Saturday, July 21, 2012

Frightening Fridays/part two

Well, anticipating a sexual desert for awhile after I return to work, I posted on CL yesterday in one last fishing expedition as my time off comes to a close. Manhunt and a4a do yield results, but rarely immediate gratification (unless you are totally undiscriminating, can host, or are willing to drive 20 miles...)  Of course, CL does turn up alot of interesting creatures and the usual flakes and socially awkward characters responded to my add with valentines of one sort or another.  One in particular takes delight in taunting guys who "can't host/need to travel".  I guess it's better than flagging ads.  The Arab and I had a tentative date to connect again that morning, but he indicated a 10:30 meeting and said he'd probably be free early afternoon.  I responded we should just touch base later, and considered the bites from CL.

One guy in Oakland looked tremendous:  tall, hairy, big cock, firm ass, and damned good looking.  All the pics seemed to fit together in appropriate jigsaw puzzle fashion/it didn't appear from the pics he forwarded that different "puzzles" had been mixed.  I had wished him viya con Dios (actually he claims to be Irish American) when he indicated that he was primarily a top and was looking for mutual oral; I immediately got a response indicating that he was super interested and actually would consider bottoming for me as my pics and stats had him aroused.  However, it deteriorated into 40 minutes of email ping pong with relentless questions ("wrapped/unwrapped?"  "Do you take/give cum in 69?" yadda, yadda, yadda.)  I suspect he was jerking off the whole time.  And, he indicated he lives in the Eastmont section of Oakland, which a google search indicated is a barrel of blood in Oakland (I know that sounds redundant, but for it to get the reviews I read suggested  it would represent driving into Dante's Inferno.)  Walking in such a neighborhood to his apartment, much less leaving my car on the street didn't sound advisable.  Suffice it to say, I didn't go there and, I haven't heard back from him.

During the meantime I got a message from a married guy in Alamo, an extremely affluent nearby suburb.  (No risks from the neighborhood other than possibly being run into by a new Range Rover or BMW SUV).  He sent a microscopic thumbnail pic, which suggested a regular suburban guy.  I drove over to his house, an a neighborhood with gated stone driveways (no on street parking.)  Adjacent to the driveway was a very untidy arrangement of large, Fisher Price type children's toys and disposable diaper boxes (very declasse; not at all Alamo.)

When I arrived a very odd fellow answered the door.  About 6' 2", long, grey, thinning hair, and decent but gone to flab 50s.  The house was for sale (probably 3 mil) but definitely needs some touch up.  It was all in very nouveau riche style (neo-rocco.)  He lead me into the master bedroom suite, which was filled with baby things:  bassette, play pen, etc., untidily strewn about.  I commented "you have a baby" and he shared that "yeah, his wife had protested her biological clock was ticking."  He indicated he hadn't gotten much sleep so he was kind of exhausted (I am guessing he'd been partying and was coming down from it.) Yes, the wife and baby were in Lake Tahoe, apparently, but he'd gotten a text that they were en route and would return about mid-afternoon.  Looking out the bedroom window was a magnficent pool, surrounded by pristine landscaping (clearly something the present owner had nothing to do with creating/maintaining.)

He really wanted to get fucked, but also wanted to make out and to give me head.  He had some soft, mostly lesbian porn channel playing in the background, which I found helpfully distracting as this scene wasn't entirely working for me (even less than Lesbian porn, something in which I have NO interest.)  Normally I like the musk of a man, but his wasn't working for me/it was sour.  He assured me that he'd cleaned out, so I rolled him onto his stomach and started to eat his ass:  it seemed clean, but a huge, irregularly shaped hole.  Getting him wet I pushed my cock head against him and tried to enter; it wouldn't yield and he cried out in discomfort.  He asked me to loosen him with my fingers and some lube (which I stopped doing since so many guys complain about finger nails and rigid fingers) so I gave that a half hearted try.  I asked him to try straddling me, but he soon rolled off in defeat saying my cock was too big for him to take.

Dismounting he rolled on his side and pulled me to him and asked me if I'd cum on his face.  He started to give me head again, and then I began stroking; he wanted to kiss some, which was okay but then started to ask whether I liked watching girl on girl action (A:  no) and yammering about his wife's big tits (yawn)  and how he'd fucked a TV with a figure like that of one of the girls playing on the screen (I was now pretty grossed out.) Thankfully I needed to cum  and my body cooperated and he positioned his face next to my cock and licked the head as I spurt. It was a joyless release.

Normally I like to be some what considerate and not jump up.  However, I quickly asked if I could wash up/I wanted out.  Minutes later I was dressed and in my car.   Perhaps 35 minutes had passed. While the Arab lives close by, and it was now after noon I was definitely no longer in the mood.  I need to stay away from CL on my Fridays off.