Saturday, June 1, 2013

Riding Me Like A Pony

I made an encore appearance in Orange County again this week (albeit, a cameo/it was just overnight.)  And, I met with my hot young Latino friend (okay, he's not that young --the dude is 28.  However, his Daddy fixation makes it seem like he's a boy.)

This time I think he actually did eat before we connected, though he was ravenous when he left (better than smoking...)  But, the time was relaxed other than his concern about getting home to get a decent night's sleep as he needed to get up early for work (but, that worked for both of us.)

Again he wanted me to leave the door to the room open, which meant covering the lock with the "do not disturb" tag/this is borderline stupid (read dangerous) I figured I'd be okay.  He also wanted the lights off (okay, another fantasy of his emerging) so I put on the bathroom light, turned off the room lights and figured we'd navigate in the ambient light coming in the room from the lights outside.

He came in and I embraced him and we started to make out and he was soon naked. As we were making out he hopped up and positioned my cockhead against his hole again and was cooing with hunger and pleasure.  Then he chowed down on my cock and then I started to give him serious head and played with his balls (he has low hangers, one hanging lower than the other, and it is a kick to play with them) and I was enjoying his turtleneck.   But it was evident from the start that he wanted to get right to the main course, so I didn't get to eat his ass, which later proved serendipitous for me (God looks out for small children and fools.)

I found him moving to straddle me and he started to slide down on me --dry!  However, it slid right in and felt good, making me wonder whether he'd lubed himself up before coming over.  I normally am not enamored of being ridden but it felt good and I was getting off and watching (and feeling) him pleasure himself with my dick.  He was using my cock to fuck himself and really getting into it.  It felt silky and my cock was smoothly sliding in and out of him and I was enjoying pelvis thrusts upwards that made him grunt and whimper with pleasure/I was as deep as I could get and him being a short guy it meant I was way up inside him.  We began with him facing me, but he wanted to ride me with his back facing me (which I normally don't like) but I was going with the flow.  It was hot to listen to his grunts, and whimpers, and coos, and my cock certainly was enjoying it even it wasn't optimal.  However, as he dismounted he said "wait, I think there is some water" and when he sniffed his hand he freaked and said we both needed to clean off.  It was the backwash from his cleaning out earlier that was loosened when I pushed further into him.

Well suddenly we were in 100 watt bathroom lighting/fortunately it wasn't horrible but my pubes in particular we saturated in light brown water (yuck.)  So I shampooed them, washed my cock and waited for him to shower up (I expected the sheets to look like a battlefield, but they were unscathed, thank God since we'd been fucking in the middle of the bed.  Later it would be his cum that would mark them.)

We both rebounded and he was soon sliding down my rod and riding me like a pogo stick (this time with the help of lube.)  I was glad he was facing away as he's constantly sniffing poppers, which I don't want to inhale (the recipe for a major headache.)  He was getting totally opened up and after he'd gotten the itch scratched to his satisfaction he wanted to know what Daddy wanted.

Normally I am not into doggy style fucking but since he was facing that way I pushed him onto his knees and reentered him/it felt good and it was working for us both.  I was stroking his cock as I pounded him and then he started to beg for my load "give me your babies" (yeah, pretty weird, but it gets him off.)  I was sucking the back of his neck and slapping of our flesh was audible.  It felt great as my load surged out of me and he could feel it throbbing for quite some time after I started to cum.

We both got on our sides and spooned and he burrowed his head into my chest and with my arms cradling him he fell asleep and took a serious nap.  It felt good and it was sweet to hold him and listen to his breathing, and realize this guy is so comfortable with me that he totally lets go.  After awhile his breathing made me realize he's awakened and I lightly started to play with his cock and balls (I love pushing my fingers under his foreskin.) 

Soon he was on his back with his legs in the air and I was seriously pistoning and out of him and he was crying out "using your cum as lube/fucking your cum deep up inside me!" It felt good and I knew if we kept at it for a long time that he'd get a second load.  But as I thrust really deeply into him his eyes widened and he said "you're cumming again!"  Well, I figured that was what he wanted to believe so I played along/alas, in actuality I wasn't.  He then grasped his cock and pounded his meat hard and was soon spewing all over the sheets.

After he came I could sense the switch flipping in his mind:  tomorrow was work, needed to get home, etc.  He was up and pulling on his clothes.  It wasn't abrupt but the occasion was over/time to move on.  Fair enough.

I haven't got any more upcoming trips to the OC on the horizon, but will be in LA late next month.  He drove to meet me in Pasadena in the fall; maybe I'll be able to lure him up again the next trip.  It certainly is great sex with him.