Saturday, August 31, 2013

Latin Double Header

This week found me traveling in the Southwest.  One weekday I had to work in the mid-evening, but the day was relatively open.  During this stop I found myself bombarded by messages appearing on the my iphone from the various sites (it is odd how different major cities can be; in some you get no bites and then in others you are besieged.)  Anyway, there were lots of tempting overtures.

It was early and the hotel needed folks to check out before I could get a room, so I stationed myself in the restaurant and pondered the options.  Then, finally, a room opened.  I was dead dog tired and really needed a nap (a brutally early flight) and most of these guys were at work.  However, one Latin, who was pretty persistent was in the area and ready to come over during his lunch break.  The rest wanted me to commit and then kept pushing the time back.  Since I'd gone through some cock teasing on line the night before and hadn't jerked off I wanted to get off then and there.

An incredible muscular older hunk wanted to nail me down, but kept hedging about when he could close his office, etc.  Another mid 40s guy, short, but quite cute, wanted to meet mid afternoon.  The young Latino wanted then; in an uncharacteristically impetuous move I gave him my room number.  So while the two others kept prevaricating on line I heard a knock on the door: the young Latin guy.

He walked in with a shy smile.  Tall, very thin, pube stache and chick teaser (if I were his consultant I'd advise him to shave and refrain from the pomade.)  Not exactly my style, but pleasant and eager.  He sat on the bed and momentarily seemed to be doing some math and then casually started to strip.  I was just in a robe and he stood up, opened it, grasped my cock and pulled me to him and fell back on the bed.

A great kisser and totally uninhibited.  He had a smallish cock (especially since he's 6'+) but really low hanging balls that were nice to fondle.
He rolled down and started sucking my cock and after savoring it allowed me to roll him on to his stomach and I went at his ass.  His cock never got really hard, though I worked my index finger under its hood while tonguing his hole and getting it really wet.
I got his hole really wet and then straddled him and started to rub my cock up and down his crack.  The moment it reached his hole he pushed back and grunted affirmatively as it began to penetrate him; we worked together as I eased in and he thrust back.  It was warm and tight and with his being whippet thin I was soon deep up inside him.
We were both enjoying this; he was purring with pleasure as I thrust in and pulled back and stretched his tight hole with my cock's big head; it felt great as there was pleasant resistance as he was taut.  It was feeling really good and I murmured in his ear he was going to make me cum. He growled "shoot that load deep in me."  This was and wasn't surprising; his profile started with "safe sex" but that is pretty standard from negative bare bottoms who really just want to find a negative guy to fuck them.  I got the vibe it was going to be raw from the minute he got in the room, but didn't assume he'd want me to shoot in him.  I decided not to prolong it; if he was game there was the opportunity for a second load but I wanted to let it go and feeling me stiffen he pushed back hard and clamped down as I started to spurt.
I softened a bit and eased out and saw that my cock was streaked with brown so I pushed him flat again and told him I needed to wash up but I'd be back. When I came out of the bathroom he was grinning but pulling on his shorts.  This was a definite nooner and apparently he was going back to work.  He'd been there about 35 minutes; sort of a fast food experience but I'd gotten off.  He's a true bottom in that he didn't care that he hadn't.
Well two other guys were trying to tie me down for an assignation and knowing that these things often flake if not immediate I agreed to get back to them after I got 20 winks.  I could hear a chorus of beeps on my phone and laptop while dozing, and then I was fully awakened by a high maintenance asshole from my office calling about something of marginal importance.  In the meantime the muscle bear had written that he needed to cancel because an important client wanted to meet and he couldn't close his office (yeah, the check's in the mail...)  Another guy who'd been courting me did want to meet.  However, I called him and the conversation was...odd.  Thinking with just my dick I gave him my room number.
A knock occurred about 20 minutes later.  This short, cute, troubled looking creature entered, and told me that he had his dog in the car and that this probably wouldn't work.  Almost speechless, I said fine and then watched him struggle to bolt out the now locked door (he was stymied by the latch.)  In retrospect it was funny but at the time it was so odd my head was jammed for a bit, but I think we were both immensely relieved that nothing occurred.
So, I had a late afternoon and early evening business engagement and after I returned to my room logged back on line.  Interestingly I had a number of bites, but knew that any likelihood of connecting was slim as it was a weekday evening.  Guys like to pretend they'll come over and then bail, protesting that they need to get up early.  The whole time you imagine that they were engaging in one handed typing.
Anyway, this one Latino guy was serious and persistent.  Fortunately I had a late morning the next day (though I've been known to be groggy from choosing late night sex over a full night's sleep) so I was game.  He was even flexible enough for me to order a quick bite through room service which gave him enough time to clean up (actually clean out, as it was.) 
He described himself as short and average; a scuffy Latino guy appeared at my door with a pierced eyebrow.  "Okay, you invited him" I thought.  He entered and was reserved and looked hesitant awaiting my review.  I smiled and hugged him and he pulled me back and started to kiss.  This guy was passionate and on fire.
We were both soon naked and he really was into making out and to chewing on my mustache and beard (both of which I've allowed to grow out a lot lately.)  He isn't ""average:  he's broad shouldered and muscular, but muscles built through construction, not a gym membership.  His hands were hard and calloused, all of which made his vulnerability and passion more sexy. Essentially a short, solid, strong fireplug:  Woof.  He went nuts when I started to lick the inside of his ear.  Unlike other guys he wasn't very verbal or into grunting or purring; his fluctuations in breathing, however, spoke volumes and gave me all the direction I needed.
He loved my cock and gave it serious attention; I could tell it was much bigger than he'd expected and that he was factoring how deep it would go (this guy is 5' 4".)  He throated it and got me seriously wet and then obediently rolled over when I wanted to rim him. I worked his hole and from the accelerated intake of breath and exhaling I knew it was working, especially when I had my tongue deep inside him. 
I started to massage his hole with my cock head and there was no question he wanted it bare.  He pushed back and tried to pull me in, but it was clear he was too tight.  No words were spoken and I worried about breaking the spell when I said "let me use some lube".  This was another "safe sex only" profile, and I anticipated him demanding a condom, but he quietly waited for me to apply some lube eagerly accepted me slipping in to him.
This was simply a great fuck:  he totally surrendered to me and bent his head back in rapture hungry to kiss while feeling me spread him open.  (Also, this guy truly is an amazing kisser; thick big tongue, soft lips, and ravenous.)  He pushed back with every thrust of mine forward; it was so damn good and my cock was singing with pleasure.  I wanted to cum (we'd been fucking awhile) and he asked me to hold off, but I said I'd be good for another load and he fully surrendered as I pumped it into him, pushing back and wanted to be firmly held till I grew soft.  We rolled onto our sides and chatted and got to know each other (wow, as I typed that line I realized how ironic hook up sex is...) 
He is divorced and wouldn't and probably couldn't admit that he just simply prefers men.  He gave off a shy awkwardness that was incredibly endearing, especially from a hard bodied, hard working, serious man.  He reached back and groped me and I lightly caressed his body and soon I was back in him with his insisting on my fucking him hard and fast and pushing as deep into him as I could get (his thigh was pulled up, my balls were against his hole, and I had long before felt the curve in his intestines yield as I pushed past it-- I was definitely deep in him.)  He gets major points for cleanliness as each time I pulled out I expected at least the head to be dirty and it was totally clean.  I'd been ingenuous before, however; I knew then that the likelihood I'd shoot another load into him was slim (though I came close a number of times.)  Frankly, if he's had some manscent it would have happened, but he was squeaky clean everywhere.
We laid side by side and made out and stroked and then I told him I wanted his load.  That made him super hot and he stood next to the bed and fed his cock into my mouth.  I then felt my load rising and shot it moments before he gave me his.  I know this sounds like stroke fiction, but his load actually was sweet in flavor.  He was thrilled I took it and quickly bent down to kiss me. 
Afterwards we cuddled for awhile and then he asked to shower.  It was closing on one a.m. and he had to be had work at 9.   Once clean he quickly and quietly dressed and as we walked to the door he pulled me to him, kissed, and said "send me a text once in awhile."  We both realized there was serious chemistry at work but that sadly this was probably a one time hook up.  I was pretty touched by him; he is great sex and a genuinely lovely guy.  Yes, I am definitely going to keep in touch with him.