Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big and Beefy

Well, the silver cub is off my dance card.  So, after standing me up the other night he wrote and said let's connect Saturday.  So, this morning I woke up and had an email saying that he'd completely forgotten about today.  Tired of the bullshit I gave him a call and he picked up.   It's a great day and he wants to go for a hike and possibly out for some beers afterwards.  Fair enough.  Said he'll text me at 3 whether we'll connect at 5.  Since that is less likely than a meteor shower (especially after yesterday) I am not planning on it.  Btw, it was in the low 70s here yesterday and lots of hunky college guys were walking around in just shorts; it was super distracting and I got incredibly randy.  So I woke up horny enough to hump a telephone pole.

So I logged into MH and a4a.  Mancub is back in the area and wants to hook up, but he drops in and out of contact.  However, this guy in Oakland who's been checking me out for the past couple of months messaged me first thing and wanted to hook up.

He's an interesting sort:  represents himself as a pig and as a fat guy.  He is big (5' 9"/240) but he's also muscular and his big belly is solid. 
 And, he unlooked his face pics and is handsome in a distinguished way that totally contradicts his pig description.  Plays safe but likes piss, to eat cum, and to get fisted (okay, seems there is some contradiction at work there.)  Well he wanted to know if I'd host and, while I rarely do, I had a good vibe and invited him over.  I told him I wanted to pass on the piss and fisting.  Frankly I just don't get fisting but there are lots (most?) fetishes that I can't wrap my head around.

Despite the distance he was here lickity split (damn/those are unintentional and incredibly cheesy metaphors.)  He has a odd manner about him and initially I was a little concerned that it wasn't going to be great chemistry.  He's pretty reserved:  one of the sorts that stares without blinking and doesn't say much.  Damn good looking though and a great deep bedroom baritone voice.  Before I knew it he was standing before me naked. I gave him a kiss (he'd confirmed he did) but this guy isn't into passionate sex.  As soon as I got my jeans off he was on his knees and giving me serious head/it felt great but he was here for two things:  to get fucked and to eat my load.

His body as a nice light covering of hair, front and back.  His ass (which he kept referring to as his fat ass) is a great bubble butt covered with fur.    He was soon straddling the bed and asked me if "this is what you've wanted?"   Well, it sure was and I was on my knees and rimming him.  A hairy ass provides great contrast with a nice soft smooth hole.   However, I hadn't rimmed him long before he was looking to get fucked.  Before we got there I pushed him back and went down on him.  Alas:  (a) not alot there (b) shaved pubes.  He also didn't get very hard/he needed a cock in his ass to get totally aroused.

I got both of us horizonal on the bed and started to rub my cock up and down his crack and to tease his hole.  He asked if I wanted to get a condom and I said I wanted to tease him some first.  I rubbed my cockhead against his hole and got into a rhythm of pressing forward and pulling back.  He was loving it and soon the head was inside him and I was giving him short jabs/he asked for some lube and I took that as a green light and lubed his ass and my shaft as eased into him and began some slow fucking.  After a few minutes he rolled onto his side; I asked if he was okay and he said yes, but he wanted a condom.  Fair enough.

Well once I donned a rubber he was into getting fucked:  hard.  And he wanted it faster and harder, and standing up, and doggie, and straddling the bed.  Frankly it wasn't great sex from my cock's perspective, so I tried to get my imagination into the scene and was focusing on this hot dude who wanted "his pussy stretched" who wanted me to give him "a sloppy loose hole."  I was enjoying his body and periodically he was flexing his biceps (impressive/a tad weird.)  Okay, I've got to admit, after a short while I was getting pretty bored with it all.  It wasn't passionate and I wasn't totally into it.  However, I was trying really hard to appreciate the moment for what it was worth.

The deep fucking (really deep) resulted in debris/fortunately just the tip, which made wearing a condom a plus.  And, in between condoms he was anxious to drop down and suck me some more.  We ended with him staddling me, which actually was somewhat comfortable and was giving him the deep deep penetration he was seeking.  But when he pulled off we were on the third of three condoms.  I pulled it off and he was anxious to get my load.

Okay, rhetorical question:  why do guys assume you can cum on demand?  I need to work up to cumming, so I pushed him on his back and started thrust my cock under his balls and started to saw back and forth.  But, I was lined up with his hole and massaging it with my cock and with him totally dialated it was going in (finally I was enjoying it.)  He was too/I think he was concerned about how much and letting go.  He encouraged me to stroke off into his mouth but I rolled him on to his stomach and lubed his crack and hole and ran my cock up and down it; soon I was on my elbows with my cock against his hole and easing about 2-3" in and out of him/he was liking it and being affirmative.  I kept at it for awhile, but didn't want to jam his head or push my luck with a muscular hunk.  So I rolled over onto my back.

He gave me great head (though I almost never cum while getting sucked) and then while I was stroking he laid next to me and started to suck my balls.  It was actually pretty nice, and then he laid on his side and made out with me a bit.  But he sprung up and started to use two hands to stroke my cock and then it clicked and I came amazingly fast and he swooped down to take my load and then bent over to kiss me and snowball (he had some of my load coating the side of his face which was hot.) Soon he was standing next to the bed and with my face on the side of the mattress he stroked off and pushed his cock into my mouth (alas, a negligible load.)

Well, there was no after glow.  Mission accomplished.  He was soon dressed, asked to wash his hands, and was at the door.  He's actually got a droll sense of humor and I suspect he's very cerebral. I appreciated him coming over, and he definitely is a hot hunk of man but not my idea of good sex.  I don't see an encore in the future.