Thursday, July 19, 2012

Piano Man

Yesterday I connected again with a regular fuck buddy (I guess five sessions, and a sustained mutual desire for much more constitutes a bona fide fb...)  He's a professional pianist and the times I have been off this summer frustratingly, he has been traveling to perform and teach.  So I scrambled and rearranged my day when I got a message on a4a indicating he was available and interested.  I knew I'd only have two hours, and also know that as a late riser he usually can't get it together until ~ 1 p.m., which reduces my availability.  It was 11 a.m. and he responded to my compressed schedule by getting it together by 12:30.

From the get go we've had great chemistry.  He's bear cubbish (which I really like):  a little extra baggage that he wears well, a fine dusting of hair across his chest, stomach, and shoulders, and a very thick cut regular sized cock with a big head, and amazingly large balls.  We are totally on the same page when it comes to sex, until we get to the finale when I like to top and he likes to bottom.  Our only other difference is that his large nipples are incredible sensitive and my tiny ones are like pencil erasers (guys are very disappointed when they try sucking, pinching, and nibbling on them while we are at it and they get no reaction from me aside from possible irritation, though I appreciate the effort and intention.)

This is a guy (like me) who you'd never imagine has a horn dog, much less piggy side.  Very polite, professional, bright eyed, cultured but also choir boy like when cleaned up and dressed. Slip off his glasses (rendering him nearly blind), however,  and strip him and this guy turns into a passionate slut.  He's an incredible kisser and will keep at it for sustained periods while we are grasping each other's cock or ass. We make great music together.

We usually strive for me to give him two loads, but I realized that this was going to be a one load session unless we got to fucking immediately.  His passion makes me want to savor the time working up to fucking/while we fuck for a long time: the foreplay is simply too good to rush and makes the fucking much more satisfying.

While I like to be lying down,  we began making out immediately after we both stripped and it was simply too good to rush:  many minutes passed while we sucked each other's tongues and stroked; his balls more than fill my palm and holding them alone is really hot.  I did eventually push him down on the bed and laid on top of him and was thrusting my cock under his balls and teasing his hole as we resumed kissing.  I enjoyed licking down his chest to his cock and giving him a sustained blow job.  I was totally into to it yesterday and continued working his cock for a long time, stroking and throating it, but also just slobbering over it and repeatedly pulling back from the root to his head with my lips.  He has a large piss slit that I can press my tongue into and I was being rewarded with a stready flow of his precum that kept me at it.  But this man is an intense bottom and I wanted the ultimate prize, so I flipped him on his stomach so I could eat his ass.

Among the many things that make sex with him great is that he cleans out really really well.  His hole is squeaky clean, yet he also knows not to use any fragrance, so when I push my tongue into him he's incredibly musky:  it's an aroma I love having saturate my beard and mustache (and he apparently loves too from the passion with which he sucks face after I rim him.)  I love pulling his cheeks apart and working his spincter till it totally relaxes and allows my tongue to push in and to get him really wet with spit;  I know then that he's ready for my cock.  user Pic 1

Normally I like to tease his hole with my head, and did that for a second or two yesterday, but I wanted in and pushed ahead:  he was totally relaxed and it just slid into him.  I always have lube on the night table but we rarely use any.  It was really really good; I was loving it and he was pushing back and squeezing and sustained a steady symphony of whimpers, groans, and moans that inspired me to probe every corner.  However, he was getting incredibly sweaty and we needed to take breaks several times to cool down.  Each time as I eased out he quickly rolled over and started to give me incredible head and then made out with me.

We moved around with him straddling me, which he loved as he could feel my balls flush against his hole and it was fun to watch his eyes bulge each time I suddenly jabbed up into him more, knowing I had passed his inner spincter.  I can't cum with a guy straddling me as it doesn't allow my cock head to get enough friction.  We had him on his back with his legs up, which we both love as we can make out, but most guys can only take so long grasping their legs.  So I pushed him on his side and made him pull his thigh close to his chest, wrapped my arms around him, worked his nipples, and got into some sustained thrusting.  He was able to pull his arm back so I could alternate between sucking his pit and kissing him and then I felt my load rising and let it spurt into him.  It was double the pleasure looking at the satsifaction on his face as he felt himself being bred.  We laid there for awhile, but when I eased out he was on my cock again sucking it clean and then pressing his mouth to mine to make out.  Normally I just want to decompress after cumming and to lie still for a bit, but yesterday I was totally into it all.

Fortunately I remained hard so he was able to straddle me and to stroke off.  I am amazed that he can simply decide to cum pretty quickly when he starts stroking (or to hold off.)  Appreciating that the time was running out he let go quickly and a nice warm load coated my stomach.   We rolled on our sides and spooned and engaged in some small talk (state of the economy and the upcoming election/yes we certainly switch gears.)   An hour and 45 minutes had passed and I knew I needed to make tracks, so to avoid dogs and cats following me I took a quick shower and headed out.  I am anxiously looking forward to an encore performance.