Friday, July 13, 2012

Bucking Colt

Yesterday afternoon was a quite interesting experience.  Alot of it was weird and had my anxiety radar flaring (is that a mixed metaphor?)  However, it ended up concluding in a sweet fashion.

There is an intensely hot Latino guy (as I learned, from Mexico) who has come on to me. I thought we were on for two Saturdays ago, but he didn't respond to my voice mail (I was surprised that he gave me his number.)  This is a buff, muscular guy in his early 30's (not ridiculously muscled, but extremely toned all around and zero body fat.)  He originally contacted me on a4a and I sent him a message there saying I was concluding he had changed his mind.  I got a response he was still interested.  We went back and forth based upon our mutual availability/unavailability.  He could host.  Yesterday we determined to connect.

He has a very heavy accent (despite coming here as a kid, so he lived in a Spanish speaking community whereever he's been since) and it when talking with him on the phone to get his address it was a major challenge to figure out what he was saying.  In person you don't have any trouble understanding him but that's the power of eye contact.  He was majorly concerned about my not coming to his landlord's place, which is next to his (he currently rents a carriage house/I have experienced such situations before, read:  Sexy Salvadoran.)  Well, I almost got there and he called and was having major phone issues (Iphone of course, so affecting internet as well as voice.)  I need to part on the street as he lives off some court that is a virtual alley.  A crappy house in a great neighbhorhood.  I walked around gingerly as his phone died when I was speaking to him; suddenly I saw this bare chested guy silently (frantically) waving at me.  I walked some circuitous route around the property to be ferretted in some side door directly into his bedroom.

He's in the process of moving/just broke up with this partner/wants to work some mansex in as he's moving in with his sister and is looking at infrequent hook ups thereafter. (Lucky me I guess.)  The furnishings are shabby (the bed was clean and neat, a good sign).  He asked me if I liked porn, was fairly determined to put some on, which frankly I don't like.  If I am going to have sex, I want to have sex and focus on the guy, not imagine I am one of the players in movie or that I am fucking one of them.

He needed to get something to drink; he needed to pee; he needed to make sure the curtains were drawn; he needed to put barriers up in case the ex came back; he had to move the fans 97 times.  He needed to put an additional piece of fabric over the window to make sure the landlord couldn't see.  When he went to pee he vanished for several minutes and said I should get naked.  I was thinking I should probably just get out.  I got up, went to the bathroom and said "are you okay?"  He was hyper, but I didn't think methed out or anything.

He came back with a large jar of vaseline (so I figured, the guy wants to bareback) and finally started to peel off his pants and jockies.
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  He has an ivory white body, shaved head, chick teaser goatee (alot of thought has gone into the macho appearance) and interesting small patches of dense course hair atop his pecs, and the top center of his back.  Very dense pubes and a nice, but smaller, uncock cock.  He made some joke about he would start charging now, $100 an hour.  I freaked and was thinking how to get the fuck out of there, when he hugged me and said he was kidding (the rare times I have had rent bois come on to me it really really pisses me off.)

This guy is hot but super hyper; couldn't stay still.  Pecked, didn't kiss (well a small amount of tongue) and alot of rubbing, but little stroking.   He did suck my cock a bit, but admitted he wasn't a great cock sucker.  He wanted to know what to call me/I knew he wanted me to say daddy, so I did.  Well he loved watching his body rubbing against daddy's in the mirror, he loved how daddy looked.  He said I'd look great in a flannel shirt and boots, and that too bad it was hot because he had a sling in the attic (I hate slings/I hate play rooms:  thank God it was hot...)  He asked if I'd put on a work shirt and I replied "perhaps next time".  We rolling around, he kept frantically rubbing me.  He'd get up and put a tiny smear of vaseline on his lips.  I sucked his cock which he loved, and his balls, and rolled him over and ate his ass,and rubbed my cock up and down his crack and teased his hole.  He thanked me for not rushing (by this point over an hour had passed and I was nearly through with this shit.)  I asked him to straddle me to tease his hole.  He started to slide down it, but then decided he wanted music on the tv (Cripes!)  I asked what time it was and rolled over to look at my watch.  I said I don't have alot more time man.  He asked how long and I said probably 20 minutes.  He started to get pouty and I responded "well, let's fully enjoy the next twenty minutes."

This guy is macho but I needed to take control.  He reached for the vaseline (yuck!!!) and I shared that I brought some Wet.  I lubed my cock and his hole and he slowly slid down onto my cock (finally.)  Now this is some hot boy hole:  he's about 5' 7" and a beautiful firm flat ass/baby melon halves.  He liked that I was letting him take it slowly and when he came to a stop I knew to give him short, slow jabs.  The switch went on; he was less hyper and into getting fucked.  I managed to get him flat on his stomach and got into some serious fucking, but he flailed the entire time:  his legs went up and down; he bucked --thrust back--pushed back to roll on his side--wrapped his legs around mine.  He said he was loving it and I said he was going to make me cum:  he said, please just not in me.  I decided I needed to bring this to the final chapter, so  focused on massaging my head as much as possible in his guts and felt it cuming, pulled out and shot a nice couple of streams onto his back.  I wiped him dry and said "we need to get you off". 

He asked if he could straddle me and I was still hard: he pushed me inside him (this was within seconds of my cumming) and I'm lying there thinking "dude you wanted me to pull out to cum and my dick still has cum in it."  Okay, mental reassurance.  He rode my cock and furiously tried to stroke off but it wasn't cumming; he was partially hard/got nearly hard...he finally said if I don't cum soon I'll let you go. He didn't.

Perhaps he hadn't been using speed/sometimes guys can't shoot after all that stimulation.  However, meth also does that (fucking nasty shit that it is.)  He offered to let me shower but I wanted out.

He did share with me that he'd been depressed over the break up with his partner.  And, was telling me why he was concerned about his landlord (he felt bringing hook ups over could be seen as disrespectful.)  He's actually a nice guy, but very hyper.  He told me he wants me to come back (I am giving it thought) before he moves.  He gave me a hug and a pec and I found a message on a4a saying he definitely wants me over again.  We'll see.