Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good to the Last Drop

I realize that popular culture references immediately date you.  So, I am imaging that all the puppies out there won't get that reference (this entry's title) and will only associate it with water sports or pig play.   However, it was the tag line for Maxwell House coffee (is that still sold?) and is indelibly etched on my brain like so many other commercial jingles of years past.

Of course, I am only referencing it because it is quite apropos in recollecting an encounter a few days ago. So after the twink encounter last Saturday, when taking a mental health day earlier in the week I reconnected with a bear with whom I periodically connect (entries in this series reference him, but I can't be bothered with providing a hot link. Anyway, does it matter?)  I ought to refer to this guy as Gentle Ben (another historical flashback to my youth...)  He is tall, muscular, furry,and fleshy with a big, but nicely toned belly, and amazing thick, long, log of an uncut cock that only slowly becomes engorged while we are having sex and is quite fun to explore. (The thing with uncut cocks, however, is that the novelty vanishes when the guy gets hard.  Yes, you can pull the foreskin back up, but I am only intrigued when the member is partially flaccid...)

This was yet another maintenance visit; he's partnered, must not bottom for his partner, and loves to occasionally get a lengthy, deep fucking, and since he's nice, can take it for a long time (and affirms with steady grunting and moaning that he savors every poke and thrust) I enjoy giving it to him.  There are no fireworks here:  just nice, pedestrian fucking.   He is very very very chatty, and that can be maddening, but he usually is reduced to monosyllabic sounds when we are in the heat of it.

The craziness of how mechanical can be immediately struck me.  I arrived, we were talking about his dogs and the weather as we both, by instinct, walked through his house to the bedroom, and the mundane chitchat continued as we both stripped.  When we were both naked, however, I pulled him to me, pressed my lips to his and thrust my tongue into his mouth, and the talking temporarily ended (thank God.)

I was in the mood give my tongue a work out.  This guy's pits don't do anything for me, and I did work his very sensitive nipples a bit (though that was more of a mechanical courtesy because I understand his wiring.) But I really lost myself in giving his cock devoted attention with a lengthy blowjob and then my tongue and his hole enjoying some quality time.  Now I like (and demand) good hygiene, but some guys --right after thorough cleaning-- generate some pleasant man musk in their balls and hole.  Not this bud, alas.

The rimming did reduce him to whimpering jello (yes, quite the mixed metaphor there) and I rose and started to make out with him and he grasped my cock, aimed it under his balls and held it next to his hole and thrust back so that I entered him.  It felt good, but it was actually his enthusiasm and hunger for it that had me cranked. But only 3 inches were in him, so I rolled him over, shoved some pillows under him to elevate his ass, and entered him.

It was a great vanilla type fuck.  No rush, he was up for whatever I wanted to give him, and he wasn't nagging me to cum.  So I got lost in my mind, savoring my cock being gripped by his warm, soft, wet guts as I sawed back and forth into him, leisurely licking his back, his neck, and the inside of his ears, while I was enjoying grinding it into him with no deadline confronting me.  He was equally lost in the sensation, moaning and sighing and occasionally snorting poppers.  And, after a nice long ride I felt my load spurting into him; he could sense I was cumming and thrust back to fully capture it.

I gradually started to soften somewhat and my cock naturally began to withdraw from his ass; he gasped with pleasure/discomfort as it popped out.  And then he immediately curled down to take me in his mouth and lovingly nursed it, bringing it back to full mast and determinedly milking out the remaining drops of cum in my shaft.  He kept at it for a long time; it was incredibly hot.  I love the lust when a guy is anxious to lick my cock "clean" after I've just fucked him.  We then made out for awhile, and then he started to get chatty again.

Since I wasn't in the mood to lie around and bullshit, I saw my opportunity when he went to the bathroom and started to get dressed.  Sometimes when I go over it turns into a cuddle session, me listening to him unwinding, and then me figuring out how to get my cock back in his mouth and butt to shut him up.  But, I was sated, and headed out and he was able to focus, again, on his home improvement projects.  So we both got what we needed.