Monday, December 3, 2012

Kiss Your Boy When You Cum!

After work tonight I had an encore with the Asian American guy I connected with late last week.  His roommates are still out of town and, since one normally works from home, he was anxious to maximize this rare opportunity to discreetly host.  And, why would I pass up such an opportunity?

Unfortunately, yesterday wasn't conducive for me (he has Sunday/Monday off) but he was game for late afternoon.  So I actually had an excuse to leave work on time and headed out at 4:50/I felt reckless and free.  His place is only 20 minutes away and an easy direct drive, so before I knew it I was walking in where he greeted me in red briefs.  He's pretty meticulous about personal hygiene and wanted to know exactly when I was getting in the car so that he could jump in the shower just before I arrived (a seeming contradiction with the fact that he likes to get bred, but is grossed out by the towel with cum on it afterwards.  It's interesting how individual minds work...)

We had plenty of time this evening, so it was nice and relaxed.  He laid back on the bed and stroked himself while he watched me undress and then beckoned me to join him in bed.  His mood was almost feline:  Thursday he was aggressive and the situation was often primal; tonight he wanted to cuddle, make out, and caress.  Worked for me!

While I really enjoyed it, I was thrown off by how passionate he was.  I realized tonight his saying "suck my cock" was more pig talk than directive, but he did start off by directing me to lick his nipples (I found out he doesn't like them nibbled on.)  He loves having his armpits nuzzled and they have nice long hair (yes, he's Asian American/otherwise pretty smooth except for a tiny bit of very wiry thigh hair.)  He really got into sucking my cock ("my ass is hungry for this cock"), but is a bit daunted by it's size (okay, it's respectable, but I am not John Holmes) and loved my sucking his ("do you like sucking my cock?")  I realized he just needs to periodically utter things/sort of like breathing.  I am just more of a heavy breather/it takes all types...

He was shy about, but anxious for me to eat his ass and told me I owned it; it is my ass and he wants to please daddy with it.  Works for me.  I was inspired and wanted to do all I could to make him pant for my cock.  Frankly I was mentally patting myself on the back for the fine rimming I was giving him.  He was loving it, but nervous about wanting to get his ass relaxed to take my cock (later he said he thought it still hurt from the fucking I gave him a couple of days ago, and trust me I wasn't rough.)  We had plenty of time, and I was really enjoying the banquet leading up to dessert.  He told me it was all about pleasing daddy (okay, I have reconciled myself to being a daddy with many guys...)

There was a long period of my teasing his ass with my cock head; lots of lube, and several partial penetrations (well I guess full penetrations, but not the entire insertion of the full length of my cock.)  Several times he asked me to pull out and assured me we'd get there, but he needed to get relaxed.  I was content; I was licking and stroking him, he wanted to be nuzzled and to make out while my cockhead grazed his anus.  It was nice, and since we were taking our time I could appreciate what a beautiful mouth he has and his incredibly nice eyes, which periodically widened when I hit some good spot with my tongue or cock head.

Finally he was at a point of sufficient relaxation; he didn't ever want to be on his belly:  he wanted to make full eye contact while fucking.  I eased it in and then he directed me to stop:  he said "just let it slide in..."  And, eventually it did/it actually felt great just holding it in place and having it gradually ease in of his body's own accord.

I realized I needed to chill and not give him full long dicking:  it was apparent that when I thrusted the entire thing in it was pretty uncomfortable for him.  Of course, he's about 5' 7" and weighs about 135 lb (I held him in my hands and marveled at how tiny his chest was.)  He was loving just three or so inches slowly probing him/short jabs.  But, this only made sense; I was working his prostate.

He need a couple of rest breaks, more lube (next time I'll bring my variety,which doesn't dry out as readily) and then I needed to persuade him to stop stroking his cock and to wait to stroke off after I came.  He agreed but was insistent that when cumming I needed to fuck him hard (which I didn't/I could tell it would kill him.)  But after several times of feeling myself getting a groove on and being interrupted to use more lube, or to pull out for a bit, I advised him he'd had me close several times.  Getting his hand from around his cock (and between our stomachs) helped alot.  I was still only giving him about 4" at a time, but his ass felt great massaging my cock head:  I could feel it rising.  His eyes widened and said "are you cumming?  THEN KISS ME!"  I bend down to passionately kiss him and gently pushed farther into him while it pulsed.  After I finished spasming I locked eyes with him and asked "are you ready?" and then very gradually inched it out/he slightly winced as the head popped out.  We spooned and then he rolled onto his side and while I stroked his nipples and lightly caressed his thighs and chest he stroked and then I saw a load of cum literally shoot about 4" out of his cock (holding true to the little guys shooting big loads stereotype.)  It was both substantial and amazing.  I asked if he always shot like that and he replied "no, it was all that time you were working my prostate."

We laid back, lightly grazed our fingertips over each other, and chatted and got more casual and relaxed with each other.  We also wondered aloud when we'd next be able to connect.  I needed to leave, but he insisted on jumping up to shower (my cum was leaking out of his ass) before I left.  I rinsed off with a washcloth (and, blush, my dog ran up to me and immediately pressed his nose againts my crotch and vigorously sniffed the moment I walked in the door.) 

It was another night for pleasantly spent balls/hurrah!

Just Not Feeling It

Yesterday Man Number One was an encore encounter with the Piano Man (referenced in earlier postings.)  While I don't like to host I agreed to yesterday; he can't host and I offered, though I think I'd have preferred to motel it again.

When he arrived he needed to run to the bathroom and audibly expelled some water, which made feel a bit ill (I understand the physiology and appreciate the effort; though I don't like to hear it.) He was anxious to make out, which is normally my preference, but yesterday it just seemed excessive.  I don't know where my head was, but it wasn't floating my boat for a change.  Perhaps familarity breeds contempt (excuse the pun) but I wasn't feeling "turned on" and I'd expected to be; it has been a couple of weeks since we last fucked.

From the minute he got in the door I really just wanted to fuck him.  I'd awaken horny as hell and really wanted to get straight to fucking, but he'd driven 15 miles, and I wanted to make him feel good as well.  In retrospect, perhaps it would have been better and hotter if I'd just told him that I was so horny I needed to get right to the main course.

Anyway, I was into giving him head and, fortunately, the water he'd expelled had been clear so his ass was nice and clean, and just a tad musky.  I was really into eating it.  However, as his grunts of pleasure were keeping me going, he's occasionally blurt out some nonsequitur question in his normal somewhat high mellifluous voice, which broke the spell "is that rain?" (no, it was my heating system, which blows the heat out of the ceiling/granted, it was a rainy day, but was that an essential question when you are getting your ass eaten?)  I rose and lined up my cock to rub against his ass and he was anxious for lube/fair enough, but it started to get mechanical:  he next needed to get the poppers (I really hate them, but I am not getting fucked...)

I started to fuck him, but it was really wet, he wasn't very tight, and I was getting that "it's going to be a long time if it ever happens" feeling.  Also he tends to really sweat during sex, making it even wetter.  Periodically I was getting into a groove and could feel my load starting to build and he'd want to switch positions (grrr.) Spell again broken.   Needed to reach for the poppers again/again spell broken. It was starting to become work.

At a certain point I said I needed a break and told him that it was too wet.  I wiped off my cock and his ass, and then pushed back into him; he grunted from the greater friction, but there was no way I was going to use more lube.  He was now on his back and it was feeling good, but he was making some kind of bizarre facial expressions (eyes bulging) to convey how much he was enjoying it. He also was hungry to make out throughout it, to an extent that became distracting.  Finally, I decided to close my eyes and concentrated on my cock.  That did the trick, I then  felt it spurting out and a sense of relief, if not tremendous pleasure.  Fortunately he was really enjoying it.  He rolled onto his back and responded "the best ever".   Not hardly, from my perspective.

I was still hard and he swarmed down onto my cock and sucked it into his mouth (kink points for that) and started to give me one of his killer blow jobs.  However, another load wasn't on the horizon for awhile.  I pushed him back and started to suck his nipples and to play with his balls, urging him along by saying we needed to get him off too.  It took forever (yes, the damned poppers came out again) and then, with ample spasming he shot his load.  It was ambundent and he rubbed it on his stomach, which was hot.

Weirdly, I just wasn't feeling the scene, so, after a brief interval said "would you like to shower?"  He did.  I then sat awkwardly in a robe, waiting for him to leave and for me to shower.  He came out and was very chatty as he dressed.  I felt shitty as I just wasn't in the mood; I wanted him to leave and while polite I mostly smiled and responded monosyllabically ( "really" "wow") and didn't prolong the conversation with questions, but very subtly ushered him to the door.  A chaste kiss; thanks/goodbye.

I felt like a heel but I did try to get him off, and did try to engage, but didn't feel like I was all there.  Afterwards I got a nice message from him on a4a and responded with a thanks and my regrets about being a bit tense about hosting.  He responded warmly and graciously, but I really didn't feel as if I'd been especially gracious.   Perhaps if we have a month hiatus it will be better.  Or, perhaps, this has just run its course.