Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's been a seemingly long hiatus (2 weeks?  3 weeks?) since I last got laid.  The Arab is horny as hell, but our planets have not been able to get into the same orbit.  His social schedule has not synced with my opportunities to connect.  Lately I have gotten several valentines from the Piano Man, but his opportunities for getting away are as random as mine though he's bemoaned the "need to get my dick back up his ass."  I share that sentiment; we almost connected yesterday but at the last minute he and his partner ended up with a family commitment.  So it goes.

I haven't seen the mancub in months; he lives ~70 miles northwest so it's not convenient for either of us.  I noticed his a4a profile had vanished, but was relieved to find he still (for the time being) has one on Manhunt.  He responded that changes were afoot and gave me an email address where I could contact him.  Much has changed; leaving one partner, has a new partner, moving into the city.  Wow.  In the flurry of email ping pong I gathered that he'd be unavailable beginning October 1 for a while and then when and where were yet to be determined; "bummer"...Then I got a message from him asking if I could host today.  Well, I rarely to never host, but for him I will, and have.  Today was a good opportunity, so I said sure.  However, it wasn't till this morning I got a definite yes.  He's normally a nocturnal creature, so to learn he was awake and showered at 11 a.m. stunned me.  Still he had other stuff to get done, so he only arrived here early afternoon.

Since I only had a few hours we needed to be task oriented.  When he walked in he pulled out my cock and began to suck it and then we started to make out.  He asked if I wanted to smoke some weed, but at that point I was cranked up and wanted him naked.  I put the dog outside while he went into the bedroom and stripped; then let the dog back in and closed the bedroom door.

He knows I am totally aroused by his manscent; usually it's great but sometimes it's just sour.  Today was one of those deep, rich, musky days -- strong, but pleasant.  His breath wasn't sour but wasn't sweet, which was a negative, but I focused on the odors that pushed my buttons.  I regretted we didn't have more time because I would have liked to have focused on licking his pits out (actually I would have liked to have savored exploring him for a long time:  he's doughy with muscle underneath, and has a fine dusting of dense hair across his legs, arms and chest.  He also has an incredible ass hole, which I love to rim.  Alas,  today wasn't a time for leisurely exploration.)

He laid back on the edge of the bed, grabbed some elbow grease and lubed his ass and my cock.  Now this is a boy who loves to get fucked, but when I went in, slowly, he started to spasm.  I eased out and he grabbed some poppers and then was ready for me to slide all the way up inside him.  I don't enjoy fucking standing up, but he'd just driven 70 miles and I was focused on his pleasure.

However, my cock started to "dictate" and we both got in the middle of the bed.  It was truly good, as usual.  He was grunting and loving it and he was then nice and tight.  I like a mellow fuck but he wanted long fast thrusts, and that was much of what I gave him.  His facial expressions were half my pleasure; he clearly needed a good hard fuck.  Like a clock we went around through all the positions; we got back to my favorite with him on his side and me having maximum penetration when I let it go; we'd been fucking for about 25 minutes (for real; it had been hard to hold back but I recognize that it's hard to work up the second load so I try to delay the first.)  We laid back, nuzzled, and he caught me up on his life for about 20 minutes.  He'd been wearing a jock and I told him it was time to get it off him. 

This was an odd day in that he remained soft and I had to suck him for awhile to get him hard, but once it engorged he lubed my dick and straddled me.  Being ridden isn't my favorite position, but it felt great/more importantly he was loving it and was letting out loud moans (which caused the dog to come to the bedroom door and whine with anxiety.)  I hadn't said it, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and when I asked if he was close I felt him suddenly start spurting a huge load onto my chest and belly (damn the luck.)  He massaged it into my skin and I licked his fingers and then he bent down to kiss me.

He dismounted and I was hard as a rock; he was game to be fucked again but I was ready to go for awhile, his ass was now loose,  and soon after he started to complain about being sore (a:  the long fast strokes; he had just cum.)  We laid on our sides and enjoyed some frottage, but I wanted in again.  He was willing, but soon was asking if I was close.  Since he wanted the load, I stroked and he rolled on his stomach pulling his cheeks apart:  he wanted the load in him.  It felt like a porn flick as I gave him a cream pie and then pushed it in.

It was good, but too damned short, even though we went at it for more than two hours. I was spoiled three years ago when I met him; he was single/I was at a conference, and we fucked and slept together for four nights.  He's got a new bf, and they plan to move in together.  I haven't a clue whether it will be open or not, but thought it crass to ask right now:  it's up to him to indicate.  Whether this will be the last time or not, the sex with him has been consistently amazing.