Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hungry Boy

So, this week I returned to So Cal and arranged, in advance, to hook up with the boy.  Every time we hook up he arrives, mid-evening, and after we are done announces that he hasn't eaten dinner (he also admitted that sex makes him ravenous afterwards.)  This time was no different.  I'd eat a meal with him, but I don't want this to get out of control:  I want to keep it a functional, just physical relationship.  Once you cross certain lines you then become friends and then just friends instead of fuck buddies (though, the Mancub and I have managed to straddle that type of relationship.)  Ah, but I digress...

I missed my initial flight, but still got settled late afternoon.  He was supposed to eat and come over afterwards, so I caught a light bite myself.  Around 7 pm he announced he was en route, which was really early for us.  It seemed like 10 minutes later he was tapping on the hotel room door (I was engrossed in Tumblr profiles so slammed the laptop shut.)  There he was standing, hoodie on and an affected macho Latino alpha look of indifference on his face that melted when the door to the room closed. 

Suddenly he had a warm smile and his eyes were twinkling.  He rapidly peeled his clothes off and embraced me with vigor:  we started to make out and he hopped up to position himself so my cockhead was resting against his hole:  he started to moan with hunger to have my cock deep inside him.  I dropped to my knees to get a taste of his fine uncut cock, wanting to enjoy the turtleneck before he got fully engorged.  He pulled me up and then dropped down to briefly suck my cock as an appetizer, but it was clear he was famished for the main course, and wanted it served up quickly.

He was soon on the bed with his ass up in the air and getting the message I started to feast on his hole. I was really chowing down on it and he was urging me on with endearing pants and coos of pleasure.  But he wanted me to fill him and I definitely wanted to push into him.

It was another of those times when you push in and you immediately feel like you are going to shoot your load and you have to will your balls to hold back.  My cock was incredibly sensitive and super stimulated.  He was really enjoying it and pushing back and clamping down on it with his muscles.  I was going to give it up figuring that I'd get hard again and work on a second load, but he was inside my head and begged me not to cum yet. 

This was new as he's usually thirsty for my cum as soon as I push in; last time we connected he was crabby that he only got one load.  However, I held back and we both savored a long leisurely fuck.  I was sucking on the back of his neck and licking the inside of his ears and wrapped my arms around him so I could tweak his nipples.  He was responding back with clamping and relaxing his guts and pushing up as I thrust down.  He kept taking brief breaks to snort poppers, but after a long time at it he said "cum any time you want to Dad, I want to feel you shoot your load." 

Well, holding back usually throws my rhythm totally off, but it didn't this time and I felt the switch flip and enjoyed feeding his ass my load as it spurted into him.  He knew it and commented on how he could feel my cock continue to throb.

This time he was eager to get off himself, and when I eased out he immediately got on his knees and started to jerk off with a frenzy, spurting a huge load onto the mattress.  He was soon up to get a towel to mop it up, and then was grapping his boxers: this was new; I expected him to lie back and chat, and then to coax me to give him another load as he usually does.

As it was, he said he'd blown off dinner with his mother to come right over and needed to head out to see her.  I teased him about his not having eaten again and he laughed and noted that the sex had left him famished.  It definitely worked for me as I was able to get a long night's sleep and felt great the next day.

I was down there for a couple of days and we were supposed to reconnect but he flaked, but wants to reconnect during an upcoming trip.  Perhaps we are just at a maintenance fuck point; if so, fair enough.  I must admit, however, I am looking forward to the next meal.