Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two Crops

There is this older gent with home I lay down every so often.  He's handsome, although up there in years, but quite arousing.  Bearded; unshaven body; clean, but no fragrance, so that his natural scent soon arises when the skin to skin friction begins.  It's hot to push your face into a man's fragrant pit and to get your mustache and beard saturated with his odor as you are exploring his body with your tongue.  It makes your cock surge with blood, and pulse with the anticipation of being buried deep inside him.

The guy is a great kisser as well, and adores having his ass eaten, which he is mindful to assure is absolutely immaculate.  When you pull out of him after shooting your load he's totally clean, so you have no hesitation when he sucks your softening dick seeking remaining traces of your load and then having him press his lips to yours and to plunge his tongue plunge into your mouth.  Frankly, it gets me hard again quickly.

He has a nice, thick cock with good heft; it has a nice weight that feels good in your hand, and is a satisfying mouthful, but isn't uncomfortably long to throat, so you can enjoy going up and down on it and fingering his ass, and massaging his balls while sucking him.  Now you have to be careful that with many guys you can't let them cum or they won't be able to have you put your cock in them afterwards, pleading that they are too sensitive.  The last few times I was working his dick with my mouth and hands he was pulling back to warn me that he'd cum but when I asked whether he could get fucked after cumming he assured me that he could (okay, this dude loves to get fucked, and can take it for a long time).  So the last time we had sex I wanted his load early on and savored it spurting into my mouth and then, to his delight, crawled up and clamped my mouth to his to share the load.  And, as he promised, after my tonguing his ass for a long time he greedily took my cock and I was able to fuck him for a long time before breeding him.  It was hot, and as my cock began to slacken and ease out of him he plunged down on it to gently suck it, after which we made out.

My most recent visit was an encore, but I also know that he has wanted to be felched after I cum in him.  Now, before and while you are fucking a guy your mind imagines many things:  ongoing fucking, felching, sucking him off.  But a dick hasn't got a conscience, and once you cum typically you just want to decompress a bit, and move on with your day.   That's why I like the guy to shoot in my mouth before I fuck him, as I typically only want to swallow a guy's load before I cum; afterwards it's not appealing to me typically.  So, again, I took his load and we snowballed, and then I kept tongue fucking him until he was super moist and then pushed into him, pulling out to use plenty of lube as I wanted to go at it for awhile and to savor the fuck.

As I was fucking him I was cupping his balls and cock, and fingering his piss slit, which was still moist with some of his cum, which I scooped with a finger and then fed him and then pushed my tongue in his mouth.  We were lost in trying to extract all possible pleasure, and it was great as my beard was saturated with his scent and as I had him on his side with his thigh pulled to his chest we were periodically making out.  It felt great and after alot of pulling back to the entrance of his ass and pushing back to till my balls were against his ass, I let my load go.  I am not a moaner or groaner (unfortunately this guy is too vocal, but it's got to be fun for him also) but he knows I am breeding his ass without my announcing it.  I guess it's my suddenly holding still and the change in my breathing.  I'd like to believe that he can feel the pulsing, but I imagine that's only in our fantasies.  Anyway, his cock was soft, but he was enjoying the sensation in his ass, and as I fell out he crouched down to suck my softening dick.

He was ready to get into the afterglow chat then, but I wanted more.  I played with his cock and he apologized saying he never gets hard again after cumming, but I turned around and sucked his cock and fingered his balls and hole regardless.  From his moans I knew he was liking it; his cock was thickening, but not hard.  And then, I determined I was going to get him hard again, and older or not I was going to get him to cum again.  So, I pushed him on his stomach, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and started to lick his hole.  The scent of semen, my semen, coming from in him was strong, and I pushed my tongue into his now loose hole.  I could feel his whole body become fully aroused, and cupped his cock which was now fully hard again.  And then, I decided I was going to summon another load from him as I sucked and stroked his cock,and fingered his balls and his ass.  I could tell he was lost in the sensation, and amazed he was going there again; I knew he was ready to cum, and he started to thrash as it came out; a greyish pearl of his load was on the sheets, and his cock was moist with his cum, and I took it in my mouth, and savored it's taste and then we made out and I pushed back into him.

He was loving it, but now he was super sensitive and after a bit regretfully indicated he was getting sore.  We'd been naked and sucking and fucking for ninety minutes, so I couldn't complain.  I'd shot my load, but more importantly, I'd gotten my fuck buddy to give up two loads, something he was certain was part of his past, but was astonished to find he could enjoy an immediate encore.

A great afternoon.  I pulled on my shorts and tee, reeking of his scent and my cock and balls sticky from fucking him, I headed home with a nice mellow glow.