Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gingerbear Man

Okay, I have another hour before I need to check out of my hotel, and this guy's musk is still hanging in the air and saturating my beard and stache.  I have to record this.  In fact, my cock is still throbbing, though I came about 20 minutes ago.

On a business trip in So Cal and last night met up with my sweet Latino boy.  (That will be a subsequent entry.)  He didn't show up until about 10:30  and I'd been up since before 6 a.m. so I came once (so did he) but it was getting really late (12:45) and my exhaustion and some issues from my being really deep (read:  his debris) made us give up on my giving him a second load last night.  Since I have a late afternoon flight he indicated he'd try to come over this morning, but he's also under the weather and I realized that was an empty, if well intentioned, promise.

This morning I woke up and thought, what the hell, I'd see who was biting.  My visits to Orange County have indicated that there are lots of hot bottoms with twitching holes wanting to be spread.   It was 8 a.m. and you get a different, but less flakey crowd.  Usually the 30+ guys (my preference) who are task oriented/less email ping pong.  Well a4a didn't disappoint.  As soon as I opened it I saw what I find a gorgeous guy.  (right now it is driving me crazy as hot guys are messaging me and I don't have the time...)

Okay, a couple of things:  I love cubs, I love hairy guys, I love beards, and I absolutely go nuts over armpits.  So, this guy with ginger hair is displaying pics showing a fat shaft rising from ginger pubes, his densely haired, damp, armpit, and a hot ass.
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Strawberry blond;  bearded, mid 30's, and very good looking.  Damn.  It was simultaneous that I sent him a message stating "woof" and he had just transmitted a message saying he was looking for "a hung hot daddy to fuck him good."

I noticed he didn't click "safe sex only" but did check "negative".  He then asked a series of questions that gave me a reassuring vibe (last night I had some young Arab guy, a stone's throw away, begging me to do whatever I wanted to him as long as it didn't involve piss, shit, vomit, or fisting; answer:  no.)  So, I got the impression this guy was solid, but it was going to be bare.  I was right.

He lives 30 minutes away and needed to clean out and shower.  That gave me enough time for breakfast and a shower.  However, as I was putting on some clothes there was a firm knock on the door/20 minutes early.  This guy had an itch he wanted scratched.

When he walked in he embraced me and we began to make out (so that question was answered to my satisfaction.)  And, he smelled like fresh man musk:  no cologne or deodorant/hot!  But what also made me almost laugh was that he'd just smoked some weed in the car which I could taste on his breath, though he didn't act at all stoned.

It was hard to pull off the making out; this guy is good. Nice thick tongue, not shy about probing my mouth with it, wanting it sucked, sucking mine.  God it was good.  It took real effort to move on from there.  He was rubbing my jock in my jeans and I was working my finger down his crack/he was going commando and I got plenty of affirmative grunts.  Then we started to shed our clothes.

I was really surprised to find that this guy has a seriously big cock: alot fatter than mine, about the same length/a tapered head.  It was great to suck and I was thinking that he must ordinarily be a top.  It's a great fucking dick.  He was loving the head and I was giving it all I was worth.  It looked nice in his cock pics, but clearly he wasn't at full mast when they were taken.
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 I came up to make out with him and he was soon on his knees slobbering on mine and throating it.  We stood up and he grabbed my cock and put it under his balls and on his taint and was shoving back on me to have the head tease his hole:  we were into some passionate making out at that point.

Finally we got on the bed/I worked his cock but was anxious to get up to his pits.  Some guys are weirded out when you want to suck their pits, but this pal got it as I pulled up from his cock and started to suck his nipple as a means of leading to his pits.  He groaned appreciatively and was anxious to have me press my tongue into his mouth afterwards/he was enjoying the manscent from his cock and balls and pits in my beard and stache.  At that point he told me he wanted me to cum in his mouth after I'd fucked him (he was firm about not wanting to get bred.) 

I rolled him over and gave him a serious rim job and started to tease his hole and he pushed back so I entered a bit/he was hot and anxious for it, but I pulled back, and rolled him over again and sucked his balls, licked his taint and worked that fine cock again.  

He soon straddled me and slid down on my cock. It was hot; he has a great ass, and he was seriously into it.  For the next 20 minutes we rolled  around and did some serious fucking.  I had him on his stomach, side, doggy, and on his back; at first we just used spit but when he was on his back he was getting a little sore so we moved to lube.  As I smoothed some on his ass I lubed my cock and then his and it was great to see him coo with pleasure.  This guy is seriously macho and to have this hot stud passionate and aching to get fucked some more was a rush.  Throughout the fuck he was exclaiming what a hot daddy I was and how he loved that big daddy cock deep inside him, how he loved being fucked by a hot daddy.  It was pretty amazing to have my arms wrapped around this serious hunk, with an amazing hard tight ass, and a pretty damned big cock and have him moaning how incredible I was.  Shortly into the fuck he was asking when I'd be back visiting again.

  Finally though he was anxious for my load in his mouth.  I stroked for a while, but my head really got into giving it up when I got him to suck my cock while I ate his ass (I love to eat ass, but it also flips my switch when the bottom sucks my cock after I've been fucking him.)  when I let him know it was cumming he seriously sucked it hard, but surprisingly thengot up and spit my load into the toilet.  But he ran back and then straddled me and slid my cock up his ass to start stroking off (I was thinking to myself "dude, cum is still going to leak out of my cock for awhile..." but if it gives him a sense of well being to feel that makes him safer, great for both of us.)  He was soon shooting his load and offering it to me, but it was near impossible to get any with my cock still up his ass.  Most of it spurted on my chest, but he pulled off and I got a little in my mouth:  he really has a nice taste.  To assuage his concerns I spit what I took into a handtowel. 

We laid back and chatted; he's really pretty cool. I got to study the hair on his chest,which is hot but not ridiculous.  He's got a fine coating of ginger fur all over.  I realized we weren't going for round two (he wanted two when he arrived, but before you cum you always feel like you want to keep at it forever.)  Assuming the when I'd be back question was pillow talk I was surprised when, post orgasm and post pig talk he was asking when I'd be back again.  He was serious about wanting to hook up the next time I am in town.  No arguments here. 

I asked him if he wanted to rinse off and he gave me a hard, knowing look and said "no way man" and smiled.  I responded, "we think the same way" and he noted "I knew this was going to be great when you said no cologne or deodorant."  He was clean, for sure (no skid marks, no mess) but smelled like a man naturally smells and he smells good.

Next thing he had his clothes and glasses on and was a different man; I then learned he's a professional/I'd thought he was a carpenter, because his pics (including his face, which I won't post) showed him in carharts and  a tool belt.  Not a Village People pose, he was photographed working on his cabin.

Anyway, this guy is a serious stud muffin.  I am still buzzed that I was deep inside him just over an hour ago and his scent is in my beard. 


  1. There is so much in this post that is hot - the fur, the heat, the pits and the lingeering scent of him long after he's gone. Thanks for the serious, leaking wood.

    1. Thanks; actually his scent remains in my beard and stache as, having showered before we started, I just got up and got dressed as well after he left. I'll miss the aroma after I jump in the shower in a few minutes to get ready for work.