Monday, February 4, 2013

worth it

Well in immediately preceding posts I mentioned that my boy in So Cal was being squirrelly and irratically communicative when I was down south after we'd planned to connect for several weeks.  I don't know what was up his ass (I know what wasn't) but then later in the week he'd indicated he'd been ill.  My assumption was that he was certainly on the mend when I was down there, which was making me assume he was blowing me off.  Apparently, however, he'd only gotten sick later that week (not explaining his noncommunication earlier in the week.)  Anyway, after he'd indicated he wasn't up to connecting Friday night, then on Saturday, after my having booked a second night there, he responded that afternoon to indicate he was still sick.

I was incredulous and we shot some messages back and forth.  He indicated he'd come by that night but was worried about getting me sick.  As I now sit here and type this, while sick as a dog, the question arises:  "was it worth it?"  Well, considering I probably won't see him again till June, the answer is "for sure."  However, this is day four for me of this fucking cold and I feel like 10 miles of bad road.  Another case where Murphy's Law is operative.  Actually it's ironic that I am writing this up now as I am taking that nasty cold stuff that both dries you up and kills any chance of a hard on (or at least an orgasm.)  However, I have the time now and I have been derelict in writing this update.

When he arrived at my hotel room he did look awfully cute:  baseball cap with a hoodie over it, scarf artistically tied around his neck (a bit of style to contrast with his "boy" attire.)  As he peeled off the layers I was amused:  under the hooded sweatshirt a number of teeshirts/apparently he doesn't usually need anything warmer.  Tres So Cal late 20s.

He announced we'd have to confine ourselves to minimal kissing as he was concerned about getting me sick.  But we both were just too into it and quickly abandoned that thought as we passionately made out at the start and then throughout his visit.   And, he wasn't drippy or gross and didn't cough much, so it seemed benign.  Of course, I now recognize that once he got naked I was just thinking with my dick.

This guy has the most incredibly lovely skin: pale carmel, taut, firm,  and he's slim as a whippet, though when he gets hard (he had no trouble) it's hard to imagine how he stands up.  He has formidable cock with a lovely foreskin that is an absolute pleasure to suck.  user Pic 1But once he gets naked my boy wants me in him as soon as possible.

I devoted alot of time to his lovely ass and he slobbered on my cock for a long time to get it wet to help me get in; his saliva was running down my balls.  He really wanted to be on his back so he could stare in my eyes and we could make out, but we started with him on his stomach and spent alot of time fucking doggie (which is alot more work for me, but I was determined that he'd enjoy every moment of the ride.)   He was also amazing that night in terms of clamping down on my cock with all his ability as I pulled back after thrusting up into him.  His gut control was impressive. Midway though, since I still (then) had command of my olfactory senses (which are usually pretty keen) I realized he hadn't managed to flush everything out before coming over.    I didn't make a big deal of it, but when he realized it he jumped up and darted in the bathroom (with bottle of Scout method?) and did some more maintenance and I jumped up and scoured my operative parts (it wasn't bad at all.)  However, at that point, other than kissing, oral was out.

We did end up using some lube but after the deep dicking he wanted only about 4 to 5 inches of it at a time/he was really into my massaging his prostate with my cock head and was pretty vocal.  It was kind of funny as he switched from clinical to pig talk:  "I want your semen Daddy; I want you to shoot your sperm inside me.!"  and then "do you like my pussy Daddy?"   I had him on his back at that point and the friction was just right and with him clamping down on the head as it gently massaged in and out of him I felt it come on. While this might sound ridiculous, his eyes really did widen as I was coming and he again exclaimed how wet it was and that apparently it was spillling out if him.

After that we cuddled and chatted  with his head tucked under my chin, and then resumed but a second load wasn't in the offing.  It was late, I was tired, he wasn't feeling 100% (or even 90%) and while I gave it a stab (sorry, I couldn't resist) we both weren't willing to summon up that much energy.  He asked when I was checking out the next day and said he'd try to come over in the morning, but I knew it was an empty promise.  While we'd originally planned for him to stay over he advised me I wouldn't get any sleep as he'd probably be up hawking all night (he'd at that point gotten up to hawk into the sink a couple of times, which is gross, but he did it in such a discreet fashion, being careful to close the door and later apologize, that it was almost endearing.)  He dressed and gave me a peck at the door along with one of his adorable grins.   I am really looking forward to getting over this nasty cold, but I am also really looking forward to heading south again and reconnecting with him in a few months.