Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thirsty Ass

After a long hiatus (well, over 3 weeks) the Arab and I reconnected today.  I'd just had sex (albeit, unsatisfying sex) with a guy on Monday ("don't cum in me") but it seemed like an eternity since I'd had sex and I was horny as hell today.

The Arab had been sending me messages on a4a saying he missed my cock and loads and asking when he'd get some.  Fortunately today worked out for both of us (the holiday season is impacting everyone's availability.)

He'd just gotten home and texted me and I jumped in the car and he simultaneously jumped in the shower.  When I arrived he was still in the bathroom. 

While he loves to get fucked, he is incredibly passionate and we stood and made out for a long time. I grasped our cocks together and noted that I have at least two inches on him (his is a nice size and has great girth; its a nice handful.)  He was really into sucking my cock today, and was grunting with gusto while doing so; interestingly I wasn't hard when I started to strip, and it took a few minutes of him sucking to get me really hard (after which I probably could have rammed it through the wall.)

I was enjoying the kissing, and the oral, but I really really just wanted to get to fucking.  Possibly I could have asked, but we both had the time, and I don't want to "fuck up" a good fb relationship by leaving him unsatisfied.  So, I took it slow and gave him a great blow job as well.  Throughout my sucking he was offering encouragement by repeatedly blurting "fuck" "Fuck" "FUCK".  But, giving a killer blow job is a delicate balance:  if you want to fuck him you need to pull off at the right time.  Few bottoms want to get fucked after they cum.

Well it was pretty routine:  I rolled him over and rimmed him for a long time, and then teased his hole with my cock head.  He reached back at a certain point, grasped me and impaled himself.  We started out with just spit, which was fine, but I also didn't want him to get sore before I came, so eventually I grabbed the elbow grease.

Today he was really into fucking himself with my cock.  Most of the time I remained still while he thrust back against me.   I did periodically get into fucking him (and had him on his side with his thigh pulled up, so he was getting maximum penetration/it was refreshing to be back inside a guy who both wanted and could take the whole thing.)  However, he kept breaking my rhythm, which was fine, but after awhile he was calling for me "to explode inside him."  The pressure was on, once again.  Also, he wasn't very tight, so I wasn't experiencing much friction (he might not have been getting mine, but he's been dipping someone's wick, that's for sure.)  It was pleasant/he was entwining his calves with mine and we were rubbing our feet against each other as we fucked, but I could feel a deadline approaching.

I hadn't cum this morning (damn near killed me not to rub one out, as I was a tad hung over and desperately wanted to cum when I woke up) so I was certain I would shoot.  However, it messes with your head when the bottom is anxiously begging for it (note guys:  it doesn't operate like a thrown light switch or a faucet.)  He was letting me control the action, and I had pulled back to just fuck him with the first 3 to 4 inches of my cock (I really like literally entering and withdrawing from the guy's ass.)  He got into the action by squeezing down on me as I thrust, and then my mind and cock connected, I could feel it come on, and I could tell I was spurting a serious load.  (Oddly, several minutes after I came he asked if I had:  I knew this was a serious load and was surprised he didn't notice/he's commented on feeling it when I'm only giving him my second load of the day...)

He immediately rolled on his side and quickly stroked off (I am always astonished by guys who can cum quickly.)  Before I came I was fantasizing about taking his load in my mouth/I actually really wanted it.  But, as usual, once I'd cum that desire vanished.  My load must have been running out of him, because he shoved a towel under his ass while he beat off to keep the sheets from getting wet.

Today he wasn't in a hurry:  he threw his thigh over one of mine and I stroked his chest as we chatted about our Christmas plans.   Possibly he would have been up for another round, but today I wasn't.  I was restless and wanted to get rolling (weird, as usually have been ready for more and he's the one who wants to wrap things up/pardon the mixed metaphor.)

He wanted me to see his myriad Christmas decorations as I was leaving/which was sweet (not at all my taste, but sweet nonetheless.)  As I left he said he was sure we'd reconnect before the holiday.  Well, glad I am sustaining that momentum.