Sunday, August 12, 2012

Training His Ass

Well, the ease of visiting the Mexican has lured me back to his house the past three Sundays.  He's always anxious to get fucked, likes it bareback, now wants to be bred, and it's quick.  However, it's not at all nourishing:  it's sort of like eating a twinkie when you want a piece of pie or layer cake.

Today before I went to his house I messaged him that when he cleaned out and showered to not use deodorant or antiperspirant.  When we stripped and got into it, he wanted to be sucked and to have his nips worked.  I started to chew on them and was accosted by the smell of antiperspirant (something particularly awful like Mennen speed stick.  Yuck.)  I asked him to wash the crap out of them and he whined he didn't like body odor (well pal, despite perfuming your pits your ass is pretty damned musky and so are your cock and balls:  but, I didn't share that with him for fear he'd spray cologne down there next.)  Now, don't get me wrong:  I'm not a freak and don't like rank guys, but natural scent is hot; just as is the smell of cum.

He wanted to be held; he wanted me to wrap my arms around him and to work his nipples while my cock grew hard pushing against his ass cheeks.  I was encouraged and thought "well, we're making some progress here..." He definitely likes getting sucked (I was getting into it, but you have to be careful not to let the bottom cum or you will never get your cock into his ass.)  He loves my cock and was getting into sucking, but sucking is not his forte (well, he's not too skilled at any of it.)  He then rolled over and wanted his ass eaten.  As anyone who has read earlier posts knows, I LOVE eating ass, but my enthusiasm wasn't there today.  I got it wet and started to rub my cock head against his hole and it yielded and was easing in.

He whined to use some lube, but it was incredibly wet; I pushed in some more and he was liking it despite the little whimpering noises which I found tedious.  Finally I pulled back and used some lube:  too much, unfortunately.  I pushed against his hole and my cock slid all the way in with no resistance:  there was a total absence of friction.

We'd discussed my wanting more than a three minute fuck and he had promised it would be okay if I went slow.  After about five minutes he was asking (semi pleading) if I was ready to cum.  Being asked alone is going to distract me and slow me down (I've worked over the years to hold back cumming because most bottoms love the way I fuck and don't want it to end quickly.)  I tried to focus on letting it go, but he started to almost nag, and there was too much fucking lube. Also I was really getting tired of him demanding to know "does it feel good?  Do you like it?  Tell me you like it!" I said I wanted to wipe my cock off and he whined he might not be able to have me push back in; I thought fuck it and pulled out, grabbed a washcloth, wiped it dry and some of the lube out of his ass.  Then I pushed back in.

He was now (finally) getting into the fucking (while whining he'd be sore all day tomorrow and need to call in sick:  y a w n...)  I kept going and thankfully now there was some friction.  I felt it building and  let it go with a sense of relief that it was over.

Most guys want me to to stay in and to grow soft in them and to let it naturally slide out.  Not this guy:  he always wants me to pull out right away so he can roll on his back and stroke off.  And, he's demanding about wanting his nipples worked:  he doesn't understand that after you shoot your load you need a few minutes to be mellow and relax before any gymnastics to help the bottom get off (and, if he's just relax, I might have even sucked him off.  However, the buzz was gone and with it any interest I might have him helping him get off.)

Fortunately he cums quickly (which is also kind of sad.)  Once I saw his matted pubes I was asking to get into the shower.

He's getting somewhat better in the sack, but I don't know whether the energy is worth it to keep trying to get this guy to enjoy holistic sex.  He's gotten better at kissing, but doesn't like tongue or spit; he likes to peck.  Cripes:  I spurt my load into your ass, but you don't like manscent, and you don't like to trade spit.  Today he was pleased and said "that was a really long fuck".  I thought, how sad that he doesn't know what a really enjoyable long passionate fuck really means.

It's amazing that this guy is gay, and in his 40s, and so bad at sex.  He definitely doesn't get the passion part of it at all; it's pretty mechanical as well as quick.  He says he likes to get fucked, but doesn't really like to get  truly fucked.   I am quickly remembering why I stopped returning to his place.  At this point I am pretty sure he's going to be my back up fuck when I am as horny as a three balled tomcat and when there's absolutely no chance of getting anything else.