Monday, July 30, 2012

Wham, Bamm

The Arab and I arranged to connect after work today.  However, I only had a limited amount of time and, at the last minute he had to work as well.  So he invited me over for a quickie.

I actually left work at 4:30  and made it there in record time.  He left the door unlocked and I walked in and found him toweling off.  He was in an incredibly affectionate mood, and we stood and made out for a long time, stroking each other till he dropped to his knees and started to suck me.  However, we were soon making out again and I pushed him to the bed.

Neither of us was in a quickie mood:  he wanted to make out and I was enjoying sucking his cock.  However, we both realized the clock was ticking, so I rolled him over and started eating his ass.  It was great:  he was grunting "fuck, oh fuck" and I wasn't getting tired of it at all.  However, we didn't have alot of time and I was soon in him.

Everything today felt just right:  the fucking was great/he was shoving back and loving it and apparently I was rubbing his prostrate just right because as we moved around he kept warning me I was going to make him cum/I'd been close several times, but respecting his wishes I don't cum in him.  Soon he was vocally spewing a load; I was sure that he would insist that I pull out, but he was loving getting fucked.  I was fully enjoying it, but his lube dries out quickly and the friction was getting stronger.  It felt great, but I was holding back and we had kept fucking for a long time after he shot.  He had kept grunting with pleasure, but I was certain he must be getting sore and asked if he'd like me to pull out.  I eased out and rolled back and he immediately started to suck my cock and then to spit in his hand and to stroke me and wanted to make out.  It took me a long time to cum, but he was determined and kept making out with me and massaging my balls (this guy is a macho hunk and his passion today was breathtaking:  I just lapped it up.)  I explained I'd been holding back while fucking him --  eventually he got me off, but he encouragedme to get tested and to bring him the results so I don't need to hold back.   He clearly wants me to breed him, but is still skittish, a position that I both question and respect.  I know he wants to stay neg, but also it's pretty obvious that a bare cock is oozing precum, so besides volume the difference isn't huge (now, fucking with just spit, which he doesn't mind, is arguably much more of a concern...)

As it is, I get tested at a clinic, where you call in for results and don't get a report card.  Additionally, I try to fly under the radar:  I don't particularly want written test results indicating I am undergoing std testing lying around.  I did, however, for a weird reason that my doctor insisted "just in case" get an hiv test at my regular provider.  Then I did get a result mailed to me, that freaked me out in terms of the potential for compromised confidentiality (especially when I was able to get the same results on line...)

While we were fucking his business called him; he eased off to take the call, but while on hold sucked me while I played with his ass.  After we'd both cum I was concerned about the time, but he wanted to lie back and enjoy the afterglow.  I realized, however, he had 15 minutes to shower again and dress.  As it was, we'd packed in alot in 45 minutes.  I was rinsed and out the door in 10 minutes and home on time.  And, I hadn't delayed him.  As I left I said "keep in touch".  He replied "you know I will."  We've fucked five times; I guess we're close to fuck buddies.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Hump and Dump Maintenance Visit

The soccer dude (aka Flake) wrote me again on Friday.  He indicated he wants to get together again, that Friday afternoons and Sunday afternoons work for him, and wanted to know after I got deeper and deeper into his ass whether I'd cum in his mouth.

A.  Friday afternoons work for me; I was free this Friday afternoon and for well into the evening
A.  Sundays after 1 pm are optimal
A.  I looked forward to passing his second spincter next time

He responded that that Friday afternoon was out "that he needed to lick his girl's pussy that night" and how about Sunday.  I responded Sunday would work. 

--no response Friday
--no response yesterday (Saturday)
--I tapped him another email and asked him to let me know one way or the other
--no response after that yesterday; no response today.

This guy is a piece of work.  However, I never really expected it to happen.  I imagine him furiously stroking his average to below average sized cock when seeing responses from me in his inbox.  However, I am intrigued and am not ready to say fuck off...just yet.

Well, I was horny:  it had been about ten days since I'd gotten some ass.  The Arab is hosting some family from the Middle East but really really wants to get laid.  He has set up a tentative date with me for tomorrow when he'll be temporarily free of his company.  He was hoping to have me come down and fuck him right now, but the sand is about out of my hour glass; no time to get there and back.

A very very very persistent Latino contacted me on a4a and begged me to respond.  I did last week, this morning he sent the message "please cum in my ass".  Well, that piqued my interest.

We connected three times two plus years ago.  The first time he complained that I take too long to cum, and that he isn't interested in the foreplay. Also, while we fucked bare I couldn't cum in him; he wouldn't suck my dick after we'd fucked, and he wouldn't let me take his load in my mouth.  Second time I had some performance issues (probably because of his deconstructing my performance and my desire for some foreplay to get me hard) but I got there, though neither of us was satisfied.  Time three I had a flat tire and he wrote after  I left "and I cleaned out for nothing."  Well fuck you I thought.  But for the last 24 plus months he has pleaded for me to come back.

Well I dragged it out:  I mentioned that I might take too long for his taste:  he was okay with that.  I mentioned he didn't like kissing:  well that was back on the menu.   In fact, he wanted to know if I'd cum in his mouth!

I could see nothing was happening elsewhere:  the usual lunes and flakes on Craigs List; people from an hour away "wanted to ride my pole"  on a4a (one "local" dude dragged it out, couldn't host, and wanted to play in my car.  No thanks idiot/if arrested I don't want it to be for lewd behavior in public.

So, I decided to give my Latino friend another shot:  I figured if he said anything obnoxious I would just walk out.  He lives in the upscale part of the downscale blue collar suburb to the north.  His house is actually quite lovely/he is a bit fussy, but better than dirty.  I arrived and indicated I was on a tight schedule.  He was cool with it.

Now, other than a really homely face, this guy pushes my buttons.  Very hairy; a nice uncut cock with a very long foreskin, and an ass that is nice and musky after being carefully scrubbed in the shower.  He was true to his word and good with kissing, and I forgot how sensitive his nipples were.  I loved chowing down on his cock and ass; it was rich, musky, earthy.   I would have loved for him to have cum in my mouth but knew he'd never be able to get fucked after cumming.Click on the image to close

He was really anxious to have me fuck him:  after eating his ass he was panting and begging me to rub his hole with my cock head: he was soon pushing back against it and then crying out as it entered him, begging me to be easy and to use lube (dude you pushed your ass on to it!)  Well I decided this was definitely a hump and dump so I got with the program:  I lubed my cock, slowly pushed in and started thrusting.

There was alot of "do you like it?"  "easy, please, not so fast" "it's so hard"  "I am getting sore".  I thought, fuck it, just blow your load and get out.  I didn't cum fast enough for him, but did cum in record time for me.  Afterwards he asked me to suck one nipple and to pinch another while he stroked off:  soon his hairy stomach was matted with a nice load. 

I dispensed with the niceities:  I asked him if I could shower (yes, and he insisted on showering with me, though I just wanted to clean up.)  Soon I was slipping my shorts on, pulled on my tee shirt and was walking down the stairs.  I got into my car and realized it was 30 minutes, max.

My balls were tingling; my cock felt nicely massaged, but it was alien to me to be in such a rush and to focus on just getting off.  However, I got over it.  Actually I ended up with ample time to engage in a number of errands and to come home and to get some shit done!  After having had an assignation!  Damn!  Being a self centered asshole isn't all bad!  Still, I like my sex to be more than just  like two dogs quickly humping, dropping loads and running off.

I returned home and had a series of valentines from the Latino, telling me how great it was, how good he felt, asking if there was any chance I could return tonight (no) and hoping I'd return soon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Less than Wonderful: Frightening Fridays/the prequel

My first frightening Friday entry referenced a gritty blue collar suburb to the northeast I'd previously visited for an assignation.  Actually I had made previous visits (ahem):  first to a pristine section inhabited largely by Latino homeowners (the home I'd visited earlier was quite quite lovely.)  The host, however, grew quickly obnoxious besides not liking to kiss and wanting just a quick hump session ("you like to take forever!  Just cum, but not in me!!!") and despite regular entreaties I stopped returning.  But, earlier this summer I was lured one exit further north by a fellow whose moniker is "Mr. Wonderful". 

This was in response to a CL ad; he'd responded to earlier ads and had tried to lure me up mid to late evenings when I don't have the opportunity to venture out much. This particular, hot, day he engaged my interest and we went back and forth on email.  I was ready to hang it up, as the afternoon was waning and I was envisioning brutal traffic heading north. And, he'd mentioned  a housemate who would be arriving home soon; I wasn't enthralled by the idea of fucking someone while his roommate was roaming about in other rooms.  He responded "he's my roommate, not my mom, and we have separate bathrooms."  I liked the attitude in the response and decided to give it a shot.

Well, I got a bit turned around but eventually found his house.  The neighborhood was okay, but a bit run down at the heels:  few flowers, brown lawns, and sun bleached homes devoid of trees. As agreed I texted him upon arriving, walked up to the door and after ringing the bell and standing there was greeted by a rotund thirty something African American fellow in a towel.  He secured an enormous lunging dog (friendly) and ushered me into his very untidy home and quickly down a hallway to a bedroom with an enormous television playing and it seemed like all the clothing he owned dumped onto the floor as well as the open doors of a closet.  While covered with sheets the bed was unmade and the sagging mattress was rump sprung. 

He told me he needed to finish up and spent an eternity in the bathroom:  I was factoring how to make an exit when he appeared, gave me a kiss, and dropped the towel.  This man does not conform to the black stereotype (trust me, I do not have a Mandingo fantasy, but the black guys I have been with have been considerably smaller than me/average or less.  Perhaps just black bottoms are on the smaller side, or only the big ones get featured in porn.)

This fellow also has quite the tummy, which drooped; not offensive, actually he wears it well (better clothed though) but it made the correography more of a challenge, particularly getting my cock into him and keeping it there. Overall, however, he's a handsome guy, but one who would look better if he lost 60 lb.

He was incredibly clean; not a trace of musk so I had no hesitancy in rimming him, which he loved.  I tried sucking him and he got moderately hard.  Finally I got him on his stomach for a bit and rubbed my cock up and down his crack and after many probing efforts managed to find the hole and to push into him.  He loved it, but it was a hot day and being a big boy needed to take breaks to rehydrate.  He also started digging through the pile of clothes looking for a towel (he managed to find an unopened water bottle in the mess as well.

The bed was a nightmare that wasn't at all conducive to sex; it sagged and nearly threw us off throughout the session, which added to the challenge of getting back in him and getting a rhythm going.  It was incredibly distracting and uncomfortable.  Finally I got him on his side, and felt the friction and decided to focus on cumming.  He was thrilled to feel me breeding him. Next he was vigorouly jerking off and did manage to shoot a load.

I didn't want to dash out and he was into making out and also wanted to try to get another load out of me.  The bed, however, wasn't conducive to our mutual weight; working out the first load was a miracle, but getting him positioned to enable me to fuck him a give up another load was proving an impossibility.  Also by that point the bottom sheet kept pulling off the bed, there was no mattress cover, and he was really sweating.  Finally I rolled on my side and stroked off (I think my subconscience told my cock that this was the way to escape) and shot faster than I imagined.  He scooped my cum up, rubbed it on his hole and pressed it inside him with his fingers.  Okay, this guy was serious about wanting to get bred.  By that point I was hot, clammy, tired, and weiry of it all, and as it was dusk I thought I might be well advised to find my car and to leave.

The roommate was home and I'd smelled him cooking dinner; my sex partner first got up, located some random articles of clothing to don,  exited the room, and assuring me his roommate was out of the way, got me out the door. When I got to my car I found I didn't have my cell phone:  I couldn't very well text him, so I had to go back and to ring the door bell.  After several minutes, my "pal" appeared at the door (thank God, I didn't know his name to tell the roommate I wanted to speak with him), and had to remove the jumping dog to another room to speak with me.  I mentioned my phone and he left me standing in front of the house for several more minutes.  All I could imagine was that finding it in that mess would be impossible; amazingly he came back with the phone in hand.

As I got into my car and mentally collapsed I wondered why I allow my dick to think for me sometimes.  This was definitely a less than "wonderful" experience.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Frightening Fridays/part two

Well, anticipating a sexual desert for awhile after I return to work, I posted on CL yesterday in one last fishing expedition as my time off comes to a close. Manhunt and a4a do yield results, but rarely immediate gratification (unless you are totally undiscriminating, can host, or are willing to drive 20 miles...)  Of course, CL does turn up alot of interesting creatures and the usual flakes and socially awkward characters responded to my add with valentines of one sort or another.  One in particular takes delight in taunting guys who "can't host/need to travel".  I guess it's better than flagging ads.  The Arab and I had a tentative date to connect again that morning, but he indicated a 10:30 meeting and said he'd probably be free early afternoon.  I responded we should just touch base later, and considered the bites from CL.

One guy in Oakland looked tremendous:  tall, hairy, big cock, firm ass, and damned good looking.  All the pics seemed to fit together in appropriate jigsaw puzzle fashion/it didn't appear from the pics he forwarded that different "puzzles" had been mixed.  I had wished him viya con Dios (actually he claims to be Irish American) when he indicated that he was primarily a top and was looking for mutual oral; I immediately got a response indicating that he was super interested and actually would consider bottoming for me as my pics and stats had him aroused.  However, it deteriorated into 40 minutes of email ping pong with relentless questions ("wrapped/unwrapped?"  "Do you take/give cum in 69?" yadda, yadda, yadda.)  I suspect he was jerking off the whole time.  And, he indicated he lives in the Eastmont section of Oakland, which a google search indicated is a barrel of blood in Oakland (I know that sounds redundant, but for it to get the reviews I read suggested  it would represent driving into Dante's Inferno.)  Walking in such a neighborhood to his apartment, much less leaving my car on the street didn't sound advisable.  Suffice it to say, I didn't go there and, I haven't heard back from him.

During the meantime I got a message from a married guy in Alamo, an extremely affluent nearby suburb.  (No risks from the neighborhood other than possibly being run into by a new Range Rover or BMW SUV).  He sent a microscopic thumbnail pic, which suggested a regular suburban guy.  I drove over to his house, an a neighborhood with gated stone driveways (no on street parking.)  Adjacent to the driveway was a very untidy arrangement of large, Fisher Price type children's toys and disposable diaper boxes (very declasse; not at all Alamo.)

When I arrived a very odd fellow answered the door.  About 6' 2", long, grey, thinning hair, and decent but gone to flab 50s.  The house was for sale (probably 3 mil) but definitely needs some touch up.  It was all in very nouveau riche style (neo-rocco.)  He lead me into the master bedroom suite, which was filled with baby things:  bassette, play pen, etc., untidily strewn about.  I commented "you have a baby" and he shared that "yeah, his wife had protested her biological clock was ticking."  He indicated he hadn't gotten much sleep so he was kind of exhausted (I am guessing he'd been partying and was coming down from it.) Yes, the wife and baby were in Lake Tahoe, apparently, but he'd gotten a text that they were en route and would return about mid-afternoon.  Looking out the bedroom window was a magnficent pool, surrounded by pristine landscaping (clearly something the present owner had nothing to do with creating/maintaining.)

He really wanted to get fucked, but also wanted to make out and to give me head.  He had some soft, mostly lesbian porn channel playing in the background, which I found helpfully distracting as this scene wasn't entirely working for me (even less than Lesbian porn, something in which I have NO interest.)  Normally I like the musk of a man, but his wasn't working for me/it was sour.  He assured me that he'd cleaned out, so I rolled him onto his stomach and started to eat his ass:  it seemed clean, but a huge, irregularly shaped hole.  Getting him wet I pushed my cock head against him and tried to enter; it wouldn't yield and he cried out in discomfort.  He asked me to loosen him with my fingers and some lube (which I stopped doing since so many guys complain about finger nails and rigid fingers) so I gave that a half hearted try.  I asked him to try straddling me, but he soon rolled off in defeat saying my cock was too big for him to take.

Dismounting he rolled on his side and pulled me to him and asked me if I'd cum on his face.  He started to give me head again, and then I began stroking; he wanted to kiss some, which was okay but then started to ask whether I liked watching girl on girl action (A:  no) and yammering about his wife's big tits (yawn)  and how he'd fucked a TV with a figure like that of one of the girls playing on the screen (I was now pretty grossed out.) Thankfully I needed to cum  and my body cooperated and he positioned his face next to my cock and licked the head as I spurt. It was a joyless release.

Normally I like to be some what considerate and not jump up.  However, I quickly asked if I could wash up/I wanted out.  Minutes later I was dressed and in my car.   Perhaps 35 minutes had passed. While the Arab lives close by, and it was now after noon I was definitely no longer in the mood.  I need to stay away from CL on my Fridays off.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Frightening Fridays/part one

Okay, my sexual hiatus is coming to a close as work will, again, darken my doorstep on Monday, when I can look forward to the return of the 11 hour day (and, our parents wanted us to go to college so that we could have easier lives:  what bullshit that ended up being.  Frankly, if I could make the mortgage I'd rather work in a factory:  at least my work would be done at the end of the shift, but then I digress.)

Last Friday was a disturbing interlude.  I was invited to join a guy who sounded sane and normal in a blue collar suburb to the north (I hate to be elitist, but that should have been a clue.  I've been there before --now that I think of it, also on a Friday --and that experience was creepy bordering on weird.)  Anyway, in this case this dude sends me a hot looking pic, sounds hot, and sounds aokay.  The email dialog didn't reveal any red flags; it was reassuring and exciting, actually. I get to his sad, but interesting, little house and then things were...odd.

The microscopic house has an unfortunate location immediately off two immensely busy streets and there is absolutely no on street parking.  Normally I prefer to park on the dude's street rather than in his driveway.  Then I can take my time:  get condoms and lube out of my trunk, walk up the street, and check out the environs.  In this case I had to park immediately behind his car, which looked like it hadn't been moved in a while; though you could nearly throw a stone at the nearby BART station/I wouldn't drive either, not with a Safeway across the street (though, I consider Safeway only fit for canned goods and emergencies, but that is a another discussion...)  The house has the absolutely worst paint job I've ever seen:  school bus yellow that looks like it was first diluted and then thrown on the house.  My radar was flashing:  WARNING; WARNING; WARNING!!!  I knocked on the door; the dude had indicated he was at Safeway 20 minutes earlier when I emailed him and said he'd be home by 12:15.  It was about 12:12 and I was aggravated to be standing there, fully exposed to God and everybody waiting for him. 

I knocked again, more vigorously. Standing there, considering the contrast between the vibe I'd gotten from the emails and the environs, I was concluding that I was an asshole and should just drive home.  But, having overcome my inertia to drive up to this sad suburb I was stubborn and stood there thinking, I'll give it 10 more.  Bored I noticed he had mail:  shamelessly I looked at the addressee and noted it wasn't a Latino name (actually quite WASP and he professed to be Latino.  So okay, the guy is closeted, but why would a white guy profess to be Latino other than because of the large number of Latino folks in the neighborhood?)  Ready to book, suddenly the door opened and a good looking,  buff/muscular dude wrapped in a towel opened the door profusely apologizing saying he was attempting to clean up for me after the Safeway run (pal, we worked out the details last night.  You couldn't clean out and shower before going to Safeway?)   He invited me in and said to relax while he finished up.   It is a small house and he spent a seeming eternity finishing up so I had ample time to prowl.

The living room furnishings were all Middle Eastern, and the kitchen table (more like a dining room table) was ersatz Chinese elegant.  It was tidy enough, but the place screamed that it hadn't been painted inside in probably 20 years.  The Middle Eastern stuff wasn't my taste but was of some quality; mixed with a crappy Ethan Allen roll top desk, and a cheap looking stand up piano.  Atop the piano was an Easter card to the Mark whose mail was in the mailbox, from "Mom and Dad". Hmmm. Mail atop the ugly desk was also addressed to the same Mark.  Okay, there was a consistent pattern.

When he finally emerged from the shower he ran to the spare bedroom (I glanced in/there was a couch that matched the mother of pearl inlaid chairs in the living room) as well as a huge amount of clutter (interestingly there were no computers, stereos, or televisions elsewhere, so presumably everything was in that room.)  The door was quickly whisked shut.  He sprinted to a room off the kitchen, which I assume had the dryer/washer and pulled out some sweat socks which he donned.  Otherwise he was in a towel.  Later when I asked him to lose the socks he indicated having scrapped his foot in the backyard:  while I promised not to cum on that foot (joke) he kept one sock on/despite excellent shape otherwise his other toe nails were thick, yellowed, and conveyed poor health if not indifferent hygiene (despite all his shoes, lined up in the bedroom, of clear quality and vigorously polished...)

He invited me into the bedroom (micrscopic, and very tidy/Asian furniture/filthy walls screaming for paint) and we began to make out.  Broad shoulders, narrow waist, defined abs, but definite crow's feet.  While well preserved (and toned) this guy wasn't in his early 40s. 

I remarked "oh you're Middle Eastern!" and he responded, that no he'd just spent time there/he was Latino.  Now I know all Latinos aren't brown/I'd just fucked an ivory one.  However, this guy gave no indication of being Latino from his appearance (very very very Caucasian) nor his furnishings.  The one possible suggestion of Latino ethnicity was his  uncut cock (which remained flaccid the entire time I was there.)

He was really into making out, really into sucking my dick, but there was nothing I could do to make his cock hard.   But from the moans and groans he sounded content.  I pushed him on to his stomach and decided to eat his ass:  he was in heaven.

We alternated between him sucking my cock and my eating his ass (sucking his cock was pointless) and we took time to make out.  I finally said "I need to ask you are you really named Mark?"  He pulled  back and said "oh, Mark ....  he used to own this place, and they keep sending his mail here."  Well I was thinking with my dick and wanted to fuck, but why would you keep an Easter card on your piano from a guy who didn't live there any longer?  How would it get placed on your piano in the first place?

I made him lie flat and pushed into him; he was a great bottom.  However, when we decided to move around and I eased out and my cock was brown (YUCK!  And, what the hell were you doing in the bathroom all that time?  You are gay and you don't know how to totally clean out?  Fortunately it was clean when I ate him, but my cock did get pretty far up into him.)  I took charge, jumped up and darted into his bathroom, washed my cock and pubes and brought a clean, wet, washcloth and cleaned his ass.  His sheets were ivory white and fortunately he hadn't rolled left or right.  After I cleaned him he sucked me some more and then I entered him again.

There were a couple of times I jumped up to wash off.  Finally I went for the gold, pumping him and asking him if he wanted my load:  he did and then some.  His eyes bulged as my cum spewed into his ass.  Yet, his cock remained flaccid.

I asked him if he wanted a second load as I was in a randy mood.  He vigorously agreed but said he had to pee.  Before he did I stood up and put my cock under his balls and we enjoyed some serious frottage while we made out; he insisted he could cum that way.  I encouraged him to pee so that we could enjoy round two.

Well he disappeared in the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes (shiting out my load and what I'd loosened, I was guessing.)  I'd earlier commented on the house (cute, loads of potential) and he indicated he'd gotten it on a foreclosure.  So I had ample time to snoop some more, which I did because I was troubled by the lying bullshit.  All the mail I found was  to the same Mark (okay folks, it was  there out for anyone to find) and then I found a blank folded check with Mark's name and a fomer address outside Oakland:  this guy was clearly the Mark in question or had a partner named Mark with whom he shared this microscopic house.  This guy claimed to have formerly lived in SF but worked in Oakland.  Too much connected; too much was intentionally blurred.  I was creeped out. I dressed and waited; and waited, and waited.  Finally I knocked on the bathroom door and indicated I needed to leave (his absence in the bathroom was more than weird.)  He checked the sad, cheap, grandfather clock in the living room and was surprised by how late it was.

I was disturbed by the experience:  he was passionate, a great piece of ass, and responsive.  But, unnecessarily squirrelly, which colored everything.  When I returned home I employed my research skills, and while I refused to spend $40 to learn all his business I was able to deduce he was 55 not 40, that he'd owned an apartment in Emeryville (Oakland) before his former house, and that yes, he had bought a bank foreclosed property (it's called looking at real estate records, folks.  They are on line.)  I think I even figured out where he works, in fact.

Well, talk about buzz kill.  So, I spent alot of time worrying about why he was such a liar (if poz, however, then he should worry about retribution and that really isn't a reason to be so incredibly duplicitous about your actual identity) or whether partnered (although  there didn't appear evidence of anyone else, much less room for someone else's shit.)  It was all unsettling.

However, rather than confronting him I wrote back to the fictional "Drew" (how many Latinos are named Drew?) and asked if he'd like an encore.  He quickly responded yes.  I figured I'd like to keep the door open should I later discover something else about him.

Well Friday and Saturdays are supposed to be his available days.  I didn't hear jack from him, so I guess the next std test will be the ultimate barometer of the outcome.  Let's just say, however,  it was weird to the tenth power.

Cleaning Ladies

So, the older soccer jock blew me off yesterday with a message indicating he'd forgotten that it was "cleaning lady day".  That's up there with "I can't go with you to your aunt's brunch because I have a dentist's appointment" type of lame excuses.  Just man up, be direct, and state that you're no longer into it, man.  Cripes.  This was after his asking if I'd been with other men since seeing him.  Okay Sherlock, do you assume that men who post ads on Craig's List are monastic after connecting with you?  You leave days between your responses and you expect that the guy has tied a piece of thread around his cock to avert a hardon in the opt chance that you might actually respond and want more?  Give me strength.

Okay, enough ranting.

So, an actual fb, the horny arab guy, contacts me and indicates he wants to connect.  However, he has HIS cleaning lady (real) coming late morning, so it means my either coming first thing in the morning or late afternoon.  As I didn't have late morning availability it meant first thing (painful as I had about 1/2 a cup of the coffee remaining to drink before showering and jumping in the car.)  I was pleased with myself to make it to his place in record time, and aside from his forgetting to disarm his security system when he unlocked the door things went seemlessly.

Again, he was playing  "Breeding Ian Jay" on his DVD, a great film to see on a big screen tv as TIM's filming is superb.  Apparently this must be one of two gay porn films he has (the other is some horrible Czech flick with too much feigned grunting and moaning.)  When he plays Ian Jay I am torn as I just want to watch the flick, particularly the opening segment with Dan Fisk:  hot!

The Arab is incredibly sexy:  a hairy bear, solid from swimming and regular constitutionals.  He was rock hard when I walked in (so he hadn't been partying lately, thank God) and it was nice to see it sticking straight out when I walked in; I knew I'd see him cum.

We made out standing up for a long time; he's incredibly sensual, and likes that aspect of it.  He got into some leisurely sucking of my cock, but being seriously hard he enjoyed my giving him prolonged head/I was concerned he'd shoot and then the show would be over.  However, hearing the clock ticking I was careful to pull off and to roll him onto his stomach to begin working his ass with my tongue.  It's always a feeling of satisfaction and skill when you can feel the guy's rosebud go from taut to totally relaxed as you lick and jab at it with your tongue.  The Arab was pulling his cheeks apart so I could get my tongue into him deeper.  He had a deep, feline like singular mantra "fuck, fuck!, oh fuck!" as I ate his ass.  My cock was throbbing and I had the excuse that we had limited time so I rose up, and rubbed my cock up and down the crack of his ass.  He reached back, grasped me and lined the head up with his hole so I could push in.  It was wet and his mantra turned into a low purr/growl "fuck, FUCK!, oh fuck!"  His nipples are very sensitive (lucky guy) so I wrapped my arms around his furry chest and worked them as I jabbed and thrust.  He grunted that we should do this every day so I guess he was getting what he wanted.

He needed a break after awhile and for me to use some lube as he was getting sore (he was actually sheepish about going there; I finally had to say "if you're going to enjoy it more, let's use some lube!")  He loved being on his back but he couldn't keep his legs fully up and I couldn't easy stay inside him with them lowered.  Finally he straddled me and started to work his cock while sliding up and down.  He wanted to know if I could cum that way:  we have an agreement that I won't shoot in him, so I was surprised/confused and asked if he wanted me to cum in him (when you bareback, and for a considerable length of time does it make a difference?  I mean my precum was certainly in him anyway...)  He replied that he didn't know.  I usually can't cum with a guy straddling me (my cum wants to shoot down I guess, not up.  Actually, it's insufficient friction for me in that position) but it was feeling good and I knew he wanted to stroke off with my cock up his ass.  So, I cheered him on and he shot a nice load and quickly pulled off me as his ass immediately got hypersensitive.  However, being really considerate he spit in his hand and started to vigorously stroke my cock.  Normally I can't get off if someone else is stroking it, but yesterday it was all clicking and I soon shot a nice load; certainly enough to soak his hand towel. 

We laid back and checked the time:  I'd arrived at 9:30 and it was 10:10; the cleaning lady was coming at 11:00, so we had time to enjoy some afterglow before I dressed and booked.  He asked me what type of soap I prefer as he wants to get some for when I visit in the future:  I take this to mean we're regulars now.

Soon I was out the door and, up and about, accomplished several major errands.  When I arrived home I had a message from my very hesistant, overly analyzing, and extremely hirsute pal who wanted me to come over.  Having gotten my nut, however, I was able to think with my brain and responded I needed to get stuff done: but, that tomorrow is a possibility...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Piano Man

Yesterday I connected again with a regular fuck buddy (I guess five sessions, and a sustained mutual desire for much more constitutes a bona fide fb...)  He's a professional pianist and the times I have been off this summer frustratingly, he has been traveling to perform and teach.  So I scrambled and rearranged my day when I got a message on a4a indicating he was available and interested.  I knew I'd only have two hours, and also know that as a late riser he usually can't get it together until ~ 1 p.m., which reduces my availability.  It was 11 a.m. and he responded to my compressed schedule by getting it together by 12:30.

From the get go we've had great chemistry.  He's bear cubbish (which I really like):  a little extra baggage that he wears well, a fine dusting of hair across his chest, stomach, and shoulders, and a very thick cut regular sized cock with a big head, and amazingly large balls.  We are totally on the same page when it comes to sex, until we get to the finale when I like to top and he likes to bottom.  Our only other difference is that his large nipples are incredible sensitive and my tiny ones are like pencil erasers (guys are very disappointed when they try sucking, pinching, and nibbling on them while we are at it and they get no reaction from me aside from possible irritation, though I appreciate the effort and intention.)

This is a guy (like me) who you'd never imagine has a horn dog, much less piggy side.  Very polite, professional, bright eyed, cultured but also choir boy like when cleaned up and dressed. Slip off his glasses (rendering him nearly blind), however,  and strip him and this guy turns into a passionate slut.  He's an incredible kisser and will keep at it for sustained periods while we are grasping each other's cock or ass. We make great music together.

We usually strive for me to give him two loads, but I realized that this was going to be a one load session unless we got to fucking immediately.  His passion makes me want to savor the time working up to fucking/while we fuck for a long time: the foreplay is simply too good to rush and makes the fucking much more satisfying.

While I like to be lying down,  we began making out immediately after we both stripped and it was simply too good to rush:  many minutes passed while we sucked each other's tongues and stroked; his balls more than fill my palm and holding them alone is really hot.  I did eventually push him down on the bed and laid on top of him and was thrusting my cock under his balls and teasing his hole as we resumed kissing.  I enjoyed licking down his chest to his cock and giving him a sustained blow job.  I was totally into to it yesterday and continued working his cock for a long time, stroking and throating it, but also just slobbering over it and repeatedly pulling back from the root to his head with my lips.  He has a large piss slit that I can press my tongue into and I was being rewarded with a stready flow of his precum that kept me at it.  But this man is an intense bottom and I wanted the ultimate prize, so I flipped him on his stomach so I could eat his ass.

Among the many things that make sex with him great is that he cleans out really really well.  His hole is squeaky clean, yet he also knows not to use any fragrance, so when I push my tongue into him he's incredibly musky:  it's an aroma I love having saturate my beard and mustache (and he apparently loves too from the passion with which he sucks face after I rim him.)  I love pulling his cheeks apart and working his spincter till it totally relaxes and allows my tongue to push in and to get him really wet with spit;  I know then that he's ready for my cock.  user Pic 1

Normally I like to tease his hole with my head, and did that for a second or two yesterday, but I wanted in and pushed ahead:  he was totally relaxed and it just slid into him.  I always have lube on the night table but we rarely use any.  It was really really good; I was loving it and he was pushing back and squeezing and sustained a steady symphony of whimpers, groans, and moans that inspired me to probe every corner.  However, he was getting incredibly sweaty and we needed to take breaks several times to cool down.  Each time as I eased out he quickly rolled over and started to give me incredible head and then made out with me.

We moved around with him straddling me, which he loved as he could feel my balls flush against his hole and it was fun to watch his eyes bulge each time I suddenly jabbed up into him more, knowing I had passed his inner spincter.  I can't cum with a guy straddling me as it doesn't allow my cock head to get enough friction.  We had him on his back with his legs up, which we both love as we can make out, but most guys can only take so long grasping their legs.  So I pushed him on his side and made him pull his thigh close to his chest, wrapped my arms around him, worked his nipples, and got into some sustained thrusting.  He was able to pull his arm back so I could alternate between sucking his pit and kissing him and then I felt my load rising and let it spurt into him.  It was double the pleasure looking at the satsifaction on his face as he felt himself being bred.  We laid there for awhile, but when I eased out he was on my cock again sucking it clean and then pressing his mouth to mine to make out.  Normally I just want to decompress after cumming and to lie still for a bit, but yesterday I was totally into it all.

Fortunately I remained hard so he was able to straddle me and to stroke off.  I am amazed that he can simply decide to cum pretty quickly when he starts stroking (or to hold off.)  Appreciating that the time was running out he let go quickly and a nice warm load coated my stomach.   We rolled on our sides and spooned and engaged in some small talk (state of the economy and the upcoming election/yes we certainly switch gears.)   An hour and 45 minutes had passed and I knew I needed to make tracks, so to avoid dogs and cats following me I took a quick shower and headed out.  I am anxiously looking forward to an encore performance.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bronco Encore

As luck would have it, the short, buff, Latino colt gave me a call yesterday at noon to ask if I could come over again.  In terms of too much information, I was checking out some porn and ready to take matters into hand when he called.  His timing was optimal in terms of my horniness, but not in  terms of my schedule:  I had a work commitment:   needed to get a hair cut;  needed to get dressed up; needed to get into my office early to prepare some notes.  But instead thinking with my then hard dick, I put it back in my pants and agreed to come right over to his place, advising him that I only had an hour.

I quickly showered and then flew like a bat at of hell over to his place, reigning terror among the leisure class drivers as I wove through traffic.  When I arrived he was standing in his sweats saying he'd not had a chance to clean up (read:  out)  yet and maybe we should try for another day.  I was not going take no for an answer after the aggravation of getting there and told him to clean up then as I didn't know if I could come back.  So, he vanished in the bathroom for 10 minutes bordering on eternity as I paced his little bungalow and wondered whether I was simply nuts and should just head home/I had a full afternoon ahead and his failure to prep earlier was cutting into the time I didn't have.

Finally he emerged from the bathroom; he was starting to fuck around with the tv set and the fan when I got directive.   This might be some seemingly muscular, macho piece of trouble, but I recognized he wanted me to be his daddy, and sons take direction from daddies.  So I got him on the bed and we got into some hot oral action and making out.  His nice uncut 6" got fully engorged and I wished I had more time to fully savor it but did give him some quality oral.  I asked him to straddle me and he said "all you want is my ass"; I responded that I eventually wanted to get into it, but wanted to enjoy the journey getting there.  There was a bit of the jumping up and down to get water, and to adjust the fan stuff from the other day and I told him he was hyper.  Despite the language barrier/this guy's English is functional, working class English, clearly he'd been told that before.  He eyed the attic where the sling was located and I made it clear I had no time for that.

It became clear that what he wanted most was to be held and loved.  I was forceful about making out instead of pecking, and he was getting into it:  more tongue than lip.  I rolled him onto his stomach and entered him and he bucked and thrashed and was vocally enjoying it.  However, it was hot and humid, I was "hearing" the clock ticking, and further distracted by his moving around.  I found myself growing soft and slipping out. 

He didn't realize that it was starting to not work for me; I was determined, however, to get off.  So I pushed him on to his side and made out with him as I stroked his dick and he worked mine.  I had to direct him to work the head of my cock, and he grasped our two cocks together to stroke them as we made out: now  this was working for me as my cock got fully hard again and he was totally into it.  By that point I'd decided to stop waiting for signs of what he wanted for direction and to simply do what would be sure to get me off.  I rolled him on his side again, fucked him for awhile, but got soft as I wasn't getting enough friction coming from him, and we got on our sides again.  But it clicked again: I got totally hard and rolled him on his stomach, pushed in, and got a nice rhythm going, directing him to fuck me back with his ass.  My cock was feeling good and I could feel my load building:  no time for prolonging  this today but he was sighing and moaning how good Daddy's fucking was making his ass feel; flipping his legs up, then down and wrapping his calves around mine so our feet was touching (which I LOVE.)  I felt it coming but as I promised him, I pulled out  in time to shoot and a small pool of my cum puddled in the middle of his back (nice visual:  broad shoulders, tapered waist, hard ass, with cum glistening on his back.)  There was some distraction locating a towel to wipe him off and then I said "we've got to get you off", but he shook his head.  I realized then that the whole point of his inviting me over was for him to get his Daddy off.  He recognized I needed to get rolling and had only limited time.

Soon he's moving, so he told me we needed to work in some more sex there before he moved as he was going to become a good boy for a long time (he's moving in with his sister and won't be able to have company.)  We'll see.  However, it is nice to be able to enjoy a hot, firm stud like him.

Just over an hour had passed and I sprinted to the car and blazed a trail home.  I actually had time to shower again, dress up, and made it to the barber, who noted I was sweating and asked "did you really just eat lunch?" as it wasn't that hot out.  Wow, I thought, is the fact that I just fucked someone that physically obvious?  I laughed and told him "yeah, unfortunately."  Got to maintain that choir boy image.  And, I arrived at work with ample time and then resumed my regular, staid, existence.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bucking Colt

Yesterday afternoon was a quite interesting experience.  Alot of it was weird and had my anxiety radar flaring (is that a mixed metaphor?)  However, it ended up concluding in a sweet fashion.

There is an intensely hot Latino guy (as I learned, from Mexico) who has come on to me. I thought we were on for two Saturdays ago, but he didn't respond to my voice mail (I was surprised that he gave me his number.)  This is a buff, muscular guy in his early 30's (not ridiculously muscled, but extremely toned all around and zero body fat.)  He originally contacted me on a4a and I sent him a message there saying I was concluding he had changed his mind.  I got a response he was still interested.  We went back and forth based upon our mutual availability/unavailability.  He could host.  Yesterday we determined to connect.

He has a very heavy accent (despite coming here as a kid, so he lived in a Spanish speaking community whereever he's been since) and it when talking with him on the phone to get his address it was a major challenge to figure out what he was saying.  In person you don't have any trouble understanding him but that's the power of eye contact.  He was majorly concerned about my not coming to his landlord's place, which is next to his (he currently rents a carriage house/I have experienced such situations before, read:  Sexy Salvadoran.)  Well, I almost got there and he called and was having major phone issues (Iphone of course, so affecting internet as well as voice.)  I need to part on the street as he lives off some court that is a virtual alley.  A crappy house in a great neighbhorhood.  I walked around gingerly as his phone died when I was speaking to him; suddenly I saw this bare chested guy silently (frantically) waving at me.  I walked some circuitous route around the property to be ferretted in some side door directly into his bedroom.

He's in the process of moving/just broke up with this partner/wants to work some mansex in as he's moving in with his sister and is looking at infrequent hook ups thereafter. (Lucky me I guess.)  The furnishings are shabby (the bed was clean and neat, a good sign).  He asked me if I liked porn, was fairly determined to put some on, which frankly I don't like.  If I am going to have sex, I want to have sex and focus on the guy, not imagine I am one of the players in movie or that I am fucking one of them.

He needed to get something to drink; he needed to pee; he needed to make sure the curtains were drawn; he needed to put barriers up in case the ex came back; he had to move the fans 97 times.  He needed to put an additional piece of fabric over the window to make sure the landlord couldn't see.  When he went to pee he vanished for several minutes and said I should get naked.  I was thinking I should probably just get out.  I got up, went to the bathroom and said "are you okay?"  He was hyper, but I didn't think methed out or anything.

He came back with a large jar of vaseline (so I figured, the guy wants to bareback) and finally started to peel off his pants and jockies.
Click on the image to close

  He has an ivory white body, shaved head, chick teaser goatee (alot of thought has gone into the macho appearance) and interesting small patches of dense course hair atop his pecs, and the top center of his back.  Very dense pubes and a nice, but smaller, uncock cock.  He made some joke about he would start charging now, $100 an hour.  I freaked and was thinking how to get the fuck out of there, when he hugged me and said he was kidding (the rare times I have had rent bois come on to me it really really pisses me off.)

This guy is hot but super hyper; couldn't stay still.  Pecked, didn't kiss (well a small amount of tongue) and alot of rubbing, but little stroking.   He did suck my cock a bit, but admitted he wasn't a great cock sucker.  He wanted to know what to call me/I knew he wanted me to say daddy, so I did.  Well he loved watching his body rubbing against daddy's in the mirror, he loved how daddy looked.  He said I'd look great in a flannel shirt and boots, and that too bad it was hot because he had a sling in the attic (I hate slings/I hate play rooms:  thank God it was hot...)  He asked if I'd put on a work shirt and I replied "perhaps next time".  We rolling around, he kept frantically rubbing me.  He'd get up and put a tiny smear of vaseline on his lips.  I sucked his cock which he loved, and his balls, and rolled him over and ate his ass,and rubbed my cock up and down his crack and teased his hole.  He thanked me for not rushing (by this point over an hour had passed and I was nearly through with this shit.)  I asked him to straddle me to tease his hole.  He started to slide down it, but then decided he wanted music on the tv (Cripes!)  I asked what time it was and rolled over to look at my watch.  I said I don't have alot more time man.  He asked how long and I said probably 20 minutes.  He started to get pouty and I responded "well, let's fully enjoy the next twenty minutes."

This guy is macho but I needed to take control.  He reached for the vaseline (yuck!!!) and I shared that I brought some Wet.  I lubed my cock and his hole and he slowly slid down onto my cock (finally.)  Now this is some hot boy hole:  he's about 5' 7" and a beautiful firm flat ass/baby melon halves.  He liked that I was letting him take it slowly and when he came to a stop I knew to give him short, slow jabs.  The switch went on; he was less hyper and into getting fucked.  I managed to get him flat on his stomach and got into some serious fucking, but he flailed the entire time:  his legs went up and down; he bucked --thrust back--pushed back to roll on his side--wrapped his legs around mine.  He said he was loving it and I said he was going to make me cum:  he said, please just not in me.  I decided I needed to bring this to the final chapter, so  focused on massaging my head as much as possible in his guts and felt it cuming, pulled out and shot a nice couple of streams onto his back.  I wiped him dry and said "we need to get you off". 

He asked if he could straddle me and I was still hard: he pushed me inside him (this was within seconds of my cumming) and I'm lying there thinking "dude you wanted me to pull out to cum and my dick still has cum in it."  Okay, mental reassurance.  He rode my cock and furiously tried to stroke off but it wasn't cumming; he was partially hard/got nearly hard...he finally said if I don't cum soon I'll let you go. He didn't.

Perhaps he hadn't been using speed/sometimes guys can't shoot after all that stimulation.  However, meth also does that (fucking nasty shit that it is.)  He offered to let me shower but I wanted out.

He did share with me that he'd been depressed over the break up with his partner.  And, was telling me why he was concerned about his landlord (he felt bringing hook ups over could be seen as disrespectful.)  He's actually a nice guy, but very hyper.  He told me he wants me to come back (I am giving it thought) before he moves.  He gave me a hug and a pec and I found a message on a4a saying he definitely wants me over again.  We'll see.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hollow Promises in the Heat of Passion

Yesterday I got a message from one of the guys who responded to my CL ad on Monday asking whether I was available.  I'd just come back from another assignation and wasn't looking (well, wasn't inspired --then-- for a second partner in one day.)  I was intrigued, though, because while I liked the guy's stats (and that he is in the same town) I concluded he was a flake because he wouldn't forward a pic and otherwise his communication was squirrelly. 

This morning as I drank my coffee I was on the prowl yet again, and decided to respond to his message from yesterday.  I put another ad on CL and in the responses I received (not the rash of Monday; hump day must be slower for horn dogs, but a respectible number nonetheless and no lunes flagging) I got a response from the guy nearby.  (It amazes me when you state you can't host how many guys respond:  "let's get together, but I can't host" or ask "can you host?" Or, they live 22 miles away:  come on guys, this is the Bay Area; 22 miles of driving equals misery.  And, I know BART is a quick shot:  a quick HOUR each way.  Of course, those are always the buff, muscled eye candy whose responses make your dick drip.  But life is full of missed opportunities, and e-mail ping/pong.)

Well the local guy indicated he was sending me a pic, but from his yahoo account.  I thought "flake alert".  I waited and didn't see it and responded I hadn't; I also questioned whether he was a flake because he asked me to describe how I'd fuck him.  I wasn't in the mood for cyber.  However, he had sent the pic/it preceded his message from his gmail account (talk about complicated) saying it was en route.   Apparently he must use the gmail account for hook ups and the yahoo account for regular business (I found that the yahoo account was his actual name.  Go figure.  Well I did get the pic a second time and he looked fine: in fact the arms looked pretty athletic.  So, the glacier seemed to move.  The next thing I knew was that he forwarded me his actual address.

He lives in a "wow" neighborhood.  Walking up his driveway I noticed a "my daughter is an honor student" at some local middle school decal on his SUV.  When he greated me at the door I noticed alot of laundry piled on the couch and family pics scattered about (the inside, while okay, needs lots of work and isn't as yuppie perfect as the rest of the neighborhood.)  I said "oh, I just did the math and now know why you were gun-shy about connecting at first."  He looked puzzled, and I responded "you're married, right?" Nope, he's divorced.  As he led me into the bedroom I gathered that the ex got all the nice furniture, but everything was fine enough.

Now this is an extremely nice looking guy: balding and #1 cut now, but must have originally been sandy blonde.  In his early 40's and when he kicked off the shorts he had an amazing ass, with a fine coating of ginger hair, well defined pecs/just enough hair on his pecs and stomach, and nice arms and hands:  shit, nice EVERYTHING.  He looked to me like a former college soccer player who has stayed in steady contact with the gym.  A nice, modest sized, uncut cock that most guys would be quite proud of.   He'd advised me he needed a directive top, so I pulled him to  me and stuck my tongue in his mouth.  This man needed some mansex; he was an awesome kisser.  I stood and sucked his tongue and then explored his mouth with mine, while grasping his dick and tickling his balls. 

My friend really got into sucking my cock, commenting on how big it is ("much bigger than it appeared in your pic") and did a great job sucking it.  I was loving it.  He had followed my instruction not to use deodorant, but was freshly showered and no manmusk arose the whole time we were at it, but he had dense long hair in his pits. He loved making out some more and got into my nuzzling his neck with my beard.  This boy needed some lovin' for sure.  I pushed him onto his back and licked down to his cock and gave him some serious head and lapped at his balls,  But, it seemed to make more sense to roll him on to his stomach to eat his ass.

Well being rimmed had him very verbal, but sotto vocce.  After I'd been at it a good while he begged me to put the head in; I started to tease him with the head and to rub it up and down his crack and to tease his rosebud, but he said several times "please give me a little, please put the head in".  I had noticed condoms and lube on the night table and assumed they were the ground rules but I pushed the head in a bit (he was very wet) and he pushed back until I popped past his spincter.  He was groaning how great it felt but begged me to go really slowly as he'd never had one my size before.  I was patient (hell it felt GREAT:  a super tight hole attached to a passionate stud) and he sighed with pleasure as I very very slowly pushed more in.  He asked me to stay still and then wanted to fuck himself with my cock.  It worked for me and he was loving my head working his prostate.  He was sighing and saying "you'll need to keep teaching me how to take it", "you'll need to make this your hole."  Frankly, I was blown away that we were barebacking and that this guy was such a cock slut (but, you'd never assume I was the horn dog I am if you knew me in any other context.)  Finally, he asked me to ease out as he was getting sore (again, I was amazed he didn't at least want lube, but I guess after I ate his ass he was ready for anything.)  Alas, I could tell we needed to clean up when I pulled out (he got bonus points for not freaking:  I assumed we'd be done.)  He got up and said "let's shower".  When I asked if he was done he responded "I don't think so." 

I got in the shower and he followed me in; I quickly figured out why as he stepped in front of me, let me wash his ass, and pushed his ass back against my cock and begged me to put it back in him.  We fucked for awhile in the shower; he washed my dick and then bent down to suck it in the streaming water.  (It's been years since I showered with another guy and fucking in the stall was a first for me.)  We got out and toweled off, and went back to the bed.  While I laid back he stood and sucked me, he was determined to see me cum.  Then he got on the bed, straddled me and slid down on it and stroked his cock, while fucking himself with my cock again muttering "give it to me; give it to me."  The guy actually wanted me to breed him I think.  Finally it was too much for him and he pulled off, wiped me off and started sucking again. He said he wanted me to shoot on him, so I pushed him back and made out with him while we both stroked.  I shot a nice load (thick though; I must be dehydrated); it was like white toothpaste on his thigh.  I pushed him back to get him off and was pleased he was into it, but I worried because he was soft:  he rose to the occasion.  Also, sucking and stroking him he got close quickly.  He moaned and said he was going to cum; I kept at it and he kept announcing it was coming; I realized he was giving me a chance to pull off.  I figured though, the guy has younger kids, and he just let me bareback him, he must be okay.  He shot in my mouth (pretty bland and not a big load.)  I thought to reassure him by jumping up to spit it out but thought that was ridiculous and just swallowed.

We got up and started to dress; he talked about going to the gym to work off some stress (I thought, isn't that what we just did?)  So, the jock came out; he was pleasant but I could see that the switch had been clicked.  He shot his load and his mood completely changed.  Fair enough.  I tried to make quick small talk and he was pleasant but I could see it was time to get out of his hair.  I don't imagine he really will want me to keep training his hole how to take me:  that was "pillow talk."  I also think he was a bit weirded out by my swallowing (come on man, you just let me fuck your very tight ass with my bare cock and just spit!) 

As is my habit, I sent an email back thanking him and indicating if he ever wanted an encore to let me know.  He actually responded wanting to know if I enjoyed it and telling me how much he wanted to take me to my balls. Also he asked if I had a male or female partner, so he's clearly processing what we did, and whether it's safe to try again.  Regardless whether it happens again, I was thrilled at the shot to eat and fuck that fine fine ass of his.  Daaammmmnn!

13 July/Addendum:  I got a message from this guy asking me back this week to see how much deeper I can get and inviting me to be a regular FB.  Yessss!!!!

18 July Addendum:  I got a message proposing that we get together yesterday, with the question "have you been with other men since we were together?"  Yesterday morning I got a message that he'd forgotten that the housekeeper was coming that day.  Interestingly, we played a week before.  Guess the housekeeper doesn't come on a regular weekday...Lame excuses are so tiring.  Just say you've changed your mind dude.  Clearly we will not become fuck buddies.

23 July Addendum:  I got another message saying he was sorry last week didn't work out but still wanted to get together.  This is almost entertaining.

Cuddle Bear

Yesterday I was pleased to wake up to a message from someone who promises to become a regular fb:  I guess if you connect three times that you are on the way to being fuck buddies, particularly if you can sustain it.  Anyway, he was taking the day off and knowing I was off he invited me over.  Yesterday was promising to be brutally hot, so it was good to have sex early in the day (I like to get sweaty, but if I get overheated I lose my hard.)

This is a really nice guy:  definitely a bear, but one who wears his weight well.  He's a man who has made his living with his hands, and he has broad shoulders, thick hard hands, and sweet flat ass.  He also has a big, thick, uncut cock, which is very tasty once he starts to drip precum, which I manage to stimulate shortly after we strip.

Yesterday I walked in and we went to the bedroom and he had all his clothes off in about 30 seconds:  there was no small talk, at least then.  I took maybe 60 seconds to shed mine and we were soon embracing, grasping each others' cocks and making out.  Lickedly split (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun) we were on the bed and he was giving me an incredible blow job.  His cock is great and I enjoy sucking it, but it is hard to throat and I find it more work than he finds sucking mine.   However, I really enjoy eating his ass, and while we got into a 69  session with me munching it while he was sucking me.  But I realized he'd enjoy it more flat on his stomach so I made him lie down so I could seriously tonguefuck him.   His voice was low and groaning with intense pleasure.  Soon I slid into him and sucked the back of his neck and licked inside his ears while fucking him.  He has great control of his guts and was pushing back and milking my cock.  It was great and knowing he could take it again, I got into it and allow my load to spurt when I first felt it rising, though we'd been at it easily 20 minutes.  Another great thing about this guy is that he is a bottom who can get fucked again after cumming.  He straddled my cock, which hadn't gone soft, and started to seriously work his cock while riding up and down my dick.  I was fascinated as his eyes literally rolled back as he was getting his nut:  I am a quiet type when I shoot but this guy let's go with gusto.  He dismounted and got a towel as his cum was dripping down my sides onto the bed.  He and his partner have a don't ask/don't tell relationship, so we didn't want to have him spending the remainder of the day doing laundry.

He was soon on his side and got very chatty.  I find him endearing, but his voice is a deep, low growl when he's getting fucked, but suddenly gets higher, fast pitched and very chatty during the afterglow.  It's like a switch has been flipped from macho to Nancy (sorry, that sounds perjorative, but the communication style goes from one extreme to another.)  It is fun lying back with him:  he talks about loads of things that have nothing to do with sex and it's extremely comfortable and relaxing.  Each time, however, while chatting one or both of us resuming stroking the other's thigh, grasping his dick, and then we are making out and grinding against each other.  Yesterday he was soon sucking my cock with vigor again:  I laid back and simply enjoyed it, but was soon on top of him pushing back into him.  It was nice to feel my cock sliding back and forth in my earlier load and while I normally worry whether I can summon a second load that quickly with this guy it comes with no effort at all.  Again, his eyes were rolling back in his head, his moans were low, deep, and insistent.   We rolled onto our sides spooning, with my still  hard cock in him. And again, after I came, his voice got higher and he resumed being chatty.  Very interesting.

I probably could have given him a third load, but I really didn't want to turn it into an entire day.  So, reluctantly I got up and showered and wished him well till next time.  He's sweet as well as intense sex.  Woof!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Intense Fuck

Well, today I unleashed my inhibitions.  I posted an ad on CL and, wonder of all wonders, some idiot didn't flag it (last time I got a valentine calling me an old fart by the moron who flagged me.  The moron must have been busy this morning...)  Well, I had a series of extremely hot prospects.

I started this enterprise assuming I'd get flagged (no one from a4a was biting) and then a host of extremely attractive prospects sent messages:  they knew to send pics, they were attractive, and many could host.  Unfortunately, typically those who can host are in Oakland or SF, which is frustrating for both of us.

Anyway I had a non-sexual meeting at noon, so that sort of cramped things.  However, the first responder, and the one with the most colorful responses (read: graphic) was pretty persistent.  And, he later indicated he was neg, though I fully recognize that can be totally bullshit (though, I try to ask the question in a manner that invites someone poz to affirm that.)  Mr. Hotstuff, besides sending hot pics after setting up a potential date tomorrow, begged for the opportunity to come out and at least give me a blow job.  Slut that I am, I was charmed and suggested a local motel.   The dude agreed to come out.  I jumped in the shower, and while grooming was astonished when I got a call 20 minutes later:  he was at the motel and hot to trot.  While he checked in I drove over to meet him.

Now I won't paste his face  pic, this is an incredibly hot looking guy.  Early 40's, beginning to grey a little, and simply hot.  Unfortunately, a small cock (5" max) but a delightful ass that begged to be eaten (again look above, and salivate!)  He was in a red jock and insisted on undressing me (sweet, but a bit tiresome).  He was anxious to give me a blow job and was damned good at it.  Fortunately, he wanted to get on the bed.

This was incredibly passionate mansex.  He loved making out (incredible tongue, very loving) loved sucking my cock, and went nuts when I ate his ass.  An incredible ass, and recognizing he has hot wired nips I squeezed them while I ate him:  he let up a steady stream of moaning and encouragement.  We switched off with me eating his ass, him sucking me, us in a serious 69 position (me sucking his ass instead of his cock) and making out.  He cautioned me at the outset not to play with his cock too much as once he cums the game is over (eventually I did get the jock off and licked up the major amount of precum cascading out of his cock when I started fucking him.)

I got his ass really wet and sloppy rimming it, and then teased his ass with the head; I was soon in him.  He grunted in major pleasure:  this guy was incredibly verbal and asked me if daddy liked his pussy. Trust me, I did.  It was moist and he knew how to use his ass to clench and to then loosen up.  It was an incredible fuck.  He was really worried about pleasing me, but was truly into being fucked and wanted to be bred. Throughout the session me maintained steady, intense eye contact with me.

This was too good to rush and I knew he was a pig.  I eased out and ate his ass which made him nuts;  he wanted to suck my cock after I'd been fucking him, which I asked him to do, and then made sure to make out with him.  He was in hog heaven.  He straddled me dripping precum:  I wiped it up with my fingers and both ate it and fed some of it to him.  He told me next time he's going to fill me with water so I can piss inside of him/this guy is wild.

I didn't want to give it up early, but he wanted at least two load in the two hours we had. Finally I let go and he went nuts:  he clenched my cock with his guts and moaned it was growing fatter as I spurted into him.  He insisted I lie on him to decompress, but once it eased out he was on my cock to suck it.

This was a case where I totally let go:  I totally got into it.  I started to rim him after I fucked him.  He loved it.  We made out afterwards:  he was totally into sucking my cock and telling me he could taste my cum on it.

We went back to fucking:  it was nice and silky fucking his hole after I'd cum in it.  Also, I could definitely smell the cum when I pulled out to periodically rim him.  He definitely wanted to please me and was begging me to breed him again (I need at least 30 minutes after cumming once to cum again.)  He has an incredible ass and alternated between clenching down (moaning he was trying to shut me out but that my cock couldn't be stopped) and letting his ass go slack.  I gave up on cumming again, and pulled out and he gave me a serious blow job.  However, I wanted to try to breed him again and kept rolling him on to his stomach and pushing into him again:  several times getting close, but not being able to cross the threshold..  Then finally I felt it rising.  As I spurted into him he went nuts:  he moaned "I can feel it throbbing".  It was and, despite being sore from nearly two hours, another load pulsed into him.

We were both past our deadines; the sand had run out of my hour glass.  I wanted him to cum.  Unfortunately I was past my piggy phase:  intially I wanted him to cum in my mouth; now I just wanted him to cum (if I start out wanting the guy to shoot in my mouth I usually find that after I cum that desire to swallow his load as evaporated.)  He straddled my cock and sat on it again (amazingly it stayed hard) and demanded I seriously work his nipples so he'd feel them tomorrow, while he stroked off.  Finally he started to cum:  a dribble at first and then it shot across my chest so that it was dripping off my side.  He was hyperventating (I cum quietly and intensely, but not with that passion...)

It was piggy, it was intense, it was passionate, it was sweet.  It was a great two hours.  We're supposed to be on again for tomorrow (how his hole would allow it is a mystery for me; my cock was getting sore.)  He asked me at a point what I was doing.  I responded "making you my fuck buddy".  I hope I succeeded.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well late this morning I found myself free and suddenly on a4a I had two almost simultaneous messages.  The first was from a Latin guy who I've noticed for months and who has checked out my profile.  Last week he came on to me but it wasn't convenient.  My caution vibe was on (lots of tattoos and a muscle man) but he gave me his phone number and shared that he is married, and that his wife and two kids were out for the day.  He was upfront about where he lives, and shared that he and his wife now have a "marriage blanc".  So, cognitive dissonance kicked in and I thought he might be okay some time.

A second message came from a 23 year old who came on to me earlier in the week; pretty aggressive and asked if "daddy wants some boy hole."  Well Daddy does, but usually my caution vibe kicks in when I am approached like that.  This morning, however, I was incredibly horny so I gave him some serious consideration.  We exchanged pics, but he only sent a torso pic, and then ignored me when I asked if he had a face pic to trade.  Then there was an interim of about 10 minutes when he didn't open my last message (after he'd responded immediately to the others.)  I wrote "hope you find what you are looking for:  happy hunting" and then got a message that he could host and was ready.  However, he started asking me how I liked to fuck, wrote back other questions and it was evident he was (is) a flake.

During the meantime I kept communicating with the Latin guy (Nicaraguan) who asked me to call him.  I decided to head over there:  he asked me to hold off for 30 minutes so that he could clean out.  I wrote the kid-flake I was busy but might be free later.  He's still on a4a but not opening my message (I am imagining he's jerking off while stringing guys along:  whatever gets you through the day dude.)

So I headed to the Latin guy's place.  He met me outside and I followed up to his apartment.  He has an amazing body and I could tell it was a great ass as I was following him up the stairs and I was growing pretty hard. 

Click on the image to closeWe got into his apartment and he wanted to get down to business immediately.  I asked him if he kissed and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I thought, okay, this isn't going to be passionate sex.  He's a short guy (5' 7") and ridiculously muscled; probably -15% body fat; you could bounce a quarter off him.  And, an amazingly big uncut cock that was drooling precum.  I knelt down to suck it and then he wanted to get into face fucking me (which I hate:  I like to give a long blow job, but I like the guy to be lying back.)  He went to start sucking mine and Finally I insisted we get on the bed  so that I could suck it. user Pic 1
He was lying back and I was working it, but I kept thinking how much better this could be if we were making out and going back and forth.  The guy has dense hair in his pits and I would have loved to have gotten into eating them out:  I did the math though and concluded this was going to be a suck and maybe fuck session and little more.

 I started to suck his balls and tried to go down to his ass, but he didn't get the message to lift his legs.  Finally I told him to roll over and started to eat his ass.  He as pretty tight and kept trying to clench his ass cheeks and spincter.  He finally started to relax and I got into some serious ass eating.   He wanted to suck me some more and I positioned him so I could eat his ass while he sucked my cock.  I went back to his cock a couple of times because it was dripping and I love precum.  I had him lying on his stomach and rubbed my cock up and down his crack; he grabbed it with his hard hand and positioned it outside his hole; I figured that it was so that it wouldn't go in.  Finally he said get up and he stood on a step stool and pushed back against my cock and it went in (it was weird, when I arrived he first insisted on standing on a stool while I sucked him.)  I pulled out and asked if we could do it on the bed; he wanted to stand but got off the stool and I pushed into him again.  A TIGHT hole and the guy knows how to clench.  However, he pulled off and insisted I lean against the wall and pushed back until I penetrated him.  He definitely is a power bottom and wanted to control the moves.  It felt great and I could feel my load rising; I kept telling him that he was going to make me cum and he kept pushing back harder.  I am not crazy about fucking while standing so I decided to let go.  He loved it when he felt me cumming and squeezed my cock with his guts really hard and kept fucking himself with it till I pulled out.

Well, there was no afterglow. He's a nice guy but he asked if I wanted to clean up.  I mentioned he hand't gotten off (frankly I'd have liked to swallow his load) but he said it didn't matter, and the situation was one I wanted to wrap up.  He graciously showed me out (he put on his jock, a tee shirt, a baseball cap, and black leather ankle boots to show me to the door, lol...) It was odd, but I wasn't creeped out.

As I left I figured this guy is a bottom who needs to be in control of the show in order to feel macho.  Well I got off; he got his ass bred, and I guess we both got something that we wanted.

Monday, July 2, 2012

the Scent of a Man

While traveling I woke up the other morning hard as a rock and logged on to a4a.  I found a message from a guy who'd been persistent the night before; I responded that I was sorry to have missed him  and then heard a message come in; it was him responding.  He wanted to talk on the phone, but it was 6:45 a.m. and I declined responding I was just waking up.  He asked if I was horny and I responded yes but had a noon meeting.  He wrote he was free right then and ready to hook up.  I tried to call him, but the call failed to connect.  So I responded to clean out and come to my room.  I learned he was then on the bus heading into town, so he'd need to shower again when he got there.  About 20 minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

He walked in and seemed really tentative and said "let's see if there is chemistry".  I thought, swell, we have to play the courtship game/will I be able to get rid of him quickly?  However, he immediately started to strip off his clothes.  Responding to my surprise he said "well we have to get naked, right?"  Well I was down. Tall, a nice dusting of chest hair, broad shouldered, tapered waist, flat ass, a full, thick head of hair (though later I didn't enjoy the five o'clock shadow on my cock or alls...) We embraced and exchanged a tentative kiss.  Next thing I knew he was sucking my cock and I led him to the bed.  He asked me if I had lube and condoms (I did.) With him face down I started to eat his ass:  he immediately went crazy and got very verbal, demanding that I get my tongue all the way up his ass, and forcing his ass against my face and was groaning about how great it felt.  After I'd eaten his ass for awhile he wanted to make out and got increasingly better at it.  He pushed me back and sucked my cock and wanted me to eat his ass more.  After getting him really wet I laid on his back and teased his crack and ass with my cock.   He loved it but really got cranked as I teased his hole with the head of my cock.  I pushed against it and partially pentrated him and he regretfully pushed me off:  I was fine with that.  However, he pushed me on my back and started sucking me again.  I persuaded him to straddle me and to tease himself with my cock; he eased down but stopped before I fully penetrated him. 

We went back and forth with him sucking me and me rimming him  Occasionally I sucked him (a nice, long, uncut cock; unfortunately all he wanted was to be fully throated; he was thrashing around too much for me to give him a good, sustained blow job for any length of time.) I got him on his back and teased his hole with my cock head, and simultaneously started to suck his toes,which made him moan "I love that!" My cock entered him, but I didn't try to push too far in.  He mildly insisted "we need to use lube and condoms." Since he'd indicated he needed to shower more I wanted to wait before we went there as I figured the show would soon be over after we got there as if he was dirty I'd be done (however, by that point there had been no smell or mess.)  He went back down on me and said "I love the smell" and I thought, I have a live one here.  I pushed him back and started to eat his pits, which he loved.  He has defined biceps and long, silky hair in his pits; unfortunately he'd used deodorant.  He asked me if I could taste my dick when eating his ass (I couldn't but of course said I could to keep him rolling.)  He loved the smell of my balls (I hadn't yet showered).  We gotten to the point that we were totally going primal and were passionately making out and going back and forth dick2ass. He wanted me to suit up and get the lube. By that point I'd had half my cock in him several times and he'd repeated sucked my cock and we rolled around making out passionately, and he asked me to eat his ass some more.  After getting it really wet I teased him some more, had my arms wrapped around him,  and had my cock all the way inside him and was sucking his neck and ears.  He was putty in my hands and we got into some serious fucking.  Every time I pulled out I was totally clean and he was anxious to suck my cock some more after it had been in him/he'd gone from not wanting it in him bare to saying how great his ass smelled on my cock. I asked him if he was okay and if he was enjoying it; he said yes, but said you'll need a condom before we fuck (we'd been fucking for easily ten minutes; all I could figure was that he eitherwanted me to try to pass his second spincter or be certain it was wrapped so I could shoot in him).  I was then at a point where I was really enjoying it/he was groaning in pleasure telling me how much he loved my cock, and I could feel my load rising. I warned him, I need to pull out before I cum and pulled back and shot on his back.  He totally freaked (I hadn't cum in him) and felt the load on his back and jumped up and rain to shower.  So it goes...

When he got out of the shower I again assured him I hadn't cum in him; he whined "I didn't even cum!"   "I said, well you jumped up and left, but we can fix that."  He came back to the bed wanted to cum on my face and stroked off and shot a massive load that soaked into my beard and stache (I figured he'd really get paranoid if I ate any; I was trying to mellow the guy out.)  We'd been at it for over two hours, and I needed to clean up and pack.  Fortunately after cumming he started to dress and get ready to leave (lesson:  tops, never let the bottom cum till YOU are done,)  He started getting philosophical,  I definitely was ready for him to go.

I hadn't intentionally wanted to do anything he didn't want to do (it was pretty obvious he wanted to be fucked, and loved it bareback/and really wanted to go there.)  I think that we didn't know each other jammed his head.  Frankly, at the outset I was uncertain of him and worried about his status, so his paranoia assuaged mine, ironically. 

While I vigorously showered and shampooed after he left and during a business meeting that afternoon I pleasantly noticed that my beard and stache were still scented with his musk.  I love manscent and hate to shower after sex (if the guy's ass has been totally clean.)  It was an unexpected treat as I found his scent pretty subtle when we were at it.  And, when I got back to my laptop there was a message from him on a4a asking when I was going to be back in town and for how long; he's interested in spending the night.  A4a sent me an email indicating I had a "match";  apparently he not only recovered and wants an encore: he friended me and I friended him.  I wrote and said "no deodorant next time!"