for him to go.

I hadn't intentionally wanted to do anything he didn't want to do (it was pretty obvious he wanted to be fucked, and loved it bareback/and really wanted to go there.)  I think that we didn't know each other jammed his head.  Frankly, at the outset I was uncertain of him and worried about his status, so his paranoia assuaged mine, ironically. 

While I vigorously showered and shampooed after he left and during a business meeting that afternoon I pleasantly noticed that my beard and stache were still scented with his musk.  I love manscent and hate to shower after sex (if the guy's ass has been totally clean.)  It was an unexpected treat as I found his scent pretty subtle when we were at it.  And, when I got back to my laptop there was a message from him on a4a asking when I was going to be back in town and for how long; he's interested in spending the night.  A4a sent me an email indicating I had a "match";  apparently he not only recovered and wants an encore: he friended me and I friended him.  I wrote and said "no deodorant next time!"