Saturday, February 23, 2013


A cameo appearance up in the Northwest and just connected with my Indian FB (actually I hate to hyphenate people:  he's my fb who is from India.)  I haven't seen him since October and it was sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling then and was sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling just now.

Well, actually it wasn't sizzling.  It was just great passionate sex.  He is an interesting man.  When he arrives he's always shy-formal.  However, once we start kissing then he completely changes.  Today he was hungrily groping me minutes in my hotel room.  We both like making out (actually I think he likes it best) and just stood there for a long time hugging and sucking face.  However, I had my hand inside his pants and my finger was probing his crack while he was massaging my hard on in my jeans.  We awkwardly started to strip, but once I got his pants past his thighs I dropped to my knees and started to suck him/it was good to listen to him sigh in pleasure, as he's usually exclusively a submissive bottom.  He smelled strongly of some fragrance when we made out, but his cock was naturally musky.  I later figured out he must have used a sandalwood scented shampoo/his body was pleasantly fragrance free.

He's cute in that once he's naked he always dives for the bed and pulls the covers back jumps in and pulls them up.  He was careful to pull back my side so I could joint him.  The minute I did he pulled me into his arms and we were entwined.

Actually most of what we did was to get entwined.  We made out for a really long time and I simultaneously massaged his back when we weren't mutually groping and stroking the other's cock.  It was nice and mellow.  But I wanted to eat that melon ass of his and finally got him to roll over.  I gave it alot of attention and then kissed my way up his back and started to rub the head of my cock against his hole.  Well he was hungry and pushed back till the head was in, but he was also incredibly tight.  After several times entering him I knew it needed some lube and when I reentered he thrust back to take it. 

He kept murmurring "yes baby, yes baby, fuck me deep!"  And he started to ask for my load.  Now typically that makes me crazy (a subsequent entry about reconnecting with the Arab will discuss that vexation) but today it was working:  I knew it was going to happen and decided to give it up relatively early (I'd been fucking him for a good ten minutes, but cumming that fast is pretty rabbit like for me.)  After I spurted and he thrust back he wanted me to stay in him, which felt good, but I wanted to get comfortable, so I manuvered us so we were on our sides and I had my arms wrapped around him and he grasped both my hands.  It was really comfortable and super relaxing and I went into a zone; he kept thrusting back to keep my cock in him, but eventually it softened a bit and gradually eased out/I could almost hear a pop when it finally came out of him (he was tight.) 

I drifted off and was napping and so was he.  I don't know when we both woke up but it was awhile and perhaps I woke him with my hardening cock.  He grasped it and guided it back into him, but immediately wanted me to cum again.  Okay gents:  that's not how it works.  I probably could have given him another load if we'd kept fucking for awhile (and he wasn't continually urging me to cum) but he soon felt sore.  We made out and got into some frottage and he tried to take it in him a couple of more times, but he was too sore.  Frustratingly he kept asking for my load and then the pressure was on, which meant it wouldn't happen.

Finally I wanted him to cum but he kept insisting I cum first.  After my stroking for awhile I started to really suck and to nibble on his nipples (I don't think I ever knew he liked them bitten.) Then he got rock hard and started to vigorously stroke.  He was soon spewing a nice load and then started to insist I cum.  I tried using his cum as lube to jack off (hot, but it didn't do the trick) and then leaned over, sucked his still wet cock (yum) and then got him on his hands and knees in front of me and ate his ass while I stroked.  The scene was hot but Mr. Happy wasn't giving up his load.  Finally I admitted defeat and said it wasn't going to happen. 

He's an interesting guy in that you can see the switch go off/I knew he was mentally detached at that point and invited him to shower off.  Next thing I knew he was dressed, pecked me on the lips and said he'd see me in the spring.  After he left my cock softened and an amazing about of precum dripped out.  I didn't stroke off as I have another commitment on this evening's dance card.  It was probably serendipity that I didn't cum; hopefully I will later tonight :-)