Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tall, Lean,and Sinewy

Well, today I connected with a4a with an ongoing fb I haven't seen in six months and broke my run of short guys.  This fellow is 6' 3" and 185 lb.  Taut, lean, toned, muscular calves and thighs, clean shaven.  He's 50 and looks like James Taylor's twin (he was less than thrilled when I shared that once; I didn't think it was an unfavorable comparison...)

He lists himself as a top/I've only known him as a bottom.  He's partnered and I think I allow him to experience his bottom side.  He has a decent sized cock, though at 6" it looks puny on a guy his height.  It's also on the narrow side, but most guys would be quite proud of it and I am sure that bottoms thoroughly enjoy it.  However, he wants a big cock when he strays from the reservation (he's partnered with another guy) and I guess mine scratches that itch for him.

We've connected several times the past two years during my business trips.  The sex is good, but having my cock in him is secondary (and surprisingly bare/we have never discussed condoms, though he lists safe sex only in his profile, but then so do most guys).  He's incredibly passionate, and when we get together the first 15 to 20 minutes is just making out and hugging.  His is a body you like to explore:  nice fan of chest hair across the top of his chest, baby down hair on his back, and wiry hair on his thighs and calves/dense hair in his pits.  Nice nipples, but they aren't wired.  Anyway, entwining your limbs with this hunk and making out with him, feeling his hard cock grinding against you while you grind against him is banquet enough.  And, he's focused on working his tongue into my mouth when he isn't sucking mine into his.   But then, he's a great bottom as well.

He arrived grinning like a young boy and jumped in the shower; he looked shy when he came out and jumped under the covers.

Today I took it slow; it might have been better sex if I'd run the show, but I wanted to see where he took it.  After I ate his ass for a long time I pulled him on top of me and he sat up and positioned my cock against his hole and lowered himself.  He isn't vocal; you get a sense of his pleasure or initial discomfort from changes in his breathing.  He dismounted, grabbed the lube, and slicked up my cock and his ass and slid down part way.  He ended up repeating this operation several times till he bottomed out and I was deep inside him.  He kept still for a long time growing accustomed to it, and then focused on using his muscles to grasp my cock while he slightly moved.  Eventually I got him to pull up a bit so that I could thrust up and pull down.  However, most of our time was spent with him straddling me and bending down to kiss me.  This isn't my favorite position, but I was getting off on seeing him pleasure himself with my cock.

Eventually I wanted to change positions and got him on his stomach and on his sides.  We were really enjoying it when he wanted to get on his back.  I reentered him and it felt great; after I started to call the shots my cock was loving it and I was continually close to shooting.  However, he wanted to get some more lube and then we discovered that I'd finally stirred him up and we both needed to jump up and clean (read:  buzz kill.)  We returned to the bed and I eventually got hard again and he wanted to sit on it.  He wanted to move around more, but I had a feeling it was going to continually come out dirty, so I encouraged him to get off (note:  committed guys who usually top do not clean out well at home, perhaps because they don't know how or because they don't want to arouse the suspicion of the partner who is typically the bottom.)  Anyway,  I encouraged him to jerk off while fucking himself with my cock:  he produced an amazing load (and when he eased off, as I imagined, it required my running into the bathroom to clean off my cock again.)

He was anxious to see me cum, but it took forever after the various cleaning episodes (getting dirty kind of leaves me indifferent to cumming...the moment passes.)  However, he stroked my balls and passionately made out with me coaxing my load to emerge.  It both provided closure and pleasure for him.  He immediately zonked out and for about 15 minutes his head rested on my chest while he enjoyed a cat nap.  It was amazing how heavy his head was, but it was sweet and mostly comfortable (he was holding my balls while sleeping) and I didn't wake him up.  Eventually he suddenly awoke and was initially awkward about it:  well it was no problem for me.

Soon he was in in the shower, and then changed into his gym gear:  his alibi was set as he was heading to the gym, would reshower there, and his routine would remain unbroken.  Works for me. 

Hopefully I'll see him again.  I chose to connect with him and blew off last night's flake.  Better a bird in hand...