Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fucking with Abandon

I have taken a bit of a hiatus:  two weeks since some manhole, and it seemed like an eternity.  However, the weekends go by rapidly and despite the ongoing nibbles from a4a, Manhunt, and SD I just didn't want to devote the required energy and patience to the inherent back and forth email ping pong (however, if I wanted to travel into the City guys were ready to connect immediately:  almost two hours travel time round trip for a likely 60 minutes of sex isn't the best use of a day off -- all things considered, much as I love to fuck.

The Mexican guy to the north contacted me several times; however, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Frankly, I did the math and figured that rubbing one out to good porn was more satisfying.  His insistent messages varied between pleading ("please!  I only need 30 mintues!") and hectoring.  I was quickly reminded why I stopped communicating with him two years ago.  He does seem to get it that it may never happen again.  I suspect this isn't his first (or second) such experience.  It can't be possible that he realizes how obnoxious he is, but I have tried to be gracious.  It would be like pulling the wings off a fly to point out that his personality is why I am not coming back to fuck him.

The Arab was away on vacation; I try to keep it cool with him and to not be at all clingy, though the sex with him is great.  After finally breeding him I was uncertain whether he'd keep in touch; he seemed to struggle processing having passed that boundary.  However, I logged in one night two weeks ago and, very horny, he wrote saying he wished I was with him and that he couldn't wait for me to fuck him again as soon as he got home.   Later in the week he wrote again and said we needed to connect asap as he needed my cock.  So, I mellowed out about finding something new knowing I'd have a fulfilling experience when he got home. 

I advised him I'd be free this afternoon, and he responded that we needed to fuck for a couple of hours.  I was psyched about fucking him, but factoring my limited free time I didn't know if I wanted to make an afternoon of it.

Last night and this morning he kept up a steady stream of messages --highly unusual for him./he's usually pretty cryptic.  He let me know he was very anxious to feel me cum inside him again., which only heightened the excitement for me.  I arrived at this house today and we followed the same ritual:  his door was unlocked and, again, the TIM video "Breeding Ian Jay" was playing (how is it that I always arrive during the Dan Fisk scene, which I really want to watch?)

The Arab was very passionate and I really decided to take my time and to get into it. While making out he was grunting with pleasure and I was laughing inside thinking this guy was sounding like the hot bear he is.  While I love to have my cock sucked I was really focused on sucking his-- once his precum started to flow while we were kissing. Today I actually spent more time today sucking than rimming him, though I made a concentrated effort to tongue fuck him for awhile.  As I alternated lying on top of him he positioned my cock head so I could thrust against his hole:  we came to a frenzied point where I needed to put it in.

After last time's experience I didn't want to use lube, though I noted some Boy Butter (not for the condom set) and vaseline on his night table.  I HATE vaseline and would have refused to use it; there was no way I'd stick my tongue in his ass, or want him to suck my cock afterwards if we used that for lube.  I spit alot of saliva on to his hole after getting it really wet by rimming him.  He was hesitant and asked for lube, but I gradually penetrated him, pushed a couple of inches in, pulled back and forth a few times, and then pulled out and rimmed him some more and spit on his hole.  I did this several times and he was soon pushing back to get the entire cock in him.

Today was interesting as well as hot:  he did most of the fucking/pushing his ass back to impale it on my cock and to squeeze it with his guts.  He kept moaning that he wanted me to explode inside him.  The fucking kept up for a long time but, knowing I didn't need to hold back, I focused on enjoying the rest of it:  sucking the back of his neck, licking the inside of his ear, massaging and pinching his nipples.  It was hot.  When I felt it cumming I made an effort to let him know:  he got really animated, pushing back on my cock and squeezing it all the time I was cumming and for a long time afterwards by clenching his ass.  Finally I rolled on to my side and he started to vigorously stroke off.

I knew when he started stroking it was going to be over; that was okay with me as I figured I'd be less frenzied the rest of the afternoon.  We laid back enjoying the mutual afterglow and then he got up and went to the bathroom.  I was a little grossed out as he didn't close the door and I could hear him shitting out (well expelling) my load into the toilet.  I usually don't shoot big loads but he insisted it was major, and said how nice it was feeling the warmth spurt into him. 

Not liking to overstate my welcome I sensed it was time to book; I asked if I could shower ("of course") and after some safe, mundane chit chat while I dressed and headed to the door I left.  When I came home I had a message from him noting how nice it had been (we started out with him being pretty laconic.)  I agreed and responded that next time I need to plant two loads in him. I checked my watch as I drove away and noted, that in total, it was under 60 minutes.  Guess it scratched the itch but can't say that it was nourishing.