Saturday, December 29, 2012

Italian Stallion

Okay, I recognize that many of these titles are cheesy, but they are intentionally provocative to entice you to read the latest entry.  And, sorry, no pic this time.

So for several weeks, or more, this late 40s guy has been checking me out on a4a.  He's a versatile bottom and describes himself as an Italian with a great ass.  (I know, how could it get better?)  Salt and pepper hair and beard, and very fit, though he also describes himself as a bear.

Today he wanted to know what I was up to, then when I indicated I would be free he was iffy about it.  Off on/on off.  A bit tedious and some message ping pong with what I interpreted as intentional interludes when he didn't open the messages.  Okay, not being sanctimonious, but realized he was evaluating his options.  I wrote back saying if I got the chance I was looking forward to giving him a l o n g rim job, and the next thing I knew was he was giving me his address.

It's in a neighboring town that I find an immense pain in the ass to navigate (the pun is entirely unintentional) and I got lost heading home once again (one of those charming situations where the road you drove in on only heads in one direction, and then you are finding yourself disoriented, in a worn down in the heels neighborhood, and pissing away alot of time and energy trying to figure out how the hell to get home.)

Getting there was quick and easy.  And, as I pulled up to his house by pure coincidence he walked out the door.  This guy is actually all dude and I was astonished that he was 48.  He mountain bikes (the bike was next to the bed) helping to explain his firm, meaty, well developed ass.  As we went inside he quickly led me into his bedroom.  Total boy here:  no art on the walls, barely any furniture, and cardboard boxes storing various things, but all clean and neat.  Once in his bedroom he pulled off his pants and laid face down with his bare ass, framed by a jock, sticking up.  Well, nothing shy or retiring about this boy.  Without a word he let me know what I was there to do.

Well, he has a fine ass, and while clean this guy has serious man musk going.  He was very vocal and really really into having his ass eaten for a long time.  He'd asked me to bring lube, leading me to make some unfounded assumptions.  After my eating his ass for a long time I asked if he'd like me to tease it with my cock and he responded  with alacrity "yes, I love that!".  So I was rubbing it with the head of my cock, and teasing it, and he was pushing back groaning about what a great cock I have.  This went on for quite awhile, and I was definitely a couple of inches in him.  Then he suddenly pulled back and said "you were almost inside!"  He referred to jerking off with me teasing his ass and I asked if he wanted to get fucked, resulting in his asking whether I had a condom. 

Now, I went into this expecting the strong possibility of a condom, but not because he listed "safe sex only" in his profile.  Most guys who like it bare state that (correspondingly requiring that  you carefully tuning your bs director when guys insist that they are neg.)  So, I asked if I needed to run out to the car (he'd come out before I'd had a chance to rummage through my trunk for where I keep them.)  He searched his bathroom and came back with a Magnum (to my relief. )

I suggested we keep playing before fucking, and got him on his back learning why he had the magnum condom.  This boy has a big dick; easily as big as mine.  One of those cocks you simply love to hold:  warm, thick, long, with a big head.  I asked if he liked to get sucked, then went down on him and fingered his hole at the same time.  He was very vocal.  I sucked his balls and made him pull his legs up to eat his ass some more and asked him if he wanted it teased some more.  I stroked our cocks together and then pushed against his hole. I sucked and chewed his nipples and licked his pits, making him sigh "I love that".

 Eventually we were both back to playing a don't ask/don't tell game.  I eased into him and he again said "ooh there, I like spot" and was pushing back against me until he had it all inside him.  I was fucking him bare and he was very affirming, and after awhile he pulled back and said "you were almost in again".  Come on!  This happened a couple of times and I asked what he wanted.  He said he'd be more comfortable if I donned the condom and fucked him.  Fair enough.

It actually felt good fucking him with a condom; clearly not as stupendous as skin to skin, but this was working for me. He was really enjoying it, and really wanted to stroke off and grasped his cock. I was deep in him. He has a nice dusting of ink back hair on his chest and flat belly and soon he was cumming.  A normal orgasm, not porn star pyrotechnics so his chest hair didn't end up saturated like I expected/it sort of just oozed out of his big piss slit and a small amount ran down his cock.  This guy wasn't into reciprocation in a big way, so I asked if he wanted to see me cum (he'd started off the communication by inviting me to come over to stroke off on his face.)  He encouraged me to shoot all over his chest.

Well, on my knees isn't how I typically rub one out and I don't cum quickly.  I was stroking and feeling good but not optimistic about cumming.  Simulantaneously I was fingering his balls,and started to finger his hole making him sigh with encouragement.  I bent down, rimmed him some more, licked his balls and cock and then the switch went off in my head.  He could sense the change and encouraged me to shoot my load on his asshole, which I did.  Okay, now there was a disconnect there for me/to insist on a condom after awhile but then want my load on his anus?  I guess he rationalized that it was "outside".  I guess that is marginally safer; if it works for his mental health, great.

He has a great temperment and was upbeat and thanked me for making it a "perfect Saturday" and allowing him to stay at home tonight without feeling restless.  I was glad to oblige.  He's indicated he was still learning to be a bottom (not surprising with that cock of his.)  I offered to be a tutor.  We'll see if there is an encore.  Right now I am savoring the aroma of my stache and beard, which are saturated with his musk.