Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Room Service

I have been traveling again and have various adventures to share, but since the sheets are still warm from the man who just walked out the door I should chronicle the occasion.  Lately I have been lax in keeping up this journal.

Actually I have a work engagement in a little while, but early this afternoon, having had a hiatus after checking in, I logged on to the various sites and soon had a serious bite.  This morning, before I arrived, the messages were relentless, but mid-afternoon, after checking in they were infrequent (because guys are at work, duh.)

However, this one guy kept up a steady stream of messages, as I was toggling between work email and the site, and listening to my voice mail and texting back to the office.  Unlike a few others he wasn't looking for a pen pal and we soon got to the point.  Yes, he kisses; yes, he wanted to bottom.  Yes, he'd jump in the shower and clean out; yes, he'd be here in 40 minutes.

Well, I always assume that there is a flake potential factor, but 95% of the time the guy shows up.  He tapped on the door after a half hour (making me worry how flushed out he might be...especially after an experience this weekend when the guy rushed) but he ended up being squeaky clean and I got deep in him.

The fellow is a tall, smooth Filipino guy.  Decent sized cock (about 6) and nice dense bushy armpits, but unfortunately he'd used deodorant, damn the luck.  (They were fun to run my fingers through though.)

As soon as he entered the room he was into making out, and pretty much melted into my arms.  When he realized I was equally passionate he went nuts:  a switch was flipped and it was pretty frenzied.  I quickly discovered his nipples are ultra sensitive and paid them a lot of attention.  He was really into it, especially when I pushed my cock under his balls and it took some doing to push him on to the bed.  However, he was jazzed when, standing, I again pushed my cock under his balls and alternated between sucking his cock and working his nipples.

It was simply passionate from the start, we were soon rolling around and he was conflicted:  wanting to make out, but wanting to have his nips sucked, wanting to suck my cock, wanting me to eat his ass.  We did it all. 

When I got to rimming him he simply went nuts:  he was thrashing back and forth and loving it, but wanted to make out with me because he was so cranked as well.  He straddled me and I worked his nipples while my cock moved up and down his crack.  First he asked if I had condoms (I did and replied yes.)  As I worked his nipples and teased his hole he again asked "do you want to wear a condom?"  It was pretty evident he wanted me to persuade him it wasn't necessary.  I said "it's up to you" and he immediately said "just don't cum in me" and lifted up and positioned his my cock against his hole and began to skewer himself.

I'd gotten him really wet with spit and it slid in nicely, but watching him grimace as he adjusted to it as he slowly slid down I recommended the lube.  So after some gymnastics disengaging, lubing up and reconnecting we got into a nice groove, but I soon had him on his stomach and then his side.

It was an incredible ego boost as he was totally engaged and kept begging me to fuck him and to not stop fucking him, and to keep fucking him and kept telling me how great my fucking was.  I gladly complied.  The sex was fine; we built up a steady rhythm and for a sustained long time it took all my will power not to spurt inside of him, but a promise is a promise (and it felt great and I wanted to prolong it.)  His ass was gripping and massaging my cock nicely, but it was hot how he kept curling his head back to kiss and was clearly in ongoing pleasure:  each thrust into him seemed to just make him want it to go on forever.  However, I was careful to take it easy and for it to be a mellow fuck.  It was clear that thrusting too fast or too deep was going to spoil it and I was enjoying it too much to want to cross the line and have him to get sore and to want to stop (frankly I was amazed he wasn't sore.)

After a long while  he wanted to get on his back.  It is interesting, when guys are loving getting fucked they always want it on their backs, but few really end up enjoying it in that position.  Soon after they are complaining that they need to lower their legs (causing you to pull out) or it's an eyes bigger than stomach moment when they realize you are going really really really deep into them where no man has been before and they quickly get sore.  So, we got into the position but as I started to thrust into him his eyes bugged and I could see I needed to take it really easy as we were crossing a pain threshold for him.  He was into it, but at a certain point he asked if I wanted to try another position and I got him onto his side again.  What was amazing about all this as that each time I pulled out we were both totally clean.

Well we really got into another long and sustained rhythm. He was pretty vocal (in a good way) and frantically thrashing and kissing me and begging me to keep at it.  But at a certain point he said he wanted to cum.  I grasped his cock and was stroking him in rhythm with my thrusts but he figured out that I wanted to cum first.  Frankly I was amazed that I hadn't and also that I hadn't gotten to the point where I couldn't cum.  The ongoing making out was keeping me on the edge and any sec I could have sprayed into him, but I didn't want to betray his trust (though, at that point it really didn't matter/not cumming in him was a moot point in terms of safety after 40 minutes of ongoing fucking.  However, my mind was in the right place and I fucked with intention and felt it rising.  Somehow I managed to pull out before it started to shoot, but it was amazing that, despite having rubbed one out first thing this morning I shot long ribbons of cum across his ass and thigh (sort of like a dessert sauce from a squeeze bottle decorating a piece of cake.)  He was stoked by my cumming and was soon on his back, begging me to suck his nipples while he beat off.

He shot a nice load, but immediately afterwards retreated into himself.  Maybe it was the after cumming "shit, I can't believe we barebacked" regret (he's partnered, and the partner is traveling on business.)  However, we were still entwined but it was clear that the moment had abruptly ended.  After a civilized interval he got up, rinsed, and dressed.

This entry probably isn't doing this justice:  it was amazing sex and I knew I was pushing all his buttons; as he was leaving he again remarked "you are really good."  I was, but he inspired me.  Sexy, sweet, passionate, nice.

Probably this was a one time deal, but God it was good.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Equipment Malfunction

Greetings.  There is so much to catch you up on!  However, I simply haven't been that inspired to write here.  Okayish experiences as of late (though the following won't fall in that category) but I've been lately seduced by my tumbr. blog.  How is it that I have just 56 followers here, but on tumbr, after a very short time, I have 613 followers to date?  Apparently it is, as the adage attributed to Confucious:  "a picture is worth a thousand words."   If you are curious check out my tumblr blog  You might need to do so quickly, as word has it that the idiots at yahoo who just bought tumblr with Chinese money now are intending to purge explicit matter in order to "protect kids."  Okay, they are already protected on facebook, I imagine twitter, and you can't post anything "adult" in matter on mobile apps (a cock or ass pic is just too offensive to the public!  Male pecs, however, are okay, but not a woman's breasts...Guess what assholes!  Male pecs and armpits give gay men hardons.  Back to union suits I suspect.)

So the assignation to which the title refers will be a short one.  The "vgl" bottom with whom I periodically hook up needed a tune up and contacted me several times.  I couldn't host; he is apparently in property management (or someone in his family is) and he located a property for us to connect late last week.  I had managed to get off from work early (highly unusual) and donned shorts, sandals, and a tee and met him at the assigned designation.

It was one of those hot, oven like, Northern California July afternoons, and he ushered me into an un-air conditioned condo for sale.  He was super paranoid, as usual, about being heard (I don't cry out, even when cumming/I focus my concentration on my cock, not drama) and then led me upstairs in search of an appropriate place to fuck in an entirely unfurnished unit.  Oh, and add to the challenge that he didn't have a towel or blanket and the condo was all beige wall to wall carpeting. He was also worried about spotting the rug (I was thinking "well how well did you clean out?")

We went into what would probably be chosen as the master bedroom and started to strip.  It was about 85 degrees in the room.  Now I don't react well to excessive heat (and hate to have sex in it) and often break out rash like from it.  He pointed to my hand as we stripped and got paranoid about the heat rash on it "is it contagious?!"  Not a great way to start.  Then he pulled out a wad of paper towels that surely came from a Texaco station; his preparation for the encounter.

He is a very very fine specimen.  Despite an acne scarred face he has a very finely toned body (-10% body fat.)  Washboard stomach, cut pecs, lightly defined biceps, firm thighs and calves.  His cock is simply lovely:  not huge but beautifully shaped and a genuine pleasure to suck and throat.  He had done some serious manscaping so his chest and "pube" area had just a five o'clock shadow, but the hair in his pits was coarse, dense, and thick (alas, he's too uptight to fully give into the mansex experience and I knew it would weird him out for me to eat his pits.)

The point of the rendez-vous was for him to get fucked.  I wasn't thrilled about lying on the unfamiliar wall to wall carpeting but figured I was going to bareback him and didn't know whose wick he'd last dipped, so...  He was hungry to suck my dick and I loved giving him oral and then rimming his tiny, fine, bubble butt.  After I'd gotten him nice and moist he wanted it in him. I'd teased him with my cockhead while he was on his knees but he wanted to sit on my cock.  So using his tee shirt as a floor drape (yeah, you are getting a clear idea how sordid this scene was) he lubed himself (again, I had to remember the lube) and started to slide down it.  It was really hot listening to him grimace with pain/pleasure as he slid down it, but he decided he needed more lube.

Now based on our initial encounter I was worried about what my dick/his ass would look like when we disconnected:  I was relieved there was no smell/no debris.  However, as he grabbed the lube the entirety of the scene kicked in with my subconscious and my cock went to half mast (well, perhaps 3/4 mast; it was still partially engorged but not hard enough to penetrate him.)  He tried stroking up but required instruction (the feeling is in the head:  duh, not at the bottom of the shaft) and then needed to be instructed to try sucking me hard again.  I was working on his digit (which had stayed hard) but it was getting to be labor and my body said "fuck it" in the perjorative sense of that term.

We both acknowledged it wasn't going to work, and graciously he noted "I think the location has you uncomfortable."  That was correct, as well as his beginning the experience by worrying about whether I'd give him a rash, and his not being into kissing, etc.

I realized I was there to satisfy his need to get fucked, and I was there because I have enjoyed fucking his fine bod, but to surmount the circumstances it needed to go further, and I knew it wasn't and so did good ole Mr. Penis.

So, admitting defeat we both zipped up and headed our separate ways.  Of course, as I anticipated, I was hard when I got home (central air conditioning does help) and easily rubbed one out.  Fortunately there are happy tales to tell.  So stay tuned, and my apologies for the hiatus in writing.