Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beary Christmas

Well, I have taken quite the hiatus from this blog.  Work was busy as hell prior to Christmas, and the holiday season itself is quite the time suck.  So, while I have been up to antics getting my dick wet, I haven't felt inspired to chronicle them here for awhile.  Admittedly, however, the tumblr blog has become a compulsion, but then it's far more responsive.  Writing here is almost reminiscent of being a goldfish in a small tank.  Okay, enough with the obtuse metaphors.

The other day I met up with a fb older bear I hook up with periodically.  He is sweet, and great sex and whenever we connect it is an incredibly satisfying time. 

He defines bear in many ways, but isn't particularly hairy.  He's about 5' 11" and has a large, but firm, rounded belly with some fur, but underneath the padding --which he wears well-- he's got lots of muscle.  As he stripped I was struck by his smooth, muscular calves, accompanied by beautiful feet. But getting to the good parts, he has a nice, smooth, firm ass that is great to eat, and provides me with regular reinforcement grunting with pleasure as I stick my tongue up in it.  His is one of those asses that actually opens up for you, so that you can literally tongue fuck him.

The sex this occasion was just great.  Neither of us was in any hurry, so we were mellow and gradually got there, enjoying every stop along the way.  We stood making out, and gradually peeled off our clothes as the journey continued, eventually grasping our cocks together, mine under his with my head nuzzled under his balls. 

He has an incredibly fine, thick log of an uncut cock, and I dropped to my knees and proceeded to give him a devoted blowjob -- he was really enjoying it, and I could tell the intensity of my focus on it through him off as we both knew I was there to give him the deep fucking that he loves.  But his cock just tasted so good, and was so much fun to throat while I stroked his taint and big hairy balls.  He pulled me on to the bed to savor it.  Soon he was reciprocating and clearly loves my cock as well, and it was hot to lie back and to watch him get lost in sucking it; it was evident that it took him to another place.  We went back and forth in an oral focus:  sucking, my rimming him, making out.  But it became time and we were both hungry for me to fuck him.

I pressed into him after a seeming marathon job of rimming him (an immaculate ass, but he was giving off some mild fresh musk that made eating him addictive) so he was incredibly wet.   However, while he was fine with spit and I was drooling spit into his crack --porn style-- I knew it was going to feel better with a tad of lube, tad being the operative term.  A good fuck can be ruined by too much lube (and I'd just had a hook up where the guy brought astroglide, which is absolutely terrible and can nearly assure I won't cum while fucking.  It's as bad as KY, ugh!) 

Anyway, slickening my cock a bit I slid back in and got into giving him a nice old fashioned fuck:  a couple of pillows underneath him so his ass was slightly raised and I could focus on wrapping my arms around him, pressing my stomach to his back and sucking the back of his neck.  Damn it was fine.  He normally has a intense, almost high pitched chattiness when he talks, but it was interesting how his voice grew low, slowly grunting with pleasure and encouragement.  I felt no pressure and eventually was enjoying feeling my cum spurting into him.  He sensed it and wordlessly pushed back and clamped down.   As I slid out he rolled onto his back and stroked out a load.  It was another of those cases where I really envisioned him shooting it into my mouth, and really wanted to swallow it --before I came-- but once I'd shot I didn't want it and was glad to simply mop it up with a hand towel. 

We laid side by side and caught up and he got into his usual manic chattiness, which almost drove me nuts, but he's so sweet that I wanted to give him a receptive audience.  But I almost wanted more, and pushed closer to him, threw my leg on top of his, and lightly stroked his bod while he chatted on.  He took a breath, finally, and I pulled him to me and we started to make out, and taking the cue he rolled on to his side and I pushed in. 

This was a different type of fuck:  it felt great but I only had about 4 to 5 inches in him but the angle was providing me enough friction and was stretching him in different fashion.  My cock head was feeling the magic and shortly after I gave up another load, which he definitely wanted and felt.  As I drove home later I was feeling that incredibly pleasing drained balls sensation.   God it was good.

The week before I'd reconnected with the Piano Man, chronicled here in earlier postings.  We hadn't hooked up in a year!  This was despite several overtures from him and several near misses.  Neither of us being able to host we connected at a local cheap hotel again -- "our place". 

It was good to see him again.  Another firm, big bellied guy with broad shoulders (a lovely back, in fact, that I like licking up his spine from his waist to his neck) with a nice bubble butt, small soft hands and feet (but he's 5' 11") and a short but incredibly thick cock, and massive hairy balls.

He loves sucking my cock as well as making out and, of course, likes to get his ass eaten.  It was all good, but I was suffering from being somewhat hung over followed by insomnia, and then first thing in the morning beating off to relieve the pressure.  Normally that wouldn't prevent me from producing a second load eight hours later, but I didn't stop to get some Wet and he brought the Astroglide described above.  (Interestingly, it kind of gummed up and was almost like snot on my dick later:  yuck.)  I fucked him for a long time, and he was loving it but Mr. Cock wasn't giving up his load.  However, we were enjoying the entire scene and after my easing out several times to cool down and then reenter him, we were making out and he was vigorously massaging and stroking my cock and it came on.  I normally don't emote but it felt great and he started to grin as he watched me contort as he grasped my cock and worked out a load from it.  Shortly after he was lying back and stroking and shot an amazing load:  I got a vicarious buzz simply watching the warm wetness splash out of him and run down his belly.  It was fun, but I was mad at myself for stroking off early that morning.  He had fun though and recently wrote me to stress we need to reconnect more often in the coming (hopefully cumming) year.

Well, there are other tales to tell, and hopefully I'll get to them, but these two will need to suffice for the present.