Monday, February 18, 2013

Return of the Silver Cub

Well, despite it being Presidents' Day, I had to work.  A frentic Monday it was but then, late morning I heard my phone bleep.  And there was a message from the Silver Cub, wanting to know if I had the day off.  I texted him I'd be available about 5:30 ; waited 10 minutes, and then deciding I wanted to know gave him a call.  He was pleasant, had just gotten out of the shower and was clearly feeling horny and wanting immediate gratification.  He replied he wasn't sure about 5:30 but would let me know.  I wasn't holding my breath; but then 2 hours later he texted he'd be free and was looking forward to seeing me.

"Lucky me" I sarcastically thought after the many recent close calls.  But I recalled the two times I'd connected with him being nice, sustaining my interest in a repeat.  When I got there, however, I wasn't feeling at all snarky.  He's cute, and he's nice, and he's a serious horn dog in a low key fashion.

He'd just gotten out of the shower again (shades of Pontius Pilate) and led me to the bedroom and had his clothes off in a millisecond.  As I'd come from work I had to peel off the jacket, the tie, the dress shirt, yadda yadda yadda.  He was reclining on the bed as I did and he looked sensual and scruptious.  While he's got an average to smaller cock, he has a huge ball sack and untrimmed pubes which are a nice contrast against his pink skin.  And, he has great legs and thighs:  woof.  I was really thinking how much I was looking forward to sucking and rimming his sweet bubble butt.

But, we began with me lying on top of him; he grasped my cock and placed it under his balls, and we made out while I sawed between his thighs and teased his hole.  He's a great kisser:  he has a lovely beard, and soft lips, and a big tongue.  Damn/I wasn't in any hurry to move on; but he was:  he wanted to suck my cock and went at it with gusto and then rolled onto his side and inched back and placed my cock against his hole/he was really hungry for it.  He told me he hadn't been fucked since I was with him last, which would mean a two month hiatus.

I pushed him onto his stomach though and started to eat his ass; he was clearly enjoying it but was relatively quiet.  But I had to suck his cock as well, so I rolled him onto his back and started to suck him while fingering his ass/the soft sighs were pretty damned audible and increased in frequency.  I moved to his balls and was really enjoying it.

However, he wanted me in, so I rolled him on his stomach, initially tried to push in and then grabbed the lube.  He was amazingly tight, so I just penetrated him and held still:  he started to sigh and to push back on me; I just eased in a little, but he kept pushing back wanting it as deep in him as possible.

It felt great, but not expecting to hook up I'd stroked off when I woke up.  And, my skin has been pretty dry with battling the cold, and my hands have been rough and my cock was pretty chafed and I've been spanking the monkey the past two days since the Beefy guy encounter.  I was grateful for the moisture of the lube, but I could see that getting to the finish wasn't a given/the pleasure was offset with some soreness and the head wasn't entirely feeling it.

He was loving the fucking, and I was loving giving it to him.  His soft moans were incredible encouragement/he was letting me know what was feeling good and encouraging me as I pulled back or sped it, or pulled back to just give him a few steady inches in and out.  I looked at the clock and I was in him only about 16 minutes after arriving, but we kept steadily at it for an hour.  He was on his back with his legs on my shoulders (very hot/muscular hairy calves and thighs and simply beautiful feet:  damn.  I found myself caressing and kissing them while pistoning in an out) and he said "I can never know when you are ready to cum, but I want to watch your face again while you do."   Well the pressure was on and I didn't know it was going to happen, so I explained I'd need to take a break.

Well I eased out and we made out and got into some mutual stroking.  And, I went back to sucking his cock and then he took me in his mouth -- it usually turns my crank when a guy sucks me after I've been fucking him and this guy is amazing, but it wasn't going there.

He was incredibly patient and worked the head of my cock while we made out, and we went back and forth --me back in him/us mutual stroking and sucking.  Still we were really enjoying it and very relaxed with each other.  Then he said he'd like to try stroking off while I fucked him and worked his prostate, so he got on his back and invited me to push back in/ He added "you can still fuck me after I cum:  I know I'll be comfortable."  Well, it was pretty hot, and I got my cock head so it was in the precise spot to massage his prostate and he was groaning and stroking vigorously and then started to spasm and cum spewed a load into the hair on his stomach.  I waited till he'd finished throbbing and gave him some short, slow post orgasm jabs that he was loved.  And then I eased out and, to his surprise, leaned down and sucked his cum wet cock into my mouth and then licked up his load from his stomach, rolled him off and spit most on his hole and some into my hand to lube my cock, and pushed back into him.

The scene got very hot/the kinkiness of using his load as lube was turning us both on and I was grinding into him and there was plenty of friction, but he was being affirmative and my cock wasn't feeling chafed/I could feel it all clicking and then I thrust deep into him as I came.  He pushed back hard and we held still and he noted "I can really feel your cock throbbing."  We were both very satisfied to have gotten there and he encouraged me to just lie on him for awhile as it grew soft.  But I stayed into him and pulled him onto his side and spooned with him while stroking his chest.  It was fine.

Well, we'd been at it an hour and a half at that point and I needed to get home and to eat and enjoy some evening.  So I dressed, we kissed, and he walked me to the door saying "I'll see you again soon."  Damn, I hope so.  He's sexy as hell and I want to arrange something on a morning I save my load/then maybe he'll get two.