Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cooling Off with a Polar Bear

Labor Day I found myself alone and on one of the sites found a message awaiting me.  It was a late middle aged gent looking for action, who'd been in the area for nearly a month in an extended stay hotel.  His stats and pics were nice, and he was a hungry bottom.  What wasn't there to like?  When he gave me his location I nearly passed out:  3/4 of a mile from my house.  While I chose to drive it was also an easy walk.

When I arrived he was in a tee shirt and jammers .  He has a Colonel Sanders goatee and a shock of pure white hair.  His chest is broad with defined pecs that are dusted with white hair.  And, he is a damn good kisser.

When we were chatting it up I asked if he was cleaned out and he said he'd cleaned out to the best of his ability, which had me somewhat wary.  This guy is married and on the d/l so I was expecting to get skid marks at best.  However, I got into it and decided I'd roll with the situation.

Besides being nice on the eyes, this guy had very pleasant man musk going.  If there is anything that can get me hard and keep me going it's fresh man scent and this was definitely an aroma that was pushing my buttons.  His ass was externally clean and pleasant to lick and rim; it was all good.   The only discordant note was his amazingly short cock (later when we were chatting he mentioned his daughter and I couldn't help by wonder how that was achieved:  the guy is thick but between 4 and 5".   I didn't even bother to get into sucking it.

He wasn't at all disappointed not to get head as I truly chowed down on his ass.  I'd assume this was going to be a suit up occasion, but then I noticed a behemoth open bottle of Wet and no condoms on the nightstand. I didn't ask any questions and figured I'd assume he wanted it bare until he advised me otherwise (I had both condoms and lube in my cargo shorts.) 

After reducing him to jello with my tongue I started to rub my cock head up and down his crack (he'd given it some nice head so it was moist.)  I reached over, grabbed the lube, and applied a small amount to him and to me and then pressed against him and popped in.

This guy definitely needed a maintenance visit and his grunts were affirming and I took control, directing him when to lie flat, pulling him up for better traction, and respectively rolling him right and left and making him pull up his thighs for maximum penetration.  I was giving him a no nonsense fuck and we were both loving it.  I thought he'd scream out when I stuck my tongue in his ear; he clearly loved it.  However, we were both sweating and I was getting overheated and knew I wouldn't be able to cum.  His room had one of those crappy window unit air conditioners and he didn't have it up high enough (okay gents, two men fucking generates some heat/anticipate the room is going to get warm.)  His ass was getting loose and wet and I was frustrated that I wouldn't cum.  So, despite my reservations over pulling out, I told him I needed to take a break. 

I gradually eased out expecting the worse and yet my cock was totally clean.  Better still, he rolled over and started to suck it (I love when a guy sucks my cock fresh out of his ass.) I laid back and got hard again while cooling off and then I jumped up, turned up the a/c and then returned to the bed, pushed him flat and went back in.

That proved to be just the trick:  Elasticity had  returned to his ass, and sensation to my cock:  I was sawing in and out of him like violin and bow; my cock was truly singing and I felt my load rise up and spew out.  He got extra points for pushing back against me and clamping down.

The next day I had to work and I also had stuff to get done, so I didn't hang around to palaver.  I was civilized about it, but was very shortly after donning my shorts and sandals and out the door.

Unfortunately he was tied up the next couple of nights and wasn't available; it was frustrating for me to realize he'd been so close for such a long period of time and I only got him to dip my wick once.  Apparently he periodically comes to the area/if I am lucky I'll get another chance to give him a work out again.