Saturday, March 9, 2013

Riding the Wave

So I was on line today and noted that a local guy had checked out my profile, and that I'd listed him as a friend.  So looking at the buddy information my memory was refreshed:  both his name, and his mobile were listed.  Added good luck was that I found him on line.

I was pretty confident this was a guy I'd hooked up with three years ago.  He came over for what we both thought would be a task oriented maintainence hook up.  Instead we spent the afternoon in bed having earth shaking sex.  He indicated at the time that he rarely hooked up; after he left he vanished until today. 

At first he didn't seem to remember me/I have him a few cues, but also my memory was a bit rusty.  I was thinking that perhaps this wasn't a guy I'd actually connected with, but instead one who'd shared his contact information for a possible future connection.  But then he unlocked his face pic and I knew I had the right guy.

We were doing the message ping pong but the responses weren't delayed/they were immediate, so it was clear we were both serious about reconnecting.  I still don't think he fully remembered and then I gave him a call, which blew him away.  Suddenly it all came back to him.  He couldn't host, and based on our previous connection I trusted him to offer to do so.  We'd both barebacked the last time and we both had been consistently tested and established that was where we wanted to go again. He said he'd be over in 30 minutes.

When he walked in he looked older and a bit heavier, but wears it well/he's nice on the eyes.  5' 11" and a bear/goatee and a head full of thick silver hair.  Once we got into the bedroom and embraced all the sensory memories started flooding back.  He is incredibly passionate.

Some people are simply amazing kissers:  they seem to have bigger, more responsive tongues and are more persistent in probing your mouth, knowing just when to withdraw enough to have their tongues connect with yours, and to nonverbally invite you to fully explore their mouths.  I guess the term is sucking face, but it's great when it's totally unconscious and it's simply your libido giving the direction.  We both got lost in making out and our throbbing hardons were pretty much a secondary consideration.  It took a concerted effort to move south.  This is a guy I could easily spend hours in bed with, but today I need to get some stuff done (I am typing his while eating lunch.) 

His body is what I like:  fleshy over muscle, broad shoulder, and hairy with a nice gut that conveys being in his 50's, not slovenly overindulgence.  He's meaty and wears it well.  He has a coat of wiry silver hair across his body, ice blue eyes reminiscent of a husky, and a nice long thick cock and low hanging balls.

With a couple of recent bare hook ups I'd had trouble getting to the finish line (both regulars urging me to cum/I hate being nagged for my load and I think familiarity can be a buzz kill:  the subject for an entry or two to come/as opposed to cum...ahem.)  My cock was throbbing, but I also knew it would need sustained attention lest the buzz wear off and the fucking become an effort.    But I discovered how sensitive his nipples were, and while he's showered within the last 45 minutes I noted some pleasant manmusk emanating from his pits.  He was going wild as I nibbled on his nips and then licked back to his pits.  He was grasping the back of my head to passionately kiss each time I'd completed one of those journeys.

Finally I wanted to get to his cock, and having located his switch kept one hand pinching a nipple while I sucked his cock and stroked his balls with the other hand.  I soon had him thrashing/I was contemplating taking his load in my mouth, but know most bottoms seize up after cumming and can't be entered, so I backed off.  His cock is almost as long as mine, but has a tapered head and is about an inch thinner, so it was perfect for sucking/I could fully throat it and just barely not gag.  He returned the favor (but did gag, but his watering eyes conveyed satisfaction he'd done it) and then I pushed him onto his stomach.

It was a pleasure to eat his hairy ass, and as his pits promised he had great manmusk going there as well.  I was enjoying it saturating my beard (I think he was enjoying my beard as well as my tongue up there) and he was thrashing and then working to make sure that his calves were connecting with mine to assure maximum body contact.   Oh it was nice.

Some guys have an anus you can suck:  this was one of them.  Not just an opening to explore and pass with your tongue, but an entrance you can wrap your lips around and suck.  Again, I was enjoying this and could have kept at it for 30 minutes, but I wanted to sustain the attention of Mr. Hard On and assure that I'd achieve something, besides fucking him, today.  So I spit more saliva on him and rubbed his entrance with the head of my cock but no go.  His ass was like Fort Knox; it was totally locked up.  I pulled off and rimmed him for awhile and tried again/I breached the fortress, but he started to whimper with pain.  I pulled back and we got into some mutual sucking and making out again.   He straddled me and got about 3 inches in and then withdrew with reluctant defeat.

I was mellow, rolled him on to his stomach, massaged his back, resumed eating his ass with intention, and worked his nipples  Then I could feel him beginning to yield.  I lined up and very very very patiently applied gradual pressure and felt it pop in/he warned me to just hold it:  I held myself up by my hands and waited for him to push back; a few more inches went in; he started to spasm, I eased out and ate his hole some more and then resumed.  At that point I was fine with us just rolling onto our backs and stroking off, but this time it went in; I held still, he moved back; I held still; he pushed back and then I started working him very  very gradually with three then four inches.  By this point his body yielded and I pushed it all into him.

His body language was indicating this was a sweet/sour moment for him.  He was enjoying it/yet also uncomfortable.  But he started to push back and murmurred, I like being filled with you.   His body was throbbing and spasming and he was pushing back against my pelvis so I got the cue to ride the wave. I started to gently fuck him.  Now his ass felt great, and I knew I could cum; the questions were:  the risk of transcending my optimal point of stimulation (and not being able to leisurely ejaculate) or whether he'd give up because it was too much unfamiliar stimulation (it clearly had been a long time since he's last been fucked) and he was getting sore.  I gave Mr. Hard On the aokay to spew his load/ so after a brief period of fine feeling fucking (about 10 minutes) I get it go.  At first I don't know if he knew I'd cum, but shortly thereafter he must have felt the warmth and acknowledged it while I eased out.

We were really comfortable with each other and we  got on our backs and made out and then he started to furiously stroke his cock, which had never gotten soft during any of this.  I was past wanting him to cum in my mouth, but I started to suck his nipples and to work his balls; he kept pushing my hand south and then I realized he wanted me to figure his hole while he stroked.  I did that, pinched his nipples and pulled his mouth to mine and then he started to spasm and shot an amazing load all over his chest with a noteworthy amount puddling on the sheets.  This boy had really needed that itch to be scratched!

After he came we caught up.  He's a sweet guy; single but lives with his family, which cramps his social life.  After the blood returned to his head he was able to get up and to dress and get on with his day as well.  I am just hoping it isn't three years before I see him again.