Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mud Ass

I heard the expression mud ass first on the Dave Chappelle show.  Little did I know I'd become more intimately acquainted with that phrase in subsequent years (pardon the pun.)

On my last trip after the "dork" wasn't able to join me I was wound up and wanted to fuck something fierce.  So after a lot of on line ping pong this guy from about 40 minutes came on to me.  He was incredulous that I wasn't available the next day (I had to work and also, unknown to him, had two other guys lined up) and was flying home on Sunday.  So he regretfully indicated that we'd have to hook up my next visit.  I responded I was sorry he wasn't available then.  He wrote back:  call me now/I'm on call and I'll say I got called in.  I played along; he is apparently married.

I was intrigued because as we first exchanged messages he asked if I fucked bare; I was direct but indicated I was cautious.   That was all he needed to read.  I indicated he should clean out at home, and he responded he'd need to at my hotel.  Okay:  I wasn't thrilled about that, but he was interested.

When he arrived he looked to be a solid middle class middle aged guy.  Hardly the slut he seemed on line, but then I have learned not to judge books  by their covers (people initially think I am very conservative and reserved.  Good; I don't like to show my hand.)  Well he went into the bathroom and, leaving the door open, started to prep. That grossed me out; I figured locker room type of behavior and that he'd probably been  military; maybe still was.  Unceremonially he threw the Fleet bottle into the trash where it loudly rattled.  I really didn't want to get that involved in him flushing out.  He flushed and then walked out in a mock leopard jockstrap (which was pretty ludicrous.)  I suggested he jump into the shower; I wasn't convinced a purge was equivalent to getting clean.

Fortunately he took a seemingly eternal shower, which reassured me.  Then he returned in the ridiculous jock strap, which he fortunately soon took off.  We made out a bit and then I went down on him.  He was wired for sound because as I gave him head and simultaneously stroked his rod he started to thrash and I could feel his balls throb as he erupted in orgasm.  I took it in my mouth and he was lying back anxiously waiting with his mouth open to snowball.  Okay, this was a live one.

Soon I had him on his ass and it seemed and smelled clean so I started to eat him; shortly afterward I was pushing against his hole and in him.  He grunted with pleasure and thrust back and we got into a nice rhythm.

Now this was while I was still sick and my cock and balls weren't communicating; but that night they were in harmony again.  And his ass felt good; too good.  Silky even; too good.  I thought, I've been down this road before and I don't think this is just the lube.  And then my olafactory senses kicked in; not good; I partially withdrew and saw a serious mess.  I very very carefully disengaged myself and got up; made sure he didn't move; grabbed a towel and advised him he needed to get back in the shower.  I cleaned myself at the sink and it was a major project.  Having changed diapers I am logical about these things, but was frustrated.  This guy clearly didn't do an effective job (like lying on the floor to administer the purge so that it totally worked.  Okay, too much information here.)

He exited the shower and started to get dressed, but my greedy side kicked in.  I'd almost cum and I wanted to do so, so I asked if he wanted to give it another shot.  He did.  We went at it again and this guy wanted a hard fast fuck full of deep thrusts.  Then deja vu.  I directed him back to the shower; we were burning through towels. 

Round three and I was seeing light at the end of the tunnel and my load rose and spurted out.  Good thing; not as bad as before but this was the end of my towels as I sent him back into the shower.  Miraculously we hadn't destroyed the bed; still I left housekeeping a big tip the next day for contending with the mountain of distressed towels.  The event was psychically as well as physically dirty; I've been lucky but this really grossed me out.  I mean, occasionally you get a skid mark; we know how the machinery works, but this was just plain nasty.

Well I played with three regulars after who know how to clean out (the Filipino boy said he flushed out five times, just to be sure.)  But I am traveling again and this gorgeous Mexican American kid came on to me.

He's come on to me before but the distance wasn't realistic.  Tonight I am in his home town and he was persistent.  I was just into reading (well, who am I kidding; I was also logged into the sites) and he really wanted to connect.  He's fresh and damned nice on the eyes so I said yes (actually I had two young Latino guys hitting on me simultaneously but I got a better vibe from this guy and he was the older of the two, being in his late 20s.)

Anyway, he wanted to come straight over and shower here.  Having been recently around that block I made it clear that I wanted him to prep at home and to totally flush out.  We made a date but I was concerned because he was giving himself about 40 minutes to prep and I know it usually takes longer.

Well he arrived and is a fucking  beautiful man.  Man was he hungry for it; this boy had a serious itch he needed to get scratched.  Taller than me, but when his shorts came down I was surprised by his small cock:  it is gorgeous but about 5" and probably 3.5 around.  Uncut though, beautifully shaped and carmel colored (actually he's all carmel colored with thick wavy hair and long eyelashes and a very nice bod.)

He was shy about kissing at first but once he saw my cock he wanted to kiss.  We made out, I sucked his dick a bit (which wasn't his need or interest) and ate his ass.  It was all good.  Then he pushed back as I rubbed his ass with my cockhead and impaled himself.  All good; we was crying out with need but I wanted to prolong this and got him on his hands and knees sucking me while I ate his ass.
Soon he was straddling me and sliding down on my cock and gasping with desire.

Well he wanted a fast rough fuck and it was good, but I got him on his stomach, which worked fine, and then he wanted it doggie style.  It was feeling great (this guy was another safe sex guy who put it in bare and never talked condom; he wanted my load in fact.)    He has a nice fine ass, and a nice fine bod and it was sweet. I was in deep; and then my olafactory senses kicked in and I smelled trouble.  Deja vu.

I carefully disengaged and made sure he didn't violate the sheets.  Then we both headed to the bathroom and cleaned up.  He wanted at it again; I should have called it quits then, but the greed kicked in.  I started fucking him again, but intellectually I should have known it would quickly end up gross.  However, he didn't "give a shit" (ahem) and while I fucked his increasingly dirty ass and he furiously beat off.  He collapsed on the towel I'd fortunately put under him and then I saw it was a train wreck.  I jumped up and went into the bathroom; I advised him to shower up.

Well he took a long leisurely time, and came out and then grabbed his shorts and said he'd love to do it again and was sorry he hadn't taken longer to clean out following a volleyball game. He begged me to keep his phone number and said he was sore but really anxious to play again.  So the guy is clueless. I hadn't cum and was both pissed he wasn't at least offering to somehow get me off, and relieved as the experience left mewanting me to get rid of him.  The guy simply didn't know better; he wasn't attempting to be an asshole though he was succeeding.  I guess he figured I got to fuck him bareback and that I'd gotten my share (and, maybe he thought I came, but I suspect that was an after thought.)

At least the bed sheets are unmarked and I still have clean sheets for the morning.  However, hereafter I am going to be damned careful when someone isn't prepped and wants to come over in 30 minutes.  It's just not worth it.