Saturday, December 29, 2012

Italian Stallion

Okay, I recognize that many of these titles are cheesy, but they are intentionally provocative to entice you to read the latest entry.  And, sorry, no pic this time.

So for several weeks, or more, this late 40s guy has been checking me out on a4a.  He's a versatile bottom and describes himself as an Italian with a great ass.  (I know, how could it get better?)  Salt and pepper hair and beard, and very fit, though he also describes himself as a bear.

Today he wanted to know what I was up to, then when I indicated I would be free he was iffy about it.  Off on/on off.  A bit tedious and some message ping pong with what I interpreted as intentional interludes when he didn't open the messages.  Okay, not being sanctimonious, but realized he was evaluating his options.  I wrote back saying if I got the chance I was looking forward to giving him a l o n g rim job, and the next thing I knew was he was giving me his address.

It's in a neighboring town that I find an immense pain in the ass to navigate (the pun is entirely unintentional) and I got lost heading home once again (one of those charming situations where the road you drove in on only heads in one direction, and then you are finding yourself disoriented, in a worn down in the heels neighborhood, and pissing away alot of time and energy trying to figure out how the hell to get home.)

Getting there was quick and easy.  And, as I pulled up to his house by pure coincidence he walked out the door.  This guy is actually all dude and I was astonished that he was 48.  He mountain bikes (the bike was next to the bed) helping to explain his firm, meaty, well developed ass.  As we went inside he quickly led me into his bedroom.  Total boy here:  no art on the walls, barely any furniture, and cardboard boxes storing various things, but all clean and neat.  Once in his bedroom he pulled off his pants and laid face down with his bare ass, framed by a jock, sticking up.  Well, nothing shy or retiring about this boy.  Without a word he let me know what I was there to do.

Well, he has a fine ass, and while clean this guy has serious man musk going.  He was very vocal and really really into having his ass eaten for a long time.  He'd asked me to bring lube, leading me to make some unfounded assumptions.  After my eating his ass for a long time I asked if he'd like me to tease it with my cock and he responded  with alacrity "yes, I love that!".  So I was rubbing it with the head of my cock, and teasing it, and he was pushing back groaning about what a great cock I have.  This went on for quite awhile, and I was definitely a couple of inches in him.  Then he suddenly pulled back and said "you were almost inside!"  He referred to jerking off with me teasing his ass and I asked if he wanted to get fucked, resulting in his asking whether I had a condom. 

Now, I went into this expecting the strong possibility of a condom, but not because he listed "safe sex only" in his profile.  Most guys who like it bare state that (correspondingly requiring that  you carefully tuning your bs director when guys insist that they are neg.)  So, I asked if I needed to run out to the car (he'd come out before I'd had a chance to rummage through my trunk for where I keep them.)  He searched his bathroom and came back with a Magnum (to my relief. )

I suggested we keep playing before fucking, and got him on his back learning why he had the magnum condom.  This boy has a big dick; easily as big as mine.  One of those cocks you simply love to hold:  warm, thick, long, with a big head.  I asked if he liked to get sucked, then went down on him and fingered his hole at the same time.  He was very vocal.  I sucked his balls and made him pull his legs up to eat his ass some more and asked him if he wanted it teased some more.  I stroked our cocks together and then pushed against his hole. I sucked and chewed his nipples and licked his pits, making him sigh "I love that".

 Eventually we were both back to playing a don't ask/don't tell game.  I eased into him and he again said "ooh there, I like spot" and was pushing back against me until he had it all inside him.  I was fucking him bare and he was very affirming, and after awhile he pulled back and said "you were almost in again".  Come on!  This happened a couple of times and I asked what he wanted.  He said he'd be more comfortable if I donned the condom and fucked him.  Fair enough.

It actually felt good fucking him with a condom; clearly not as stupendous as skin to skin, but this was working for me. He was really enjoying it, and really wanted to stroke off and grasped his cock. I was deep in him. He has a nice dusting of ink back hair on his chest and flat belly and soon he was cumming.  A normal orgasm, not porn star pyrotechnics so his chest hair didn't end up saturated like I expected/it sort of just oozed out of his big piss slit and a small amount ran down his cock.  This guy wasn't into reciprocation in a big way, so I asked if he wanted to see me cum (he'd started off the communication by inviting me to come over to stroke off on his face.)  He encouraged me to shoot all over his chest.

Well, on my knees isn't how I typically rub one out and I don't cum quickly.  I was stroking and feeling good but not optimistic about cumming.  Simulantaneously I was fingering his balls,and started to finger his hole making him sigh with encouragement.  I bent down, rimmed him some more, licked his balls and cock and then the switch went off in my head.  He could sense the change and encouraged me to shoot my load on his asshole, which I did.  Okay, now there was a disconnect there for me/to insist on a condom after awhile but then want my load on his anus?  I guess he rationalized that it was "outside".  I guess that is marginally safer; if it works for his mental health, great.

He has a great temperment and was upbeat and thanked me for making it a "perfect Saturday" and allowing him to stay at home tonight without feeling restless.  I was glad to oblige.  He's indicated he was still learning to be a bottom (not surprising with that cock of his.)  I offered to be a tutor.  We'll see if there is an encore.  Right now I am savoring the aroma of my stache and beard, which are saturated with his musk.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Hot Slab of Man

Today I assumed was going to be a rub one out day.  I was alone, but hadn't planned ahead.  Holiday weeks are typically slim pickings; everyone is busy.

Well, I had this message on a4a from some guy who'd been (apparently) lusting after me (read:  my cock) for over two years.  He's married, and could host.  He had a serious itch he wantedClick on the image to close me to scratch.

Okay, this guy is apparently 60 (you'd never guess it) but hot.  He's honest:  he stated that his cock is 5" (it is. and surrounded by a lovely, dense, bush of pubes.  It's also uncut.)  He told me he was psyched he might actually get my cock which he'd been hungry for. Well talk about ego boost!

It took seemingly forever to get to his house at the far end of the next town.  No highway connection, just densely packed local roads.  Too many rights and lefts (I got lost en route home.)  But I arrived.

He was giddy that I was there.  And this dude looks no older than 48/hardly 60.  He's a passionate kisser and I was able to run my fingers down his crack while we embraced (he was going commando) while he groped the cock he hoped to meet.  (Later he remarked, you always get to play with this? <my cock>.  I assured him I take it with me wherever I go.)  I liked the kissing; the dude is cute, and passionate.  But he eventually pulled off and said "let's go upstairs."  How could I refuse?

Okay, as he stripped I was again thinking "how am I so lucky?"  Defined pecs; defined biceps (this guy is fucking 60!)  Washboard stomach.  Small cock but hot.  He warned me he'd cum at the drop of a hat.  He was very anxious to suck my cock, and he was damn good.  He kept sucking my nipples (which does zero for me) but I didn't have the heart to tell him that doesn't do it for me; he was too fucking psyched.  He pulled off and told me how much he wanted my cock in his ass, and that he was likely to hold off from a spastic orgasm if I was inside him.

Well, I needed to eat that ass.  And what a lovely ass (I still have its musk in my stache and beard),  I really worked it:  nice/defined but relatively flat.  He was in heaven; so was I.  I had my tongue as far in him as I could get it.  I had him first on his back with his legs pulled up; then on his knees.  I asked him to go flat and then he spurted his load (I reached under him and grasped his dick and then licked my fingers.  I didn't want to freak him out but I definitely wanted a taste, and it was good...) 

I worried it might be done, but went back to his ass and started to rim him some more; he was so psyched.  And then I started to massage his crack and hole with my cock head.  He was growling with pleasure.  After a while he asked for a condom; I resumed alternating between eating him and teasing him.  Eventually I was about 2 inches into him as we both pretended  I hadn't penetrated him.  But he again asked for a condom and I rolled over and got my lube (Wet as opposed to the nasty Astroglide he had, and Magnum Trojans I carry.  Circulation is important to me...)  I wet myself, the inside of the condom, and lubed his ass/he begged me to finger him.

Soon I was inside him.  Bareback sex has nearly ruined condom sex for me; I could barely feel anything.  But I was loving his body; I was loving him thrusting back; I was loving his legs thrusting up and back down thrashing in pleasure; I was lovely wrapping my arms around his chest and entwining my fingers in his callused hard working hands.

I encouraged him to straddle me after I'd gotten him on his back and fucked and made out with him on his back (his legs were soon tired.)  As we dismounted the condom was nasty; he didn't freak.  We grabbed a towel, wiped off, I donned a new condom. He rode me and stroked off a second load.  It was hot (I never got to suck his dick, which was disappointing.)  He was spent; I encouraged him to dismount.  But this guy isn't an asshole.  Besides his offering me a glass of wine or something to drink about 47 times, he was also worried about my getting off.  I asked him if he was done when he was done, and he said yes.  I said, okay, but asked him to lie next to me.  And he leaned over and kissed me.  And I said "this is what I meant" and made out with him/this hot hot man, this passionate macho stud was banquet enough.  I didn't need to bareback and breed his hole.  It was enough to explore his fine body and to pleasure him.  As we kissed my load shot out of my cock up to my nipples.  He was impressed/I felt good/it was nice.

He was cool, but I knew he needed me to go (his wife couldn't have been too long away.)  We kissed several times; I talked about reconnecting, which he's indirectly approached after shooting his second load.  I indicated I'd be willing to host; he perked up/surprised.  We kissed more passionately and I left with the promise and intention of this happening again.  I like this man.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rubbed Raw

Earlier this week I hooked up with the older cub guy again.  He's incredibly sweet and cute:  he gives off really positive energy.  Unfortunately he's typically only available on weekdays, which is a drag as I have to hightail it from work to his place and only have limited time before I need to be home.

For a guy who claims to have only been fucked a few times before me (okay, this guy is 51 and gay/what's the likelihood of that unless he's been a top?) he loves getting fucked. 

I really love his body.  He has thick muscular calves and thighs covered with wiry hair (sort of like a terrier.)  This time he was really anxious to get fucked and rolled over when we got on the bed and pushed his back against me.  I usually don't want to rush the bottom, but it was definitely working for me, so went to town and gave him a fine rim job (sweet, tight, cute little ass) and grabbed the Wet and slowly slid into him.  Well, my boy for an alleged relative novice was thrusting back against me and taking it all with gusto/he was loving it and I got him on his side with his thigh pushed up against his chest and I was balls deep/he had it all

Now stupidly --again-- I'd beaten off that morning, and I was tired that afternoon, so my cum didn't seem to be perculating.  However, when I only have limited time (and he has a fucking grandfather clock that was reminding me every 15 minutes how much time had passed) I start to feel like I am making a deadline, instead of fully savoring the experience and allowing my orgasm to arise spontaneously.  But, I started to get my rhythm and I was ready for it to build and shoot and then his fucking heating system went on and a vent blew hot air directly on me for five minutes.  Weird as that sounds, it blew my concentration and frustrated as hell I eased out and said I needed a break. 

We both cuddled and made out, me stroking him while he stroked me, and then he went down on me.  Now the kinky side of me is seriously turned on by a bottom who doesn't hestitate to suck my cock after it's just been in his ass (even better if he sucks it right after I've shot into his ass.) Now, when we first connected via CL he approached me to suck and was hesitant about bottoming.  And, with my being focused on topping him he'd really never gone down on me much.  Well, I then discovered that this guy can really suck!  Damn it was good, and I normally don't care much for being sucked, but this man has serious talent at it.   He was really savoring my cock and working my balls.  It was pretty obvious to me that I could cum lying back, but I let him know I now wanted to be back inside him.  I could see his ambivalence as he reluctantly stopped sucking me; he goes to sucking like a fish to water.  I could see him doing the math:  take his load into my mouth or my ass?

What was also great (besides the kink element that stoked my libido) was that he'd sucked all the lube off my cock.  When I went back into him there wasn't alot of moisture and there was serious skin to skin friction.  He was grunting with serious pleasure though, and I was loving it, but I worried about him getting sore.  However, from the feedback it didn't sound like he cared/he was getting what he wanted and seemed to be in hog heaven.  And then all the pieces of the puzzle came together and I started to spurt, causing him to growl "a silent cummer, huh?  Well I know because I can feel it!" and he thrust his ass back against me hard.  It was fine.

Well, the sand was running out of my hour glass, so I showered, and reluctantly left.  I am hoping we get to connect again soon as I am off till the 2nd (woo hoo!)  He indicated he'd be free Monday, so I might just have to run out and get some stocking stuffers that morning (stuff his stocking/okay cheesy, but I couldn't resist.)  This marked our third hook up/if we connect on Monday I think we are in the fuck buddy category.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thirsty Ass

After a long hiatus (well, over 3 weeks) the Arab and I reconnected today.  I'd just had sex (albeit, unsatisfying sex) with a guy on Monday ("don't cum in me") but it seemed like an eternity since I'd had sex and I was horny as hell today.

The Arab had been sending me messages on a4a saying he missed my cock and loads and asking when he'd get some.  Fortunately today worked out for both of us (the holiday season is impacting everyone's availability.)

He'd just gotten home and texted me and I jumped in the car and he simultaneously jumped in the shower.  When I arrived he was still in the bathroom. 

While he loves to get fucked, he is incredibly passionate and we stood and made out for a long time. I grasped our cocks together and noted that I have at least two inches on him (his is a nice size and has great girth; its a nice handful.)  He was really into sucking my cock today, and was grunting with gusto while doing so; interestingly I wasn't hard when I started to strip, and it took a few minutes of him sucking to get me really hard (after which I probably could have rammed it through the wall.)

I was enjoying the kissing, and the oral, but I really really just wanted to get to fucking.  Possibly I could have asked, but we both had the time, and I don't want to "fuck up" a good fb relationship by leaving him unsatisfied.  So, I took it slow and gave him a great blow job as well.  Throughout my sucking he was offering encouragement by repeatedly blurting "fuck" "Fuck" "FUCK".  But, giving a killer blow job is a delicate balance:  if you want to fuck him you need to pull off at the right time.  Few bottoms want to get fucked after they cum.

Well it was pretty routine:  I rolled him over and rimmed him for a long time, and then teased his hole with my cock head.  He reached back at a certain point, grasped me and impaled himself.  We started out with just spit, which was fine, but I also didn't want him to get sore before I came, so eventually I grabbed the elbow grease.

Today he was really into fucking himself with my cock.  Most of the time I remained still while he thrust back against me.   I did periodically get into fucking him (and had him on his side with his thigh pulled up, so he was getting maximum penetration/it was refreshing to be back inside a guy who both wanted and could take the whole thing.)  However, he kept breaking my rhythm, which was fine, but after awhile he was calling for me "to explode inside him."  The pressure was on, once again.  Also, he wasn't very tight, so I wasn't experiencing much friction (he might not have been getting mine, but he's been dipping someone's wick, that's for sure.)  It was pleasant/he was entwining his calves with mine and we were rubbing our feet against each other as we fucked, but I could feel a deadline approaching.

I hadn't cum this morning (damn near killed me not to rub one out, as I was a tad hung over and desperately wanted to cum when I woke up) so I was certain I would shoot.  However, it messes with your head when the bottom is anxiously begging for it (note guys:  it doesn't operate like a thrown light switch or a faucet.)  He was letting me control the action, and I had pulled back to just fuck him with the first 3 to 4 inches of my cock (I really like literally entering and withdrawing from the guy's ass.)  He got into the action by squeezing down on me as I thrust, and then my mind and cock connected, I could feel it come on, and I could tell I was spurting a serious load.  (Oddly, several minutes after I came he asked if I had:  I knew this was a serious load and was surprised he didn't notice/he's commented on feeling it when I'm only giving him my second load of the day...)

He immediately rolled on his side and quickly stroked off (I am always astonished by guys who can cum quickly.)  Before I came I was fantasizing about taking his load in my mouth/I actually really wanted it.  But, as usual, once I'd cum that desire vanished.  My load must have been running out of him, because he shoved a towel under his ass while he beat off to keep the sheets from getting wet.

Today he wasn't in a hurry:  he threw his thigh over one of mine and I stroked his chest as we chatted about our Christmas plans.   Possibly he would have been up for another round, but today I wasn't.  I was restless and wanted to get rolling (weird, as usually have been ready for more and he's the one who wants to wrap things up/pardon the mixed metaphor.)

He wanted me to see his myriad Christmas decorations as I was leaving/which was sweet (not at all my taste, but sweet nonetheless.)  As I left he said he was sure we'd reconnect before the holiday.  Well, glad I am sustaining that momentum.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Cum in Me!

I had an overnight trip out of town and an important business meeting Monday.  My flight was late afternoon and I was due in around 7 p.m.   While I had the opportunity to sleep in; I also needed to be prepped and sharp for my early afternoon meeting.  So, I imagined the likelihood of hooking up was slim and perhaps unwise.

However, I still think largely with my cock, so I updated my a4a and MH profiles to indicate I'd be in town and able to host.  The night before I left (Saturday) I had a number of guys come on to me, hot and anxious to get laid.  But, it was a Saturday night.  Their "ardor" cooled at the possibility of a Sunday night hook up.  As luck would have it my flight was delayed, I arrived hungry, and needed to get a bite to eat when I got settled.  So, it was about 9:30 and the guys in whom I was interested who had earlier wanted to hook up now thought it was too late (actually it was for me as well) but a number flirted and suggested the possibility of hooking up on Monday (several more wanted to know how long I'd be in town, and seemed disappointed I'd be gone the following afternoon.)

I was beat and threw in the towel and, alone, hit the sack.  But getting up early the next morning I logged on as one dude on MH, who's sent me about 20 messages there and had texted me said he wanted to hook up early that morning:  FLAKE (but no surprise there.)  But on a4a another guy came on pretty aggressively, despite my saying I only had an hour and needed it to be quick.  I made it clear he'd need to be cleaned out and out in an hour.  Next thing I knew he said he'd be there in 20 minutes.

Mid 50s; tall, fleshy but wears it well.  A great kisser and we soon were naked and fell on to the bed.  I was task oriented and was soon sucking his cock and then eating his ass.  His cock was about 6" but thick.  He loved being rimmed and soon I was teasing his ass.  While I teased him I slightly penetrated him throughout (I was in about 2") and he started to murmur he wanted a condom.  I pulled off several times to rim him some more and resumed.  Not being a creep, I didn't shove in, but this guy clearly wanted just that.  However, as he protested more about needing a condom I pulled out, rolled over, and pulled him on top of me.  He was straddling my coc, and suddenly jumped up to grab a condom.

I'd figured, in advance, that this was going to be condom time. Doing the math, I figured I wouldn't cum.  I had to explain to the guy not to just roll the condom on to me, but to lube my cock first and then to put some lube inside the condom (my class in condom 101.)  However, I decided to make the best of it: soon I was in him, and his being tight combined with a well lubed condom was making my cock sing (albeit, a faint, and somewhat off key song.)  But my balls were in harmony with my cock and I was thinking this might happen.  But every time I was getting into the groove the dude had to switch positions (grrr.)   And then, he said "just don't cum in me" (meaning, don't cum into the condom covering your cock while you are fucking me.)  Well, fuck that!

It might have happened after 40 minutes or so, but I was getting frustrated and didn't have the desire or time to turn this into a morning. The second time he admonished me "just don't cum in me" I rolled over onto my side, pulled off the condom and said "I want to cum."   So I put up with some cursory kissing (the buzz was killed and the kissing was no longer connected to the experience for me.)  I was now into a mechanical jerk off in and effort to eject the guy from my room. So, dutifully my cock gave up it's load and then he was inspired to cum.  Yawn.  I quickly said "would you like to shower?"

After he dressed and left (he was a bit chatty and I sped up the conversation and nicely, but firmly, ushered him out of the room) but the entire occasion was pretty flat.  It confirmed my transcendent belief that if you can't do something well then don't do it at all.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Playing Him Like a Fiddle

Last week's married dude with the then dirty butt sent me a couple of emails asking if I'd like to hook up again.  I was mildly surprised as I imagined he might be really freaked about how dirty, awkward, and just plain tawdry our encounter was last Saturday.  However, I'd been really mellow about it and indicated I was willing to host some time.  My read on this is that the guy is married, super discrete, and rarely is invited anywhere to comfortably get fucked.  Also, I do have a nice sized cock.

Anyway, I responded last night that I could probably host today, but wanted to check in with him in the morning.  My boy had a clear itch as I found messages from him at 12:30 a.m. and then again at 9:15 a.m.  It did my ego good.  He offered to meet again at his sister's empty apartment for some mutual sucking if I couldn't host after all (no way; not again...)

The Arab had indicated he'd be free this morning as well.  We keep missing each other, and it's weird because some times he responds to texts and other times he doesn't.  Fair enough; the guy is single and I know he gets other action (a couple of hook ups ago he'd talked about fucking a younger guy in his sling, and when I was showering after we'd played I noticed condom wrappers in the bathroom trash/interesting as the Arab and I have always barebacked...but then, I digress...)  I logged into a4a this morning ~ 9:30 before responding to the buff married dude.  He wasn't on; yesterday I'd texted him without  getting a response, so it never occurred to me to text again (he just left me a message on a4a indicating that he'd been waiting for me to call: go figure.)

Well, I wrote the married dude and we engaged in a bit of email ping pong; it was 9:30 and he wanted to come right over.  I was still in my robe and drinking coffee after having retrieved the paper.  Besides showering, hosting required a bit of house prep; he was talking about coming here to shower first which wasn't thrilling me (I'd offered to let him shower here, but wasn't envisioning it getting that complicated and wasn't enthralled with the thought of him cleaning out in my shower.)  He said he could go home first and shower, which I encouraged him to do; we settled on an hour and a half later.

He showed and it was a bit awkward and mechanical until he stripped and got his glasses off.  This guy needed direction, yet at the same time I didn't want to throw him off.  So I got down and started to suck his dick.  He was fully hard from the start this time, and the guy's cock is actually a nice size besides being the ideal prototype in shape:  7" long, probably 4.5" thick and simply beautifully tapered.  It was a mouthful but very throatable.  I was enjoying it and he was lying back, but it occurred to me I was reversing the roles here and didn't want to mess up what could be a good ongoing thing.  So I pulled off and asked him what he liked to do; he said to suck and to 69.

Well, he sucks well enough and clearly loves my cock.  Getting sucked works for me sometimes, but we are talking a very inhibited dude who doesn't like to kiss/or is afraid to try.  I told him to get on his knees and to suck my cock while I ate his ass; the position didn't allow for my tongue to get in his ass while he sucked me so I was restricted to massaging his anus while he sucked and playing with his balls.  While he was over me I was checking out the long, dense hair in his arm pits (woof) and the fact that he manscapes (lol/I find it hilarious when married guys do that.)  He simply has a very fine body; flat stomach, taut calves, thighs, arms, but not overly muscled.

 He sucked me for awhile but then got up and laid flat on his stomach and murmurred "come on daddy" (there was no conversation up until that point.) So I proceeded to give him a killer rim job, which he was enjoying.  But he started to get vocal when I lined my cock head up against his hole and grasped it with his hand and then pushed back and sighed with alot of pleasure when it penetrated him.  He kept pushing back even though it was just spit and it kept going forward.  I was giving him some short jabs, but eased out, grabbed the lube and prepped his ass and my cock and then started to slide into him.

Okay, this guy loves to have a cock in him; he started to moan and sigh with increasing pleasure and volume the more I pushed into him.  I was taking it easy as I don't think this guy gets fucked too often and I wanted him to enjoy it.  His ass felt great; what I found interesting was how incredibly warm his back was as I pressed my chest against it.   I got to study him and this guy is not good looking/clearly had serious acne for awhile, and has wiry/not attractive receding hair.  Not ugly, but the vgl self image is clearly a function of a nice bod, not a handsome face (now, he's not ugly or anything either.)

I was really doing my utmost to push his buttons, and was pulling back and massaging his prostate with my cock head; he was thrashing and kicking the bed in pleasure and wrapped his calves around mine; it felt hot to feel his feet rubbing against mine as he groaned.  He was grasping the pillows and rocking back and forth.  Eventually I had him on his side; I never completely thrust into him because I could tell when I had about 6" in him he was maxed out; if I'd gone balls keep for some long dicking it would have broken the spell.   He reached for his cock and I told him to hold off/that I'd get him off.

For me the control of fucking this guy was the whole experience; I was really enjoying how he'd abandoned himself and was letting go; he was moaning "I love your big cock in my ass".  It felt great but I didn't feel a load coming up because I was factoring that he wasn't going to let me shoot in him (later when he begged me to cum I asked where and he said "just not in me" confirming that conclusion) and I was dreading what I might find if I pulled out.   He started to moan he was going to cum and I was enjoying the fact that he might shoot his load without touching his dick (I've had guys do that several times, but not in awhile.)   It was pretty clear I was working this guy's prostate and was in a state of pleasant torture. 

I could tell I wasn't going to cum this way:  we weren't kissing, he smelled entirely of bar soap, and I was going to need to pull out, and he was telling me he was getting sore.  So I evaluated the situation for what it was:  I was getting to fuck a  really hot bodied dude, and that was banquet enough.  He started to moan again that I was going to make him cum and I encouraged him to let it go.  He grasped his cock and stroked while I fucked him and then started to spasm.  He wanted me to pull out but I encouraged him to just lie there, to decompress and enjoy the after glow, and then to let me very gradually ease it out.  I did and my cock was clean (whew...of course last week he'd straddled me and shoved down till I was balls deep in him.)  He was ready to jump up and I encouraged him to just lie back for a sec to catch his breath.  However, I also realized this is an inhibited dude, so then quickly said "feel free to jump in the shower".  Once he's shot his load I could see the wheels turning and he was feeling really awkward about the situation; fair enough.  Eventually he'll come to peace with what he needs and what he's doing.

He came out of the shower and I left him alone to dress.  Soon he was out of the bedroom and I walked him to the door; he almost bent over to kiss me but I could see him catch himself mentally.  We shook hands, he thanked me for hosting, and I wished him a nice weekend and encouraged him to keep in touch.  We'll see.

I still haven't cum; the Arab is busy with some function right now and indicates he might be free at 3 but has to leave for work at 5.  Hmm.  I might just need to take matters into hand.

Cuddle Cub

The older bear/cub that I connected with late Saturday was off Wednesday.  I had to work, but had a respectable hiatus before I needed to get home.  So, I arranged to meet him at 5 for task oriented hour or so.

He was clothed this time when I arrived, and seemed shyer than when I last arrived.  But he greeted me with a kiss, shooed his dog away, and led me into the bedroom.  We commenced the awkward process of making out and groping each other while simultaneously attempting to strip.  He draped a quilt over the bedspread and we proceeded to drop onto it naked and to begin to explore.

Since this guy is, allegedly, a relatively novice bottom again I took it s l o w.  He wanted to make out and he's a phenomenal kisser, so it worked for me.  I figured the more we made out and the more foreplay the less tense he'd be and the more he'd relax and his body would willingly accept my cock.

He's chunky, but has a delightful, tight, bubble butt that I really enjoyed eating (okay, let's face it readers:   I like to rim period.)  And, it was great to lightly graze his bod with my fingertips.  His calves and thighs are firm and thick, he has defined biceps, and all have a fine layer of dense, but not too wiry hair.  He's just nice to touch.  He liked having his armpits nuzzled, but while he didn't seem to have deodorant on, they exuded a tremendous aroma of scented soap.  He's quick to jump in the shower after sex, so he's another guy that's hyper about being clean (frankly, I don't think a little sweat is unhygenic, much less toxic.  But then, I like the natural scent of a clean, healthy man.)  Suffice it to say that this guy assures that he is devoid of any possible musk.

Well, he enjoyed sucking my cock; this time I didn't get to his at all (but it's not very big, and not a particular thrill to play with, other than to listen to him sigh with pleasure sucking it.)  I focused my attention on working his nipples and rimming him.  He was super wet from my rimming and I teased his hole with the head of my cock for a long time, and then pressed against him.  It entered, but I realized that for a neophyte that if I pushed it all in he might get gunshy about being fucked (again.)  So I pulled out, grabbed the lube, and then literally glided into him.

Again, I felt like I'd cum immediately.  But he was really enjoying it and was being a power bottom, pushing back and fucking himself with my cock.  Since we were both enjoying it I held off, and then went into that period of wanting to cum and wondering whether the opportunity had passed (when you have limited time this jams your head: you're looking at the clock and thinking, I'd better cum by x o'clock or I won't have time to shower and go home, and then that concern kind of takes control of the situation.)  I managed to will myself back into just enjoying it, and then I felt it build up (full disclosure:  I'd awaken horny as hell, albeit at 5 a.m., and had jerked off that morning.)  What I find fascinating about this guy is that when he felt me cumming, this time again he pushed back hard and wanted it deep in him/no inhibition at all, just pure want/need, and no second guessing afterwards or buzz kill interregations about last hiv/std tests.  He totally lets go (well, so have I.)

While I was fucking him he was attempting to jerk off; I needed to discourage that; a hand stroking his cock between our stomachs totally throws off my concentration.  Perhaps selfish, but I have learned not to let the bottom cum before I do; otherwise in 95% of the situations I won't get to at all.  After I shot, and eased out, he was on his back and I was stroking his balls and sucking his nipples till he shot a nice load (he has big balls that are fun to hold/it's like having a warm, hairy, softball in your hands.)

We just cuddled, and then he got quite conversational, and discovered we shared a couple of John Gare's Six Points of Separation.  I felt badly because I was enjoying his company but also I needed to get practical about the time and to shower so that dogs and cats wouldn't follow me, and to head home.

It was very satisfying; I would like an afternoon of total abandon with this guy.  Hopefully sometime soon; as I left I told him to let me know if he wanted an encore and he responded "you know that I do."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kiss Your Boy When You Cum!

After work tonight I had an encore with the Asian American guy I connected with late last week.  His roommates are still out of town and, since one normally works from home, he was anxious to maximize this rare opportunity to discreetly host.  And, why would I pass up such an opportunity?

Unfortunately, yesterday wasn't conducive for me (he has Sunday/Monday off) but he was game for late afternoon.  So I actually had an excuse to leave work on time and headed out at 4:50/I felt reckless and free.  His place is only 20 minutes away and an easy direct drive, so before I knew it I was walking in where he greeted me in red briefs.  He's pretty meticulous about personal hygiene and wanted to know exactly when I was getting in the car so that he could jump in the shower just before I arrived (a seeming contradiction with the fact that he likes to get bred, but is grossed out by the towel with cum on it afterwards.  It's interesting how individual minds work...)

We had plenty of time this evening, so it was nice and relaxed.  He laid back on the bed and stroked himself while he watched me undress and then beckoned me to join him in bed.  His mood was almost feline:  Thursday he was aggressive and the situation was often primal; tonight he wanted to cuddle, make out, and caress.  Worked for me!

While I really enjoyed it, I was thrown off by how passionate he was.  I realized tonight his saying "suck my cock" was more pig talk than directive, but he did start off by directing me to lick his nipples (I found out he doesn't like them nibbled on.)  He loves having his armpits nuzzled and they have nice long hair (yes, he's Asian American/otherwise pretty smooth except for a tiny bit of very wiry thigh hair.)  He really got into sucking my cock ("my ass is hungry for this cock"), but is a bit daunted by it's size (okay, it's respectable, but I am not John Holmes) and loved my sucking his ("do you like sucking my cock?")  I realized he just needs to periodically utter things/sort of like breathing.  I am just more of a heavy breather/it takes all types...

He was shy about, but anxious for me to eat his ass and told me I owned it; it is my ass and he wants to please daddy with it.  Works for me.  I was inspired and wanted to do all I could to make him pant for my cock.  Frankly I was mentally patting myself on the back for the fine rimming I was giving him.  He was loving it, but nervous about wanting to get his ass relaxed to take my cock (later he said he thought it still hurt from the fucking I gave him a couple of days ago, and trust me I wasn't rough.)  We had plenty of time, and I was really enjoying the banquet leading up to dessert.  He told me it was all about pleasing daddy (okay, I have reconciled myself to being a daddy with many guys...)

There was a long period of my teasing his ass with my cock head; lots of lube, and several partial penetrations (well I guess full penetrations, but not the entire insertion of the full length of my cock.)  Several times he asked me to pull out and assured me we'd get there, but he needed to get relaxed.  I was content; I was licking and stroking him, he wanted to be nuzzled and to make out while my cockhead grazed his anus.  It was nice, and since we were taking our time I could appreciate what a beautiful mouth he has and his incredibly nice eyes, which periodically widened when I hit some good spot with my tongue or cock head.

Finally he was at a point of sufficient relaxation; he didn't ever want to be on his belly:  he wanted to make full eye contact while fucking.  I eased it in and then he directed me to stop:  he said "just let it slide in..."  And, eventually it did/it actually felt great just holding it in place and having it gradually ease in of his body's own accord.

I realized I needed to chill and not give him full long dicking:  it was apparent that when I thrusted the entire thing in it was pretty uncomfortable for him.  Of course, he's about 5' 7" and weighs about 135 lb (I held him in my hands and marveled at how tiny his chest was.)  He was loving just three or so inches slowly probing him/short jabs.  But, this only made sense; I was working his prostate.

He need a couple of rest breaks, more lube (next time I'll bring my variety,which doesn't dry out as readily) and then I needed to persuade him to stop stroking his cock and to wait to stroke off after I came.  He agreed but was insistent that when cumming I needed to fuck him hard (which I didn't/I could tell it would kill him.)  But after several times of feeling myself getting a groove on and being interrupted to use more lube, or to pull out for a bit, I advised him he'd had me close several times.  Getting his hand from around his cock (and between our stomachs) helped alot.  I was still only giving him about 4" at a time, but his ass felt great massaging my cock head:  I could feel it rising.  His eyes widened and said "are you cumming?  THEN KISS ME!"  I bend down to passionately kiss him and gently pushed farther into him while it pulsed.  After I finished spasming I locked eyes with him and asked "are you ready?" and then very gradually inched it out/he slightly winced as the head popped out.  We spooned and then he rolled onto his side and while I stroked his nipples and lightly caressed his thighs and chest he stroked and then I saw a load of cum literally shoot about 4" out of his cock (holding true to the little guys shooting big loads stereotype.)  It was both substantial and amazing.  I asked if he always shot like that and he replied "no, it was all that time you were working my prostate."

We laid back, lightly grazed our fingertips over each other, and chatted and got more casual and relaxed with each other.  We also wondered aloud when we'd next be able to connect.  I needed to leave, but he insisted on jumping up to shower (my cum was leaking out of his ass) before I left.  I rinsed off with a washcloth (and, blush, my dog ran up to me and immediately pressed his nose againts my crotch and vigorously sniffed the moment I walked in the door.) 

It was another night for pleasantly spent balls/hurrah!

Just Not Feeling It

Yesterday Man Number One was an encore encounter with the Piano Man (referenced in earlier postings.)  While I don't like to host I agreed to yesterday; he can't host and I offered, though I think I'd have preferred to motel it again.

When he arrived he needed to run to the bathroom and audibly expelled some water, which made feel a bit ill (I understand the physiology and appreciate the effort; though I don't like to hear it.) He was anxious to make out, which is normally my preference, but yesterday it just seemed excessive.  I don't know where my head was, but it wasn't floating my boat for a change.  Perhaps familarity breeds contempt (excuse the pun) but I wasn't feeling "turned on" and I'd expected to be; it has been a couple of weeks since we last fucked.

From the minute he got in the door I really just wanted to fuck him.  I'd awaken horny as hell and really wanted to get straight to fucking, but he'd driven 15 miles, and I wanted to make him feel good as well.  In retrospect, perhaps it would have been better and hotter if I'd just told him that I was so horny I needed to get right to the main course.

Anyway, I was into giving him head and, fortunately, the water he'd expelled had been clear so his ass was nice and clean, and just a tad musky.  I was really into eating it.  However, as his grunts of pleasure were keeping me going, he's occasionally blurt out some nonsequitur question in his normal somewhat high mellifluous voice, which broke the spell "is that rain?" (no, it was my heating system, which blows the heat out of the ceiling/granted, it was a rainy day, but was that an essential question when you are getting your ass eaten?)  I rose and lined up my cock to rub against his ass and he was anxious for lube/fair enough, but it started to get mechanical:  he next needed to get the poppers (I really hate them, but I am not getting fucked...)

I started to fuck him, but it was really wet, he wasn't very tight, and I was getting that "it's going to be a long time if it ever happens" feeling.  Also he tends to really sweat during sex, making it even wetter.  Periodically I was getting into a groove and could feel my load starting to build and he'd want to switch positions (grrr.) Spell again broken.   Needed to reach for the poppers again/again spell broken. It was starting to become work.

At a certain point I said I needed a break and told him that it was too wet.  I wiped off my cock and his ass, and then pushed back into him; he grunted from the greater friction, but there was no way I was going to use more lube.  He was now on his back and it was feeling good, but he was making some kind of bizarre facial expressions (eyes bulging) to convey how much he was enjoying it. He also was hungry to make out throughout it, to an extent that became distracting.  Finally, I decided to close my eyes and concentrated on my cock.  That did the trick, I then  felt it spurting out and a sense of relief, if not tremendous pleasure.  Fortunately he was really enjoying it.  He rolled onto his back and responded "the best ever".   Not hardly, from my perspective.

I was still hard and he swarmed down onto my cock and sucked it into his mouth (kink points for that) and started to give me one of his killer blow jobs.  However, another load wasn't on the horizon for awhile.  I pushed him back and started to suck his nipples and to play with his balls, urging him along by saying we needed to get him off too.  It took forever (yes, the damned poppers came out again) and then, with ample spasming he shot his load.  It was ambundent and he rubbed it on his stomach, which was hot.

Weirdly, I just wasn't feeling the scene, so, after a brief interval said "would you like to shower?"  He did.  I then sat awkwardly in a robe, waiting for him to leave and for me to shower.  He came out and was very chatty as he dressed.  I felt shitty as I just wasn't in the mood; I wanted him to leave and while polite I mostly smiled and responded monosyllabically ( "really" "wow") and didn't prolong the conversation with questions, but very subtly ushered him to the door.  A chaste kiss; thanks/goodbye.

I felt like a heel but I did try to get him off, and did try to engage, but didn't feel like I was all there.  Afterwards I got a nice message from him on a4a and responded with a thanks and my regrets about being a bit tense about hosting.  He responded warmly and graciously, but I really didn't feel as if I'd been especially gracious.   Perhaps if we have a month hiatus it will be better.  Or, perhaps, this has just run its course.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dirty Married Butt

The second installment of my slutty Saturday here.

Well, today after I'd connected with the Piano Man I found a message from today's Man Number Two who had responded last week to my CL ad, almost simultaneous with a message from Man Number Three.  So I scanned my email and was reminded of last week's message ping pong with him.
The title of the response was "vgl bottom here". Frankly the "vgl" always annoys me; describing yourself as "very good looking" is arrogant and conveys a sort of macho swagger I find tiring. Let me figure out if you are good looking or not; good looking is pretty relative. However, when I went through the messages I also found he'd included a body pic:

He added that he was 5' 11", 155 lb. and muscular.  The pic definitely looked hot.  So I thought, what the heck but responded I was more of a silver daddy and not muscular or buff.   He was okay with that.  Being a bottom he liked my description and, quite frankly, it appeared that primarily he wanted to feel my big cock up his ass.
Last week he'd indicated we could meet at a rental property of his sister's in a blue collar town to the north.  It's an okayish town, one I don't troll too often, so I was moderately interested.  However, he then wrote back that he couldn't get the keys, and I forgot about him entirely.
Today he wrote and indicated he had the keys to a place in a toney town just next door.  I knew exactly where he meant and it is about 15 minutes away.  So I was totally cool with it. He wanted to meet at a church parking lot and to have me follow him.  While I figured there was flake potential, at least I'd be in a nice area and able to come back home quickly if he didn't show.
However, he did arrive.  When he pulled in I thought he looked older than the 43 he described.  Greying at the temples and, unshaven, his stubble was grey also.  He does look sinewy, but I wouldn't call him vgl at all.  Wiry hair, combed back and receding, large glasses.  He looks okay, but not distinguished. You wouldn't lust after him seeing him walking down the street.  But he does have a nice smile.  Clearly a professional type in a the North Face sort of way, down to the black VW Fox he was driving.  I imagine he skis regularly.
Well I followed him to an empty condo; it was weird as he was nervous about our being seen by the neighbors in the adjacent units, though the likelihood seemed slim.  He shared that he was married and discreet.  I'd imagined that based on his arrangements for where we were hooking up.
He stripped and definitely does have a fine bod; he clearly spends alot of time in the gym and looks like he might swim as well.  Zero body fat; a tiny tight little butt.  His bod, for sure, is vgl, though he added at least an inch to his height in his description.  He has a nice cock, but while well shaped it appeared pretty small.  However, it definitely grew to nice size when engorged.
It was awkward and weird to stand in an empty, carpeted bedroom and to mutually stroke.  But I was there in a "why the heck not try it mood" with low expectations. We held our cocks together and got into some mutual stroking and he knelt down and sucked mine and I sucked his.  Again, the shape of his is great.  Then I asked him if he liked to get rimmed; he seemed surprised that I asked, and responded "sure if you like to do that".  I almost laughed; the attitude was almost as if he was doing me a favor.
Well he was showered and his anus was clean and I ate his ass and he was clearly enjoying it.   I pulled off and the next thing I knew he was straddling me and taking it up his ass, which astonished me.  I figured this was going to be a wrapped experience and had condoms in  my jeans.  However, I was psyched that instead this would be skin to skin.  I knew he wasn't that wet, and he was grimacing as he pushed down; fortunately I had brought lube as well, which I fished out of my pants.  Still he was tight as hell and grimaced as he skewered himself with my cock, moaning "you're really big".  However, he loved it and was riding up and down it like a pogo stick.  His face went from grimacing in pain to pleasure:  he was stretched now and the big head was massaging his guts nicely.
It was okay, but being straddled is not my favorite position and doesn't allow me to do the fucking, so I asked if he'd like to try getting on his knees.  I also know the other guy ultimately enjoys it more when I am in control of the action.  Well that required pulling out of him and my olafactory senses immediately went on alert:  he's gotten my cock dirty and it smelled; however the dude also had it all inside him and his ass is pretty small, so I'd surely passed the second sphincter.  He jumped up and ran into the bathroom and found toilet paper and I wiped a bit off; I assumed that would end it, but he wanted me back in, and stood while I pushed into him.   It was awkward fucking him standing and I recommended he put his hands against the wall, but he was worried about marks so, connected, we hobbled together into the adjacent bathroom.
His ass felt nice, but this wasn't satisfying and it was just plain sleazy and weird. However, I felt like I could cum, and when I asked him where he wanted me to, he indicated the sink.  He started to vigorously work his cock and then I saw him spew an amazing amount of cum into the sink we were leaning against.  My cock had come out and it was really pretty gross; we could both smell the stink and he was doing alot of wiping of his ass and I was wiping off my shit covered cock.  I asked if there was any soap and he remembered some downstairs in the kitchen, but needed to get dressed (the shades were up) to get it.  Fortunately there were paper towels and hand soap, so I was able to clean up a little.  However, I never got off/he wasn't being a prick, but considering how dirty he got me it was logical that we both just wanted to move on.
When I got home I tapped him a response saying he had a nice cock and a nice ass and that, perhaps, I'd host him some time.  (I figure he's married, discreet, and sane, so a reasonable risk.  Also, I'd enjoy fucking him in a bed and savoring it, with towels and soap and water readily at hand in case he ended up dirty.  However, this is the downside of playing with married or usually "straight" bottoms; they think shoving a finger up there while showering will do the job sufficiently.  Perhaps it might if they are bottoming for an average sized cock, but mine is long and this guy wanted it as deep as possible  (hint married men:  Fleet enema/disposable --she'll never know.)  He wrote back complimenting my dick (aw shucks partner, that's so sweet of you...) and saying he'd gladly like to do it again.  We'll see.  I must admit I liked the bod and would like to get horizontal in some proper furniture (read:  a bed) and to give him a proper fuck. Who knows, maybe he'd take the load.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spent Balls

When it rains, it pours.  Today is a wet, dreary day in the Bay Area and suddenly --with no effort -- guys were coming out of the woodwork (pardon the mixed metaphor.)  I am such a slut:  I fucked three guys.  Right now I am enjoying that pleasant glow when you've had good sex and you've shot your balls empty.  I will chronicle today in three installments.  Let me start with the last, which was also the best.

Last week I was bemoaning Craig's List flakiness.  Yet, today after and arranged encore with the Piano Man, I suddenly found two emails from dudes who had responded to last week's CL postings.  Weird.  I'd totally forgotten them and had to scan my messages to see who the heck they were; fortunately I had pics for both.  The first of the messages came from today's Man Number Three.  His picture was blurry but enticing:  50 something, chunky, nice fur.   He wanted to suck me, but I indicated I wanted to top.  He was reticent, but indicated he'd give it some serious consideration, based on chemistry.  I was figuring I'd use him as a back up if something else didn't pan out. 

I responded to his email and got a few exchanges, and then suddenly there was no response.  I was assuming he dropped me because he really didn't want to bottom.  So I went out and met Man Number Two.  But, when I returned I had a message from him.   Apparently his mobile had gone dead while he was out; hence, the stopped communication.

Well, he wanted to do this as he had made plans to meet a friend for drinks and then delayed them.  He called me back and said to come over.  As luck would have it he lives about a mile and a half from my house/dangerously convenient.  Saturday Bay Area traffic made it longer than it should be, but I was there in about 10 minutes.  He greeted me at the door, fresh out of the shower in a robe with a kiss.  Then another kiss; then he opened his mouth and we exchanged tongue.  I knew this was going to be good.

He led me into his bedroom and he was anxious to start sucking my cock.  He dropped to his knees while I was still standing and I needed to hook my hands under his pits and pull him up to lead him to the bed.  Fortunately he took direction well.  And then I went to work.

I started to suck his dick (I worked his nipples, but the smell of deodorant was waffing from his pits/yuck, so I moved south.)  I decided to go all out and asked him if he liked it, and he responded he was nervous, as he had only been fucked four times before.  Reflecting on this I find that astonishing/possible bullshit.  However, I told him to roll over and gave him a killer rim job.

His ass tasted good, and I could tell he was tight and tense.  However, he soon loosened up, and I lined my cock up against his hole and let it rest there.  He was purring in pleasure.  I gave him the very slightest pressure and found him pushing back.  I asked if he was enjoying it and he assured me that if he wasn't he'd tell me to stop.  He pushed back; I applied a tiny bit of pressure and I felt it going in.  I let it rest and then pulled out and started to rim him again.  I could tell this was surprising him.  Then I lined up against him again and started to gradually penetrate him.  He was liking it, but I asked him if he's like some lube/he asked me if I brought some and I pulled out and grabbed my jeans.

Using enough, but not too much I went back and slowly slid into him.  I was incredibly patient and just let it rest there and waited for him to start pushing back.  Then I took it very very slowly.  He murmurred he couldn't believe how much he was enjoying it.  And then I started to slowly fuck him.

Suffice it to say, he had a tight and amazing ass.  It gripped my cock and I knew I'd cum quickly.  I held back because it was great, but also was seriously worried about him getting sore.  However, he was loving it and started to aggressively push back.   Several times I told him I was going to cum; several times he responded:  "good."  I wasn't going to refuse the invitation and I soon felt it pulsing in him and him clamping down and shoving back.

He wanted me in him to stroke off so that he could cum, but I was trying to make sure he enjoyed it and wanted to get fucked again. So, I eased out and worked his nipples and played with his balls while he stroked.  It took him awhile and it didn't appear that he was cumming, but as I gradually fondled his balls and cock I felt a tremendous amount of cum (and, wished he'd shot in my mouth; for another time.  Some guys get spooked when you want to take their load.)

The afterglow was nice; he has a nice fuzzy body:  nature has blessed him with a nice, consistent layer of hair, but he's not Magilla Gorilla.  It's just right.  He liked being lightly caressed and as we talked it led to us lightly kissing, and my pushing my still engorged cock against his anus and gradually entering him again.

Unfortunately, I'd already shot once today, and he and I had deadlines.  But, I got him on his back and we fucked for a bit with him furiously stroking his now super hard cock, but we both needed to end and neither of us came again.  I reluctantly pulled out and we jumped up and showered.

We enjoyed each others' company, so much that we stood at the door, and though he was running late neither of us wanted the conversation to end.  I suspect we both wanted to open a bottle of wine and to return to spend the rest of the evening naked in bed.  Sigh.

He thanked me for being patient/I responded that it wouldn't be fun unless he enjoyed it.  He mentioned that I needed to keep coming back since he know liked getting fucked.  I hope so; he's indicated he has Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Hopefully I can tap his ass again either day after work.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Make Me Your Boy

Well, it's been a cyber week, with alot of guys coming on to me who want me to respond in graphic detail what I'd do if I got them with their asses up in the air.  I am sympathetic to an extent, and some days tempted to indulge their fantasies.  But, I quickly figure out it's not going anywhere.  It's usually okay, but some times they want to drag it out with incessant email back and forth that simply gets tiring.

One guy, who before today I would have put in that category, started coming on to me strong on five days ago.  Normally I would have dismissed it, as he's been coming on to me for nearly two years offering to suck me.  But there was a greater sense of urgency and specificity in these messages:  his roomates would be out of town till Tuesday (heretofore he's come on to me and the windows of opportunity have been fairly ridiculous as well as random) and he gave me a pretty good idea where he lives, which is remarkably close to my house.  Still I didn't think it would go anywhere.

This morning I woke up and at 5:30 a.m. had a live message (well he was still on and had just written it) on a4a.  I thought to myself that maybe this wouldn't be bullshit.  So I checked in with him periodically during the day.  I haven't given in to a mobile device, but I am damn glad he has.

The downside was that he wasn't going to be available till 7 p.m., trapping me in my office (unless I  wanted to head home, chill for a half hour, and then head out.)  Well I have a shitload of work to do, but I also didn't want to put 11 hours into my office and then have the dude flake.  Earlier in the day I asked for his specific address and he responded he'd give it to me when he got home; I wasn't having that.  He compromised and said he'd give it to me just when he was leaving work:  fair enough, he didn't want me to flake.

Well, I got the address and due to the crappy weather added on some time and then arrived at his house/nice neighborhood/okayish house.  I retrieved condoms and lube from my trunk, just in case.  He met me in bikini briefs and said he still needed to shower.  He is as cute as a bug's ear.  He's Asian American, 5' 7" and very defined.  He's in his mid 30s (okay what is with all these guys in their 30s who have roomates?  I'd live in a cheaper place before I'd do that.)

He was out of the shower quickly diminishing my hopes and leading me to think this was just going to be a blow job.  He'd been coming on to me for months wanting to suck me, but in the last couple of days when I asked he let me know he likes to get fucked.  Before heading to the shower he asked me to strip, and I noticed on the night table Gun Oil.  I did the math and thought "this guy probably wants it bare!"  However, operative logic is to take things s l o w l y not to spook the guy.

When he came out he was forthright about kissing.  Nice busy arm pits, and big nipples atop defined pecs.  I was liking this.  He immediately got on his knees and greedily started sucking my cock.  I pulled him up and he said let's get on the bed.  Horizontal I started to suck his dick and balls and he was loving it. (amazing how much larger a cock can Click on the image to closelook in pics; his is pretty small, actually.)

  He growled "suck my cock" which threw me off.  I don't like to serve, I like to collaborate.  However, I let it go.  He went nuts when I pushed his legs back and licked his hole, and then I pushed him on his stomach and got my tongue in him.  It was nice, he loved it, and when I came up for air he asked me if I wanted him on his side.   I decided to see where it would go and let him lead.

He sucked me some more, and then got on his side with my cock between his legs.  Then he got the lube and lubed his dick, and my cock and rubbed his ass up and down against my cock head, and then grasped it to rub it against his hole. He moaned, "tease it! tease it!" but pushed against me hard; I pushed back and felt it start to penetrate him and he let me know that was what he wanted by starting to moan but murmuring "it's tight." I can take a hint (aka opportunity) and started to push in and his breathing and grunts of pleasure were all the affirmation I needed. 

Now I've shared before I love fucking short men, and this guy was great.  We continued with him on his side and him cranking his head back to urgently kiss.  He had a hard, determined look in his eyes.  I pulled out and pushed him on his back. 

While I worried he'd get sore from that position he was aggressive and loving it.  As I reentered him he asked if his boy ass was what I wanted.  Responding yes, I asked if he liked my cock and he said "hell yeah, I've wanted this cock for years." And then he said what every top loves to hear:  "I could use this every night."  I asked him if I could make him my boy/he wanted to know how I'd do it, so I just came out and said "by breeding your ass."  He thrust back and said "do it!"

Well I was almost there, and then he needed to let his legs down, and then said "try to cum if you can now, I'm getting sore."  I was direct and shared he'd almost gotten it but he interrupted my rhythm.  I went back in and could feel there was little lube, but I was determined.  I pushed him on his side made him pull up his thigh, and swatted away his hands when he wanted to rub my chest or to pinch my nipples.  He wanted to come with me, but I pushed his hand away from his cock:  it was distracting me.  I just focused on cumming and when I started to spurt he thrust back hard and growled again "don't stop fucking me.  Keep fucking me while I cum."  Mercifully he came quickly (some guys take forever to stroke off) and was hungry to kiss.  He then told me I'd shot alot, which astonished me as I beat off this morning.

I got up to clean up and dress, but rubbed his now covered crotch and kissed him prompting him to  ask if I wanted another round.  If I could have definitely gone for another, but if he was getting sore before I knew he wouldn't survive a second round and it would take me at least 20 minutes to cum again.  So, I just asked when his roommates were returning (four days from now.)  Of course he's not free Saturday, when I have all the time in the world, but I might have "to go shopping" on Sunday when he's home. 

When I walked in my door I wrote back when and said I wanted more, since he's now my boy how  about Sunday at 1 p.m.  Like a good boy he responded "yes sir!"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Settling for a Blow Job

Today was a weird day.  Had the day mostly to myself, but couldn't host.  Was lazily reading the paper, logged into the myriad hook up sites (Manhunt almost never produces any leads where you live.  Operative question: why do I continue to subscribe?  It's not even that great when I travel...) And, not getting any bites, I did something I haven't done in months:  I put an ad on Craig's List.  Well, let me correct that, I put several ads on Craig's List.

CL is very fickle; trying to hook up there is in some ways like playing the lottery.  I have found that on weekends it's nearly pointless:  if you are 27, can host with driveway parking, and have 42" shoulders, a 27 waist, six pack abs, and -5% body fat perhaps you could score.  It is nearly pointless to respond to a CL ad.  However, today I responded to two and actually got responses; albeit, long after I initally wrote.  On a Saturday nearly no one is really responding to ads before 11 a.m. (I placed the first about 9:30; on a weekday, however, this is an optimal time to place such an ad.)  Round two got bites; round three ~ noon got several different, and quite interesting, responses.

Today's CL experience defined email ping pong, ironic in that I always put in an ad "let's avoid email ping pong."  While I indicate respond with a pic, 75% don't respond with a picture and then need to be prodded into doing so.  When you respond "need to travel to you" after about eight back and forth messages the guy asks "can you host?"  When you respond "neg and std free" the guy asks in a message following the one where you thought you'd determined you were hooking up "are you neg?  std free?"  READ THE FUCKING AD.

Two the the guys who contacted me today couldn't host, as they each later revealed after about 30 minutes of back and forth,  and then wanted me to fuck them in the back of their SUVs.  Besides the possibility of arrest, there were additional considerations:  where to park?  temperature? (it is late autumn) clean up?  One such guy initially sent me a pic of him in black tie flanked by his apparent wife and daughter (what are you thinking dude?  Show some respect for your family!!!)  And, if you are married or partnered, point that out up front; cripes!  It's not a disqualification but is relevant information; in fact, for many many guys that is quite the incentive; it adds taboo.  What's the worst thing that's going to happen?  The other guy might say no? So you want to have the guy find out when you connect and possibly freak out? 

Several of the guys who expressed interest I have had bite before.  One is definitely certifiable (a former marine, who includes a 10+ year old pic of him in uniform adjacent to a flag, who had revealed entirely too much, but for which I am grateful.  It has helped me avert an awkward or worse experience.  He has responded to probably every since CL ad I have placed.)  Another I have had borderline hostile exchanges with (just makes me want to jump in the car and drive over...)  I mistook one for the fellow from the Frightening Fridays episode with the rump sprung bed (it wasn't him, but sounded like his doppleganger.  He later advised me he couldn't host but was clean and lubed and wanted me to fuck him in his truck.)  Another was an actual encounter from another Frightening Fridays episode:  the one who lied about nearly everything and had me panicked until I got my next blood test.  He was very anxious for me to come over.  Right...

One character asked me if I wanted to drive down to his place (about 10 miles south) or, if it was too far, to split a motel room.  I was willing to drive but he offered to split the room.  This seemed implausible, but I allowed him his fantasy of jerking me around.  He said he'd check into the room and email me when he was settled.  In the meantime I went to the bank and to the dry cleaner.  Was home by 1:00 never expecting to hear from the dude who wrote at 1:07 that "something had come up.  Could we try for next weekend?"

Now this is actually pretty entertaining, and it's actually no less than I expected.  However, even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn, which is what I am thinking the rare instances I place or respond to ads on CL.

Well in the meantime I was logged into a4a.  Again, you usually only see the same guys you always see, but it's far more likely to produce action than MH.  Weekends though are usually terrible.  It's at 8 p.m. on Saturday night that you have the horn dog that needs to shoot that load who is asking you over when you can't get out (or at 9 p.m.; or at 10 p.m.  Sometimes at 2 a.m. when you've got insomnia and you think:  are you serious?  We've never met and you are asking me to your house at this hour?)

As it worked out, a guy I have checked out for two years was checking me out.  He has written me before but he's oral only.  I thought what the hell? Confirming he likes to suck as well I set out to connect with him. Negative, and a cute pic.

When I arrived it was evident the cute hunky pic was 15+ years ago.  Still cute, but a definite Santa Claus stomach, and his eyes are kind of rheumy/he looked late 50's. 
Click on the image to close
Still he was hunky, except his toe nails were yellow and kind of crusty (nail fungus) which grosses me out (once another guy had that, besides not trimming them, which I noticed after fucking him, making me nauseous...the nails, that is.)  Major concern were two enormous cats on his bed (I am allergic.)  However, he wanted to make it on an adjacent couch as his bedroom is his "sanctuary" (please.)  This involved awkward correography (me standing getting sucked; me kneeling sucking his cock; him kneeling sucking mine; not enough space for us to both lie together and properly rub our cocks together.)

He was definitely into sucking my cock and has a nice big one himself, which it was great to eat.  He also has great man musk, but I knew instantly he was a smoker (he doesn't kiss, and didn't stink of tobacco, I just knew it from his cock and ball musk.  Oddly, while I hate cigarettes, guys who smoke have great musk.)  He loved getting sucked and apparently he liked my technique.  We went at it for awhile and he was close and warned me; I said "go ahead/you are neg, right?"  I was in the mood to have a guy shoot in my mouth.  Instead he pulled back and said "you don't want to do that".  Well, I quickly deduced he wasn't taking my load either.  Anyway, we went from sucking each other to stroking each other (he was a bit rough/my cock isn't a stick shift) and he came first:  interestingly a clear load.  He wanted to see me cum and using his cum as lube stroked me off (one good thing) and I came pretty quickly.  It was okay and actually best that it ended quickly; we made chit chat about home improvements while I redressed. He walked me to the door and I gave him a kiss which seemd to please him, but I then said "sorry, I forgot you don't kiss." 

All in all, it was short timed, which I expected, but unfortunately it was less than I expected, and I had low expectations.  I don't envision an encore; I think I should have just rubbed one out at home (though I did enjoy sucking his cock.)  Good think he didn't want to get into some comfortable 69 on his bed; as soon as I left I could feel the affect of being near his cats.  I have been scratching since then; if I'd been on the bed I'd have broken out into a rash for sure.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kiwi Boy Butt

This morning I was just vegging on the couch; scanning the Sunday New York Times drinking coffee, and slowly waking up.  I did (as my followers will have noted) tap a blog entry for yesterday's session with the Arab.  But, knowing I'd be free to roam later this afternoon I logged into a4a and other sites (men4sex now seems to be a virtual desert.  They need to recognize that their revenue comes from their advertisers and not to have all kinds of roadblocks to those who don't subscribe/they are bending over a dollar to pick up a dime.  But, yet again, I digress...)

Early afternoon I had this guy come on to me:  31, 220 lb; 5' 9" but allegedly a 32" waist (seemed unlikely, and later the evidence suggested 34 or 35).  He listed negative, but also "anything goes."

He was pretty persistent, but couldn't host (said he had a partner) but wanted to get fucked and was willing to consider getting fucked in the back of his truck.  I don't take such risks:  about 11 years ago I traded blow jobs with a bottom in a Tully's parking lot, and when I walked to my car realized that a girl and her boyfriend had been watching retrospect I was lucky that was all that happened.)

I decided to be bold and said "I gather you like skin to skin action".  He responded if I was neg I could pork him for as long as I liked and blow inside.  Hmmm.  Was this too good to be true?  I indicated I'd be free after 3:30 and he said he'd log back in around 3ish. 

When I found him back on line he was mobile. He indicated he hadn't had a chance to clean out and asked if I'd want to wear a "dom" (condom.)  I said I'd be willing to wipe off, but might have issues cumming or staying hard if I wore one.  I also wasn't up for that to be the outcome after alot of message ping pong.  He was okay with that, but not with kissing.  I soon found that he lives remarkably close to me and, uncharacteristically, I invited him over, stressing it would need to be quick.

Well, he is 5' 9" and chunky over muscle.  He arrived and was very macho/chewing gum, feigning insouciance.  He doesn't like to kiss (currently) probably because the partner is a girl.  He took off his shorts and his cock appeared to be really small; he said he'd have to work up to it getting hard.  I quickly noted an accent and found out he's from New Zealand.

He advised me he'd only done this twice before (!) and hoped I'd go at it slowly.  I asked if he was okay with the whole situation and he assured me yes, that he loves the feel of a cock up his ass.

I bent down to start sucking him to get him relaxed and while uncut, he was definitely gamey down there, but not in a good way.  I  knew I wasn't going to put my tongue near his balls or further south and pulled off quickly (now that I think about it, he might have fucked the girlfriend following his last shower.)  He assured me that next time he'll take the time to rinse out so I can eat his ass (apparently he hasn't been rimmed before/ well friend, you're going to need to get down there fresh first, and to consider kissing to get rimmed.)  He also assured me that he might kiss in subsequent hook ups.  His dick got harder, but he's no more than 5".

I got him to take his shirt off, and he has a nice fan of light hair on his shoulders and big nipples.  He clearly has played sports:  broad shoulders and an okay ass.  I decided this was going to be a quick hump and dump, so I got out the Wet and lubed his ass (I wasn't going to stick my finger in though), lubed my cock, and started to tease his ass with cock head.  He was more than ready and pushed back.

His body temperature was really warm:  a much warmer ass than most guys, and he was nice and tight.  I took it slow but he was soon pushing back against me, however, when I got him on his side and pushed up he yelped a couple of times (I had breached the second spincter.)  I focused on giving him three to four inches which he liked, unless he was pushing back and controlling the action when he was pretty much getting the whole thing.  He was clearly enjoying it/but not very verbal.

It felt great and I was ready to let go most of the time I was fucking him, but I also wanted to savor it and he seemed to be enjoying it/I periodically checked in to see if he was getting sore and he said no.   However, I also recognize that I am either going to cum after 10 minutes or it's going to be more like 30.  He wanted to move around a bit and I could tell wanted to try other positions, but I wasn't pullling out under any circumstances, since he hadn't cleaned out first. Also, I had other stuff to get done and wasn't up for a marathon/he was also allegedly on a shopping trip to Target.

While fucking he kept saying he'd like to come back, and emphasized how close we live to each other.  He asked if I liked boy bottoms and I replied I liked bottoms period, but boy bottoms were hot. He responded that he liked daddies (lucky me.)

Finally I decided to let it go, and when he sensed it was spurting he pushed his ass back against me hard, and asked me to keep thrusting deep into him; this is a wild one, despite the low key manner.  I could tell this guy wanted a nice warm load deep in him, and he got one.  He clearly loved the feeling.

His phone had gone off a couple of times since he'd arrived; I asked if he wanted to clean up (when I pulled out my cock was dirty, but not gross) and he declined, saying he'd clean up at home, but I carefully wiped his ass with a towel.

He was out the door shortly, and I quickly got a response on a4a saying "thank you very much".  Well it was fine, and he will more than do for when I quickly need to scratch that itch (unless he ends up learning how to be passionate, and then he could be fine.)

Mission Accomplished (with just spit)

Well,  made a maintenance visit to the Arab yesterday.  Actually, it was a maintenance visit in many respects:  even if I am not super horny, I want to take advantage of opportunities when we are both free to maintain the relationship.  He's too hot a fuck buddy to allow to move on, so I want to keep him satisfied.

When I walked in I almost started laughing:  Breeding Ian Jay was again playing (this time with the scene of the hot dad Derek and Ian.)  It occurred to me that perhaps I should get him another TIM cd for Christmas.  He was lying back and stroking when I walked in (fortunately his heating is working again) and he jumped up to embrace me and thrust his tongue in my mouth/I reached down and grasped his hard cock.  We were both making out for a long time and then he started to anxiously start pulling on my belt, and zipper.  I didn't want to spoil his fun, but I really really prefer to strip myself (e.g. remove watch, neck chain,'s all less awkward.)  My cock was soon in his mouth.

We eventually got to the bed and made out for awhile.  I worked south to his cock and gave him a serious blowjob.  I knew it was working because he was thrashing and pinching his nips:  I wanted to see if I could get him to cum in my mouth, but feared he wouldn't be able to get fucked afterwards.  So, after savoring it I worked south to his balls and hole; his legs were quickly on my shoulders, but I pushed him onto his stomach and got into it.

Well previous readers know my style.  I worked it for a long time while he pulled his cheeks apart and I started to suck on it to get it as wet as possible.  I got on my knees, straddled him and started to tease his ass and to ease in; he spit in his hand to get his hole wetter, so I pulled out and spit as much as I could into his hole and remounted him.  Unlike in the past after the first three inches glided into him.

It was feeling really good, and feeling really really good really quickly.  Holding off in the morning certainly helped.  We were both grunting in alot of pleasure.  He said "keep fucking me and use your cum as lube:  cum and keep fucking me with that big cock!" and I decided to just let it go and simultaneously it started to spurt.  He got really excited, describing how it felt to feel my cock spasm and how much cum he felt.   I laid on top of him for awhile and then we rolled on to our sides and I slid out (unusual, but it was the angle.)  He stroked and quickly shot a big load. 

He told me he'd had insomnia the night before and was really tired and needed to take a nap as he was due at work at 5 pm/I can take a cue and realized it was time to get out of his hair, though I was more than ready for round two.

As I dressed he shared he'll be on the east coast later this week for Thanksgiving (figures, I have a few days off) so I was glad to have stopped by.  A week or two and I'll be horny for him again.  However, this was definitely a wham bam occasion.  I was back in my car driving away after about 45 minutes.  My visits to him are beginning to sound like the RawTop's hook ups.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not Being Able to Flip the Switch

Last Saturday after work the Arab and I arranged to connect again. I'd bred him on Thursday, but he hadn't gotten off and the plan us for us to fuck and both shoot our loads when we next connected.

I'd had an early start and a long day at work (I'd gotten up brutally early) and was a bit whipped.  Also I'd rubbed one out shortly after waking up, but typically two (or more) loads aren't difficult for me to summon.

Well, we had the standard sex; he's gotten particularly passionate lately and he cooed while we made out and exchanged oral and I ate his ass.  His heating system was on the fritz, so it was kind of funny to fuck under the covers.  He remarked several times that I was oozing precum, which he greedily lapped up while sucking me.

He'd had his day knocked off balance by the heating issue, and I'd just come to him straight from work, and we were enjoyed ourselves but the vibe was a little off.  I got to fucking him which felt good but I wasn't feeling the sensation that connects my cock and balls to let the load travel up and spurt out.  I think it was compounded by his repeatedly begging for my load about the moment I penetrated him. 

It's weird, but for all those years of condoms, and then bare sex -- where I was focusing on not trying to cum because the bottom wants a good long fucking, or I promised him I wouldn't shoot inside him (which is kind of wishful thinking on his part:  once you put your bare cock in the guy he's getting your precum anyway; he might as well enjoy the full load)--  I never had  concerns about or issues with cumming. There have been times when I have not been really enjoying it and haven't cum (that has usually involved my growing soft in the guy and then it staying semi flaccid), but it isn't typically an issue in the past, unless I have cum several times that day (like the night last month when I fucked the jock after spending the day in bed with my Indian fb/however, the jock also interrupted the momentum by telling me not to shoot in him when I was about to let it go...)  Well, now, even if I remain hard as a rock I sometimes find it difficult to flip the switch and to cum.  This seems to be a function of having rubbed one out earlier in the morning and where the bottom starts immediately begging for my load (perhaps I should keep a pair of socks in hand to stuff in his mouth when he does that.)  The begging for the load bit totally throws me off because then I keep focusing on that (will I cum?  will I cum fast enough before he gets too sore?  will I cum too soon?) instead of enjoying the fucking, feeling the rest of his body, and making out -- the things that make my switch flip and allow the load to spurt spontaneously.  Of course, there is the other issue about guys who insist on wanting another position just when you are into your groove and each thrust is making your cock and balls sing and you can sense it's cumming, and then the doofus throws your rhythm off.

Of course, I am also aware that cumming is just the icing on the cake (sorry, I couldn't resist that metaphor, cheesy as it is/now we have a mixed metaphor...)  The journey getting there is the best part, but shooting your load is the reward, sort of the cherry on top of the sundae (okay, I am out of control with these metaphors today:  mea culpa.)  Lately I have been really focusing on enjoying the Arab's big, solid, hairy hunky bod; exploring it alone is banquet enough; I think to myself, damn! this is one hot man toy I am enjoying.

Last week we would have gotten there I think but the Arab rolled over to check the time and was concerned about the sand running out of the hour glass.  I said I was fine, but then I suddenly realized he had to get showered to go to work/I'd assumed he had the day off and was approaching things leisurely.  Hence, his urgency about getting the load.  If I'd realized his time was limited I probably would have approached the sex differently and would have shot.

Anyway, it was all good:  I got him to straddle my very hard cock and he stroked off and shot a huge thick load on my chest.  Actually I really wanted it in my mouth, but our last fuck I'd shot and he hadn't and I knew he likes it best to stroke off riding my cock, so it was only fair.  Unfortunately, by that point he was anxious to get cleaned up for work as he as cutting it close.  He was concerned I hadn't gotten off and disappointed not to get the load (though he would have also expelled it in the toilet to avoid it dripping out of him at work...)

Well, we have an assignation set up this afternoon; I have been a good boy and have not stroked off.  And, I had a little too much to drink last night, so I'd definitely want/need to cum.  I usually find myself horny as a billy goat when I am a bit "hung".

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Can Feel It Throb

Well, after several weeks of my traveling for business the Arab and I are back on a bit of a routine.  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to head to his house after work to give him a tune up and it was a hot time.

It was the day after I connected with the Piano Man.  Optimally I'd like to space such sessions out, but hook up opportunities tend to be random, so you need to have a carpe diem mentality.

When I arrived Breeding Ian Jay was again playing on the television (this time the Brad McGuire scene was on when I walked in.)  The Arab was lying in bed stroking with a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.  I quickly peeled off my clothes and joined him in bed.

He was in a cuddle bear mood, and wanted to hug and make out and was litterly purring throughout it.  I was in no rush and savored it, allowing my fingers to lightly explore his hot, hairy body.  It was leisurely and comfortable and we took our time mutually sucking and my taking a long time to rim his hole till it was soaking with my spit and dialated.  I went in, but I could tell he'd shortly get raw without some other lube, so I used a small amount of elbow grease (much nicer than Wet, but not condom compatible/fortunately we are past that hurdle.)

It was a long fuck, and I worried whether I'd get there, but fortunately I'd refrained that morning from rubbing one out.  Still it took it's time rising, but when it did it was nice.  He's taken to fucking me back and squeezing my cock for all it's worth.  When I started to cum he knew it and really clamped down, which was actually kind of annoying.  But, I figure it's not all about my fun and I need to go with the flow (sorry, I couldn't resist that) but I do wish he'd just let me savor my spurting.  However, he was really really animated and loud bellowing "I can feel it throbbing!  I am going to keep this load in my ass all night!!!"  Well, he wasn't working, so I guess he didn't need to worry about it leaking out...

We enjoyed the afterglow and cuddled and made out afterwards.  I really wasn't into the "okay, now let's get you off" scene then (some times it can really be a buzz kill, especially if the guy takes forever to cum and wants you to tweak his nipples, play with his balls or wants to straddle your now hypersensitive post orgasm cock.)  I indicated I was sorry he hadn't cum and he was totally cool with it, telling me to come over in the next couple of days and we'd take care of him.  We are at point as fuck buddies where we are more interested in the man2man contact and not keeping score.

A nice evening; I showered, dressed, and walked out with a nice glow.  It was longer, and more relaxed this time, yet not too long...just right.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nothing Beats It

After a long hiatus, last night the Piano Man and I connected at a local motel.  We usually connect there; it's a modest and some what sad place.  It's clean, and safe, but the mattresses are thin and rump sprung, and there are no clocks.  We've had to roll over and grab cell phones to figure outwhat time it is/ how long we've been at it.

We've exchanged messages through MH and a4a since we last connected in July.  He's been traveling/I've been traveling.  When we've mutually been home our mutual opportunities haven't been in the same orbit.  But, finally they were.

When I arrived he was already ready: he'd cleaned out (some more) and was standing in his underwear when I walked in.  We embraced, groped each other, and started to make out.  It was fun and awkward as I tried to strip.  It is interesting as you stand there, hard and panting and making out and wondering who is going to make the first move to the bed:  I ended up pushing him onto it.  And he was anxious to have my hungry body on top of his urgent with my lust.

Okay, this is beginning to sound like a romance novel.  So, after a couple of month hiatus I started to reacquaint myself with his bod.  What struck me was that as a scholar and academic, this guy had serious manscent.  But, it wasn't coming from his pits, but instead from his ass, cock and balls, which I discovered when I went there to start to suck his cock.

Again, I was struck by how fucking thick this guy's cock is:  it's easily as thick as it is long (because, it's not that long, but it is fat as hell:  easily 6 1/2" thick.)  Fortunately, I managed to get it down my throat.  Frankly, its a pretty ugly dick, as dicks go, but it is impressive:   a huge head, and dripping precum.  And, fortunately, he doesn't manscape.  He has the hair there that nature gave him, there and everywhere else, which is nice.

Well, we got there.  I sucked him, he sucked me, I ate his ass, and then went in.  He begged for some lube, but it went in easily with spit.  However, I didn't want him needing me to pull out, so I used a minimal amount of lube (I was also imaging him wanting a break, him wanting to suck me, me wanting to eat his ass some more...)  We assumed the regular positions:  him doggy, flat on his stomach, on his side, straddling me.  I saved getting him on his back hoping to later lose a second load.

It took a long time  (part of it due to the fact he was warm as hell and sweating like a pig), but I eventually felt it spew into him:  he knew it, despite the fact that I am not vocal (the screaming, moaning stuff is mostly theatre in my opinion/I focus on my cock and shooting my load, not on making noise.) It was intimate (duh) and nice:  he was glad to feel  me let it go and he clamped down on me to squeeze it into him.  We spooned and enjoyed the afterglow, and I grew slack and fell out of him.

We resumed making out, and as I was in the post orgasm zone I distractedly stroked his cock and balls.  I always feel shitty and selfish after I cum because I simply want to enjoy my own pleasure and not worry about the bottom.  But, fair is fair.   And, I like him and enjoyed his excitement as he darted his tongue in and out of my mouth and his hunger for  me to get hard again.  Soon his head was between my thighs.

It's interesting because sucking me hasn't been a huge part of our encounters (I've been anxious to fuck him) but his MH and a4a profiles stress sucking prior to getting fucked.  Well, he was hungry to suck my cock and I experienced all of his skill. My cock wasn't feeling getting hard again, but he had it up and throbbing in no time.  And, it felt great.  I actually wasn't feeling up for a second round after I shot (I was exhausted from staying up for the election results the previous night) but he had me hard and wanting in him again. 

We tried with him on his back, but his ass wasn't having it.  He kept spasming, and I went in several times and he kept using poppers (and turned beat red and was panting like he's have a heart attack:  that shit is clearly bad for you.  I was wondering what I'd do if he had a heart attack at one point.)  We tried several times and he finally apologized that he simply couldn't keep going (full disclosure: I take a  l o n g time to cum,  l o n g e r when I came once before.)  I eased out and he was back down on my cock.

Okay, he's clearly an incredible cock sucker, but I don't like it too wet.  I let him have his fun, but he was waiting for my load and it wasn't cumming.  So I pushed him back to make out and worked it myself (you clearly know your own dick.)  It took awhile but I felt it rising and he was on it in a second wanting the load.  This was a new side of him:  it was great, but my cock was super sensitive with the second load.  He's not an idiot though and knew to pull his mouth off.

We embraced while he stroked off and he spewed a big, thick load.  Before I came I wanted his load  in my mouth, however, once I shot it seemed gross (it's always that way/I want the guy's load, and enjoy swallowing it, unless I have cum, and then I just want him to shoot it on his chest.)  He collapsed against the pillows, looked at me and said "nothing beats it, does it?"

Well, it was good, but it wasn't stellar.  I then looked at my watch and freaked:  we'd been at it well over two hours.  It was time for me to shower (so that dogs and cats wouldn't follow me) and to head home. 

I want to connect with him again, but I need to have a full night's sleep and probably need to let it build up for a couple of days to work up a serious fever to fuck.